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Josh Johnson headed to 60-day DL

   PHILADELPHIA -- Josh Johnson won't be rejoining the Marlins' starting rotation until mid-July at the earliest. That's because they're transferring Johnson to the 60-day disabled list in order to make room on the 40-man roster for Elih Villanueva, who is being called up from Triple A New Orleans to start the first game of Wednesday's day-night doubleheader.

    Manager Edwin Rodriguez said Johnson informed coaches on Monday that he was feeling the best he's felt in weeks. But Johnson (shoulder inflammation) is still throwing flat ground only and, because he hasn't pitched in so long, will now require additional time to rebuild arm strength and regain command. He'll need at least two or three rehab outings in the minors before he comes off the DL.

     By surrendering eight runs in Tuesday's 9-1 loss to the Phillies, Chris Vostad's ERA climbed to 6.07. That means the Marlins now have the starting pitchers with the two worst ERAs (min: 60 innings) in the majors. Javier Vazquez, who has a 7.09 ERA, starts here on Thursday for the Marlins.

     To make room for Villanueva on the 25-man roster, the Marlins are optioning infielder Ozzie Martinez to New Orleans.


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Shut him down. Protect that investment. He gave a handful or more starts this year. That's enough for him. Bring up one of those young stud arms coming up through the system. The names of the guys escapes me, anyone?


I'm assuming you are being sarcastic.

DC Marlin

What a disaster this team is. By the end of the year, they'll have the worst record in the league.


Hopefully with Jose Lopez coming up, Helms will be DFA'd. Not sure how much of an upgrade Lopez will be because he has sucked lately too. Not sure what I can say about the pitching that hasn't been already said.

Lou Vales

Johnson MUST be shut down for the year. He's either going to be a 12 year ace or he will be a tragic burnout. I can't even recall the last pitcher who demonstrated this kind of monster ability and then suddenly it was over. Well,maybe Pryor and Wood.

FishE is correct about Helms. This team has cost a coach his job, will soon cost a manager his job, let them know they can lose their jobs as well. Do you mean if Helms gets cut that the team will suddenly implode? Well, that has already happened.

I know this sounds like a gross exaggeration but this play is on a par with the 62 Mets.Now obviously they will win more than 40 games but at this point I can't explain how. The 93 Marlins had a better starting pitching staff and they may have had a better starting lineup. We must stop thinking Coghlin is in a slump. Slumps don't last for nearly 200 games. it's morelikely the rookie year was a fluke.

Weiss>Ramirez(Well, so far)
Conine and Morrison a wash
Carr and Coghlin a wash

Stanton and Sanchez arefar superior to Destrade and Felix.

I'm making those comparisons as far as what has transpired this year.

The Marlins starting pitching without Johnson is the WORST in Major League Baseball.

AND Tommy, injuries happen!! This isn't all because Sanabia and West got hurt becausethey never projected to be lights out starters anyway.

We have become aligned with the 62 Mets and theexpansion Marlins. We can't score reuns, we can't stop other team from scoring, we have NO players in the minors and the only position I'd Take is Rich over Jay Randolph.


Lou Vales

I think it might become morefun to root for them to lose. Most of the people in South Florida can't stand Jeffrey and the son-in-law so why not have them really be made fools of? IF you can't compete, why be mediocre? Let's really be bad!! I mean Coyote Ugly Ugly.Lose 28 out of 30, call up minor leaguers to pitch, have a former batting champion hitting 180, a 2 year removed Rookie of the Year at .200, a record of futility with runners in scoring position, gradually dwindling crowds down to 5,000, Stanton moving among this collection of riff raff and eventually being intentionally walked every at bat.the announcers discussing color patterns of tile surrounding commodes, Billy the Marlin retiring in disgust.

this could be special!! Marlins Fever Catch It!!! Then Find the Antidote.


One word: Garbage!!! Basura!!! Ordures!!! Spazzatura!!!

Fins Fan

Putting Johnson on the 60 day DL is tantamount to throwing in the towel on the season.

It's probably the correct long-term decision, but make no mistake, this team will be out of the race by the All Star Game.

Most teams in the majors couldn't stand to lose their number 1 starter for much of the season either.

This is a crucial year for the team. Being so far out so early won't do much to build momentum for next year when the new stadium opens.

We have some good young talent on this team, and I will continue to watch every game. But if the owner doesn't invest some real money in this team by the start of next year, I am going to have reconsider my loyalty.

It's obvious that we need at least one (probably two) quality starting pitchers and an everyday third baseman.


