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Edwin Rodriguez talks about resignation; Chris Coghlan to the DL

    Press conference at 3 for introduction of Jack McKeon as new manager. Also, this bit of roster news. Chris Coghlan's optional assignment to Triple A New Orleans was voided and he was placed on the 15-day disabled list -- retro to June 17 -- with left knee inflammation.

    Here's more from Edwin Rodriguez, who spoke on XM/Sirius this morning about his resignation:

    Host, Jason Horowitz: “Why the decision to resign yesterday?”

    Edwin Rodriguez: “Well, it was a tough one.  First, we all know all the hard work that’s put in to get to that position.  But I have to make a decision based on what is best for the team, what is best for the organization.  A lot of things factor in the decision but I think the one that really has a lot of weight is that I thought it was the best for the team.  I mean, listening to somebody else’s voice, I think it will have a reaction [from] the guys.  We’d all say, yes, there’s a lot of elements, a lot of factors that I base my decision [on] but that’s the main one.”

    Horowitz: “A lot of your players have come out since the resignation [and said they were] surprised by it.  They talk about you and what you are to the clubhouse, they’ve come up with you in the Marlins system as you came up with the Marlins.  Why do you feel that [your resignation] was the best for the team?”

     Rodriguez: “We all know that we’ve been struggling the whole month of June.  Sometimes you think you’re doing the best, you’re sending the message the right way and sometimes the players think they’re getting the message the right way but it doesn’t show on the field.  So both of you are wrong, I’m wrong and maybe they’re wrong.  So sometimes, I believe, they should listen [to] somebody else, maybe tougher, maybe in a different way, maybe softer, who knows?  And they might get the message.  Yes, I know what they said and I know how they feel and I feel the same way but it wasn’t working.”

     Horowitz: “From when you guys were right there with Philadelphia three weeks ago, a game back, two games back, to this, what can you say has led to this stretch that this team is going through right now?”

    Rodriguez: “Well, I think the injuries.  I mean, when J.J. (Josh Johnson) went down then Hanley [Ramirez] went to the DL for more than two weeks.  If you take a look at the lineup you will see a lot of youngsters, guys with, some of them, less than one year of experience, some of them with only one and a half.  So I think that put a lot of pressure on them.  The physical talent is there but asking those young players to be the guys, to step up for J.J., to step up for Hanley with their years in the big leagues, I think that they felt the pressure and then we start losing and it was a snowball.  I think it was that we were missing that veteran voice, veteran influence in the clubhouse that would take charge of that because as a coach and as a manager there’s so much you can say or do.  So sometimes the veteran presence in the clubhouse really helps.”

     Horowitz: “During this stretch do you feel like you did everything possible?  Do you feel like you kicked water coolers?  Do you feel like you patted guys on the shoulder?  Was it everything that you possibly could have done?”

     Rodriguez: “I would say all of the above.  I am not a guy that will throw the water cooler in front of the cameras.  But, yes, in the clubhouse I yell, I scream, I threw things and then pat the guys [on] the back.  I really believe I did everything possible to make it happen and it didn’t happen.  I ran out of other factors and I ran out of tricks to make them think they could do it.  I would say, yes.  I think it’s time to get somebody else.”

      Horowitz: “Was there any pressure from the front office for you to step down or was this all on your own?”

      Rodriguez: “No, not at all.  Not at all.  On the contrary, I think the day before after the game we were talking about how we were going to line up all the pitching all the way through to the All-Star Game.  No, there was no pressure.  I think they were more surprised than anybody.”

      Horowitz: “If you get another opportunity to manage in the big leagues, what did you learn from this experience that you’d do the same or differently next time?”

        Rodriguez: “Well, for sure I will ask for a balance of young guys with talent and veteran guys that will have more of a voice in the clubhouse, and veteran guys that will guide those youngsters through tough times.  Because like I said before, there’s so much that a coach or manager can say.  Coming from a player – a buddy, a teammate – [to] the youngster, he will have more effect.  I think that combination should be - if you look back on teams that have been successful – that combination has to be there.”

     On the possibility of Jack McKeon becoming the next Marlins manager:

      Rodriguez: “Jack McKeon, he’s one of the more wise guys in baseball and I think he has a lot to offer to that team.  If it’s going to work?  I don’t know, we have to wait and see.  But definitely, he’s definitely going to be a change of philosophy, a change of how to approach the game.  And it might work.  Who knows?  Nobody has the right answer at this moment.  I was hoping that they will give the chance to Brandon Hyde, my bench coach, who knows all those guys.  But then again, I think Jack is one of the baseball guys that I’m sure he will be thrilled to do that.  He’s what, 80 years old?  Who knows?  But he’d communicate well with the young guys.”



