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Giants issue 'apology' statement in light of GM Brian Sabean's comments on Scott Cousins

Here's the response from the Giants in regards to what general manager Brian Sabean said Thursday about Scott Cousins from the San Francisco Chronicle. Not sure there's really an apology anywhere in here.

"This is a very emotional time for the Giants organization and our fans. We lost for the season one of our best players to a serious injury and we are doing everything we can to support Buster Posey through this very difficult time. We appreciate Scott Cousins' outreach to Buster Posey and to the Giants organization.

"Brian Sabean's comments yesterday were said out of frustration and out of true concern for Buster and were not meant to vilify Scott Cousins. Brian has been in contact with Florida Marlins General Manager Larry Beinfest to clarify his comments and to assure him that there is no ill-will toward the player. He has also reached out to Scott Cousins directly.

"The issue of catcher safety is a complicated one. There are a number of differing opinions around the circumstances of last week's collision and about what baseball should do to prevent serious injuries in the future. This issue goes far beyond last week's incident as there have been a number of recent collision-involved injuries.

"We have been in contact with Joe Torre, Major League Baseball's executive vice president for baseball operations, and have asked for a thorough examination of this issue for the health and safety of all players.

"We intend to move beyond conversations about last week's incident and focus our attention on Buster's full recovery and on defending our World Series title."


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Sounds more like a justification than an apology. What a scumbag!!!

Lou Vales

He was told to apologize today before someone got killed. The MLB offices in New York even apologized to some old fart in SC who called up to raise Hell. Sabean should be glad there is an apology on the record if something bad was to happen.

On to something FAR LESS important. I just wanted to tell--in no particular order--Matt, Stan, Samson, Glags--that I'm stepping away from the Blog for awhile. I am too involved in this crap and I realize I'm just setting myself up for disappointment anyway. This team is so DAMN close but you know those 3 CLOWNS will do absolutely NOTHING to help these guys win. If you look back the closeness of the great majority of all their games has been remarkable. They just need one big thing each game. The big AB in this game was not the Hayes K when he was overpowered. The BIG AB was the bottom of the 6th when they had finally grabbed the lead and they had the bases loaded and 2 outs and Morrison had a 2-0 count against a struggling Mitre and one second after Hutton correctly identifies Morrison's struggles with RISP he chases a pitch out of the strike zone and grounds out.

I literally sat there after SAnchez missed the tag in the top of the 9th after the bloop and I said--Don't Watch this.The inevitability of some of the stuff going down lately is hard to stomach. I'm literally not watching any games for a week bit i will come back and read your comments during the day. Taking my wife to a play tomorrow night, go to a movie on Sunday, a charity event on Monday night and then there is NO WAY in Hell that I listen to Chip Caray and Joe Simpson describe what is shaping up as a debacle tuesday through Thursday. I will also not post for a week--starting right now.Will miss you guys.

Stan M

We can never win with that cocky little you know what closing games. How many of you watching just knew the game was gone as soon as that ball fell in right field? Here is the piece to trade, Lou. 18 saves and others won't realze how he gets so many of them. 2 run lead, he gives up only one run for a save and struts off the mound like he did something. And he has had 3 run leads and given up 2 runs for a save as well. Again we had an instance of a relief pitcher blowing guys away (Dunn in the 7th) then bringing in someone else!. For what earthly reason? I don't like closers in the first place. And I really don't like this little ........ I almost threw something through the TV. If someone must be a closer, let it be Dunn. Think of it this way. How many major league pitchers give up 2 hits and a walk, or a hit and an extra base hit, or three hits in an inning. The "average" major league pitcher doesn't. So the average major league pitcher should be able to save a good percentage of games if he starts an inning. This closer stuff is all about opportunity. And the whole concept stinks...in my opinion. If a reliever comes in and looks great, why not send him out again? It just doesn't make sense and has cost us dearly this year. I honestly think that we would have 3 to 5 more wins if we had just stayed with the reliever who was initially effective.


I just tried to post something and was informed my "data" would not be accepted. I hate that!

Samson's Boyfriend

OUCHHHH....DAMN ,did that one hurt!!!!Braun hit that pitch a mile and boy,did it get out fast...NOOOO Doubter from the crack of the Bat...Then there's bottom of 9th..load the bases without a hit ,2 out, their guy comes up with a great pitch when he has to, and ballgame over..at least the Marlins went down fighting....Nunez made a bad pitch and Marlins paid for it,there guy made the pitch when he had to..DAMN.....

Loria  Is A Carat Head

Lou-keep postin,man.did you read they are not even gonna make a move on Ham-dog until monday.Wasat the game and you nailed everything you said.just can't hit with runners on.sitting real close and brett never had a chance.it was a walk or nuthin.keep raising hell

Fillydelphia Fanatic

What a bunch of losers. Play in a football stadium,no money for players,Phillies sell out every game, better football team,your basketball team stinks,hockey team stinks and bunch of old people.

Billy in South Beach

Fillatdio Fanatic....your right ...thinking of moving to filladatio.where you are .but I hate cold weather..Tell me the truth, do your lips freeze up alot when you're doing your thing ????


Philadelphia, the place that is widely accepted as housing the most lewd acting fans in all of American professional sports. And now we have one of the brethren from that lot stopping by one of this football stadium playing and small contract paying baseball team's blogs. And we're the losers? Brilliant stuff.

Stay classy Philly and best of luck to the Sixers tomorrow night.

