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Marlins bust on 21 as June swoon continues

  SEATTLE -- What a June for the Marlins, who lost for the 21st time this month here at Safeco Field earlier tonight. In case you were wondering, that's a new franchise record for losses in one month, and they still have five more games to go before they can close the book on it..

  "It's really unbelievable," said Marlins pitcher Ricky Nolasco, who was nearly flawless for six innings before the Mariners broke through. "It's an amazing stretch we're going through right now. We've got to find a way to get out of this."

  They've been saying that for a few weeks now inside the increasingly somber Marlins clubhouse. The Marlins have now done a complete reversal, going from 10 games over .500 with a 30-20 record on May 28 to 10 games under .500 with their current 33-43 record. They are 2-21 in June.

   Not even the funkiness of this "home" series snapped the Marlins out of their funk. Mike Stanton never put wood on the ball, wearing the Golden Sombrero by striking out in each of his four at bats. On the flip side, John Buck reached base each of his first three trips to the plate despite never putting the ball in place. Twice he was hit by Felix Hernandez pitches and once he reached on a strikeout and wild pitch.

   The Marlins managed only two hits off Hernandez, who hit three batters.

    "You can't very well win too many games with two hits," said manager Jack McKeon. "We had more hit batsmen than we had hits."


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Samsons Boyfriend

Clark..How come your story in the Sat print version of Herald about Lomo..Handling a Tough Month...isnt in the internet version??? McKeon tells Lomo in front of reporter{s} to spend more time on Baseball and less on Twitter..Also how know it all Lomo says its not the pichers getting him out but himself..Yeah Right...Was that Lomo last nite getting picked off first? another basrunning blunder? Lomo might be going the way of his roomie Cousins and buddy Cogs..over-rated and Not Ready For Prime Time...Anyway ,Clark,Good Article..

Stan M

Having same thoughts about Morrison, but with one diifferent thought as well. Loria is spiteful; we all know that. With him doing poorly, it gives Loria a chance to pay him back for all of those Tweets and remarks that he probably isn't fond of...so down he goes for a couple of weeks.
There was a TV replay on Morrison's pick off and I replayed it frame by frame. Can't be sure because of angle, but he sure looked safe. Then again, no one argued.
That fuss over Infante was another example of an on field argument taking more time than an umpire review via instant replay would have...granted that replay would probably have been inconclusive in this particular instance.
The reason given to bat Buck above 8th place was that he wasn't suited to the pitch selection in that spot. Well, he has virtually no plate discipline anyway so what's the difference? He's killing us time and time again. They simply have to switch him to 8th; why can't they see what is so obvious? Lou mentioned how displeased I was with his signing. At the time, I said to my son that he wouldn't be starting catcher by the end of the year. That was nonsense but only because of his salary. Wasn't it Glags who pointed to his pitch calling as also leaving much to be desired? In my heart, I think Hayes is a better ballplayer. Lately, my mind is agreeing with my emotions. Buck is simply not a good ballplayer by any criteria.

Flav C

Stan, i had mentioned Buck's pitch calling when pitchers are behind in the count against good hitters (i.e. Brauer, Fielder, Abreu). Instead of calling pitches around or away, or even intentionally walking and taking chances with the next less-talented batter, Buck has called fastballs either inside or down. All these 3 hitters hit 2R home runs. I'm sure there were more pitch-calling like these but i hadnt pay attention to it until the series against the Brewers in our home stand. I'm not blaming him for a bad pitch, but he certainly could have helped his pitchers to not get into the mess they ended getting to.

Roger S

So the possibility of ending June with only two wins is quite real. At this point it would be considered a good season if the team ended the season with 76 wins or so. If so they would have played .500 ball going forward. Even that seems like it would be a huge accomplishment. I guess you take the good with the bad when you're playing very young regulars like Stanton and LoMo. peaks and valleys all season long. Sure looks as though the firing of Mallee was really the answer. Perez really has these guys fine tuned.