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I read somewhere that the SF Giants fans are not unhappy about marlins' losing streak.


I thought Wes Helms was there to provide that veteran voice, that stabilizing influence, in the clubhouse. Obviously, Edwin doesn't think Helms is worth a sheet in the clubhouse — and he clearly can't hack it at the plate anymore. So the obvious question is...Never mind. You guys know the obvious question.

Lou Vales

Well SOMEONE, ANYONE come out and say this man had no chance. This was one of the most fragile rosters of the last 25 years. EVERYONE must realize because of the penurious owner, punk president and cash strapped front office that there is basically NO farm system. How in the Hell can a team in this era not have a viable pitcher to come up for a spot start or to fill a hole in the rotation.Look at the injuries the Phillies, Braves and Mets have had and they have not fallen apart. JJ was actually the glue that made these other guys believe they were a Major League Baseball team and once he was gone the mask was lifted. AND I have doubts that JJ's fragility will ever allow him to be all that he can be.Hanley OBVIOUSLY has something going on that nobody has the guts to speculate about. SPECULATE!!!!! This is a 2009 NL Batting Champion and now he is hitting less than .200 That's like a guy going from 55 homers to 10 in a year.

Many said the Marlins farm system should be down because of all the players they have pushed to the Majors. WHO???????? Chris Coghlin??? Gaby SWanchez--a good player, think he will be a 320, 30, and 110 guy? He's a good player.Mike Stanton-----a POTENTIAL super star but that does not mean your farm system is devoid of pitchers because you produce a POTENTIAL super star position player. Tommy Bahama says the pitching is messed up because of Sanabia and West being hurt. Anyone besides Mrs. West think Mark will be a big time winner? We have a soft tossing sanabia who is NOW coming off of arm troubles.Wasw he going to be a Number 2 starter??

Check out what baseball people are saying about the just completed Marlins' Draft.Do they make it sound like players picked based upon ability or willingness to sign?

We are screwed as long as Batman and his liottle Sidekick run this team? This will soon be a national joke.

Clark and Manny, you guys can get on board or be left at the station.

Jack McKeon!!!! What did Joe McCarthy and John McGraw turn them down??

Roger S

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Lou was saying stuff like this was the gutsiest team in the last 25 years and now it's the most fragile roster in that same time frame. Lou, I appreciate your candor on how you approach the area blogs, but you're nothing but hot air. You change your tune constantly. When called out you attack. You claim you never said this or that, but how would you know what you said previously? You wouldn't because you're always changing your tune. You probably don't even remember what you posted yesterday let alone what you posted a few weeks back. There are a few people on this blog who can articulate themselves well, i'm not one of them, without making themselves look like fools. I usually do enjoy your posts, but you're more bark than any kind of bite. A chronic embellisher can never be taken seriously.


For all those Marlin collectors....I have in my hand a ticket stub to the very last game managed by Edwin Rodriguez. This item is a true must for anyone collecting Marlin lore. Just think about it...5...10 years from now ...talking to other Marlin fans over cocktails....showing them this ticket stub. This is a must have!!! Bidding starts @ $40 bucks (face value).....

Jose en Pocito Havana

Do take Cuban dinero ?

Joe Falls Detroit News

Sean West will get the call-up and start for Wed. game vs. Angels..West is the last #1 Draft choice pitcher of the Loria owned Marlins to try to make their vastly over-rated GM Beinfest look like he knows what the hell he's doing...

Samsons Boyfriend

Chris Coghlan hid his knee injury and tried to play thru it ,but he couldn't fool everybody with his bat,that was limping every time he came up...See you next month Cogs,enough time before trading deadline ,to see if you can hit enough to be included in any possible deal....

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins have hired Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies as Jacks Nap/Bench Coach and to keep an eye on Sean{Jethro}West to make sure he does his running work when here...

Jed Clampett

And to help Sean,er, I mean Jethro,do the ciphering for him when he gets his Big League paycheck...


(slow clap...) Bravo Roger, Bravo......Well said.
Lou, what are YOUR speculations about Hanley and Uggla? Roids?
Why the mystery?

Lou Vales


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