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Hitting coach John Mallee fired as losing streak continues

      The axe fell on hitting coach John Mallee, who was fired after the Marlins lost their seventh straight here tonight. But the five-hit performance by the revamped Marlins lineup wasn't what cost Mallee his job on Wednesday. The decision to replace him with former big leaguer Eduardo Perez, who has no major league coaching experience, was made before the game.Mallee

        “We need to find a way to score some runs,” said Larry Beinfest, the Marlins' president of baseball operations, in explaining the decision to reporters outside the team's clubhouse. "We need to stop this. We need to win some ballgames.”

       Because Mallee had been with the organization for 10 years and had worked with many of the Marlins' younger players as a minor-league hitting instructor, the decision did not sit well with some of them. Logan Morrison was the only one who expressed his dismay openly.

       "I don't think it's right, I don't think it's just," Morrison said while standing in front of his locker. "It's definitely not his fault the reason that we're struggling right now to score runs. We let him down. We just haven't been hitting. And everybody's got their finger on the panic button, and it's hard to relax and play baseball."

       Said Chris Coghlan: "I feel awful. I respect (the front office's) authority. But I will say, on Mallee's side, he's the best coach I ever had. He taught me my approach. He taught me how to hit. And he works his butt off. As far as a hitting coach, I've never seen anyone better."

       Mallee became hitting coach for the Marlins when Jim Presley was fired, along with manager Fredi Gonzalez, in June of last year.

        But Beinfest pointed out a number of deficiencies offensively.

        "It's really just the execution with runners in scoring position, hitting behind runners, getting the bunt down, having some of the guys expand the strike zone," Beinfest said. "It kind of snowballed a little bit."

         Perez, the son of Hall of Fame player Tony Perez -- a special assistant for Marlins president David Samson -- was a player for 13 seasons in the majors from 1993-2006. More recently, he has worked as an on-air analyst for ESPN's Baseball Tonight. He has also coached in Puerto Rico and in 2008 was named the Manager of the Year in the Puerto Rico Baseball League. He will assume his new role with the Marlins on Thursday.


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Might as well have given the job to Helms.

Samson's Boyfriend

What qualifications and job history does the son of Tony Perez have to replace a guy like Mallee,who,for 10 yrs, the Marlins trusted with their most valuable commodity, their minor league players...LoMo ,Cogs, Gaby, Stanton,hell,half the team loved him..These guys are pissed off about this shocking move ,they think it's BS and LoMo has said so pubicly...Eduardo Perez? HAHAHA..what they could'nt have a seance and hire the great Clemente's Ghost??This move is one of the stupidest moves the Marlins have ever made..Eduardo Perez..Did Cookie Rojas turn down the job first? HAHAHAH What an Effin Joke.


Desperate move by a desperate front office that always overvalues the quality of team that it puts on the field. They needed a scapegoat and they did the boorish and predictable thing. Nevermind the fact that Mallee helped these players prepare for the games whether it be by watching video or going over scouting reports. He can instruct how best to approach a 3-0, 3-1, 2-1, etc., count, but if the PLAYERS do not integrate that instruction into their own game, then it's all for not.

This front office is a frighan joke. You're not the Yanks or Sox. You don't have the payroll, thus the players to simply start throwing around an axe because the young inexperienced players or veterans stop hitting or producing. What a Mickey Mouse operation these Marlins are. The only thing that continues to snowballl out of control is the mismanagement of this club. And it begins and ends with the top.

Good luck to Perez though. He's got a fantastic track record of really turning around offenses.

No more posts from me going forward. And unlike Lou, I stick to my word. All the best to everyone else.

Samson's Boyfriend

What's a matter Matt...Disgusted? Don't throw in the towel on us yet..We Enjoy and Want your thoughtful commentary...Take a break and come back when your ready..All the Best..


Lou maybe there are pictures out there that someone doesn't want released. What could Tony Perez have possibly said to Samson to convince him that His son was the answer to their offensive woes.


Maybe they should hire the whole baseball tonight staff. Moyer/Hersheiser as the pitching coach, Garciaparra as your infield coach, Bobby Valentine as your new team manager.

Jimmy Olson ..Daily Planet

Reuters-the Florida Marlins have announced they have fired Firt Base and Infield Coach Perry Hill..no sane reason was given.Hill will be replaced by Tony Perez' nephew Hollywood Gossip Blogger Perez Hilton Perez.When asked what qualifications Perez brings to his new coaching job he said "I have years of experience bending over for balls and yelling stop or go when a guy reaches first base with me" His Uncle Tony said "I finally figured out a way to put my wife's sisters sons' talents to ,err,ahem, good use...


