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June ends today. Will the losing?

    OAKLAND -- Win or lose this afternoon, the Marlins will close out their worst month in franchise history -- and one of the worst months in baseball history for any team.

    Lose to the A's at Oakland Coliseum and they'll finish June with a 4-24 record. Based on a .143 winning percentage, that would rank among the worst 19 months ever recorded -- and when I mean "ever," I mean all the way back to the 1800s.

    Since 1950, it would match the 1963 New York Mets (4-24), but outrank the 2003 Detroit Tigers (3-20, .130), 1972 Texas Rangers (3-23, .115), 1954 Philadelphia Athletics (3-26, .103), 1982 Minnesota Twins (3-26, .103) and 1988 Baltimore Orioles (1-22, .043).

    The title for worst month in baseball history belongs to the legendary Pittsburgh Allegheneys, who went 1-27 (.036).

    Even if the Marlins win today to "improve" to 5-23 for the month, that .821 losing percentage would  still rank among the 45 worst months in baseball history.


     A mathematician friend of mind crunched some numbers and determined that the odds of losing 14 consecutive one-run decisions, as the Marlins have done, would be about 1 in 1,250.

    As hard as this is to believe,  the Marlins are not that close to the record for consecutive losses in one-run games. That mark is held by the 1933 Boston Red Sox, who lost 20 consecutive one-run decisions, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.


     Tuesday's one-hitter by Gio Gonzalez and Andrew Bailey jarred loose a memory. I saw Chuck Dobson of the A's one-hit the White Sox at Comiskey Park in 1970. And, just like Tuesday, the hit came in the first inning. My recollection has always been that Luis Aparacio had Chicago's lone hit. But when I went back and looked at the box score, I see that it was Gail Hopkins who produced the only hit of the game for the Sox.

     Emilio Bonifacio's leadoff single in the first was all that kept the Marlins from being no-hit.


   Sombrero   Someone needs to take a head measurement for Mike Stanton in order to be fitted for a "golden sombrero" for striking out four times in a game. Stanton has accomplished the feat twice on this road trip -- Friday in Seattle and last night here in Oakland.



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Samsons Boyfriend

@laurelbowie...Marlins win,you win the June Swoon Prediction based on your 5 win prediction posted on 6/18@2:27pm under story starting More on Dewayne Wise Return...I have Marlins to lose with Volstad today based on my 4-24 prediction made Sunday morning 6/19 around 8:15am,before Edwin jumped or walked the plank from the Titanic in Tampa...


I think I'm in. Oh, did you say Voldstad? Ouch!

Samsons Boyfriend

Golden Sombrero should be also give to hitting coach Eduardo Perez for the results he has gotten from the line-up in the 21 games he's been here...Also a Donkey to ride for Perez since the Marlins have looked like jackasses at the plate under his experienced ? tutelage.

Samsons Boyfriend

The Question is How many Meatballs will Chef Volstad serve up today ???

Stan M

Agree with your assessment of Peterson in last nights late post. Don't remember him being that fast when he was up in the past. Considering where the Marlins are and their prospects for the rest of this year, it seems silly to play the 33 YO guy in CF and not see what Pererson could do if called back up. Cousins was a favorite of mine last year, but he really hasn't panned out at the ML level. Perhaps he will with more seasoning, but for right now, I'd definitely try Peterson. We could also use his speed in the lineup, aren't we near the bottom in stolen bases and the hit and run is much to seldom used in my opinion.


For all you guys who complain about Buck (and i hate the guy too ) did you see what Ronnie Paulino did yesterday , 4 for 6 with 3 doubles and batting 346 for the season . I dont think Buck got 3 double this entire season ! He stinks

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man...yes,other than Hanley and Boni,this is a SLOW team..Petey has been the lead-off hitter for the Zephyrs most of this season.. Fast on the Base Paths...What are the Marlins waiting for to give him an everyday shot in CF hitting 1st or 2nd ?? Beats Me.especially with Cogs going to AAA for what I hope is however long it takes to get his Aug-Sept 09' stroke back...


I think Meatballs is gonna be allright this afternoon , Big ballpark and A's are horror show offensively . They have got Coco Crisp batting 3rd !! Lol what a joke

Samsons Boyfriend

Alex...could be right..have to see Which Volstad shows up...


Alex Paulino may be experiencing residual effects if whatever banned substance he was taking. Hence his offensive outbreak. Let's not give him too much credit. I agree Buck sucks.

Stan M

There has to be more to the Paulino story than what we fans are told. Until he wore down through overwork, the guy was a stick and certainly threw better than Buck. That might not be a great accomplishment for nearly everyone throws better than Buck. However, Buck's throwing would look much better if they moved 2B into CF where most of his throws end up. It seems to me that Paulino's sin with steroids was far less egregous than Loria and his son in law lying about Marlin finances. He came to the Marlins with a bad rep and probably because of that bad rep. But I never saw him dog it; not once. Liked the guy.

Samsons Boyfriend

Glags..Paulino's Crime was taking Banned substance to get his weight down..not PED type substance...Samson had a hissy fit when Paulino's test came up dirty..50 game suspension..Bye-Bye Paulino...Hello Buck at 18mil for 3 years...


Oh. I stand corrected.


BREAKING NEWS: The Marlins have named their new stadium........Carnival Stadium. its going to be a circus.


