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Hanley Ramirez, hitting .201, slides down to sixth in Marlins lineup -- first time since rookie year ('06) he isn't hitting in top three spots

ST. PETERSBURG -- Edwin Rodriguez told reporters after Friday's 5-1 loss to the Rays -- the 16th in 17 games this month for the Marlins -- that he was thinking about sneaking into the clubhouse early and changing the calendar to July.

Hanley Ramirez We're not sure if he did that, but we know he made at least one change -- dropping Hanley Ramirez down in the lineup.

Ramirez, who is hitting just .201 with 17 RBI this season, was moved down from the leadoff spot into the sixth hole. It's the first time since his rookie year of 2006 Ramirez has been in the starting lineup and hasn't been scheduled to hit first, second or third.

Rodriguez said before the Marlins left for Philadelphia earlier this week Ramirez would be his leadoff hitter until he started turning things around. Apparently, that was just a four game experiment. Ramirez has gone 1 for 13 with a double and a run scored since his return from the disabled list. He's also struckout five times. 

The Marlins new leadoff hitter is Dewayne Wise, who went 2 for 4 with a stolen base in his Marlins debut Friday. Emilio Bonifacio, hitting .273 with a .341 on base percentage, is hitting second. That gives the Marlins the most speed they've had at the top of the order all season. 

As for Hanley, is it fair to raise the question that maybe the Marlins ought to send him down to the minors too? Because Ramirez has over five years of major league service, the Marlins can't send him down to the minors without his consent. But may be he should consider it.

Chris Coghlan was sent down Friday for hitting .230 with five homers and 22 RBI. Just saying. If Ricky Nolasco and Coghlan can go down midyear to make tweaks why can't Hanley?

CLUTCH HITTING STATS: If there has been one constant throughout the team's 3-19 skid over the past three-plus weeks its that the Marlins have had epic sturggles hitting with runners in scoring position.

Since June began, they have gone a combined 28-for-144 with runners in scoring position (.194). Take out a 10-for-20 performance in their 12-9 loss to the Diamondbacks on June 13 and the numbers become even uglier (.145).

So who is coming up clutch and who isn't this season? Here are the stats for the season with runners in scoring position entering Saturday...

Marlins with runners in scoring position (2011)
- Brett Hayes .353 (6 for 17), 10 RBI, 2 HR
- Greg Dobbs .326 (15 for 46), 18 RBI, 1 HR
- Gaby Sanchez .279 (19 for 68), 29 RBI, 2 HR
- Hanley Ramirez .255 (12 for 47), 12 RBI, 0 HR
- Omar Infante .239 (16 for 67), 17 RBI, 0 HR
- Emilio Bonifacio .238 (10 for 42), 10 RBI, 1 HR
- John Buck .211 (12 for 57), 19 RBI, 2 HR
- Wes Helms .211 (4 for 19), 5 RBI, 0 HR
- Mike Stanton .208 (15 for 72), 24 RBI, 2 HR
- Chris Coghlan .200 (11 for 55), 17 RBI, 0 HR
- Jose Lopez .194 (6 for 31), 7 RBI, 1 HR (Most with Rockies, 1-2 with Marlins)
- Logan Morrison .184 (9 for 49), 17 RBI, 1 HR

> Marlins lineup: 1. Dewayne Wise CF, 2. Emilio Bonifacio RF, 3. Logan Morrison LF, 4. Gaby Sanchez 1B, 5. Greg Dobbs 3B, 6. Hanley Ramirez SS, Stanton DH, Buck C, Infante 2B, Nolasco P


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Samsons Boyfriend

For todays laugh go to YahooSports.com /Mlb and watch video of some basketball player named John Wall,throwing out first pitch at game,then go to Marlins sight on yahoo and get a load of the pic of Edwin arguing with ump last nite...Good Stuff


Pretty funny stuff. I was also surprised to read some of the comments there from Posey fans still bithching about that situation. They just can't let it go even though it has no affect on their season standings wise. Talk about holding a grudge.

I don't care anymore

Based on the numbers you mentioned would it stand to reason that the manager should adjust the batting order to match the RISP averages. Would it make sense to bat Hayes and Dobbs 3rd and 4th or would the avergaes balance out eventually.

