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Marlins lose wide right

   SEATTLE -- Not sure where this one ranks on the Marlins' list of headscratchers, but tonight's defeat was a dandy. Steve Cishek's wild pitch while trying to intentionally walk Carlos Peguero in the 10th enabled the deciding run to score in a 2-1 loss to the Mariners.

    Cishek Manager Jack McKeon said he's never seen it happen in his 60 years of managing. Catcher John Buck, who was behind the plate when Cishek's third pitch to Peguero sailed wide right, said that, with the way things have gone for the Marlins, it's hard to imagine any more ways to lose.

    "There can't be too many other ways (to lose), right?" Buck said. "We got that one crossed off the list, so hopefully that'll be it."

    Cishek said the pitch just "got away." Thing was, Buck reacted so quickly once he saw the pitch was tracking nowhere close to him that he pounced on the ball quickly after it caromed off the backstop and threw to Cishek in time to nail Dustin Ackley, who was racing in from third. But Buck short-hopped the throw and Cishek couldn't come up with it to apply the tag.

     Even stranger is this: after Ackley scored, Cishek ended up pitching to Peguero and struck him out  despite falling behind 3-0 with the wild pitch. Strange stuff. 

     It all added up to the 22nd loss of June, two more than the former franchise record. And there are three games left to play in the disaster of a month.

     So tell me, what's the wackiest, most inexplicable Marlins loss that you remember?


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Samsons Boyfriend

Welll...Cishek turned into See-Shrek...did his best imitation of a 10yr old , pitching for the Bad News Bears...Nice photo above of See-Shrek pondering his historical moment in Marlins History...Is See-Shrek meditating the meaning of it all? ...Cant remember specific Marlins wacky losses except them losing/winning on a Balk and remember them winning at home on a passed ball. With winning run on second..the ball ricocheted off the backstop,hit a bat in the on deck circle,and rolled into Marlins dugout,giving the runner on second home plate and the Marlins win..Happened right in front of where Samson was sitting..he almost jumped out of his lizard skin...Marlins Walk -Off..


Wackiest loss I can remember is the Fish losing 16 to 17 against the Rockies at Coors Field.

Samsons Boyfriend

Remember that game,4th of July 08'was at Marlins 4th of July Watch Party...Scott{Dont Taze Me} Olsen started,blew an 8-run lead...Marlins had 1-run lead into bottom of 9th..enter Kevin Gregg..blows save and Marlins lose in walk-off to Rockies...that was vintage Gregg...


Believe it or not, this not the first time the Marlins have lost a game on a wild pitch while intentionally walking a batter. It also happened nearly 15 years ago to the week -- June 18, 1996 -- when Pat Rapp let loose with one in the bottom of the 15th at Candlestick Park in San Francisco in a 9-8 Giants victory.

But keep those memories coming. We might have to catalog these somehow.

-- Clark

Lou Vales

The "wackiest and most inexplicable loss" was Miguel Cabrera being lost to the Detroit Tigers for a borderline Major League "long man."

I'm glad everyone is finally starting to see the humor of this situation. It is a good beginning when the Blog of a major publication covering the team asks for its readers to submit most inexplicable losses.

I'm sorry they won those 2 games this month. IF they could have avoided accidentally finishing ahead in those two they would have maybe garnered the national recognition they are somehow avoiding. AND IF they lose those 2, they(with a 3 game sweep in Oakland) could have INEXPLICABLY LOST the month of June.

These are your Florida Marlins. They are a joke, civic embarrassment, historical achievement in the making, a disgraced franchise that should be stripped from its present ownership and NEXT YEAR they will be the "PROUD"(according to David Samson) occupants of a new stadium that is what COUNTS.

I'm hoping that FIRST person or group makes a public outcry to reclaim deposit.I'm hoping for an Opening Day "throng" of 18,000, and the next game maybe sees an announced crowd of 1,023 taking into account 623 Season Ticket holders.

Was there ANYONE out there who stayed up tp listen? They should have had a mandatory test around 12:00 when to stay on the air they required 50 people to call a designated number to see IF There Was Anyone Out There. If not,pull the broadcast.

Kiners' Corner

Marlins have morphed into the 62' Mets with their own version of Casey Stengel....

Lou Vales

Dear Kiner, Casey was actually amusing and a true wit. You can read books detailing the biting and humorous things he said. I hope for Jeffrey's sake---and I rarely hope anything for Jeffrey's sake---that he ain't depending on Jack McKeon's sense of "humor" to draw people. Now, that would be funny!!

