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Hanley eager to return, expects to hit leadoff Tuesday in Philly

After rehabbing in two minor league games up in Jupiter, Hanley Ramirez was back on the Marlins bench Sunday afternoon playing the role of anxious spectator.

And, after watching the Marlins lose for the 13th time in 16 games, the three-time All-Star shortstop said he can't wait to get back on the field. The Marlins are hoping that will happen Tuesday in Philadelphia.

"Only myself knows how bad I really want to be out there," said Ramirez, who has been out since May 30 with a left back strain.

"It's hard being out for one game. 15 days without being on the field doesn't feel good, doesn't feel right. But it's in the past now. My back is better now and I'm going to be able to compete out there."

Manager Edwin Rodriguez said Sunday there's "a big chance" Ramirez, hitting just .210 with four homers and 17 RBI, will be the Marlins new leadoff hitter when he returns.

Before moving to the three hole full-time in 2009, Ramirez was one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball, compiling a .311 career average with 70 homers, 118 stolen bases and 333 runs scored in 400 starts.

"I love it," Ramirez said of hitting leadoff. "Anything for the team. It doesn't matter. I'll be 9, 8, 7, I just want to be out there."

Ramirez, who finished 5-for-8 with an RBI and a run scored in his two rehab starts, took batting practice indoors Sunday and will practice with the team on Monday.

"He said he was a little bit sore, but he should be alright," Rodriguez said. "We need that offense."


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Stan M

If the law of averages comes into play, the Marlins are about ready for a winning streak. At the same time Hanley is returning from the DL. Naturally the headlines will tell of how Hanley's leadership lifted his teammates back from the doldrums. And we will have to read this nonsense and grind our teeth in frustration. To his credit, he did cause some damages while on the bases before he was "hurt." Unless things do turn around in a hurry, we will be in 4th place behind the Mets in a day or two. Ouch!


Man, I don't care as long as HanRam helps the Fish get back in the win column. Just as long as they don't make it seem like he won the game when he goes ofer, I don't mind if they put the win on his good performance.

Samson's Boyfriend

Good News from Down on the Farm..Sean West went 3for3 with TWO homers hit tonite against Memphis to get his 1st win of season in Nawlins...West is 6 for 10 hitting so far..maybe he can be the LHPH off the bench...He's now 1-3 with 9.33era..Jose Lopez went 2for 4 tonite.hitting 5for10 since coming to Zephyrs..Matt D 1for4 hitting.256 overall..Bryan Petersen still hot hitting .337...Jose Ceda recorded his 18 save tonite...Had to follow this game to take the mind off of the sliding Marlins..30-20 at 50 game mark..2-12 slide to be 32-32 .500...If I didnt see most of it with my own eyes,I would'nt believe it...

Flav C

Hey Sam, i don't follow the minors as much as you and Lou do, but you mentioned Sean West "hitting"?Are you talking about the pitcher Sean West? WOW!!! I swear to you i didn't know he was that good of a hitter! Maybe he is in the wrong position.. :) :)

Lou Vales

Flav, That is he!! The inimitable Sean West. The 3 Million Dollar Arm and I'll let Clark tell you the Marlins' evaluation of his intellectual acumen.

Nice to see Brett Carroll still hanging around the minor leagues trying to learn how to hit the breaking ball. Shouldn't someone talk to these guys and tell them to move on?

Maybe Josh can platoon with Gaby at 1B and West can be a left handed 2B.


Over the last couple of weeks, the Marlins basically have one positive.

Steve Cishek.

The rest of them have either disappointed or have flat out sucked.

Samson's Boyfriend

Chris Sampson scheduled to start tonite for Zephyrs ..if that doesn't change and Marlins don't have a card up their sleeve...look for Villanueva to start 1st game of DH wed vs. Kendrick in Philly...

