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Sources: Giants GM Brian Sabean to issue apology

     Just been informed that Giants G.M. Brian Sabean will issue an apology -- more than likely tonight -- for his harsh comments directed at Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins. Another source has confirmed.

     In an interview on Thursday with a San Francisco radio station, Sabean lashed out at Cousins, who bowled over Buster Posey, injuring the catcher and likely ending his season in a home plate collision last week.

     Posey has not yet acknowledged Cousins' hand-written, two-page apology for an action that most in baseball agreed was well within the sports's accepted boundaries.

    Question: Should Cousins acknowledge Sabean's apology?


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Lou Vales

Could we get Wes Helms off of this roster and could we PLEASE get some help for a team about to fold.


He just got a hit. He'll be leading off tomorrow.


funny how that guy forgets 2003 playoffs when JT SNow (correct if wrong here) takes three steps and completely levels Pudge to knock the ball out in what was the final out of the game. Think a fine needs to be levied since players are held to a certain degree of professionalism and this classless individual thinks otherwise. He's getting death threats and this is what he says 8 days after? Radio host even asked if he comments were to harsh and he says "no" but now he will give some insincere bs apology. Gimme a break.


You are right it was Snow. I was at that game. Funny thing is I had no idea what was going on because I had just jumped on the bandwagon and was the first game I had gone to as an adult. I haven't stopped watching since. My parents and grandparents used to take me to the games as a kid but in my teens I was more interested in other things than sports. Mainly chasing skirt.

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