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More on Dewayne Wise's return, Coghlan's demotion, JJ's first bullpen and strange, scary noises at the Marlins team hotel

TAMPA -- Dewayne Wise was on his way to winning the reserve outfielder's job with the Marlins this spring when a nagging toe injury changed everything. 

Dewayne Wise Instead of heading to the minors, rehabbing and waiting for a call-up from the Marlins, Wise opted to get released from his minor league contract thinking he'd find his way onto a major league roster faster somewhere else. He signed with the Blue Jays, one of his four former teams. The call up never came. Now, a little more than three months after the Marlins cut him loose, Wise will make his Marlins debut Friday night hitting ninth and starting in center field against the Rays. 

"It is weird," Wise, 33, said of being back in the Marlins clubhouse. "You never know in this game. When I left I went out on good terms. I didn’t want to burn any bridges. I was playing well in [Triple A Las Vegas] and decided to take my out to see if there was an opportunity to get back to the big leagues. A couple of teams called. These guys were one of them. I just felt like they knew me, I was in camp all spring. I just felt like it was a good opportunity for me at this point."

Wise, who bats left-handed and throws left-handed, hit .333 with five homers and 21 RBI and had an on-base percentage of .380 in 36 minor league games this season. He stole eight bases and was caught stealing three times. With Chris Coghlan back in the minor leagues, manager Edwin Rodriguez said Wise will platoon with Emilio Bonifacio in center field.

"We all know what kind of hitter he is. He can help us here. But he's here because of his defense," Rodriguez said. "Defensively, he'll be our best outfielder out there and he's going to help the young guys on the corners. He's going to help LoMo and help Stanton. I think we need that experienced fielder out there and I think he'll be the guy."

Wise said his first goal is to try and get the Marlins off this losing skid.

"The main thing is I want to tell these guys, you got to have fun," Wise said. "Nobody predicted us to win this division. I feel like a lot of guys are putting a lot of pressure on themselves. It’s a young team I just got the feeling that a lot of these guys are trying to do too much. They got to realize there are 25 guys on the team and you got to help each other.

"I’m not going to come in here and be a life saver or nothing like that, I just want to do whatever it takes to help these guys get back on track and just have fun that's the main thing."

COGHLAN TAKES DEMOTION HARD: Friday was supposed to be a happy homecoming for Chris Coghlan. Instead, the former National League Rookie of Year found out he was heading back to the minor leagues.

"He took it hard," manager Edwin Rodriguez said. "He's the rookie of the year and he knows he belongs here. He's just having a bad start. You have to take into consideration he lost a lot of time in spring training. I think whenever he started playing the last week of spring training he never got into a groove offensively.

"He's physically fine. He hasn't complained to us with any pain or anything. I think when the season started he was a little bit behind offensively because he missed so much time in spring training. Now, he's trying to get back his swing and it's not working.

"I'm not a hitting coach, but I've been around him. I think he's getting late to the swinging position. But he knows better than anybody. What we have seen from Chris Coghlan he'll be the first one to tell you that's not him, swinging at bad pitches. I think he doesn't have the confidence to take close pitches like he did last year. So, there's something he needs to work on."

Rodriguez said he expects Coghlan to return this season.

"I really believe and we believe Chris Coghlan needs to work on his swing. We all know he's a way better hitter than he's been showing. So we really believe if he goes there and goes back to basics with less pressure I think he'll be fine. And whenever he's fine then he come back here and help us.

"I think whatever he was doing to tweak his mechanics wasn't working at this level. Facing Cliff Lee, Halladay and thinking about his mechanics, I don't think it was working. He should go down and work whatever he needs to work and we all know he's going to hit eventually."

JOHNSON THROWS BULLPEN: Josh Johnson took a step forward in his return from the disabled list Friday when he threw his first bullpen session since leaving the team with right shoulder inflammation on May 17.