Stan M

Granted it's a "little" positive, but Choate was hired to come in and just face one lefthander, and get him out. He has done a very good job, failing only once that I remember as damaging. I would further argue that Dobbs has exceeded all expectations and Coghlan has proved most skeptics wrong in becoming a good centerfielder. Considering that change to the new position, and all of the negative press about it, it's little wonder that his hitting has taken time to return to his former excellence. There are encouraging signs lately. And how can you be dissatisfied with Gabby, LoMo and Anibel Sanchez? Let me put this in another way. If you had the money to spend on a slightly better than average (not a superstar but a darn good ballplayer) what regular Marlin, other than Buck, would you want to replace? Let's not count starting pitchers for I would gladly help you run Vazquez out of town. Perhaps our weakest link is Dobbs at 3rd. Could you find a 5 million dollar free agent who would have been better than he? Name him, also assuming that he would be available. Personally, I would replace Buck right from our roster with Hayes, but for any other position, maybe not. If you are going to say I'm wrong, and I might be, give examples, don't just tell me that I'm a wrong headed fool. I get that enough from my wife of 53 years!

Lou Vales


Lou Vales

Matt had it correct awhile back. This entire start was one of those flukey frauds that occur rarely in baseball.Now everything that had a real good chance of occuring has come to fruition. We might actually finish behind the Nats.

Josh was always the all encompassing stopper that HAD TO be there. Without Josh there is really ni Marlins starting staff. Nolasco has felt the pressure of stepping up and filling a role and results have not been good. Anibal is pitching extremely well but the spectre of another arm problem constantly hands over him. Volstad is Volstad and Vasquez is unfortunately Vasquez. The bullpen had a chance to be really good but now they are taxed and overworked and it's only June. We have offensive BLACK HOLES at catcher, second base, shortstop and CF. Our RF is a potential Super Star but who currently goes on streaks of complete befuddlement, our 3B is starting to come back to Earth and he can't hit left handers at all. That leaves a first baseman and a left fielder. The left fielder is an extreme defensive liability who is also in a prolonged RISP slump. We have NO bench in which to change things up. I've talked ad infinitum about horrific minor league system, tight fisted ownership, cheap skates who make up South Florida and won't turn out unless it's a World Series. We face obstacles in so many areas that even a big baseball person like me would have voted NO on this stadium thing. It just won't work in an area of either great affluence,dwindling and hurting middle class and a large, large group moving into the Working Poor grouping. South Florida has so much working against it and a Major League Baseball team is far down the list. There was so much invested in the Heat because that would have provided many people solace and sure enough that Phi Beta Kappa after choking away another one has the audacity to say in so many words--"Well, I got mine and will enjoy myself. You are still stuck with your empty lives." Real Nice!! This is who people root for in this country.

Branch Rickey

Difference between Heat and Marlins...Mickey Arisons'$$$$ and Pat Rileys'winning experience Vs. Jeffrey Lorias' Art Collection,Short Pockets and Samsons BS with Beinfest the Yes Man...No Brainer,No Contest...



I said over the last couple of weeks.

Overall, there are definitely some guys having very solid seasons.

Lou Vales

These James' comments are getting universal play. Can you imagine this GAGGER telling people they "Can now get back to their miserable lives", Hey LaChoke, there are many people who will have more money than they will ever need but most of them will not live with the stigma of being an abject failure when it comes to fulfilling the talent they were blessed with. There were drug dealers in Medallin, Colombia who probably viewed the peons around them as insects with useless lives, however, the money only means so much after awhile and they were garbage and they ultimately lived out their lives knowing it. Now you are NOWHERE near that kind of pond scum, however, when you make statements defining yourself by your material wealth while neglecting to cite your numerous flops, it only serves to heighten the disgust level for one of the most reviled "superstars" of the last 50 years. You and Barry Bonds would run a pretty close race. how's that for a potential legacy--"He was disliked more than Barry Bonds."

Samsons Boyfriend

Boni leading off, Helms in 7 hole, Cogs in 8 hole against lefty Zach Duke..

Stan M

Thank you, Erick, and my point is, I agree with you. Thank goodness you didn't go into a teenage rant without citing a single example of a player whom the Marlins could aquire who would be an improvement on the player performing there now. Someone seems to occasionally experience Heraldo Rivera disease and think this is all about him and not the team. Well, back to my empty life.