Lou Vales

I wish to apologize. So far I have failed.And failed BADLY. My buddy who knew Colbert from Charleston has written him trying to get a segment devoted to the Marlins and so far nothing. We even suggested that he get Samson on the show for an interview. The possibilities are mind numbing of what Stephen could do to Muscle Boy.


Lou no one cares about the Marlins enough to give them any national attention. Even when they were winning (I've forgotten what that feels like) they weren't getting national attention. Besides given their lack of sense of humor I'm sure the FO would not accept the invite knowing that they could only be ridiculed.

Lou Vales

Glags, You must remember that this streak is on the verge of historic significance. I don't think even the 2 worst teams of the Modern Era--The 62 Mets and the Tigers of the first decade of the NEW millenia EVER won only 2 games in a month. I'm hoping we can really carry this over to July. Really the only chance for this team is to make complete foolsof themselves so that pressure will be brought to bear on ownership. I doubt Loria and Sampson want to take on a national image of buffoonery. I think they can handle South Florida recognizing the repugnant and rancid scent of their ownership but for people from Presque Isle,Maine to San Diego and from Seattle to Ponce, Puerto Rico, knowing of the waste site they have created may be too much for even The Bobbysey Twins.

Lou Vales

Dear Clark, Has it reached the point they would not take a deposit from me for season tickets?


Maybe we can get some real releif pitching for next year this is terrible. I actually came to Seattle to se this.


Tallycane, if you want to find the silver lining through all of this it's the bullpen. Which is indicative of how messed up this team really is.

Roger S

Bullpen was the top priority in the offseason. I'd say Beinfest did a nice job shoring it up. Had he done that going into last year, then that team had a chance to compete. Obviously, the everyday roster was way overvalued. Lack of depth on the bench and in the system in general is concerning. At this point I just want guys like LoMo, Stanton, Sanchez and hopefully Cogs to continue blooming. It's rough to watch and enjoy, but struggling is pretty much expected from young players and even so called stars like Hanley. The losses can keep mounting, as this season has been lost. Let's just see how this group reacts going down the stretch. This is when character is truly tested. A lot can be learned from a season like this. It's tough now, but perhaps in the long term it will serve as a positive. Lots of relatively young clubs stink it up one year just to bounce back and surprise the following. Not saying this team is World Series bound or anything next season, but a strong contender certainly is. Lot of season left, so I just hope for improvement.

Lou Vales

Dear Roger, I'm not sure and I'm not smart enough to run a program to find out but I don't think that ANY team has "accomplished" what the Marlins have already done and with more historical ugliness to still come.

If you guys want to listen in, I'll be in studio tomorrow from around 3:10(Right after the host's rather lengthy intro) to around 6:30. If you have any interest it is wccpfm.com, it's the Clemson Flagship Station and 24 hour sports station for Greenville and surrounding area. I'll do my best to make it interesting with my marlins comments. The host and I actually picked the Marlins?????? To win the NL East. How is that working out for us? He no longer takes responsibility even though it did happen. The guy is literally a sports expert on EVERYTHING.He has done very well and sports are his obsession and he has been consulted by schools on who to recruit.

You might want to test this ahead of time.Just enter the wccpfm.com and then go to "Listen Live."

Lou Vales

Some very intersting comments coming from the Minnesota Twins beat writer that seem to strongly suggest Mauer is dogging it. Imagine if Hanley reads the Minneapolis paper and finds out Joe may be "taking time off", Hanley will realize his deal is dwarfed by Mauer's and he might not ever play again.

By the way,if anyone calls in tomorrow, identify yourself as from South Florida or a reader of this Blog and we will move you up.The toll free number is given on the site.He doesn't even normally give it out because like most GOOD shows, the lines are always busy.

Lou Vales

Would like to acknowledge the winner of the "Wins In June" contest. Could you refresh everyone's memories with the numbers you picked. I picked 3 around 10 days ago, so it appears that I have NO chance.

Let's definitely have contestrs for July,August and September and total wins for the season. Winners will all be recognized on this Blog and maybe The Herald gives a pair of Opening Game tickets for next year. 2nd Prize will be 2 pairs of Opening Day tickets.

From now on the predictions must be given before the month starts. NOBODY could have predicted this meltdown so allowances had to be made for this month's competition.

Samsons Boyfriend

4-24 1st predicted early Sunday morning 6/19 before Edwin jumped the Titanic in Tampa..As Casey used to say "You Can Look It Up"....Lou-Will try to listen and call tomorrow...

Flav C

Today is definitely a great day. We know for sure the Marlins will not lose a game.


Good. I hope the Marlins choke and die.