This is what they need: a center-fielder that can hit, a starting third baseman, a #4 and #5 starter. If these areas are addressed now maybe they can finish around .500 and take some sort of momentum into year. You cant say they need bullpen help because you attribute their recent struggles to overuse.


I was being sarcastic with my comments above, but now that I've had some time to think about it, it may not be a bad idea to shut him down. Maybe bring him back in September for a few starts after he's rehabbed in some simulated games or a handful of minor league starts. I usually see a lot of embellishments on this site, but this stretch is as bad as it gets. All those 1 run losses with chances in virutally each and every game to win only to fail with RISP. Now, though they are not even competing. You can't have two SP's in your rotation that have the worst two ERA's in baseball and be taken seriously. That's horrendous mismangement, performance or whatever else there is to consider. I think it's hard to root against your team, but with the new stadium coming into play next year and the promise of a competitive team from the management, I think some good could come from a historical tank job. I mean David Samson predicts playoffs every single year, how funny is that. They're so concerned with how the new stadium's color scheme will fit in with the art deco surrounding Miami that they forgot to pay attention to their minor league system and depth within the big club. It's a continual act of futility. As I've said before, I had a .500 type view with this club, but with how it's going 70 wins might be the new barometer for which to measure. And then there's the club superstar, Hanley. Don't get me started.


I agree that they could use upgrades at 3B and CF, but if you look at baseball right now, there are very few teams who have a solid starter at both those positions. A lot of teams don't even have one of them. The real problem is that they are running Volstad and Vazquez out there every time.

I ultimately don't think this team is as bad as they have been playing in this stretch, but we should have seen the warning signs that there could be a problem when we had that run of winning almost every one run game we were involved in. Those tend to even out over time - it just so happens that a lot of them happened in a two week span, which has then spiraled into some genuinely awful overall play.

Jimmy the Greek

..B.O.L.O...Villanueva,Jose C and Jose L got lost in a cab going to Stadium in Philly...They gave the Pakistani Cab Driver directions in Spanish and ended up in Atlantic City...They were spotted in a Casino at the Blackjack table and Samson went to pick them up..Loria is very upset, as he is stuck with the tab at the Casino..They also took the Phillies and the Over for the Double-Header today,in the Sports Book at the Casino...

Flav C

The results were being masked for a while because of the fact that the bats where hot when V-V were pitching. Their personal stats are horrendous: Vazquez 3-6, 7.09 ERA and Volstad 2-7, 6.07 ERA, but the team is 11-15 when those two are playing, which doesn't look as bad as their personal stats imply, so a lot of times the bats were hot and took those two off the hook. Now the bats went cold, and the true colors are being shown here. As a matter of fact, even Nolasco's numbers are a bit skewed. He too took advantage of the good start of this team. Nolasco had a bunch of no-decisions in games where he pitched really bad, but the team was able to cover for him with some run support. His 4-2 record should be somewhere closer to 5-5 or 5-6.

Flav C

Grammar Police: "...the bats were hot" and not "...where hot..".

And Glags, if you want to add another word to the list you mentioned above: LIXO (garbage, in my native Portuguese idiom).

Jimmy the Greek

Took the Marlins Under 85 at Harrahs', April Fool's Day, when Ironically the Marlins had their Home Opening Day/Nite...Whats everybody so upset about??? This is where the X-perts set the Line and Marlins are playing accordingly..Hope Edwin stays as Manager, otherwise have to play the new Line with Different Manager...

Lou Vales

You guys will be happy to read that this WILL BE the last time i mention this EVEN IF someone's comments rile me up.

This is really bad not just bad but SCARY bad. The minor league system is in total disarray. To save yourselves some anguish you must get that in your heads. I know I come across as a pain in the A%% talking about but it is usually because you guys seem like good people who I respect and I don't want you to think help is around the corner. Through my friends I was able to talk to a couple of people who were at the Vandy-Oregon State game in Nashville. When I brought up the Marlins 3 scouts who have no affiliation with the Fish actually shook their heads in what appeared to be sheer pity. It is common knowledge--and I'm sure Clark could confirm this with some comments that are non-attributable---the Marlins have the WORST system in baseball and it's not even close. Disregard the comments that they are 29th. They are not!! They are 30th and these guys said the draft looked like it was a WalMart Midnight Special type deal.

We are screwed, well,not really us because we can just tune them out. BUT they are opening a new stadium and they have more holes than Jeter's range to his left and right.I got the opinion from talking to these guys that this whole thing almost bordered on neglect. Greensboro does appear to have some guys and Jensen at lakeland, but besides that it looks like a Waste Management Dump Site

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