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Will end come quickly for Marlins in Philly?

   PHILADELHPIA -- It's bad enough for the Marlins that they've just had the sand kicked in their face, losing 10 of 11 at home. Now they have the unpleasant task of not just facing the first-place Phillies in the unfriendly confines of Citizens Bank Park, but facing their best pitchers to boot.

    Cole Hamels (tonight), Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Kyle Kendrick are scheduled to take the mound for the Phillies in the compressed, four-game series. The Marlins are sending out Anibal Sanchez and a V-team of Chris Volstad, Javier Vazquez and, in all probability, Elih Villanueva

     It could get real ugly for the Marlins, and their season could be over in a hurry. The four games are being played in a span of less than 48 hours. They're already 7 1/2 games behind the division-leading Phillies, and closer to last place (2 1/2 games in front of the Nationals) than they are to second (5 1/2 behind the Braves). If the Phillies sweep the series, and the pitching matchups certainly don't bode well for the Marlins, I'd say a 11 1/2 game deficit would spell curtains, see ya next year.

     Hanley Ramirez is not only returning to the lineup tonight, but will likely be batting in the leadoff spot. Can you say desperation move? Normally you would consider Anibal Sanchez to be a sweep-preventer in the quartet the Marlins are sending to the mound, but that's before you examine his brutal record here: 1-5 with a 7.85 ERA in eight starts.

     How many games do the Marlins win -- if any -- in this series?


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Dr Neil Frank NOAA

Just had Sand kicked in their face?? More like a category 3 blowing thru to a 4 and gaining strength on road trip to a full blown Cat 5...Marlins go 1-3 in Philly..Hurricane Season started for Marlins June 1st and it will continue...Edwin will be buried by the falling debris and will be without a home in the dugout by June 24..

Fish E

Are we at the point yet where we can say that Coghlan's second half of 2009 that led to the ROY was a fluke? I mean, the kid has had flashes of that same form, but there hasn't really been any prolonged period of time since then that would suggest that he is capable of recreating that kind of production consistently. He has been getting unlucky on some balls in play, but from watching him, that doesn't seem to me like the whole issue. He is swinging and missing at a lot of pitches as well. Maybe a demotion to the minors would do him some good...Not sure who would play CF though


I read that the marlins were tracking Wilson Betemit of the royals. Have they given up on this idea? Jamey Caroll of the dodgers may also be available. He's cheap and could certainly strengthen the bench; an obvious upgrade from Helms and Ozzie. Anything?

Lou Vales

There well be NO moves of any substance by this organization. For one thing they are extraordinarily cheap,for a second thing when they have spent money it's been on Hanley and an INJURY plagued ACE who they have no idea about the eventual return on money spent. This is like having a real cheapskate for a husband, the wife finally talks him into springing for a cruise of the Greek Isles and the cruise ship is commandeered by pirates. Think he is spending any more money??


Lou, it's because the are cheap that I thought these two guys made sense. I guess we can't really give Larry, Curly and Mor too much credit.

Samsons Boyfriend

Hanley at SS leading off, Boni in 2 hole CF, Helms in 8 hole against lefty Hamels..


Let the bludgeoning begin.

Chef Boy R Dee

"Meatballs" Volstad strikes again...

Chef Boy R Dee

"Meatball" Volstad still serving up his speciality..so far bottom of 4th 3 big fat juicy Meatballs...those were no speecy,no spicey meatballs...Volstad will probably not be around long enough to serve the whole Phillies team...looks like he could tonite...

Lou Vales

This is really like watching one of those old time exhibition games that used to occur in middle of the season when parent club would play an affiliate. If you not only look at the disparity in starting pitching but compare the positional players this becomes a joke.

I would have Josh go back to Oklahoma and take the rest of the season off and tell him to do WHATEVER is necessary to get that arm in shape for 2012. He can't be pulling this crap every year. So let's nip it relatively early in the bud even though this will be 3rd season in a row.

Samsons Boyfriend

Why did soon to be fired Edwin have Volstad lead off the 6th,only to watch him give up his 4th home run and have to take him out anyway??Enjoy your San Juan 4th of July Vacation Senor Edwin..Hell, you"ll be able to stay thru Labor Day...

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