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Marlins sign infielder Jose Lopez

    The Marlins have signed infielder Jose Lopez, who was released by the Colorado Rockies earlier in the week, and assigned him to Triple A New Orleans.

      Joselopez               Lopez hit 25 home runs with 96 RBI two seasons ago for the Mariners, where he spent the first seven years of his career, but tailed off this season with the Rockies, hitting just .208 with two home runs in 125 at bats and prompting his release on Tuesday. The Rockies are on the hook for the remainder of his $3.6 million salary this season, minus the pro-rated minimum.

     The 27-year-old native of Venezuela was an everyday infielder for the Mariners from 2006-10, hitting at least 10 home runs in each of those five seasons. He was an All-Star in '06.

      Lopez has played primarily and second base and third, but can also play short.

     Lopez was in the starting lineup at second base for the Zephyrs on Thursday.


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Flav C

I love this FO. This is exactly what the Marlins need. With a serious hitting funk, they bring a guy hitting .208. Very smart. I went to the game tonight with my wife and daughters (all Phillies fans). Left during the Braves at bat in the 8th inning. Couldn't be tortured anymore, even though i am starting to feel some numbness already. Really sad to see the Braves fans doing their "Tomahawk" or whatever that hatchet thing is.

Marlins are Mooches

Marlins sign another teams garbage, that the OTHER team has to pay the big contract for...When Will the Marlin Mooches realize you get What you pay for..Marlins should be called what they really are.."Catfish" because they are bottom feeders looking to feed off the scraps of other teams at bargain basement prices.By the way,does this guy speak English or does he need Infante's interpreter and a bi-lingual hitting coach also...

Marlins are Mooches

Marlins are checking to see if Minnie Minoso is available...


I don't quite get all of the complaining, but I guess that's S Florida for you. What is the risk in this? And who knows, maybe he pans out. Greg Dobbs was another team's trash this offseason too and that move has payed off. Cody Ross was once someone else's trash. Same with guys like Ross Gload and Wes Helms. I'm not saying he's going to be as helpful as those guys, but if he doesn't, who cares. It's not like they gave anything up for him.

Samson's Boyfriend

Before they signed Lopez the Marlins were looking to sign fellow Venezuelan Chico Carrasquel, the first Latin All-Star, but were told by the commishs' office that they cannot sign a player that's been declared legally Dead after 5 years...Samson and Loria were very disappointed...


AL you fans complaining about this signing might want to take a look at his career stat. These posts show exactly how much you lack baseball knowledge.

Los Marlins Promotion Dept

Tonite is Fiesta Friday at Sun Lifeless Stadium.Fans on the 100 level will be serenaded or irritated by the latin beat of the Ricky Ricardo Pachanga Band..All player intros will be Bi-lingual for our English speaking fans..Tomorrows Saturday Nite Concert Series performer is rapper Ludacris..All fans attending the game will be required to undergo a full body search and must enter the stadium thru the Metal Detectors posted at the entrances..As always,Los Marlins apologize for this minor convenience..See you at Los Ballpark


Michael, thanks for the shout out. See ya soon.

Flav C

Michael, thank you for your deep insight. Good to have someone with vast baseball knowledge around here, every now and then.

Lou Vales

At least Michael appears to have escaped the "tenuous' situation with the stepfather. He probably reached out to a governmental agency for an intervention.


Hey Flav not my fault you don't know. And Lou quotation have 2 dashes, take a look at your's. And tell me genius what tenuous situation, or do you even know what tenuous means. BTW did you look at his stats, no, that's what I figured,


Big time dropoff last year and even into this year from his 2008-9 form. His OBP last year was dreadful and obviously that's continued with Colorado. Aside from his short time with the Rockies this year, he's spent his entire career in the AL. It's usually a difficult transition from one league to another, especially for a non-everyday player. Decent low risk signing I suppose, but not a difference maker by any stretch of the imagniation, which is what this club should be looking for.

Lou Vales

I'd be worried about the old guy's presence and not quotation marks. He could still be given custody.

Flav C

Michael is Jose Lopez's agent. And Michael, since you are a grammar genius: It is "yours" and not "your's" [sic] . This word doesn't exist yet . In some countries where English is spoken, this is considered "wordslaughter" (don't even try to look for this word in the dictionary. It is as fictional as "your's" [sic])


This is for all the haters that are talking bad about Jose Lopez. I had the previllage of playing with him. He is a great guy, as well as a great ball player. He's numbers thru the years speak for themselves. Just remember before you start talking bad about someone who doesn't even know your alive, stop and think, would you like it if people say your bad at your job just because you dropped a couple of burgers.

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