No more dicking around. This team sucks and I dont see how they can improve to a contender in one year. They were bad last year. Started off strong but are now showing what they are really capable of this year. This is bad. Really, really bad. The worst part is that they have holes in areas that are going to in much demand at the trade deadline and off season and there isn't alot of talent going to be available. No Cliff Lee's, Adrian Beltre's, or Carl Crawford types. Of course you have Pujols and Fielder but that's not really one of our needs or anything we can afford. They'll end up signing the John Bucks of the world.


Marlins starting outfield Lomo,Cogs and Stanton all belong in AAA...The Cracks in the Marlins Parking Garage at New Stadium match the Cracks in the FO Heads that this team was ready to compete on a Major League level...Two Frauds combined into one big Joke upon the taxpayers and the few Marlin faithful out there...


The Morrison story somehow became lost in the computer system in Miami. It's being posted as we speak.

-- Clark

Marlins CPA

Meanwhile Loria and his pet gerbil Samson are laughing all the way to the Bank...

Stan M

As I see it, we have a nucleus for a contender, but by and large, the team is too young. And as Lou has said over and over, and over and over, we don't have anyone who can fill this void. If ever an owner was necessary, it is right now. We need to go out and purchase someone of the Conine, Daulton mode. He doesn't have to be a star, but he does have to play and set an example. And as someone said above, the firing of Mallee was the beginning of the end. And it all started right after Cousins creamed that catcher. Probably a coincidence, but one did follow the other. Who is out there that we could get? Kotsay comes to mind, he does everything right on a ball field, but he has no power. Darned if I know. Clark, can you add any fuel to this fire? Any rumors of which we innocents are unaware?

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man..Sorry to Say, There's No Help On The Way,The Seasons Slipped Away,Because These Marlins Cant Play...

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SEATTLE -- What a June for the Marlins, who lost for the 21st time this month here at Safeco Field earlier tonight. In case you were wondering, that's a new franchise record for losses in one month, and they still...


Seems like LoMo has become the primary whipping boy for the Marlins' woes, and I honestly don't understand that. Yes, the guy is not the world's greatest baseball player at this stage in his career and maybe he'll never be more than a solid journeyman. And yes, he's mired in an infuriating slump right now. But I've never seen him give less than 106 percent on one single play, and that's more than I can say for anybody else on the team, except maybe Boni and Brett Hayes. I guess when things go bad, it's the guy who has thrown himself front and center who gets crapped on first. I've never read one of his Tweets because I wouldn't know how to find a Tweet if I needed one real bad. (If somebody wants to tell me how it works, that would be great. All my friends are older than Trader Jack.) But to say his playing around on Twitter is somehow to blame for his problems at the plate is vindictive and naive. If a guy collects butterflies and goes into a slump, do you blame the butterflies? If LoMo were hitting 30 points higher and the Marlins were winning, everyone would be saying what a great young face he is for this franchise.


Stan M, I agree that the core group of guys is here. But the difference between the Marlins and other bottom feeders like the Royals and Nationals ( not really bottom feeding this year) is that they have all stars in the making that are working their way up. The Marlins' future is already in the show. What could we possibly have to look forward to in the next year or two that will improve this current roster? Absolutely nothing. Which means if they want to compete it will have to be through free agent signings. Again the problem is that any team knows if they put enough pressure they can outbid these clowns. That's how we end up with John Buck and Javier Vazquez. Of course I hope I'm wrong.

Stan M

Good post. What do we have to look forward to...maturity....hopefully. Low A ball has our next generation. I will never defend the Buck signing. Yankees signed Martin for far less and he had more upside. In honesty, Vazquez looked like a good gamble at the time...veteran presence...workhorse...and only one year. But yes, we simply must sign somebody and this year rather than next, and right now. I would delight in spreading Loria's ashes over my flower bed. However, to give him a modicum of credit, he did spend money for I Rod and del Gado (was that his name 1B)

Stan M

Laurel, just saw your post...perfect!

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