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Mike Stanton talks eye infection and is it time for the Marlins to start worrying about Ricky Nolasco?

ST. PETERSBURG -- Mike Stanton missed his first game since April 8th on Saturday because of a right eye infection. But apparently, his eye troubles have been around for a lot longer.

After Saturday's 7-4 loss to the Rays, Stanton said he's been dealing with blurry vision since the Marlins returned from the West Coast on June 2nd. And even after battling through pink eye, the blurriness has remained.

"This has been going on for awhile now," said Stanton, who has gone 11 for 59 (.186) with four homers, nine RBI and 19 strikeouts since the Marlins came home from out West. "There's only so much you can do when your eyes are blurry and you can't see or pickup the ball. I'm not helping. There's type of injures -- and this isn't an injury -- where you can push through. But I'm not helping the team. If anything, I'm hurting them the way I'm playing. I just have to get it taken care of and get back as soon as possible."

Stanton said he's seen multiple doctors and has "tried four or five different combinations of drops," with little results. "I've pushed through it long enough," he said. "We've waited it out. There's no progress."

The Marlins are sending Stanton to a new doctor when they return home Monday.

NOLASCO CAN'T SOLVE WOES: Marlins manager Edwin Rodriguez said before Saturday's game he needed Ricky Nolasco to step up.

The Marlins' second-best pitcher heading into the season couldn't do it and simply went through more misery on Saturday. Over five innings, he gave up eight hits, five earned runs, walked one and failed to strike out a hitter for only the third time in his career.

Over his last five starts, he's gone 0-3 with a 8.20 ERA over 26 1/3 innings. Opponents have hit .371 off him during the stretch.

"He was up in the zone today and that's why he got hit," Rodriguez said. "Pretty much the same story. He's throwing 90, 92. He's missing the spot. He's not using both sides of the plate. It's pretty much down the middle, up in the zone. He's going to get hurt. This is the big leagues. Breaking ball is up in the zone. There's nothing in the bottom part of the strikezone. And he keeps saying he's fine. He's struggling like the whole team."

Asked about his health after this latest start, Nolasco reiterated he's "fine."

"I'm picking the absolute worst time for myself to go through some struggles. But that's just the way the game is," Nolasco said. "Tonight, a ouple pitches were up. Couple pitches they hit were good pitches. Couple pitches they found a couple holes. When it's snowballing like this, there is not much you can do. All you can do is go out and pitch and hopefully things start turning our way."


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The marlins...hahahahaha


this "the sun will come up tomorrow" attitude from everyone is really starting to piss me off.

Samsons Boyfriend

Adding Insult to Injury the Rays sent the pitcher that stymied the Marlins,Alex Cobb.back to AAA after beating them...


"The Marlins counter with Chris Volstad as they try to avoid being swept in their entire seven-game road trip" says the article on MLB.com. They might as well counter with a pitching machine.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins record for June 11' will be 4-24...


After watching this team last night in person, the “quite look” is more evident than it looks on the TV. The panic moves by the FO should all be reversed, first bring back hitting coach Mallee, & recall Coghlan. IMO….a little humility from the FO would give a spark to this team.


The difference between the Marlins and the Rays is the front office. The Marlins have made better personnel decision in trades and in drafting. In recent years the Rays front office has run rings around Beinfest. It's time we look at Beinfest, he hasn't drfated well, and take a look at the Cabrera trade we have nothing left from ot except the Hopper. That trade was a disaster.


memo to Edwin Rodriquez you need to sit your eighteen million dollars catcher and dobbs,to the FO sooner or later cheapness catches up with you.

Samsons Boyfriend

@spitballer..Did you mean quiet look? Have Fun at Game? Say hey to any Marlins on the third base side? @Michael...Beinfest & Co.have contract thru 2015 season,not going anywhere....Going to be checking out New Stadium today after coming back from the Grove....Volstad against 'Big Game' James Shields today...Yikes...


It's never much fun watching the Marlins loose after spending a couple hundred buck$. Should have taken the money to the blackjack table.

Lou Vales

I was thinking "Stanton looks like he is not seeing the ball", Well,I guess he wasn't seeing the ball. How really dumb can these guys be?

