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Logan Morrison unhappy with Mallee firing, points finger at Loria

    A night's sleep hasn't cooled Logan Morrison, who remains unhappy that the Marlins fired hitting coach John Mallee and says it was owner Jeffrey Loria's decision -- and Loria's alone. And Morrison said other players on the Marlins share his feelings.

    Asked if he or other players had voiced their displeasure with the front office, Morrison replied:  "The front office is definitely around, but I don't think we have to express anything or talk to them to let them know how we feel about it. I don't think it was their choice, either. Actually, I know it wasn't their choice."

    Asked if he thought ownership made the call on Mallee, Morrison answered: "Absolutely. 100 percent. You know it was. I'm sure he'll tell you that, too."

    The players were introduced to new hitting coach Eduardo Perez on Thursday, but were still trying to sort through the emotions that came with the firing of Mallee, who served as the minor-league hitting coach for many of the young players on the roster -- including Morrison, Mike Stanton, Chris Coghlan and Gaby Sanchez -- before joining the major league staff last June.

     "They felt Mallee had to go," Morrison said. "I don't feel that way. He's there from day one. He got me to the big leagues. I was a 22nd rounder for a reason. I made the big leagues for a reason. And he was in  between that time."

     Morrison said he spoke with Mallee last night and today.

     "He's crushed, for sure," Morrison said. "But he wants us to succeed, wants us to do the best we can still. Just because he's gone doesn't mean it's going to change. I'm still going to be talking to him, that's for sure."

     Morrison was also asked if he thought the hitters would be any more relaxed with Mallee out of the picture. To the contrary.

     "I don't think when you let somebody go who's been with us since day one, you're going to be any more relaxed," he said. "I think you're going to be more pissed off than anything."

     Manager Edwin Rodriguez was asked, in the wake of Mallee's firing, whether he felt vulnerable.

     "I feel, and the coaches feel, we're just passing through," Rodriguez said. "They (the players) are the heart and the core of this organization, the young players. They're here for good. They're here to stay. And they have to realize that. If we keep losing, I don't know what's going to happen, but I don't worry about that. I've been talking to the coaches the same way. They're professionals. They can't worry about that."

     Loria said nobody is on the hot seat.

     "Our hitting has been a problem for a long time," Loria said. "It had to be addressed."


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Logan Morrison is like a hero to the Marlins fans right now, with his outspokenness, devil-may-care attitude. I wonder how much patience the Marlins will have with him, though.


I'm a huge fan of Logan Morrison and the rest of the team. Despite being frustrated and against ownership for many years (and I still am), the owner has the right to do whatever he wants when it comes to personnel. The hitting coach probably had nothing to do with the player's inability to come through with runners in scoring position but they can't fire the team. Something needed to change. I was all for Rodriguez deserving an extension 3 weeks ago but now nothing is certain. Logan Morrison needs to focus on playing baseball and executing when needed. He’s not a seasoned veteran who has earned the right to always speak his mind. Stop tweeting and start playing!


I admire Logan Morrison for his honesty and willingness to stand up for what he thinks is right. Good guy!


I love LoMo, I really do. Too bad everyone who's ever had the guts to say what they really feel about Loria didn't stay with the Marlins too long. I'm gonna miss you, LoMo, unless Loria puts the team ahead of himself you won't stay with the Marlins.


LOMO, a mans man. He will succeed and be respected wherever he plays.

Gloria is a waste of an owner.

Stan M

Ask Gerardi how well it helps to criticize Loria. If everyone who had issues with Loria's ownership showed up at games, the Marlins wouldn't have an attendence problem. When all is said and done about this hitting coach business, what is the problem with having two hitting coaches? Whether one wants to admit it or not, older folks have more problems with people of foreign heritage than the younger generation and I can't help but wonder how this will affect any future potential attendence spike by the AARP crowd. No matter who inaugerated this change, it has come to rest on Loria's lap and he seems to be very sensitive to criticism. Good!

Tom Cornell

Fire Loria!


What are they gonna do, trade him?

Stan M

Didn't that really happen once already? And wasn't that just as problematic as all of his recent dealings?

stuart Herman

Well the manager of the oakland As just got fired ; in baseball managers and coaches are just hired to be fired one day. Lo Mo will definitely be traded or put in his place fast. Loria has a track record of not tolerating any criticism but on the other hand when you lose many games in a row and the wild card is fast disappearing some kind of a move is usually made. A hitting coach is expendable Probably the manager Rodriquez should be let go as he doesnt seem to know what to do either. Freddie should never had been let go or for that matter Girardi either. Rodriquez is Just a rookie manager confused by the situation and in over his head . Now if the Marlins keep losing may be the Gm Beinfest should step down as he put this young team together who at the slightest adversity falls apart.