A new low for Marlins Management. They let their hitting coach be a fall guy and replace him with someone who's own career batting average is not quite .250

Geez, I let myself believe last month that this team could actually make a go at it (yes, there's plenty of season left) but then their first pick in the draft is a guy who won't make a difference for at least another 4 years and now this.

That tells me one thing, Beinfest has an infinitely long rope. He has the core to compete NOW but is willing to build. Most GMs will never do that.


Hey..Don't blame me...Loria came to me yesterday with this cockamamee idea..something about making a play to the Spanish crowd in Little Havana and Miami for his new stadium..Loria's all pissed off about the losing streak and wants to fire somebody,said heads were going to roll,..Tony Perez said his son would work for plantains, and despite being a journyman ballplayer for 6 teams in 13yrs,with career BA of.247 79HR's and less than 300 RBI's and no Big League Coaching experience, could help us. We figured that the hitting coach would be a good scapegoat..So to keep Loria happy and occupied with his new stadium and pandering to his new spanish friends in Miami, I had to let a 10yr well respected guy go...What the Hell, he'll get a job with a better team like Fredi and Gerardi did...So Jeffrey's off my back for now until next month wheh I know he'll come to me about getting rid of Edwin..

Samson's Boyfriend

Marlins tried to get Ted Williams Frozen Head for their new hitting coach,but Loria nixed the idea when he found out that T.W's Frozen Head does not speak a lick of Spanish..


They missed the obvious - get rid of the Manager. That is the source of the problem. Everything else follows.


What happen whish the PH
S. Cousihs Avr 1.45
W. Heims Avr. 2.24
O. Maryinez Avr. 0.67

We have best option in AAA
O. Petersen Avr. 339 8 hr
MCervenak Avr. 310
M. Dominguez.


unless Mallee was directly responsible for Hanley hitting .210, then this was a totally stupid move

Hanley the Dominican Hound

Hanley the Mutt had something to do with this idiotic move...Hanley the Mutt was never one of Mallee's pupils,having gone thru Bostons minor league system..Gaby,LoMo Coghlan,and Stanton swore by the guy...Marlins front office is run like a third world country and will be a perfect fit in their new location en Little Havana with Napolean Samson and Loria the Leech running this Facist organization..


Usually I give this FO the benefit of the doubt, but this move is absolutely stupid.

Marlins Blow Chunks

John Mallee will land on his feet and be better off ,getting away from Loria and Samson..He'll follow the path of Gerardi and Fredi to better organizations...Good for him ,to get away from these Dirtbags...

Curious George

Have followed this Marlins Blog since the beginning of season.Find it informative,entertaining and often hilarious.Have never commented on here before but feel compelled to do so now..Why would a regular contributor like Matt and Lou ,decide that they will cease all Marlin Blog communication? Self Preservation?Disgust and Frustration with Marlins Org.? Fed up with the Front Office B.S? Why would you shut your own mouths about the Marlins? Isn't that just what Loria and Samson would like..Why play into their hands..You guys sound smarter than that..


Another sad scape goat... Spend nothing, get nothing. These "kids" will be great & have show spans of greatness, but outside of the annual 1 freebee finding Dobbs. Where's the proven, big bat? In 1993 Wayne brought in Gary Sheffield to anchor the lineup... 21 year old Stanton doesn't deserve the responcibilty "yet".

Stan M

The coach was a loyal organizaton man. The move is absurd, and stunningly hateful. He should at least been offered another job within the organization. Matt, don't be silly. We have all become sort of a team and should stick together.
I'm a nut in my interest in the glory days of sail. Your namesake was far from the demon he is protrayed as in the movies, etc. His feat of navigation in a relatively small boat after being cast adrift might be the most astounding in history. As the 2nd comissioner in New South Wales (now Australia) he did a better job than most, for the corruption within the military was horrendous. And he commanded one of Nelson's battleships (a 74 gun ship of the line or 3rd rate by classification) and was commended for his effort. And I have read that if anything, he was too easy on his crews. Far more tolerent than most post captains of the day. Any relation? Now what does that have to do with baseball? Sorry folks.