We have to realize that with the Marlin drafts that picks are predicated on SIGNABILITY. It's not like they will pick guys and pay them higher than "slotted" amounts. Beinfest must find diamonds in the rough and that is not easy. My scout friends say this last draft was really a joke----and NO!!! they are not Marlins scouts.

I'm torn on the writers comments because to be really critical they need support of their employer.Would they have it? If the Marlins start denying access in the face of severe criticism, the paper would have to threaten the Herald with scaling back coverage. Since only people on this Blog seem to care anyway I think they should really get tough and that might stir up more local ownership as people enjoy controversy.

I really wish Hutton would go nuts but he would lose his job and he enjoys the gig. Rich is a great announcer and he gets a job anywhere. For Tommy it's no more great travel, fine hotels and wonderful perks. It's not easy to give that up but it's also demeaning to be whipped into submission.what would you do?? If I'm Tommy, I'm assuming I'm in good shape and I'm telling Batman and Robbing to go commit an impossible act.

Samsons Boyfriend

Clark...any news on Baker yet?? Marlins DFA Brad Davis in Nawlins so they must expect something positive.....Did Cogs take the slo-boat to Zephyrs, does he have a certain # of days to report?...How many more starts does Sean West get with Zephyrs before call-up..Had a good one Last time out,I'm guessing back to back good starts gets him the call...

Lou Vales

Clark and Manny,This is how bad it is and it needs to be communicated.

On the 25 man roster these guys have REAL value:

Dobbs---slight upward

In the minors you have Coghlin and Dominguez.Both have value but now great questions abouy both of their abilities to hit have sprung up. NOBODY At Triple, Double or High A project as position player. That is ridiculous. There arealso NO guys projecting as 1 or 2 starters---NUTS.

There are guys at Low A but that is the toughest rung to judge.

We are SCREWED!!

13!!!!!! I REPEAT 13!!!!!! guys with value in an entire Major LeagueClub's 40 man roster and rest of minor league system. That is near impossible.

Jensen at Lakeland MAY warrant something and Yelich, Ozuna and Canha COULD be good, but besides that it is a bunch of hard throwing relievers who have the most upside and hard throwing relievers---unless they project as SUPERSTARS----don't warrant players coming from other clubs.

Manny and Clark, I implore you guys.talk this crap up. The Nunez ghost fetish is humorous but if you watch Leo playing with his hair in the pen,you already know he is silly. The people should really know the dire shape of this franchise and they should know this new stadium is not only a White Elephant it is a Purple Brontasaurus.

Lou Vales

Nunez would love New Orleans. Some real voodoo there.Graves above ground. Spectacular funerals.Haunted houses. Should threaten Leo with a demotion if he blows another lead.

Samson'sB.F.. If you had to guess how many season tickets will be sold for that 37,000 seat stadium?

With the way the team is playing I believe some really BAD!!!!! Marlins from the past should be solicited to flip the countdown cards. Who do you guys suggest? We definitely need Felix, Whitemore. So many choices!!!!!

Lou Vales

Samson, Baker AIN'T playing.This is the slowest mending injury since Hippocrates. Baker went to Cal,know he has intelligence maybe he can take over as beat writer at the Palm Beach Post.

Samsons Boyfriend

Somebody E-Mail Rich and Tommy to ask them about their experiences calling games when a good team they worked for ,went into a crash and burn like this..what was the outcomes at the end of season...That'll get them thinking..

Lou Vales

Clark and Manny, Juan at the Sun-Sentinel is really starting to turn up the NASTINESS(TRUTH!!!!) about what is going on. We are all faithful to you guys because of the respect and courtesy you have demonstarted towards us and we are only trying to help by telling you that time on ESPN or MLB Network will be predicated by you guys getting down and dirty about these clowns.

I was just thinking how we were in Rome last June and how funny it would have been to run into Loria at the Vatican Gardens or The Pantheon. can you imagine all the Italians trying to figure out the screaming match between the American tourists.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou..wonder what the Advertising Sale Mgrs. and account execs. that handle the Marlins account with the Herald ,have to say about Beat Writers being to critical of their own client???? The Dolphins have stunk it up for the past 10 years so the Advertising Dept. must be used to it...Might Depend on the Owner and F.O people..

Flav C

Guess it came before we expected: Edwin resigned as Marlins manager.

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