Lou Vales



Did you see Trader Jack behind home plate last night? Love ya LoMo but the owner has to do something because the team isn't. Don't know how much longer Edwin will be around but this team looks soft sometimes and needs to sack up a little. Good pitching no clutch hitting, not much movement on the bases. Think Edwin needs to get tossed too. Light a fire!!! I do agree with some of the comments about Beinfest, think it's time for him to take some blame as well.

Lou Vales

SloMo,You are really becomong more proficient at shooting your mouth off than hitting with men in scoring position. Samson's Boyfriend, Matt, Stan, Glags, myself and others will bash Loria, Beinfest and the son-in-law, now why don't you and your cohorts try not to get your manager fired---July 3(Book It!!) You guys are going to get a rep for being Manager?Coach Killers.

GET A HIT with a man in scoring position!! Drive a 3-1 pitch and SHUT UP!!!

Lou Vales

Now I'll address Beinfest---The Minor League system you get credit for being the architect of is a JOKE!!!! Beyond a JOKE!!!! Ranked 29th by acclimation and the 30th ranked team must be the Bad News Bears with an aging Tatum O/Neal.




Pitiful!!! I don't give a blank who you fire, gert some talent in here!!

Davie man

With all respect for LoMo and the rest, when a child fails in a class, then you must work with the child, but when most of the class fails, then the teacher is the one to blame. This hitting coach should have been fired a while ago. Stop talking about the "unexperience" of the young players and start talking about discipline. I'm no fan at all of Luria and I don't think that this new coach will solve much, in fact I think they should have hired a real experienced coach, but a change was necessary, and players, stop complaining and start hitting with discipline at the plate

Dr Steel

Sure he may love the guy but the team is not hitting. Every batter is stuggling, even LOMO.
If the teacher can not effectively teach time to go.I think no one on a team thats 0 for June should point a finger at any one but themself

No hits, no runs and no fans, 12000 at the Braves game pathetic

Marlins are Mooches

And that was on Radio Mambi $7.10 cheap seat promotion nite...all the mooches, like the Marlins themselves,showed up.Which was half of Hialeah and all of Little Havana..biggest crowd of the Braves series and it was generated by cheap seat discount nite, courtesy of a Spanish speaking radio station...

Flav C

The sad part is that not even with seats at $7.10 the Marlins are able to attract a big crowd. The Sun Life was pretty empty,other than the infield boxes and part of the bullpen seats.

Lou Vales

This new stadium is going to be the largest booddoggle in publicly financed history. The Greenville Drive has the same number of REAL people in the stands every night as the Marlins do for weekday games. The Marlins outdraw the Drive on weekends. I would really like them to move the team to Charlotte, Portland, Virginia ANYWHERE. I would still care about them and they MIGHT have a chance with a decent ownership and some support. That Braves series was really sad and the Braves announcers spent much of the time yucking it up about the "family gathering."

LoMo==SHUT UP!!!! If you can't hit ahead in the count behave like a 220 hitting utility infielder and take the pitch and try to draw a walk and DON'T TWEET my butt.


he's hitting better than .220 and has a green light on 3-0, but agree he needs to be on base instead of fly out.


what a lucky guy, lou vales, he knows everything


Mr. Vales never said this LoMO person was hitting .220; only that he should act like a .220 hitter who is not going to swing when ahead in the count, which would thus prevent the frustration of seeing poor swings on pitches out of the strike zone that if not swung at could have placed this LoMo on base instead of in the dugout. Lots of talk about this LoMo I see. Maybe I should look him up.

Lou Vales

Dear Eliot, Iknow FAR from everything,however, I do know ALMOST everything about this MLB team and to a large part I know a gret deal about the farm system.

Hey Clark, ask me a question about ANY ;player currently in the Marlins farm system as to projected ETA, strenghts or weaknesses. What I know about this system would almost suggest I know somebody or at least someone who knows somebody. I'm only saying this because there is no way in Hell saying this blows a source. This is the type INSULATION you want in your attic.

Clark, Try me.

By the way, is ANYONE close to suggesting ANYTHING that may be affecting Uggla? Anybody?

Lou Vales

Eliot, Sorry. It was brg611 who was being a wiseass. brg,is that your mug shot number. I'm telling you get out of the stepfather's attic. ONLY something bad can happen.


Eduardo Perez was a below average ML player with a 245 career average. He stuck around the bigs for 13 years and played only 750 total games or about 58 games per year over those 13 years. A lot of his games were not game starts, rather pinch hit and defensive replacment opportunities. He does not bring anything to the table as a hitting coach. Bottom line here is someone is getting su**ed off. And I think his father Tony is by the owner, go figure. The Marlins are a joke.

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