Flav C

I'm watching the Nats game against the O's and something came to my mind: About 3 weeks ago, who would've imagined that the Marlins would move to last place in its division and the Nats would go on a 8 winning-game streak?

Samsons Boyfriend

Flav C..Nobody...thats what makes the Baseball Season great and unique unto itself..When you play everyday weird things happen and you see something youve never seen happen before, day after day,game after game...@IDCA..averages would balance out,its been tried many times before...Glags...One thing I'm happy about with our gang is we dont have any giant posers bothering us about______...FugedaboutIt..


This is the dumbest blog in forever.

Whoever wrote this blog doesn't understand the business of baseball.

The Marlins wouldn't be able to send Hanley Ramirez down to the minors because they'd just lose him to another team.

Nolasco and Coghlan had options at the time of their demotions.

Samsons Boyfriend

Such as passing thru waivers? I know Erick,but didn't want to insult young Manny...

Flav C

Erick, welcome to the "dumbest blog in forever". It is always refreshing to see folks who really understand the business of baseball. Stop by whenever you can to enlighten us with your knowledge! And take advantage of our non-baseball related topics too.


Seriously, I'm not missing anything, right?

I really hope I am missing something because whoever wrote this actually gets paid to do this.

I'm 99.9% sure that the Marlins would have to DFA Hanley Ramirez in order to get him so at-bats in the minors. In which case, he'd be playing for the team who's first in the waiver order. (not completely sure how that works. It was the Pirates, but they claimed Brandon Wood earlier this year)

The Marlins losing 16 of 17 has someone going crazy, that's for sure.

Flav C

I guess you're right on both counts (the Hanley issue and the Marlins skid).

Samsons Boyfriend

Erick...Hanley's not going anywhere so there's no need to concern yourself with it, but your right...The only way Hanley see's the minors is like he already did ..DL him then rehab assignment...It's been done before many times ,by GM's finaggeling their rosters..a little tougher to do now with the players union and agents with their noses in everybodies business...


It has me confused because the palmbeachpost blog is asking the same thing, basically.

Samsons Boyfriend

Heard Nunez wont stay at team Hotel because he thinks it's haunted...Nunez believes in this Ghost Crap???The Idea's on what to do with this tidbit are rushing thru the Computer...The Possibilities are Endless..anybody out there wanna share a few of their own ???


By the way, Stanton is no longer in the lineup.

Jose Lopez is DH'ing.


Actually Samson, Nunez is in pretty good company. In the book Haunted Baseball, a lot of pretty good players — including Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon and a host others whose names I've forgotten — admitted being afraid of ghosts. Unfortunately, that's the only thing Leo has in common with Chipper, Derek and Johnny.


Stanton was scratched due to an eye infection.

-- Clark


Clark, can you explain the options thing a little more?

Maybe what I said was wrong, I don't know. I'd love to be fully informed on the topic.

I'm assuming that Hanley can't be sent down because a player's options don't matter after a certain amount of years of service time (which I believe Hanley has already passed...I think it's 5 years).

If that's not the case, I guess the blog could make some sense. Hanley would still have options left because they weren't really used earlier in his career, but I don't believe it works that way.

Manny Navarro


What I was told by several baseball people here today -- including manager Edwin Rodriguez -- is that if the Marlins wanted to send Hanley Ramirez down to the minors Hanley would have to agree to it. Players with 5 years of service attain that right. Now, normally he would have to clear waivers. But as one scout told me, it's basically a gentleman's agreement among teams not to claim those players.

But you are right, Hanley is out of options. And that's basically what I wrote before. For the record, Edwin Rodriguez said Hanley doesn't need to go down to the minors because he thinks he can fix his problems up here.
-- Manny

Samsons Boyfriend

Way to Go Manny..like you said Hanley would have to agree to go down to minors,if not Marlins have 3 options..Trade Him ,Release Him,or tell him not to come to the Ballpark because he's not going to play come hell or high water..you dont want a guy like that coming in, suiting up, and stiring crap around the other players. Am sure it will never come to that...


Thanks, Manny.

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