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Make no mistake McKeon scored points in Marlins clubhouse benching tardy Hanley

All the talk this spring training was about what a great leader shortstop Hanley Ramirez was becoming.

Jack McKeon And for a time, it looked like Ramirez was embracing that role. He was signing autographs for fans, engaging teammates and hustling and diving for balls all over the field. But whatever good will Ramirez was building has been slowly disappearing. 

And Monday, when he was pulled out of the starting lineup for showing up late for Jack McKeon's first team meeting, well, it's safe to say that didn't go unnoticed.

McKeon, who benched players during the Marlins World Series season in 2003, has the type of hard line stance many players say they embrace and are looking forward to as he takes over.

"I think he's going to have a great influence in here," Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez said. "He's hard nosed. He's not going to take anything, any crap. If you want to play and do the right things, he's going to play you. If not, he's not. So I think that's going to be good for us."

Sanchez said McKeon's pregame speech about leaving egos at the door was "awesome." 

"It doesn't matter how old he is," Mike Stanton said. "He's very respected in the game and we know what he has to offer."

> Chris Coghlan, who was supposed to be on his way to Triple A New Orleans, was placed on the disabled list with left knee inflammation after his option was voided because of the injury on Monday.

Larry Beinfest, president of baseball operations, said Coghlan went to see Dr. James Andrews on Monday after seeing team doctors over the weekend.

Coghlan tore his meniscus in his left knee celebrating a Marlins walk-off win last July 25th and had surgery to repair it in the offseason.

Will he still head down to Triple A when his stint on the DL ends?

“We need to get him healthy,” Beinfest said. “We need to get what every inflammation or whatever discomfort is in the knee out of there. We have 15 days from last Friday and then we'll see where we're at.”

> Stanton, pulled from Saturday’s game because of a right eye infection, said he hopes to be back in the lineup by Wednesday.

Stanton said he’d been battling blurriness in his eye since the Marlins returned home from the West Coast earlier this month. He said he met with a new eye doctor on Monday and was prescribed new medication. “It’s a lot better now,” Stanton said. “It should be knocked out by Wednesday, that's what they said.”

> The Marlins optioned left-hander Brad Hand to Single A Jacksonville; recalled reliever Jose Ceda from Triple A New Orelans; and catcher Brad Davis was outrighted to New Orleans.

Hand (0-3, 3.65 in three starts) was scheduled to pitch Wednesday. But with the Marlins off on Thursday and next Monday, Beinfest said the team only needs four starters in the rotation.

Beinfest said the bullpen would likely handle the pitching duties in Wednesday’s series finale against the Angels. Beinfest said Hand will pitch in Jupiter because the Double A All-Star Game takes place Tuesday and teams are off on Wednesday. He'll then return to Double A and make his next start there.

"We wanted him to get down to get the regular work," Beinfest said. "With the off day coming up on Thursday, if we chose to go with a 'pen day instead of another starter we have a comfort of that off day. So, it gave us some flexibility to get him down, get him pitching regularly. With the off day coming he'd have some irregular starts and going on seven days rest. We really only need four starters after Wednesday."


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May God strike me with lightning but its time to trade Anibal Sanchez. And if they could somehow get 75cents on the dollar, Hanley too.

With JJ back who knows when, Hanley hitting like his abuelita, Stanton in & out of the lineup and Coghlan a ghost of his ROY self this team will lose 90 games with or without Anibal.

Sorry fish fans,


Lou Vales

All you ned to know about Trader whack and this story can be verified.

It's 2004Braden Looper is the Marlins closer. He has been pitching well in that role. The Marlins at home lead the Cards by 1 going to the 9th. Looper blows the lead within first 20 pitches and has nothing this particular game, He has been pitching a lot, McKeon leaves him in to give up something like 5 runs and he throws 45 pitches. The following weeks the Fish are in Atlanta and i call Braden over along the rail and I said last Sunday was Bull %^$%, he nodded thanks and we shook hands. I'll NEVER forget that Sunday and I'll never forget the way he USED a YOUNG Dontrelle Willis which I believe contributedto his later problems.

Clark, you can verify these stories and verify how many people in baseball take this job? 1. 2??

Glad he benched Hanley, now let's see someone tell the truth about this "slump."

Lou Vales

I'm certainly glad that Jack "scored all those points", of course it would have been nice if the marlins would have "scored some runs."

See, this is not about benching a cancer, hiring a curmudgeon or anything close. It remains all about an organization that through mostly its abject CHEAPNESS has put itself into a possibly historical position. This team due to total lack of any options may just put together some historical runs.

