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Mallee said Marlins practiced situational hitting everyday

Before the Marlins fired hitting coach John Mallee after Wednesday's seventh loss in a row, I had a chance to speak with him on Sunday about the team's struggles at the plate in situational hitting.

John Mallee Mallee, who spent 10 years with the Marlins and had coached Gaby Sanchez, Logan Morrison, Chris Coghlan and Mike Stanton through the system, said he thought the recent struggles were just a part of the growth process of a young team.

"My job is to help them with an approach and a plan. If the approach and the plan are correct and the execution is off, then it's on them. When the approach and plan isn't correct, it's on me. 

"To be a good team you have to take productive outs and manufacture runs, going first to third, moving the running over, infield back/corners in, hit the ball up the middle to get the RBI.

"We do it everyday in batting practice. The first two rounds everybody hits the ball middle, the other way, to bring home the runner on second and nobody out. We rehearse it everyday. We do infield back, corners in, hit the ball to the middle of the field. Third round of batting practice is gap to gap, where you drive the ball in the middle of the field. Basically the whole day revolves around situational hitting. Right now, it's not a physical thing, it's a mental thing, an approach oriented thing.

"[Manager] Edwin [Rodriguez] said this spring he wanted us to master the obvious and the ability to execute with runners in scoring position is the key to baseball. When I came here it was a big emphasis. A lot of the guys were with me in the minor leagues and all we did was emphasize that. That's the way you win games. I think it's a part of the team, the way we think, the way we rehearse. They've been doing this for years and they know what they're supposed to be doing. There's no more trying here. We can't say we're trying. We need results and we need to execute."

The Marlins, who got off to a 29-19 start, rank 10th in the National League in runs (241), ninth in batting average (.248) and slugging (.383), and with runners in scoring position (.237). But over the losing streak they've hit just .175 (11-for-63) with runners in scoring position, including 1-for-8 Wednesday.

The Marlins hired former major leaguer and ESPN baseball analyst Eduardo Perez, the son of special assistant Tony Perez, to replace Mallee. The younger Perez has never coached in the majors, but has managed in winter ball.

“He’s a baseball man, and everybody knows him," Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said of Perez Thursday morning on the radio show "First Pitch" on the MLB Network. "He’s been around. Although he doesn’t have much experience at teaching, as a coach, but he played in the big leagues for 13 years, so I think that’s good enough. You know better than anybody that experience, when you’ve played that long in the big leagues, I think you know what you’re doing. I think having Eduardo, he’s fully bi-lingual, he’s very smart, intelligent, so I think he’s going to be able to relay the right message.”

That right message begins with Hanley Ramirez, who before being sidelined with a back injury showed no signs of breaking out of his worst season in the big leagues. One can only wonder how much Ramirez's struggles in the end had to do with the Marlins firing Mallee, because the guys Mallee coached for most of their careers -- with the exception Coghlan -- have been carrying the team offensively this season.

Now, Perez will get his turn with Hanley. Let's see if he has the magic touch.


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Soooo..the truth slips out in the first thing Edwin says "He's fully bi lingual"...Who on the Marlins needs a bi-lingual hitting coach??Could in Be Hanley and Bonifacio and Infante Could it be Cogs,LoMo,Stanton or Gaby??Could it be Dobbs,Helms, Cousins, Murphy.What's the Deal ???Are Hanley ,Bonifacio,and Infante, too illiterate, ignorant or too stupid,too stubborn to understand an English speaking hitting coach..the Marlins can be called alot of things ,now they can be called anti-english speaking employers...Welcome to the future Little Havana Marlins..Marlins can KISS my english speaking American Azzz that I'll Be Keeping at Home instead of sitting in their New Stadium...Adios


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a cotton pickin' minute!!! (white enough for ya') Lets not turn this into anything other than an organization with a history of bad decision making and piss poor management. I do find it odd that Infante needs a translator but I doubt that it was lack of understanding or communication that was causing the teams offensive struggles. Tommy Lasorda managed Fernando Valenzuela for years and language was not an issue.


I find it egregious for Edwin to say that playing in the big leagues for 13 years is good enough to make him a big league coach. This isn't Don Mattingly or Ryan Sandberg we are talking about. At least Mallee and Edwin himself worked their way up the system. What the hell had this guy done that's so great.


I think that the problem is that they don't have a leader like Uggla use to be. and another thing is that Edwin is always changing the line up.

A Weiner

Well, I'd like to comment on this debate as it seems to be growing bigger and bigger in the South Florida community.

From my vantage point, Mr. Perez has received this appointment due to his father being a figurehead within the Marlins organization. Further, I also think it's safe to assume that Mr. Mallee was not in possession of any photos that placed the Marlins front office decision makers in any compromising positions or situations. I know about photos getting out into the public. It's not a pretty site. Had Mr. Mallee had any photos, then he would have had a large bargaining chip from which to negotiate. I've done some negotiating in my time and well, you win some and you lose some.

I can appreciate what the Marlins hitters are currently going through, as my stick has also become ice cold and void of any contact. It's a trying time for all of us and all we can hope for is that our sticks will rise up once again.

Samson Likes Switch-Hitters

Samson put out a pro-active memo from his closet,err,office to get hire more employees that are Bi...Naturally to Edwin and Tony Perez they thought Samson meant Bi-Lingual..they made an assumptive, honest mistake...


This has turned into a comedic blog. Keeping it coming I could always use a good laugh. My stick luckily is still making plenty of contact. Unless of course my wife isn't "in the mood."


Hey Manny
Every day are two words.

Andy H

This is a Loria being Steingrabber move, wasn't he a part owner or something? Wellllll, it is his team owner and if he wants to send a coach or manager into orbit, he can, will and does.

Loria wants to win, he sits there right behind home plate. How many owners sit behind home plate? I would sit in my luxury suite and throw up my hands in disgust the way George did. I think we have one on order for you.

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