Fillydelphia Fanatic

How do you like your early bird specials and fat French Canadiens in thongs on your beaches in Winter. You probably do like it. Perv! Phillies Rule! Marlins Drool! Penn, Villanova, Temple, St Joseph's ,LaSalle and DeadCounty and Bored County have Nova, bunch of silly JUCO's and the (u)rinal. Let's Go Eagles!! Kick Dolphins Butt!! Sixers also kick butt!!


That was random. No one has discussed the Phillies on here in a while. Must be mad because they lost to the pirates.

Irving Cohen

My neighbor brought her poodle FiFi to bark in the park last nite , she told me they sat by Hanley, who was wearing a beautiful,expensive looking diamond-studded choker collar..She said they had to move far away fom Hanley because he was licking his private parts the whole game ,and bothering to other dogs..Finally ,she said that some real short guy with a weird voice came with security and took Hanley away..she heard that the real short guy was Hanley's owner...

Mr. Miyagi

Logan Morrison needs to shut his f-ing mouth about what Posey should be doing or saying.

The guy just got his leg broken and season ended by some out of shape douchebag who's too slow to beat the throw.

Logan wants to be a tough guy, let's see him talk his crap face to face with a Giants fan.

Lee H. Oswald

Does anybody know if the visiting teams GM travels with the team ?




Just imagine if the marlins had spent over 150,000,000.00 on their payroll like the phillies do. the only way the phillies win a championship is they have to buy it! what losers!

Lee H. Oswald

Also ,when you go to a place in S.Fl, like where they play baseball,do you have to go through a security thing,like at the airports or the public schools in S.Fl, to gain entry ?

love My Giants

I'm a Giants fan and I can vouch for what they willdo to the Marlins.Butt Kissing!!!


Any chnce of getting Loser Lou to take a month off?


Funny how this random Philly fan has spent enough time on the Miami beaches to comment about them. Instead of looking at the plethora of goddesses walking around what does he/she/it focus on? Men in thongs. Enough said.

Stan M

Oh, Lou,
Don't you think your writing style shows through all of these "new" postings that have appeared since your "absence"?

Stan M

Some random thoughts:
1)Catcher injuries should not be baseball's major concern. Flying "spears" from broken bats should have been addressed some time ago.
Will baseball wait intil one of these deadly projectiles literally kills or permanently maims a fan,umpire or player?
2) The cost of star players should have already reached the law of diminishing returns.
It is an ominous sign when so many teams have fallen below the ML dept structure criteria. Of particular note, the Phillies who sell out every game, are one of these teams in difficulty. Someone, somewhere must consider the future. Consider this: An average
ML player making 3+ million dollars per year, could probably spend a thousand dollars a day for the rest of his life and still leave money to his kids. Yet the average fan can take his family to far fewer games than just a few years ago.
3) If attendence is not as critical to a team's financial success, what does that portend for the future for us fans? More commercials during the game will be one sure result. The dependence will move from the box office to media income. And if you think I'm wrong, let's see how increased attendence affects Mr. Loria's spending habits. If attendence goes up, won't there be a corresponding drop in revenue sharing money? Isn't that sort of a financial wash?
4) The Marlins problems are not Hanley's absence or a lack of hitting in general. Bono is actually an improvement over Hanley's recent play. THe 3rd base problem doesn't exist either. Dobbs had the second highest batting average in the league for May to the best of my knowledge. And I don't believe any other team in the ML has 3 different players with an OBS (new well considered stat that is OBP+Slugging percentage) of over .900! And Dobbs is close behind at .875.
5) Right now the team is flat. Either the manager must light a fire with lineup changes or a more intense running game, or the front office must make a move, even if of relatively small significance.
6) Some consideration should be given to replacing Nunez as closer before it is too late. I think the problem isn't pitch selection. Rather I see two problems. If the first person reaches base, he often seems to come apart. I question his mental makeup as a closer. Sencndly, it seems to me that his two primary pitches are too similar. That is, the changeup is too close in speed to the fastball so an adjustment by the hitter is more easily made.
8) Just the musings of one old man who would love to hear contrasting opinions. There has been too much non baseball, silly nonsense on this blog as of late in my opinion.


There is one problem now...to many guys LEFT ON BASE....other than Gaby, will somebody step up as an RBI guy ???

Samson's Boyfriend

Stan the Man...you hit the nail on the head with #3..Marlins ,like all other teams,are interested mainly in the corporate season ticket holders, not the family guy taking his son to the ballpark for 81 games..half the time thye corporate seats are empty because they run out of people after a while to give the tickets to.. Marlins business model will not change,they will always be a small market team,to take advantage of revenue sharing rules..If anything is learned about Loria from this new stadium deal with the Miami politicans,it is that Loria knows how to play the game, and he plays it well..


Sabean has nothing to apologize for. That scrub Cousins went out of his way to crash in to Posey. Posey wasnt even blocking the plate - he was on the 1st base side. A 3rd base slide would have easily scored the run. Learn to play baseball you jerk. And Morrison, you're on the list now too.


Hey Mark, baseball has been played that way for over a hundred years. Now T-ball, that's your game.

LoMo, watch out man. Mark, internet hitman has now threated you. Scary stuff.

Flav C

Stan, agree with your points. The only one that looks tough to achieve is #5 with the running game. The Fish has the 2nd worse SB % in the NL (57%), only the Braves has a worse SB percentage than the Marlins.

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