Damn really????? i wanted Bacardi Ballpark, that would have been the best name out there for a venue.


finally, kudos to Mickey Arison for spreading some good local tradition to the new stadium.


hahaha that just got me thinking they might play the funnel sound when the Marlins have a home run hit. that would be rad along with that little home run thingy they have in center.


Casey Anthony

i used to be a marlins fan....ugh im sooo bored here in court.
go fish
once my trial is over i hope you return to winning, its soo bad how my trial starts and you guys start losing. dont worry im not guilty and this will be ova and you will win again.

Samsons Boyfriend

Is It April Fools Day ???

Samsons Ex Boyfriend

here is whats gonna happen, ohkeay,

Sox fire Ozzie, he takehe his talents to little havana, no southa beach pleaszze.

Fishy are gonna fish ova the .500 marker.

BI tha waaay wth is a swoon> some kathcy werd to match wit june?
its called struggle ppl


No a source close to the Marlins told me, Carnival Stadium it will be.


in a seriousness, i'm a friend of a friend of some one in the front office, but i cant tell you who or else my friend will be in trouble. but Carnival seems like a good company.

Btw i like that funnel idea, might tell my friend to tell the FO aftey they announce it.


Hey Casey, too soon!!!

Most Hated Athletes

Vote for your most hated athletes and teams here http://www.yourgameistrash.com/Most_Hated_Athletes.html ... The Marlins aren't too far behind in the race!


Carnival stadium huh? How apropos.

Samsons Boyfriend

Kelsey..you're saying you beat Samson to the Punch with this public announcment ??? No "Big Surprise Preening in Front of the Cameras" Announcement???


I wanted Pop Tart Park.


Of course, there are some who would say that K-Y Jelly Stadium would be appropriate.


yep and i would go to jail for it but Mr. Samson doesnt know who i am. Suprised your bf took so long to say it before it got leaked to a fan.

Flav C

Dang it..I thought it would be "Cafe Bustelo Arena"

Samsons Boyfriend

Wow Kelsey,you even scooped? the Marlin Beat writers at 3 Papers...


Let's put this rumor to rest. Carnival will NOT be the stadium sponsor.

-- Clark

Samsons Boyfriend

Didnt Believe It...

Danielle Marquetti

Ugh, then what will be the sponsor for the Marlins stadium, that got my hopes up.


I overheard a phone conversation they talked about Carnival and were in awe about it as name of stadium. If anyone is lying here its Samson, I'm just trying to hold up his lie about announcing the name before this month was over. I just beat him to it.


Clark coming in with the rejection. Good D!

So does that mean you DO know who won the naming rights but can't tell us? Although Carnival would make sense (because the team is run by a couple of clowns).

Samsons Boyfriend

Kelsey...Samson ? Lie ? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


yeah wasnt samson suppose to announce it in june, i heard he told sun sentinel that with the key word "GUARANTEED", what a flat out liar, they are all liars.

Owen Frobisher

Carnival is the cruise ship company not a circus company. popular choice was Bacardi, perfect choice. But Kelsey how sure are you, ballpark percentage???

Owen Frobisher

Lets go MARLINS they play right now!!!!!!

Samsons Boyfriend

Where's Lou ?

Owen Frobisher


Samsons Boyfriend

Am watching the game with mute on..Dave Van Horne is in perfect sync with action on T.V

Stan M

How about "Swindle Stadium"


Im 99.9 percent sure, prove me wrong Clark Kent. Tell me otherwise.

Samsons Boyfriend

Actually Carnival isnt such a bad idea..Mickey Arison could show Loria how its done with Big Time players...Course,Arison's pockets as deep as the ocean his Cruise Line sails on..Loria is with Gilligan on the SS Minnow...

Perry White..Daily Planet

"Dont Call Me Chief"....Great Ceasars Ghost..

Lou Vales

I'm here.You guys are doing fine.

I'll believe the name of the stadium when I hear it announced by The Son-In-Law on an e-mail Tuesday.

They actually had my huge head on local TV coverage of Michelle's visit to Greenville.Someone sent a picture of me shaking her hand.I was very polite and only said "Good Luck, Congresswoman."

This is fun.I have no idea what the score is.The DOW was up 152 and I'm still trying to determine ramifications of this game of Chicken with the debt ceiling.All we need is a default to China and the rating agencies to download us to junk. dangerous damn game. This is NOT politics. This is life and reality.

Lou Vales

Samson, next Tuesday I'm going to have about 20 people send e-mails nominating "Samson's Boyfriend" as the guy who pulls down the last number on the the Games To Be Played thingamahjige. I believe you should be it based upon continued loyalty manifested by actual attendance, based upon your sense of humor and biting criticisms and also as someone very close to the stadium. My name will be on none of the e-mails.If I nominated a reincarnated Thomas Jefferson at the peak of his intellectual abilities, he would most assuredly be turned down.By the way, IF this reincarnated Jefferson ran against a Republican Dog Catcher in this area he would lose. BIG!!!!!!

What's the score??

Lou Vales

What the Hell? Volstad is pitching a shutout through 5 with only 65 pitches thrown, Buck has a double with RISP, Nolasco a shutout yesterday.

If Ricky can come up with 2 more quality starts, he should be gone.The Tigers desperately need starters and you know they would love to do another deal with the Fish. Hopefully this time the Marlins have baseball people make the deal and not Pia Zadora.

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