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Jose Lopez, Jose Ceda make trip to Philly with Elih Villanueva

  PHILADELPHIA -- Along with pitcher Elih Villanueva, infielder Jose Lopez and reliever Jose Ceda made the trip to Philadelphia and will be on standby when Villanueva makes his major league debut by starting the first game of Wednesday's doubleheader.

   The Marlins are primed to make a series of transactions during the course of the day Wednesday. Villanueva will be placed on the 25-man roster, perhaps in place of infielder Ozzie Martinez. Following his outing, Villanueva will probably be returned to Triple A New Orleans so that the Marlins can replace him with Lopez, the veteran infielder whom the Marlins signed last week.

    Ceda is likely insurance in case the Marlins feel they need an additional relief arm to make it through the Philly series.

     Of the three, only Ceda is on the 40-man roster.


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Dom Deluise

Did 'Fatso' Ceda drop a few tons...

English For Dummies LLC

Will Jose Lopez need an interpreter or Bi-lingual coaches...

Lou Vales

I'm shocked that Jeffrey would spring for the extra room in Philadelphia. I'm sure they are not staying at the Ritz Carlton.Maybe Ceda and Lopez are at Motel 6.

What an absolute joke!!


Shut up!!! Jose Lopez SPEAKS english!!!!!
Are you against or are you WITH the Fish????

Lou Vales

It does not matter one bit what someone in cyberspace is for or against.The ONLY thing that matters is in about 15 minutes the marlins will probably be in 4th place with their eyes set on the BASEMENT.

A REALLY good man is soon going to be terminated by an idiot who I wish the REALLY good man could face in a brightly lit alley and beat the antiques out of him.

I finally realized what this team needs is to go about 65-97 on the eve of a new stadium and make these morons spend some money and make some moves or face the prospect of drawing about 18,000 a game next year in the season that MUST set the trend going forward. It would be nice if this art dealing candy butt could go broke but that won't happen but maybe Dade County can run him and his silly son-in-law out of town on a rail.

Flav C

Hey, let's look at the bright side: Wes Helms was able to draw a walk off of Cole Hamels!


Take it easy Pancho Villa26 I'm watching the Edwin Comedy Show before he's taken off the air...Dont get your serape all twisted...

Lou Vales

This is a TRUE story. Yesterday the sound went out on my DirecTV and can't be fixed until Thursday. Consequently I have missed out on all the hard hitting e-mails that I'm sure Tommy has been reading all night.

Hey Hutton, you MORON, remember Lou from Greenville who could see the building storm on the horizon and called for preemptive action to try to salvage the season? Well, you used my little missive(look it up in a dictionary or have Rich explain it to you) to launch into one of your phony diatribes. Tommy, what you know about baseball you could stick inside a resin bag and have room left over for the USC Marching Band. Now IF you have some guts you would go out in a blaze of glory and describe this abortion of an organization for what it is. A penurious, putrid, pitiful conglameration of disparate and dysfunctional parts with a fan base measuring in the tens(NOT hundreds), how the politicians were hustled into expending important money for an entity that nobody gives a DAMN about should really be looked into.

Move the whole blanking organization up to Greenville where they will draw more REAL people than those imbecilic attendance numbers announced at games.

Tommy, the only way you win a battle of wits with me is to have the mute button in your hand in a broadcast booth and act like an authority figure by commenting negatively on every single message that questions anything. It's really not worth it. you realize you are witnessing GARBAGE. Say it!! people will respect you for it, and far more than they will about hearing tired material about sweater vests.

Lou Vales

Zorro,You are a funny man, but obviously not a FANatic who believes all good FANaticS should keep their mouths shut and just swallow the pablum. That is what Cub FANaticS started doing about 80 years ago. Worked out well for them!!

Josephine the Plumber

The Tidy Bowl man is getting seasick as the Marlins season, swirling around the Bowl nonstop these past 2 weeks, is soon to be flushed...

Lou Vales

Scott Cousins

Brian Pedersen

Ozzie Martines

Wes Helms

Burke Badenhop

Donnie Murphy--Missing Somewhere In America

These guys have all been part of a Major League roster at one time or another. How is that possible? how is it possible that your Triple A team has guys in late late 20's and 30's? how does your Double A team have guys in late 20's? how does your High A team have so many guys who would be considered old for that classification?

In the words of Vincent Lombardi--"What the Hell is going on out there??"

I would say we should organize a boycott of the place but Monroe, Dade, broward and Palm Beach have already organized a very effective boycott.

Edwin, you don't make it past July 3 and maybe sooner.

ANYONE taking this job get a 5 year GUARANTEED deal and aheadset so you don't have to hear samson's voice.

Flav C

Funny, just watched a tv commercial of the Ty-D-Bowl man on youtube...

