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Good news for Marlins: June only has 30 days

Patsy    SEATTLE -- The Marlins continued their rapid descent with last night's beating by the visiting Mariners, leaving them with a 2-21 record for the month of June. The good news for them is that, with only five games left on their June schedule, they can't quite match the N.L. record for awfulness in in a single month: 27 losses.

   One significant footnote to that mark: the three N.L. teams since 1900 that lost 27 in a calendar month also played considerably more games than the 28 the Marlins will end up playing this month. The 1908 Brooklyn Superbas went 6-27, the 1908 St. Louis Cardinals went 7-27, and the 1939 Philadelphia Phillies went 6-27. (The Superbas were managed, appropriately enough, by a guy named "Patsy" Donovan -- see photo).

    The Marlins could go 2-26 for a June winning percentage of .071 if they "L" out the rest of the way. That's significantly worse than, say, those '08 Superbas or '39 Phillies (.182 for each) or the '08 Cardinals (.206). The A.L. record for losses in one month belongs to the 1909 Washington Senators, who were defeated 29 times. But they also won five for a winning percentage of .147.

    Following last night's setback, Jack McKeon summed up part of the problem, and why the Marlins started out so well before hitting the wall:

     "Early in the season, you can jump on a lot of guys (pitchers)," McKeon said. "They're not sharp. I've always said, there's a big differene between April and May. and the pitchers start to get sharp about the first of June, quiet quite a few hitters. And the guys who are taking off and doing real good, as we know -- Mr. Hee Seop Choi -- and all those guy who hit 10 and 11 home runs in April and May, didn't hit anymore the rest of the year because the pitching gets better, and they kind of dominate the hitters."

     Yes, the Marlins had to deal with "King Felix" Hernandez at Safeco last night. But, still...their offensive "highlights" were three hit batsmen and the strikeout/wild pitch to John Buck that allowed the only run to score for the Marlins. Hanley Ramirez had one of the Marlins' two hits (Gaby Sanchez, the other).

      But who would have ever guessed that, with the end of June fast approaching, Emilio Bonifacio would have 17 multi-hit games to only 12 for Ramirez? And it's not like Bonifacio is leading the league in hitting, either.


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Samsons Boyfriend

Jack is funny...Mr Hee Seop Choi...Hee Seop Choi had a big enough hole in his swing ,you could drive a cement-mixer through it..another great Beinfest deal..Hee Seop Choi wrote a non-selling book about Hitting a Baseball...called it Hee Seops Fables...My prediction,made last Sunday morning before Edwin comitted Harry- Caray still stands..Marlins go 4-24 for June..

Samsons Boyfriend

At least Marlins have beaten the worst team in the last 70+ years for a bad month...88 Orioles went 1-22, started 0-21 under Cal Ripken Sr. who was fired at 0-6,replaced by Frank Robinson...Team had both Ripken brothers,Eddie Murray,Fred Lynn,Mike Boddiker and Terry Kennedy to name a few...finished 54-107...


Good line about the fables. The only thing Hee Seop Choi had going for him was the most "chantable" name in baseball history — and that one shot into the Cove.

Samsons Boyfriend

By the way,ironically,Hee Seop Choi was scouted and signed by Leon Lee,father of Marlin first baseman Derek Lee..After the 03 season Beinfest had dinner at an Oriental resturant with Chicago Cubs GM...Beinfest must have gotten Drunk..the next morning Derek Lee was a Cub...All Beinfest had was Hee Seop Choi to Go.


Ran a long ways today and going to my first Marlin's "home game" of the season tomorrow. Have a ball Anibal. Go Fish!


2 items from 1st inning:

1. great swing from Ramirez and then he looked like a donkey staring at a double.

2. you all are right on Helms as he couldn't get around on sub 90 fastballs from Vargas there. Why he still has a MLB job I have no idea.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins give Fans a break...No T.V for tonites 10:10 Start..

Peter Gammons Dog

Good Story by Dave Hyde in Sun-Sentinal about the Marlins...

