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Logan Morrison blasts Hanley Ramirez in front of teammates

      Logan Morrison gave Hanley Ramirez an earful when the shortstop was the last to stroll in before new manager Jack McKeon addressed the team for the first time on Monday. Sources said that Morrison ripped into Ramirez, saying his tardy behavior could be the reason why he is hitting just .200.

      Ramirez was scratched from Monday's lineup, though McKeon said the reason was because he didn't care for the way Ramirez ran the bases in St. Petersburg on Sunday. On Tuesday, Ramirez was not only in the lineup, but batting cleanup for the first time since Little League.

      "I'd rather have what happened in the clubhouse stay in the clubhouse," Morrison said when about Monday's clubhouse incident.

      Ramirez said he was not late on Monday because he showed up in plenty of time for the team's 4:30 p.m. stretch on the field.

      "I wasn't late yesterday," Ramirez said. "Stretch is at 4:30 and I was here before 4:30, so I wasn't late. I wasn't late, and I agree with whatever he (McKeon) does. Some guys, they come in early. They come in at 3. I come in at 3:30 every day. Everybody knows it wasn't my fault, so I wasn't late."

      Technically, Ramirez wasn't late. But players say it is a given, especially on a day when they know they'll likely have a meeting with a new manager, that they show up in plenty of time. McKeon addressed the club at 3:30.

       The incident is not the first in which a teammate has called out Ramirez. Dan Uggla had words with Ramirez inside the clubhouse during the 2009 season.

       McKeon did not go into more details about his benching of Ramirez when he spoke to reporters on Tuesday, and mainly explained his decision to bat Ramirez in the No. 4 hole.

        "We've just got to figure out a way to get him going," McKeon said. "Now he's in a key spot and I think he's going to respond. I had a nice chat with him today. I like what I've seen of his attitude today. And I think it's going to be a positive change."

       Ramirez showed up at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 30 minutes earlier than usual.

       Ramirez spoke at length about his season-long hitting slump and hitting fourth.

       "Obviously he knows what kind of player I am," Ramirez said of McKeon, "but I haven't shown it this year. He believes in me and I believe in myself that I should be hitting third or fourth all year long. But things haven't gone the way they're supposed to go. I'm still fighting out there on the field."

       Asked why he thought it has taken so long for him to get going at the plate, Ramirez replied: 'My timing. I can't find it. Every day you try something new. You just got to keep fighting. It's all about timing between the pitcher and you."

       RYAN WEBB SEES DOCTOR FOR SHOULDER -- Reliever Ryan Webb had his right shoulder examined by a doctor on Tuesday and said he'll likely be held out of action for two or three days due to tightness.

       "He examined it and everything's fine," Webb said. "There's a little bit of tightness and I think I'll be back in a couple of days."

       Webb pitched Sunday against Tampa Bay, taking the loss when he gave up a run in a third of an inning. The Marlins called up Jose Ceda on Monday from Triple A New Orleans and optioned starter Brad Hand to Single A Jupiter. As a result, McKeon said he plans to have a "bullpen game" on Wednesday when the Marlins close out their series with the Angels.

        While Webb won't be available for the time being, Edward Mujica said he is now able to pitch. Mujica injured his right wrist when he fell on Wednesday in Philadelphia following a collision while covering first base.

        CLAY HENSLEY THROWS FIRST BULLPEN -- Reliever Clay Hensley, who is on the disabled list with a right shoulder sprain, on Tuesday completed his first bullpen session since going on the DL. Hensley said he hopes he'll be able to rejoin the roster before the All-Star break. 


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Gotta love LoMo. Best guy the Marlins have had in a long time.


What kind of player is he? In most businesses, you are as good as your most recent results. He hasn't been good for 2 years. And obviously he is never wrong, just ask him. Nice horse to bet the house on. The business model of the Marlins is blowing up. You can't roll up forever, eventually you run out of young talent. kaboom. But they do make a nice farm team for the big guys in the league.

Herald Advertising Dept.

THis Blog has been Closed and Censured by the Havana Herald...

.Julio Rodriguez

Marlins still Stink, will finish in last place,no matter what stupid gimmick they try,new stadium will be EMPTY..




Wrinkle Wanted? Why Not Willis?

With the team already displaying a willingness to make the past the present, why not make a move that would surely lighten up the clubhouse and bolster the rotation? Let’s bring Dontrelle Willis back.....
read whole article at



Logan Morrison is my favorite player outside of the Red Sox. Talent, attitude, class and a hard working player. When it's all said and done I believe he'll be the greatest Marlin of all time or signing a big money contract elsewhere.

Hanley is a fraud and front runner. If Florida was smart they'd move him now and move on from the mess he's become.


Sean I don't think bringing Dontrelle back will be the spark that fuels this team back into contention. Sure his era is low but I would probably attribute that to the inexperienced hitters. He's still only averaging a little over 5 innings. Assuming that he is much improved that may also be in part to having a good pitching coach which we don't. If they are going to make a move to spark interest it would have to be a blockbuster. The only problem is that they don't have the chips to spare to make a blockbuster move. Sure you can send Anibal to the Yankees for Gardner (and some other pieces) but how do you replace a guy who's turned into the ace on the rotation. They need to find a permanent solution for the 4th and 5th starters not another patch up job like they did at third base.



Paul (the sprained ankle guy)

Yeah, I agree with Frank. Pretty simple game. Don'twatch strikes blow by you and head back to the dugout whining. Swing and get some hits!

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