I'm looking into a pick-the-number-of-wins contest with tix to the winner. I'm sure there will be some legal issue (isn't there always?) but I'm investigating.

-- Clark

Lou Vales

Clark, If I win there is no way in Hell they let me into that stadium.I guarantee Samson reads this Blog AND the Sun-Sentinel and Post Times Blogs.I will donate my tickets to a blogger in the area.

Lou Vales

Clark,give a listen tomorrow for a few minutes.I bet you enjoy it. It's not South Florida radio.The callers are given more time and the host actually gives the dumber ones extra time.It's kinda like a cat toying with its prey.I have been dubbed "Sweet Lou" for reasons totally out of my comprehension.

Lou Vales

West loses again. he is hitting around .550 with an ERA of 7.46/

This is one screwed up organization.

Do you guys understand IF you really care about the FUTURE, this team must be so bad the rest of the year that there is no alternative except for massive change and spending.You finish 54-108 and headed for a new stadium and something must get done or NOBODY will be there.If you have any kind ofconnections try to get them to talk about the Marlins in differmt places.

We can do 54-108.We really can!!

Samsons Boyfriend

Last nite AAA game featured 2 Beinfest Stiffs facing each other..West vs. Frankie De La Cruz ,he of the Cabrera trade...Saw Frankie pitch 2 years ago..He looked like a short,fat,no-neck Webster look-alike,with a short-arm delivery on the mound,before Beinfest gave him the sheet-can..Another Beinfest the Great prospect in the Crapper.

Lou Vales

Samson's, It's amazing that another pieceof the Cabrera trade is still hanging around. I refer to Dallas Trahern who is now pitching at Double A. It's really strange how Koehler went straight to Hell after he was being considered.Maybe he was intimidated. I guarantee the Sanabia "thing" will morph into another one of these LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG layoffs. You can tell by the frames of some of these guys how arms will hold up. the reason Tigers sent Jurjens to Braves is because they thought he would NEVER hold up. So far they are WRONG!!!!!!!

Looking forward to show today. Will have to talk some college baseball because this is such a hot bed.Hopefully we can get through that quickly.


The gators should've won that game.


E Perez sure has made a difference as new Hitting Coach so far...HAHAHAHA..Who gets to fire this Nepotism Hire when he proves he BLOWS as a hitting Coach??Will it be Artsy-Fartsy Loria or the turd his ex-wife left to properity,that goes bt the title Team Prez??

Lou Vales

In 43 home dates the Marlins have drawn 722,000. They are actually very close to the Indians at this stage of the season. When you factor in the ability to buy a house for 10,000 in Cleveland that might factor in. even though you can buy a home for 5,000 in Detroit and they will draw at least 2,250,000. I can't actually equate Cleveland attendance with Florida attendance because it's obvious at most Marlin home games(even those in Seattle) that Jeffrey and Muscle Head are counting misrepresentations to Dade County as part of attendance number. God knows how much that would add.

PLEASE!!! Go to CBS Sportsline and check out Leyland's ejection last night. It may have been the best one he has ever pulled off. HYSTERICAL!!!


I just had a conversation with a colleague of mine that is much older (could be my dad) and wiser than me. He is of the opinion that the FO asked Hanley and JJ to take a dive so to speak after they saw how good the team was playing with the hope that rest of the team would follow suit and they have. They figured the attendance would increase if they kept winning thus decreasing whatever funds they would get from the Yankees and Red Sox (revenue sharing). The reason why he mentioned these two in particular is that they are the highest paid and since you don't bite the hand that feeds they aren't likely to speak out about it. I will issue a disclaimer now, he said this without knowing how revenue sharing works and also acknowledged that Vazquez, Volstad and Buck may be as bad as their numbers would indicate. Any thoughts or is he just as crazy as Lou?

Dr. Doolittle

Heard a rumor at the stadium that Samsons real father was part Chihuahua,and the reason his voice is like that is that the Family Vet couldnt get him to stop barking and start talking until he was 7 in human years...


To clarify the rest of the team wasn't asked to throw in the towel. He figures that the mental approach of this inexperienced team would change after not having the two all-stars on the field. Therefore they try to overcompensate and the results are what they have been. You get your two all stars performing like they could around the time that it's no longer logistically possible for them to remain in contention. Hanley has hit well since moving to the clean up and JJ won't be back until after the all star break. Only chance by then is to break even by seasons end.

