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JJ has ultrasound done on knee, skips Wednesday's bullpen, but Marlins say it shouldn't slow his return from DL

Josh Johnson, scheduled to throw his third bullpen session in his return from shoulder inflammation and the disabled list on Wednesday, only participated in three quarters of his normal throwing program according to pitching coach Randy St. Claire.

Josh Johnson Johnson, who hadn't been with the team since Sunday in Tampa, had an ultrasound procedure performed on his right knee on Tuesday. The Marlins said he was cleared to return to his normal mound progression.

"His knee is still a little sore, but it's not bad," St. Claire said. "We'll see how he feels tomorrow. And if he feels real good we'll determine if he throws his [bullpen] or not. We'll work our way back from there."

St. Claire said the strength in Johnson's arm is returning and that he looked good during his bullpen session on Sunday.

"His last side he threw 35 pitches, fastball, changeup. Extension was real good. His fastball had life and zip to it through the zone and everything. It was real good," St. Claire said.

McKeon said he spoke to Johnson Wednesday and said the ace is still on target to make his return after the All-Star Break, either in the first series against the Cubs or the next against the game against the Mets July 18.


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JJ seems to be a fragile guy....I doubt that he will ever pitch a full season in his career

Lou Vales

PLEASE let's put JJ on the DL for the duration.Let him get better for next year.looks good coming off the bench but has the fragility of Pia Zadora.

Why are we focusing on SloMo with these dugout shots?? Is he trying out for a cheerleader position?

Lou Vales

Got Choate all nice and warm,having a great year, Branyan will have NO chance against him--I'm typing this while Choate is walking in--and you allow badenhop to give up the hit.

I'm guess if you're 80, not senile and smoke a cigar that people will just love you.

Lou Vales

This crap no longer bothers me because they are done but just think IF this team was still in contention and you would have witnessed the series of moves that Trader Whack executed in last 3 1/2 hours.

Lou Vales

See, IF anyone cared about baseball in South Florida they would ask trader Whack about the Bonafacio bunt and Badenhop staying in the game with Choate available to face Branyan--since only about 200 people give a damn, we will probably read another article about the Elon elder's bromides and witticisms. That is fine bevcause until people demonstratethat they care they will get what they deserve.

I want to give Stan in NC credit for KNOWING well beforeseason started that Buck would be a bigger BUST than Dagmar--How's that for an oldie??---I actually though Buck was a good acquisition but Stan nailed it. It's really difficult to only deliver the runner from 3rd with less than 2 outs 3!!!! Times in 18 chances!!

Let'shope that NO arms will be injured as a result of the farcical Bullpen Game.

Clark,Just say "Yes" or "No", are you aware that the PREVAILING thought in baseball is that the Marlins farm system is hideous?? Tell the readers that is not Lou Vales speaking that is baseball people who get paid a lot of money speaking.

How's Skipworth, Aaron Thompson, Sean West, Marceaux, Hermida, Sinkbeil(MANY LOL'S)Allison and so many other JOKESTERS doing??

Lou Vales

Oh My God!!!! Sinkbeil is pitching for Bradenton. Why in the Hell would anyone have signed this man--no longer a kid---to a minor league deal?? Son, Get on with your life. It's not in baseball.

Stan M

You're a celebrity! Buster Onley featured your article on his ESPN blog. Buck has to be moved to the #8 spot in the order. He's killing us.
I've seen a lot of talk about boycotting the team. To my mind, that is silly. First, you are punishing yourself. Two, at least for this year, no one is there anyway. As to next year, would less fans at the games help or hurt the team. Less fans=less income for better players. We all know Loria's history, and it has nothing to do with spending his own money. So my suggestion would be to boycott a prominent sponsor. If enough people said they aren't going to visit Moroone, it might have a more profound long term effect.
Did anyone mention (my computer crashed and lost a day+ getting a new one up and going) how Stanton didn't move off third on a bunt play with runners on first and third. You must run in that position, if thrown out, runner still in scoring position on 2B. Announcers didn't say a word. Tommy has been critical in many areas lately; of course, there is little else to do but be critical lately. I would have liked to see Nunez give ball from first win to new manager.


Lou, if he walks Trumbo, Scoscia brings in a righty off the bench to face Choate.

Plus, that was just terrible luck. Friggin' bad bounce.

Leo Nunez should've been pitching that inning. Friggin' guy gets paid good money to never pitch more than one inning in a game (and blow more than the average closer would). He threw 8 pitches in the 9th. Amazing that he couldn't go another inning.

Flav C

Lou/Clark - What is even more worrisome about Buck is that he is a liability not only at bat, but also fielding and calling pitches in critical moments. I had noticed in past games, more exactly against the Brewers that, twice, when the pitcher fell behind on the count against very good hitters (Braun and Prince), instead of calling pitches around or away, or even intentional walk, he calls for a "fastball down". We know the results on both gsmes: 2 run HRs. Today, the same thing happened when Torii hit a double and then came Abreu. 3-0 on the count with man on scoring position and a very dangerous hitter, he calls fastball down. And Abreu crushes a 2 run HR. Obviously, the pitcher is ultimately responsible for the bad pitch, but,hey - he's been praised by a lot of people on "how well he manages the pitchers". On fielding numbers he has one of the worst numbers on SB allowed,Passed Balls and errors. I mean, it hurts to know the Marlins pays 6 million/year to a player with these numbers and 2 more years still left in his contract.

simvastatin online

Josh Johnson, scheduled to throw his third bullpen session in his return from shoulder inflammation and the disabled list on Wednesday, only participated in three quarters of his normal throwing program according to pitching coach Randy St. Claire. Johnson, who...

Roger S

The less fans in the new ballpark = less money to spend on players argument is not accurate, at least not to the degree that the poster above intended. In the new park the Marlins will receive 100% of the revenue generated from parking and any of the concessions that will be present. Those are the revenue streams that Loria and Samson have been speaking about with the construction of a new park. They can't compete financially in Sun Life because the revenue generated from a home game now goes to their landlord. We already know that the Marlins are profitable and Loria could spend if he wanted to even when playing in the dump they currently call home, but the question will be as to whether he will provide Beinfest with a huge increase in free agent money from which to spend with this new influx of cash. Loria and Sampson have stated they will spend when moving into the new stadium. The number of fanny's in the seats will not have a huge impact on the Marlins spending power beginning in 2012 because there are so many other royalties that they will be privvy to during that time.

Samsons Boyfriend

100% Correct and Important to Remember...When Loria says he cant spend money on Free Agents because New Stadium is Half Empty/Half Full As It Will Be When the Newness Wears Off and People That Have Been There Once ,Wont Go Back Because of Location,Parking,and Other Reasons...Have Already Heard that Employees Working at New Stadium Wont Be Allowed to Park on The Grounds There...Hey Pepe , No Blockee,No Blockee!!!

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