Lou Vales

Dear Dog, I guess Hyde has been reading my comments and those of Samson's Boyfriend in the Miami Herald blog.I could have sworn we have been writing those comments for weeks with the hope someone would join us. Thank You, David.

Lou Vales

Dear rbleigh, Of course we are correct about Helms. Stevie Wonder could see that.My 2 questions remain WHY is he still on a Major League roster--and apparently the former manager and others associated with the Fish DON'T see him as a "veteran presence" needed for stability---AND why don't we read ONE article describing what everybody from Ray Charles to Helen Keller sees.

Lou Vales

Since I refused to watch last night's game I just saw where Helms got trhe start and went 0 for 4. Since Wes could now not be productive in the Cape Cod Summer League why not just tell him to take rest of the Summer off and travel Europe with his family. Next year bring him up and hand him the reigns of the Greensboro Bats--the job he has been hanging around for---and he can get started with his life after playing.

In the mean time bring up Dominguez and get an idea as to whether this will work or not? If he shows a GLIMMER of a bat maybe the Marlins can quit worrying about it and IF he is as overmatched as Uncle Wes the Fish might have a clearer idea of another Black Hole in the lineup.

Lou Vales

IsSeattle warming to the "home team", I can imagine Samson bragging about how the attendance at "home" is starting to rise with the approach of July. Would I be correct in assuming the Marlins will have their largest "home attendance" of the season??

This type of approach would be on a par with the Marlins' dealings with Dade County.



Doubtful on a large attendance tonight @ Safeco. M's haven't been relevant in a few years + a late Sunday nite game although they're playing semi-decent. And Kudos to their FO who ulike the Marlins brain trust for took a guy in the 1st round who will matter immediately in Hultzen. If he can be as good as advertised the Mariners rotation could soon be scary good with Hernandez, Pineda and ?Hultzen?

Ah on a positive note for the fish last night, Nunez had his best performance I've seen from him yet; mid to upper 90s in the zone with movement and his last pitch a 90mph slider with a lot of snap. If he only he could...

Samsons Boyfriend

Hope Nunez can get enough chances,like last nite, to raise his value thru the last week of July,for he will be the most valuable Marlin at trade deadline and almost certainly to be traded..After Nunez look for Dobbs and maybe Choate to go...Matt D is starting to hit in Nawlins,an encouraging sign for the future..other than him ,Marlins are VOID of talent that can contribute quickly..

Lou Vales

The Tiger Blogs are salivating for Nunez as a set-up man for Valverde. I have it on good authority that the Tigers FO still laughs hysterically at least once a day over Muscle Boy(Head?) comment that the rest of baseball is "afraid of dealing with the Marlins", he really did say that. The Marlins are really seen as an outrageously hilarious joke by the rest of baseball.

Lou Vales

Samson, Wouldn't you think there would have been by now ONE Sunday Boston Globe type article detailing just how bad this farm system is. IF that article ever does appear and people actually read it there will be NO farther comments about my rancorous writing style pertaining to the Florida Marlins. Obviously it will not be a moment similiar to Maria Antoinette's bad choice of words, but enough people will recognize the despicable manner in which this organization has been run.

Lou Vales

Dear rb, I'm very jealous of your position in Seattle. A WONDERFUL city. Have been there twice and the people, culture, restaurants and vistas still hold great memories for me. Also love Portland.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou...The closest to the Boston Globe the Marlins will get is hearing from Peter Gammons' Dog...How does #1 Draft Choice Christian Yelich look at Greensboro???...Chad James is 0-11 in Jupiter although his ERA is under 4.00...Skipworth is hitting like Shitworth at Jax...The cubboard is bare for Ol' Mother Beinfest...They might as well bring up Matt D soon and let him get in the swim of life in the Bigs,it might be one more month at the most...


2-21 after Cousin's cheap shot on Posey. Coincidence? I think not. The Marlins are twisting like a fish on a hook. Couldn't happen to a better team.

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