Lou Vales

Glags, You really think JJ is coming back this year? Why? Are they worried about winning 64 more than 56. Why would they just not tell Johnson to take the rest of the year off and get REAL healthy. Is Sanabia throwing off of flat ground, red clay, a sandy beach,asphalt parking lot,out of a bunker at New Orleans Country Club, or at the Flea Market in Hialeah?

Maybe West could be traded to an AL team as a DH or just start teaching him how to play 1B and we could move Baby to 3rd because the Marlins are obviously afraid of calling up Dominguez and exposing him.When you have a season that is over by July 1, that would be the perfect time to loan Uncle Wes to the Hialeah Optimist League Marlins as a hitting instructor and for his "senior leadership",at that point you bring up Matty and see if he has a chance.


Marlins will pack it in for season and have Jack babysit the kiddies...then it'll be Samson making like P.T Barnum for next season ,telling everybody about the game experience at the new Stadium, and blowing Beinfest Smoke about the how good the team is...Sounds like the Dolphins owner with all his celebrity crap at game,and not about the shitty team on the field..

Lou Vales

Some amazing numbers from MLB--Clark, you should make me a distant correspondent--since 2004 these are the numbers on average for all players:

Hit first pitch--Batting Average is .354

Even at 2-2 and 3-2 you can see the deleterious effect of having 2 strikes.

Irving Cohen.. Aventura

@Dr Doolittle...heard the same thing about Samson at a game...Also was told the family Vet botched the neutering job,couldnt find the right spot to cut,hence the voice...Also was told Samson was allergic to distemper shots,that explains the repulsive disposition.


Lou I don't have an answer to your question. You've been following baseball longer than I, has there ever been an instance that a team has shut down their ace pitcher in July because they've dropped out of contention. Let's say he doesn't come back, what will the effect of him not pitching for a year be?

The Great Karnac

JJ may come back but will be shut down by Sept, just like last year,by some kinda injury..damaged goods...

Le Grande Orange

Heard Loria is going to use the old Expos uniforms for Miami Marlins....Figured they already had the M on them and he got them cheap.

Lou Vales

It is. extremely silly for me to bash the Florida Marlins in Greenville, SC, but what the Hell.

Glags, I meant to imply ONLY shut him down IF there is a .0000001% chance that he still has lingering effects. I'm betting he will still have problems no matter when he comes back THIS year. Get him fixed.


I can't believe you think the Marlins would ban you from the stadium and turn away a paying customer. I doubt that Samson, Beinfest, et al, even read what we have to say, much less understand it. Can you imagine how tired their lips would get reading all this stuff?
A few years back, the state (I won't say which state, but maybe you can guess) tried to ban me from the racetracks because they accused me of making book. (Surely, they jest.) The guys at the gate and every security officer at every track had my name and picture in their little book, but I still walked in and played the ponies every day. Seems my picture didn't show me with a beard and blond hair, so nobody ever gave me a second glance.
If you really think they know what you look like at Sun Life and are that determined to keep you out, I have a half-empty bottle of peroxide I'll send you. I won't be needing it since I know longer have hair.

Stan M

Do you for a minute think that the union would let a player sit out and not build his stat sheet? Never! May I respectfully suggest that the union essentially runs baseball; to its great detriment.
Samson, I'm not a great race track guy but once back in the days when I was well healed, I went to Belmont and had dinner in the glass enclosed area where all the rich people went to avoid the unwashed multitudes. At the betting window I was next to Jimmy the Greek. Can't remember if it was the 7th or 8th race, but good ol Jimmy hadn't had anyone in the money yet! For the record, I won $1,000 that day and never went back!


laurelbowie -- Had a hunch you were a racetrack guy based on your name. Was going to ask you to come up with a brief comnent line like those found in the past performance data to describe the Marlins season so far. My entry would be: "Brief speed, stopped."

It's raining cats and dogs here in the bay area and it's supposed to continue into the evening. Doesn't look promising. On the other hand, they'll do whatever they can to play. Otherwise, they'll be looking at a DH on Wednesday or Thursday since the Marlins aren't returning the rest of the season.

-- Clark


I meant to say "since I no longer have hair." Damn! I was so close to being typo-free!


Stan M,
Bookies and jockeys are notoriously lousy horse handicappers, so never let them tout you on a race. Never listen to Hank Goldberg, either.
Based on Sunday night's performance, I'd say "Five wide, broke down."


I think I picked 10 wins for June... that was too optimistic. I'll even be more optimistic for July....18 WINS


This team should not be this bad in one frickin month. Perfect timing again to get people into the new stadium. The problem is the veterans need to get control of the team, and Hanley always appears to be out of the picture. Marlins need to think about trading him now or next year. Hanley can now be labeled a Cancer!

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