Samsons Boyfriend

Hey Lou..Just found out that Volstad got asked by the Commish's Office to go to the All-Star game...they want him to pitch in the Home-Run Derby Contest...

Flav C

Sam, that would be unfair in case a Phillies or Brewers hitter is playing. They would have advantage from practicing with Volstadt previously.


Update for you guys. The Marlins announced transactions for tomorrow: Josh Johnson to the 60-day DL, meaning he won't pitch until after the All-Star break, to make room on the 40-man for Elih Villanueva, who starts first game of DH. Ozzie Martinez optioned to AAA NOLA.

-- Clark

Lou Vales

Flav, You sound like a young person. Wish I was young again but I don't have the 25 years it will take to rebuild this minor league system.

I'm not taking my two silly road trips to South Florida. I'd just get evicted by the gendarmes. instead I have called some friends in DC and hopefully we will be able to have some colorful--but TASTEFUL--signs expressing our opinions for the Fox cameras. You don't think Loria's tentacles extend to the Nation's capitol when it comes to usurpation of verbal freedom//

Lou Vales

Clark, GOOD!!!! There is no use pitching Josh anymore this year. Have him sit down until January.

They must move Hanley. this team is too young to tolerate his presence. Don't move him right now. Wait until he gets a little hot and then pay him off between the Red Sox and the Yankees.
The word may already be out about the Toy Poodle but you only need ONE buyer. maybe he could play with Cabrera in Detroit and Tigers could move Peralta to 3rd.Everyone is sick of inge anyway. Tigers have some very good pitchers who are almost ready and some very good position players a year away.

Start off by asking for Andy Oliver, Andy Dirks and Gustavo Nunez and ONE more!!! The "ONE" wouldhave to be SPECIAL!! We are talking a 4 or 5 for 1 and I'm not talking the garbage package they got for cabrera.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou..Have been just informed that Loria and Samson are looking for a manager and coaching staff that only speak Mandarin Chinese...

Lou Vales

Shouldn't one of these guys volunteer to be hoisted on own petard? I hope Infante isn't trying to figure that one out. I wonder if sanchez is hurting now? Coghlan is obviously trying to do his best impersonation of a Flash in the Pan and Buck has reverted backwards and vasquez and Volstad are on their way to Palookaville.

I really think they should let you and I do the play by play and color for the rest of the season. With where this team is headed the people watching would need to be amused.Now it's certain that all access to the players would be terminated but you and I could continue to shill the new stadium and tell people how adventurious it will be to make the trek. We can also describe the view of Downtown Miami--of course after about 5 games of the VIEW people will care about what is happening on the field to some extent. I'll letb you do the color or play by play and we can have various guests in the booth who enjoy bad baseball. By this time next year with Jeffrey still paying Vasquez, Hanley and Josh(who may be in Alabama visiting you know who) and Buck, the rest of the roster may be made upof stanton around 750,000.Sanchez at 750,000, Morrison at 600,000 and 18 guys making the Major League minimum. Of course we will still have our crackeD scouting system beating the bushes and finding guys who will sign low.


Volstadt is another Zack Duke type, minus the bat. Duke was lights out his rookie year, but pretty much became wildly inconsistent. That's Volstadt to a tee. Another proud Beinfest top pick. For a club that allegedly places a large emphasis on good starting pitching, for them to have the two worst in the majors is an absolute joke and speaks volumes to the job that Beinfest is doing. They're not even competing anymore. Looks like JJ is one of those rare talents that will never realize his full potential due to injuries. Maybe he should be shut down for the year. He's good for a dozen or so starts per year so why overwork him and risk further injury? Is Pat Rapp available? How about Mark Redman or Ismael Valdes? Are those guys any worse than what's currently being thrown out there? I think not. It just keep getting better, or uglier.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins combing Hialeah for Charlie Hough..calling Mike Hampton out of retirement..gonna give Al Leiter one more chance..trying to make a deal with Nats for under alleged Fed Investigation Livan Hernandez,Samson promises to hire a money-laundering drug specialist Lawyer...Going to make Alex Fernandez an offer..

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins thinking about turning Hedda Hopper or Dirty Sanches into a starter again...


With Villanueva on the scene, the Marlins have a trio of pitchers who'll go down in baseball history as the Killer V's. Too bad it's not their opoonents they're killing.

Samsons Boyfriend

Does three V's beat the two Jose's they called up...

Flav C

Don't forget the 3 Sanchez guys!

Lou, yes, depending on the standards i could be considered young (borderline 40 years old). I'm sure Loria doesn't care about this team too much, he is really concerned with the ROI these players can bring. If we consider that the contracts of Buck, Vazquez, Hanley, JJ and Nolasco in 2011 are a bit shy of 38 million, he definitely will look at it as money-down-the-drain. With the exception of Javi, all other four have contracts with the Marlins thru 2013. I doubt they will make this far.



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