Fed Up With Losing

Until the Art Dealer goes bankrupt and has to sell the team, it doesn't matter if the reincarnation of Charlie Lau (look him up, neophytes) is the hitting coach. This franchise blows. The players blow, Edloss blows, the Art Dealer blows, and the unctuous latent Samson really and quite literally blows. Screw them.

Lou Vales

Great Posts!!!! I will have to check Joe Capozzi's Blog after this to see if he got a family member to blog him.

Samson, I believe Williams' head wanted too much money and Charlie Lau says he is happy in a corn field in Iowa.

Obviously this guy should not have been fired. I don't believe one current hitting coach in America makes a difference. i give no credit to malee for Dobbs and I give him no blame for ALL the other guys.

The insidious nature of this whole thing became evident about a week ago.There will be guys fired for the Hell of it. I would not be shocked one iota to have Tony Perez named as the manager. If there is another member of the family he/she can be the new pitching coach.

I feel really DUMB for having pushed the idea this team had already arrived. there are 2 talk show hosts who are being eviserated in North and South Carolina because they bought into my animated BS about this team having a huge chance to surprise. They went out on the limb and now they look like fools. NEVER be a tout.

When your only solace is some outstanding talent at a low level A team, you are in trouble.By the way, unless JJ gets this figured out it may be a yearly deal and you can't have your Ace visiting the DL every year. MLB made the Marlins do this deal and MLB better be ready to compensate if JJ evolves into a perennial winner who can't stay healthy.

Matt is really serious about not watching and even though it's not evident from some of his posts, he tells me his mental health has improved. Notice he is no longer posting as Juan Yanes.

Lou Vales

Clark, Tell DOB I'll offer him the same deal I proffer to Lew on his Blog. $500.00 to the other person's favorite CHARITY for getting the closest to Uggla's season ending batting average.The Chicken Blank guy on the AJC Blog would not go for it.called it "GAMBLING", I call it giving money to a charity if you lose and gaining money for a charity if you win. I'll stick with a final 223 average for Mr Biceps. Ask DOB if he's in. The loser of the bet can send the check in to you made out to the charity and you can forward it. The loser must also send in a copy of the cancelled check--both front and back--to verify that payment was not stopped.

I don't back down from my convictions. Uggla is THROUGH!!!!!


Why should ANYONE be surprised??????

Lou Vales

Fed Up With Losing, Nice reference to Charley Lau.



Front Office is Pond Scum

Wellll.. another great public relations move made by the terrible Trifecta...Let's see ,you have the Lecherous Leech Loria,the Slithering Smarmy,Slimey Samson and Beinfest the Blowfish..may they suffer a loooong losing streak at home in front of the handful of people that go to their games...Lots of Luck{NOT} to this Trio of Turds in their soon to be White Elephant empty ballpark in Little Havana...

Lou Vales

Juan, Thank you for your insight.Have a good show.

Flav C

Was that Juan Yanes or Edwin in disguise?

Dr. Frankenstein

B.O.L.O Alert Recinded..This is to inform all Marlins fans that our creation Heir Volllschtad was returned to our Jupiter Lab late last nite...His electrodes were charged overnite for the game he is pitching in tonite..He is fully recharged to go 9 innings,but we will not guarentee anything after the 3rd inning...Special thanks go out to Heir Volllschtad's Uncle Herman,Aunt Lilly,and cousin Eddie Munster who called to let us know that they needed to used him for one of Grandpa's experiments and that we could pick him up at their residence at 1313 MockingBird Lane when Grandpa was finished replacing some used parts..

Samson's Boyfriend

Lou..checked out the greensboro Grasshoppers web site and this guy caught my eye..Michael Ojala 21yr old RH relief pitcher out of Rice..40K's in 31 innings..have you seen him pitch? Are you familar with him at all? Anybody other Grasshoppers worth following?

Lou Vales

PLEASE!!! Convert some of these power arm relievers to starters! He sure looks good!!

The Greenville Drive (Red Sox) actually have more real people in their seats than a Marlins week day game.

Leave for Nashville in 2 hours. 5 hour drive. Everything is close here.One of the reasons we moved. If my wife doesn't shoot me.I might go to a Vandy Super Regional game.

Lou Vales

Samson,Only things I miss about South Florida:

Some really good friends

Joe's in season.

taking visitors to Breakkers' Brunch

The talk radio

AND the Marlins. I would drive down from Boca every game. I REALLY think I could promote some improvement with my basso profundo behind the dugout. At least Logan would know to be selective at 3-1.

Lou Vales

I really like this DNA to the right of our posts. This way I can't be accused of anything.

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