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June ends today. Will the losing?

    OAKLAND -- Win or lose this afternoon, the Marlins will close out their worst month in franchise history -- and one of the worst months in baseball history for any team.

    Lose to the A's at Oakland Coliseum and they'll finish June with a 4-24 record. Based on a .143 winning percentage, that would rank among the worst 19 months ever recorded -- and when I mean "ever," I mean all the way back to the 1800s.

    Since 1950, it would match the 1963 New York Mets (4-24), but outrank the 2003 Detroit Tigers (3-20, .130), 1972 Texas Rangers (3-23, .115), 1954 Philadelphia Athletics (3-26, .103), 1982 Minnesota Twins (3-26, .103) and 1988 Baltimore Orioles (1-22, .043).

    The title for worst month in baseball history belongs to the legendary Pittsburgh Allegheneys, who went 1-27 (.036).

    Even if the Marlins win today to "improve" to 5-23 for the month, that .821 losing percentage would  still rank among the 45 worst months in baseball history.


     A mathematician friend of mind crunched some numbers and determined that the odds of losing 14 consecutive one-run decisions, as the Marlins have done, would be about 1 in 1,250.

    As hard as this is to believe,  the Marlins are not that close to the record for consecutive losses in one-run games. That mark is held by the 1933 Boston Red Sox, who lost 20 consecutive one-run decisions, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.


     Tuesday's one-hitter by Gio Gonzalez and Andrew Bailey jarred loose a memory. I saw Chuck Dobson of the A's one-hit the White Sox at Comiskey Park in 1970. And, just like Tuesday, the hit came in the first inning. My recollection has always been that Luis Aparacio had Chicago's lone hit. But when I went back and looked at the box score, I see that it was Gail Hopkins who produced the only hit of the game for the Sox.

     Emilio Bonifacio's leadoff single in the first was all that kept the Marlins from being no-hit.


   Sombrero   Someone needs to take a head measurement for Mike Stanton in order to be fitted for a "golden sombrero" for striking out four times in a game. Stanton has accomplished the feat twice on this road trip -- Friday in Seattle and last night here in Oakland.



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Lou Vales

By the way, if I overestimated Tommy's ability to chuck this gig, I apologize. I have pointed out that the writers at local papers should only be prepared to tell the WHOLE truth if they are willing to move. There is no doubt that they would be gone. They are in a precarious position as to player access.Wish that we could count on the writers' employers to not succumb but it might be too much to hope for. Actually believe the Marlins need the Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Post more than they need the Marlins. the Marlins need the publicity. The public would demand Heat and Dolphins coverage if the Marlins ceased coverage over treatment of a reporter, doubt that the 17 people demanding Marlins coverage be restarted would be enough.

You can't be a tax attorney without a high degree of academic acumen. I'm hoping we want to elect people who have demonstrated academic abilities and not people who it would be fun to have a beer with.


Since you mentioned watching the game and listening to the radio announcers,it dawned on me that maybe how well it syncs up depends on your provider. I have Dish Network and my buddy has DirectTV and occasionally we talk on the phone while watching the Marlins game. His broadcast is always five seconds or so ahead of mine. He normally starts yelling about a play while the pitcher is still winding up on my TV screen. Guess that's what you get for going with No. 2 — and I do mean No. 2.

Flav C

Leo Nunez...what else can be said about this individual???

Lou Vales

I do believe the Saves Rule must be changed. Having an ERA of 18.00 for an inning should not entitle you to anything.


If the Herald wants to do a "hard-hitting expose" of the Marlins' business practices, they wouldn't ask Manny or Clark or any other Marlins beat reporter to do the job. They'd send in a hired gun, someone from the business desk or city desk who doesn't need daily clubhouse access, to do the dirty work. At least that way our favorite reporters would be somewhat insulated from the Marlins' wrath. That's the way newspapers have done it from time in memoriam.

Ellen Bayne

actually Kelsey is right, but they havent announced it yet. Carnival is one of their two choices but they are holding out for more money i heard.

Roger S

laurel, the point you made in the previous post regarding HD feed vs SD feed is right on par. My provider is TWC and the SD feed is usually always ahead of the HD feed. Never made any sense to me as to why. I would think it would be the other way around. As I said before both Rich and Tommy do a good job, but I also like Dave Van Horne. He's got a pretty quirky home run call, but I think he's a good announcer. Not Vin Scully caliber, but who is. The front office of this club may leave something to be desired, but the on air talent is good. Well, good enough for me. I know certain people on this blog have a disdain for pretty much everything Marlins at times.


Think the Marlins should take a look at Scott Kazmir? Let him try and sort things out in the minors? low risk/hi reward if he can get it together considering our depleted farm system in terms of SP. thoughts?


How bad can he be? Worse than Sean West?

No More Stiffs

Another rag-arm Vasquez...


Paging Josh Johnson...

Country Joe Should Go..

Like to see Jack and Country Joe go at it this series...Another shitty umpire, Angel Hernandez with this crew...


Ogando has an ERA over 9 in his last three starts. Looks
Like the Marlins are good practice for struggling pitchers because he's got a no no through 5.

Lou Vales


Lou Vales


Lou Vales

Re-Test of the Re-Test of the Test.

Did someone die?

Did we tackle Romo for a safety??

Ceda's ERA is over 19 which is better than "infinity."

Maybe this month we can REALLY make history!!

C'mon Jack BEAR DOWN>

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