"It felt good. It kind of felt like I was throwing about 10 miles per hour, but kind of what I expected to be throwing for the first time on the mound in about a month," Johnson said. "It felt kind of weird to be on the slope. I almost fell on the first throw. But it felt good to get back up there and throw some balls to the plate."

Johnson said he threw about 20 pitches -- a mix of fastballs and changeups. His next steps in recovery: bullpen sessions on Sunday and Wednesday before he heads back to the minors for at least two rehab assignments. Johnson said his goal is to return to the rotation shortly after the All-Star Break, July 16 or 17.

As for the strength in his arm, Johnson said, "You can't tell. You have to start letting it go on the mound. Until you really start letting it go, you don't know. But it feels better. That's good."

What hasn't been good, he said, is watching the Marlins slide down the standings during their 3-18 stretch. "It's awful, even worse watching it on TV," Johnson said. "At least whenever your here you can at least cheer guys on, help pick guys up."

SCARY NOISES AT TEAM HOTEL: Reliever Steve Cishek, 25, said he had a tough time getting any sleep Thursday because of strange noises at the team hotel. The Marlins are staying at the Vinoy, a St. Petersburg hotel with a rich history of hauntings and ghost stories.

Now, Cishek said Friday, he has one of his own after being woken up by "rattling noises."

"I didn't let it bother me at first because I knew it was an old hotel," said Cishek, who said he stayed at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee last year -- another hotel that is supposedly haunted.

"At one point in the night I thought I heard pattering and footsteps. I thought I was probably just imagining things. But at 6 in the morning I woke up to a really loud noise in my room, a lot of rattling. It sounded like the toilet water was running. I didn't think much of it. But it was going on for like 10 minutes and as soon as I got up to go put the light on, everything went completely silent before I switched the light. I was like what's going on?"

Cishek, a fan of the TV show Ghost Hunter, said he's staying in the 300 level at the hotel. "I heard the fifth floor is where it's at, where all the craziness goes on. But I don't know. I haven't investigated it yet. I might leave the recorder on tonight, see if I can catch anything."

> Outfielder Mike Stanton belted a home run off the clock/scoreboard in center field at Tropicana Field, a blast that had to have been at least 500 feet during batting practice. 

Asked about it in the clubhouse, a modest Stanton said: "The wind took it."


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I'm following my favorite Marlin's players, if you want to follow them as well..... Here's the link! http://bit.ly/jZBp6V

Lou Vales

Clark,Tell Cishek that was the ghost of Junior Felix.

Clark,PLEASE go to Bern's and tell me if it's still good.If you don't like it , submit a bill to me and I'll get you in Washington.

No more BIG TIME batting practice homers unless they go along with some big clutch hits in games.

A couple of years ago I told Stanton he would be in Florida by 2010. He laughed. I really think the Marlinsmay be one of the few MLB teams who would benefit froma GOOD hitting coach.Too many crazy things in these swings.Clark can see it, you guys can see it and I can see it.Towards the end Coghlan was totally screwed up and with nobody to help.

i could see these morons making Big Doggie the manager.the Marlins don't need a Big Doggie,they need a Don Baylor/Kirk Gibson type but who takes this job with a job description that includes listening to Samson.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou..Great thought on a Don Baylor/Kirk Gibson type of manager,but Samson knows that they would use him as the Clubhouse Nerf Ball and that's a no-go with the Marlins...Let Edwin stay til end of season,he'll prosper and earn respect through-out MLB,for taking the FO abuse..I remember being at the Marlins Draft Party in Nov 92' when they drafted Junior Felix...All you heard was Hune-nor Who?? Que?Who de F eees dat??Pretty Funny..

Lou Vales

Why in the Hell is JJ throwing bullpens? This season is shot!!! Think this team is making the Playoffs even if Johnson wins 23? I doubt it. Send him back to Oklahoma or whereever he lives and get that body in shape. No JJ=No Franchise.

Too bad about Coghlin taking it hard. he can visit the Ajax Oyster House and also load up on beignets . Some good Zydeco music after the games and he can hang with all the old farts that make up the team I can just see him and Sean West strolling down Bourbon Street. Those girls are called hookers so be careful.