Lou Vales

"Can't and Won't" can both translate to "will not",the Marlins "can" acquire a player who would be an improvement but the Marlins "won't" acquire that player if it requires an expenditure and since any improvement requires an outlay, you can pretty well be sure it ain't happening. By the way, you really should cease the empty life BS. I highly doubt that you have an empty life. An empty life would be one of the vast majority of Americans who will be working up until the day he or she dies at a dead end job to survive. You and I actually have very good lives compared to over 90% of the American public.

To make a reference to an empty life or some other trouble in every post is actually quite indicative of a person who thinks Blog is about him/her and not the "team."

The Marlins are NOT improving this team because they already view the Vasquez fiasco as a reason to say--"You wanted us to spend some money! See what happens. And besides that look at JJ . We give him a long term deal and now we don't know what we have with him. we have spent our money for the year and we have not even mentioned that dog, Hanley. Shut Up!! And just get your season tickets for next year."

Stan M

To say that I am irritated whould be to put it mildly. If LoMo is a liability in LF, what about Ibanez, Burrows, Sanabia, Gomes, Hinske, Tabata, Morse, Halliday, and I don't know about Hairston. I would ventue to estimate that he is already above average when compared to the preceeding. Uggla was generally rated the number 2 or 3 most valuable 2nd baseman in the league. Don't most of us feel that Infante is an overall improvement...and I loved Uggla. To my empty eye, right now Atlanta, NY, SF, St.L, LA, SD, Houston, and Colorado would be delighted to replace their present 2nd baseman with Infante. In CF we are probably better off than the Brewers, Nationals, Braves, Padres, and Diamondbacks and the Mets, Giants and Cubs have older stop gaps there, but who are currently performing well. And in LF and CF, we have players who project to remain well above average for many years to come. In sum, LF, 2B and CF are currently held by players who would fall at or slightly above the league average and cannot be realistically replaced without spending enormous sums. Regarding our bence, would anyone want to replace Hayes...he should be the starter. Is there a better all around bench sub than Bono? Dobbs was hired as a sub and if still in that role, he would be excellent. The much maligned Helms was hired as a right handed pinch hitter, and morale builder for the younger players. He is reputed to be excellent at the latter and for several years has usually been a fine right handed pinch hitter when in his role. Through no fault of his, the lefty pinch hitter has had to play almost regularly and Helms has had to pinch hit against right handers, a situation in which he is ill suited. Regarding Cousins and Murphy, there is little to say except that they should be replaced. It is still too early to evaluate Ozzie M, but he would undoubtedly prosper better learning to hit AAA pitching. Here is where help is needed, but our parsimonous owner has for years refused to spend relatively minor sums to shore up our bench. In fairness, the FO did much over the Winter to repair a horrendous bullpen and more time is still needed to properly judge the results. We have a very young team and one that has recently promoted a multitude of talented very young players. That would indicate to me that the higher minors should contain some older players as possible fill ins at the ML level and strong prospects in the 20 year old level. They have done this. Unfortunately, two pitchers who were counted on as potential call ups are hurt. This was not caused by poor judgement, but by unfortunate luck. Herein we again need our owner to open his wallet. In sum, the team is in a very disapointing slump that cannot be attributed to management in any way in my opinion. There is plenty of fault to be found, and it lies in our corrupted ownership. Now back to my empty lifewhich evidently has a great deal to do with both my reasoning and my rooting.


Helms, huh? Good grief! This would have been the perfect night to start Ozzie M. and give him a few big league at-bats against a not-so-overpowering lefty, 'cause the poor guy is likely on his way back down after tonight's game. Ozzie has at least as much chance of reaching as Helms does. And if he does, he won't be clogging up the basepath for the rest of the guys.

Stan M

Couldn't agree more. Either play Ozzie or send him down for further development.

Lou Vales

Gentlemen, This is not a slump. Slumps do not resemble what is happening here. This transcends a Slump. This is a clear characterization of what was potentially there all along. When you have a penurious, pompous PUNK as your owner and he employs a group of half wits to run your club you get West, Koehler, Badenhop, Villanueva as potential call-up starters going into an environment where they will be eated up, digested and spit out in a way to resemble what your attendance figures will be in that White Elephant in its second year.






What kind of riffraff is this for a Major League Baseball team??

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