They BETTER BE on Leno and Letterman pretty soon. I'm hoping people are hiring lawyers as we speak to initiate a class action law suit to get deposits back due to false advertising.

E-MAIL TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flav C

I can picture JJ looking at Anibal pitching lights out and getting No-Decisions or blown-saves and picturing himself not so long ago. Not sure if y'all were able to see Andrew Miller pitching tonight for the Red Sox. Amazing transformation for better. What a difference a good pitching coach makes. I can only wonder how much better of a sinker-pitcher Volstad could be on the hands of a decent pitching coach.

Lou Vales

Flav, We could use a "decent" anything.

how many wins this month? I've lowered my 3 prediction to 2. Have no idea where it will come.

Flav C

well, today is the 21st already, so i would say 2 wins is a good prediction. their biggest opportunity for a 2nd win is on Tue June 28th against the A's,where Anibal will probably start. Volstad will start against the M's on Sunday but considering that our run support is Null and Jason Vargas has been pitching well of late, i rather put my money on Tue 28th for the 2nd and last win of June.

Samsons Beinfest

Hey Manny..in your Marlins Daily Report, you quoted Beinfest as saying they will use the Bullpen for Wed. start...You didnt buy that Smoke billowing out of Beinfest ,did you??? What did he say when you asked him"what about Sean West starting Wed and giving you at least 5 good innings?" I didnt see Beinfest'answer in the report...Beinfest or Edwin or both, had been previosly Quoted that they would'nt do like they did in the L.A. bullpen game again...Manny , Good thing you werent drinking a soda when Beinfest gave you that answer..You might have spit it out and sprayed all over Beinfests Shoes...

Samsons Boyfriend

Thats my brother...Knows alot about the Marlins.... Funny Guy...

Butch Cassidy

"Who Are Those Guys"


It's time to give Sanchez a contract, not trade him. I know it's hard not to be blown away by all of the pitching depth in the minors we've seen this season so far- but trading Sanchez would be suicidal going into the new ballpark next year.
I will never defend Loria as one of the better owners in sports, or even a good one, but all this animosity over false advertising is going a bit far. This has been a stunningly unlucky year in terms of player injuries, and a couple key players have underperformed in Vazquez and Ramirez.
Finally, Willis' health issues were due to his mechanics and weight gain from 2006-2007, far more than the managerial style of McKeon.


Lou Vales

Just spoke to a huge Marlins fan and he made a great point. We are concentrating way too much on the Bobbysey twins. Now I've defended Beinfest by saying he does not have the money to go after certain guys but that still does not explain the near total lack of talent at New Orleans,Jacksonville and Jupiter.Even though he is not allowed to draft guys who the Marlins see as EXTREME signability problems , that is no excuse for having nothing. the Royals have great restrictions and they arguably have the best system in baseball.

Some of the other Bloggers have provided good info about the number of BUSTS. I'm not going through all the names again--they are readily available---but it is clear this guy is not a "Moneyball" Guru.

IF they pull that Bullpen Day tomorrow,Selig and baseball should look at it.They are making a farce of the game and the Players Association should be aware of the risk of injury in subsequent games using this strategy.

They brought back a fossil to manage, why not see if Denny McClain is available/ He's out of jail.

Dillon Quaid

Zum kitty

Josh Willingham

I was playing with my friends fartlocker the other day and he told me that Josh Johnson was hurt. I was so shocked I used my fist. He then pooped all over me.

Go Marlins!

Samsons Boyfriend

If Beinfest plans on Bullpen Wed. who does that make avail/unavail tonite...Loria has to be scratching his head with a minimum of 15 starters under contract from AA on up, Beinfest doen't have one starter to call on tomorrow to go at least 5 innings, keep them in the game,then turn it over to Bullpen...Oh Injuries you say,Beinfest??? Yeah Right..Every Team Has Injuries...Running out of Excuses, Beinfest...Your Move...


I was an Edwin fan and was sorry to see him go, but at least McKeon has added a temporary air of excitement to the proceedings. Nearly 17,000 fans at the game on a Monday night (if you believe the official tally) and they were into the game even after a very long rain delay. Of course, that's no substitute for actually winning a game, but it's not bad for a Marlins team that is dead and buried.
I would like someone to ask Trader Jack if it was really sad when all those dinosaurs died.

Samsons Boyfriend

Jack says he still misses his first Pet, Spot the Brontesaurus...

Pandora Store

i went to the same school as patrick. i remeber those girls from my school who wrote in. they were white trash...i always felt so bad for them.

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