Samsons Boyfriend

West pitching tonite for Zephyrs..will be following game...Matt D hitting .231..NOT GOOD!

Samsons Boyfriend

By the Way..Junior Felix holds the Marlins record for most mis-judged routine fly -balls..He has lost fly balls in the Sun,Moon.Planet Jupiter,the Big Dipper,the Space Shuttle,Haleys Comet,Northern Lights,Good-Year Blimp,Planes,Helicopters,and many other objects in the Sky...They used to Bet if He would make a catch or not..a true adventure in RF


Hahahaha Samson... You're funny dude!

Samsons Boyfriend

Villa26..Watching the Marlins play since 93' has provided me with many humorous Baseball Moments, and sharpened my Baseball Sense of Humor...


Manny is on the scene in St. Pete. While in Philadelphia, I exhausted my supply of adjectives to describe the carnage and returned home to load up on some new ones. Feel free to offer suggestions.

-- Clark

Samsons Boyfriend

Cousins,watching tonites game on T.V,knows his next team will be the N.O Zephyrs...See Ya Cuz

Lou Vales

Just got censored for criticizing Tommy> What is he Bob Prince??

Lou Vales

Someone must be a computer guru.What is the MLB record for most losses in a month and/or fewest wins in a month and I don't mean March or October.

This is becomong historic.

Where is Loria hiding? Florence, Nice, Bern, Brussels??? Let's just hope they hold his passport on the way back.

Lou Vales

Clark, This is becoming compelling. i would volunteer to go back there. you might see somethinh you have never witnessed.Maybe Stanton will hit a 650 foot homer in batting practice or SloMo will text someone in Iran and person will inspire a revolution, maybe Omar will get that wet portion of his face dried off, maybe they won't all have to tighten batting gloves after every pitch, maybe Hanley will have EVERYTHING positioned correctly before the game starts, maybe someone gets a hit with a runner in scoring position,maybe someone will get a hit on a 3-1 or 2-0 pitch, maybe a serious e-mail question will be addressed, maybe David Samson will run into someone who does not cross the street.

An infinite number of "maybes."

Stan M

Do you know the story of Billy Loes losing a ball in the sun? He was a Brooklyn Dodger pitcher of some talent but more zanyness. When asked when he would win 20 games he said he didn't want to because everyone would expect him to do it every year after that. Anyway, while pitching at Ebbetts Field one afternoon, the batter hit a GROUND ball back to him which he misplayed. When asked about it after the game, he said he lost it in the sun! A ground ball. Everyone chalked it up to Billy being Billy until several years later someone actually found that for one or two days a year, at a certain exact point in the afternoon, the sun came through the stands behind home plate in such a way that it would almost blind someone on the mound...but it lasted for only a few seconds as the sun passed a certain point. So it was true that a pitcher actually lost a ground ball hit back to him...in the sun!

Lou Vales


Lou Vales

Has anyone considered there is something eerily strange and mysterious about Ramirez and Uggla both tanking at the exact same time.Has anyone given any thought as to what mysterious influences are affecting 2 proven players.Influences that have seemingly rendered them impotent in the ability to execute on a baseball field. I have ONE major idea and I have nowhere near the reasoning ability of Arthur Conan Doyle's most popular character. Something has obviously changed in the lives of Daniel Uggla and Hanley Ramirez to make them no longer capable of performing. Nobody could possibly think any morethat these are SLUMPS. Slumps by "good" players don't last half va season. You would have to be an idiot to believe something has not changed in their lives. What could it be?? What could it be??

Do any of you have any ideas or does everyone believe that 2 guys at what should be the peak of athletic abilities just suddenly lost it? That would be as naive as thinking David Samson would be chosen on The Bachelor.

