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Marlins send Chris Coghlan down to minors; OF Dewayne Wise takes his spot

TAMPA -- So much for Chris Coghlan's homecoming. 

The Marlins 2009 National League Rookie of the Year was optioned to Triple A New Orleans Friday afternoon, the first time in his career the Marlins have sent him back down to the minors.

Coghlan was replaced on the roster by Dewayne Wise, who was signed to a minor league contract by the Marlins on Wednesday after being released by the Blue Jays earlier this week. 

Wise was with the Marlins in spring training and he hit .250 with two homers and 10 RBI (.304 OBP) in 18 games. A strong defensive outfielder, Wise is a career .222 hitter in eight seasons in the majors.

Coghlan, a Tampa native, was hitting .230 with five homers and 22 RBI in 65 games this season. He had a .296 on base percentage with 49 strikeouts in 269 at-bats. Among everyday leadoff hitters, Coghlan was hitting .236 (second worst behind Rangers' Ian Kinsler) and his on-base percentage was .301 (second only to Oakland's Coco Crisp among worst)

To make room on the 40-man roster for Wise, the Marlins designated left-handed pitcher Dustin Richardson for assignment.

We'll have more on this later.


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I don't get it. Is this supposed to spark something? Seems stupid.


Took the words right out of my mouth.


Good move. Players being held accountable regardless of popularity. Really thought Coghlan would be trade bait but his performance has killed his value.

Lou Vales

Guys, Nothing they do mattersat this moment. It will take a minimal 3years to see progress in this farm system and that is what controls the quality of your Big Leagueteam. Everyone said "Well, so many young "stars' were just called up and a drought in minors was inevitable." BEING 29th in baseball WAS NOT inevitable. And Dominguez does not look like Ryan Zimmermam. IF Hanley can somehow go on a hot streak--and I mean a REAL hot streak---maybe they could get 3 prospects if they played yankees off against theRed Sox, but make no mistake--We Are Blanked??

Lou Vales

Hey Brett Carroll plays for Nashville.Maybe everyone can hook up with Pinto, Tankersley, kensing, Rabelo,Trahern, Aaron Thompson. Actually there are more people going to games in Nashville than Florida.

Let's set up a boycott of the place through a local station.We can do this.

I'll give you guys a day next week---How about Wednesday between 4 and 6.It's WCCPFM.COM It's the Clemson Flagship Station. You would just click on listen live. Sampson's Boyfriend and a couple of others are okay with the time. Tell me if the rest of you are agreeable.You will hear Loria and Samson ripped in epic fashion and I don't sound like Sampson.


What about Vazquez? He stinks like baby poop.

Samsons Boyfriend

Cogs gets to go to Nawlins,get his stroke back,practice his Missionary position,and spread the Gospel, all at the same time,without the pressure to perform...Give Me A Hallelujah !!!

Stan M

This has to be an attitude adjustment. Coghlan has been one of my favorite players, but he is a cocky so in so. Maybe he refused some sort of instruction. The guy's got 20 doubles! As that fellow in the top blog said, how will this produce any positive results. Unless it's personal and for attitude.

Samsons Boyfriend

Hey Lou...Larry Dewayne Wise is from up your way,Columbia SC...He got hurt in Spring ,otherwise he would have beat out Cousins,who had 19K's in 61AB's in Spring Training..Beinfest didn't pick up on that stat trend...Funny how things happen..Wise asks for release from Marlins,signs with Toronto,asks for release from Toronto when not promoted to Big Leagues.and now back with Marlins taking Cogs spot with Cousins on DL..Methinks Wise knew his ability was better than that on Marlins roster...


Why are there no 2011 stats for wise? Did he not play in any games for the Blue Jays? If not, then why not bring up Petersen who has great numbers.


Just logged on to the website for your station, but each time I clicked on Listen Live, I got a notice that the webpage couldn't be found. Everything else is working fine, so I'm not sure what the problem is. I'll listen in if I can — and if you promise to make it worth my while.
Glags, I thought I read somewhere that Wise didn't see any action for Toronto.

Lou Vales

Dear Laurel,Let me look into it. Bunch of Rednecks. I'll make sure it's up and it will be worth your while.they would not let me pull this stuff in South Florida. I hate to toot my own horn but Toot Toot and I know this will increase my image as a narcicisstic personality but I have evolved into an Icon in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Lou Vales

Dear Samson, there is probably more pressure to perform ijn New Orleans than South Florida.

I really wish we could swing a deal with the Tigers but they must allow you, Matt, Glags, Stan, Clav and all other loyal blogsters inject input. how about we trade Hanley to the Tigers for Andy Oliver, Andy Dirks, Gustavio Nunez,Brian Raburn and a catching prospect.Oliver goes into rotation, Dirks immediately starts in outfield, Nunez is a year away, Raburn to 2B, Infanteto SS and catching prospect to Double A. We get an outfielder, 2B, #3 pitcher, SS next year and a high ranked catcher. hanley gets reunited with Miguel and hopefully does not start finishing 1 and 2 for AL Batting Titles.

Lou Vales

Would you guys PLEASE predict your Marlins win totals for June.

I say 3.

Samsons Boyfriend

Glags...Petersen strctly Left field material and very average at that, but has great foot speed...He's leading off for Zephyrs ,hitting .340 plus but Marlins can't use him because LoMo the first baseman is playing Left...This is an indication of Marlins effed up minor league system...Right, Beinfest???


Got it thanks for the info. I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been sent.


Not sure why I was auto corrected but that last word is said.


I'll go out on limb & say 10 wins for June.

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