Lou Vales

Manny, Any ideas?? Think it's just a slump? Think Jose Contreras is under 40? Think that David Samson was chosen King at hisprom? Think that Larry Beinfest is a personnel genius? Think the political entities would vote "yes" again if given a shot at that stadium vote? Think there will be morethan 15,000 ACTUAL people in thestands for the 3 gameseries against the Angels? Think we will start to read about clutch hits instead of monster batting practice homers? Think it's coincidental that Loria is in Europe?

You and Clark could be making national names for yourselves with a clever portrayal of what is going on. I have been saying for days that this might become historic in baseball annals. These guys have flat out quit,lost their confidence and have no chance. there is no help on the way. It is like watching a cruise ship going down, a massive car wreck on 95, a tornado sweeping a land scape. People know they should have the basic decency to avert their eyes. But they DON'T.More and more people will watch this sports disaster and you guys can be on the forefront of describing it.You are living it. Don't blow the chance.

Samsons Boyfriend

Looks like what goes around,comes around for Dr.Evil Loria and Mini-Me Samson..Marlins are stuck in reverse,in the worst month of the franchise's History. No End of this Calamity in Sight ..No Players to the Rescue..Not even Brothers to the Rescue...Fate has Provided a Cruel Twist for the soon to be Miami Marlins..and the Losing Beat Goes On and On...

Lou Vales

Boyfriend, What is the worst record in ALL of baseball history for 1 month?

they are really bashing Daniel on the AJC.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou that dubious honor belongs to the 88 Baltimore Orioles...They started the season 0-21 and finished April 1-22..That team had Cal Ripken Sr.as Mgr.fired at 0-6 and replaced by Frank Robinson..Players included the two Ripkens,CalJr.and Billy,Eddie Murray and Fred Lynn.. Looks like the 2011 Marlins are chasing their record...

Samsons Boyfriend

Sean West went 7innings tonite giving up 6hits,2r,2er,1bb,3so to beat Oaklahoma City 18-5 and raise his record to 2-3..Wests' era dropped to 7.94...West also went 2for4 at bat to have his BA go to .571...Highlights of the game for Zephyrs..B Peters 2HR's .342BA,Matt D went 4for6 .258BA,catcher Vinnie Rottino went 5for6 .309BA..Zephyrs pounded out 20 hits against the O.C Red Hawks...Expect West to be called up soon if he continues to put up pitching line like tonite...

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man ..great story about Billy Loes..once watched a fly ball hit to Felix in RF he did'nt move out of his position and the ball landed softly,about 40ft behind him..Chuck Carr was there to save an inside the parker and hold the batter to triple..It was Baseball Comedy at it's finest...


ChuckE Carr, makes the routine look spectacular!
ChuckE Carr, "that ain't chucky's game, chuckE aint takin. ChuckE hackin on 3-0"

Sorry couldn't help myself.


with every loss, I'm more strongly feeling the Marlins will trade A Sanchez for a team willing to buy out his final year of arbitration eligibility. If he keeps pitching this well through the all star break & beyond, his stock will never be as high.

Please don't hate me for stating the obvious or thinking the team will get even more unbearably thin.

Samsons Boyfriend

rbleigh..great memory...Do you remember ChuckE Carrs customized black and teal leather Marlins jacket that he wore?? He was a walking monument to himself with that jacket on...What an Ego...Got him from the Mets...

Lou Vales

The CF's on this team make Carr look like Willie Mays and I'm talking with the bat as well.

How long will they give Coghlin to report to New Orleans? He actually appears in shock that he needs to produce to stick around.It hadreached the point an opponent could pack all defensive players besides catcher and pitcher in a 10 foot area between 1st and 2b and that is where all balls would be hit. He did run hard to 1B on every 4-3 groundout.

Lou Vales

Guys with trade value RIGHT NOW. Not that I think they should be traded, I'm only talking how few positive assets they have in majors and minors.

Huge Value--Stanton and SloMo

Good Value--Both Sanchezes\ and Dominguez

Value--Dunn, Webb, Nunez

Not tradeable at the moment due to QUESTIONS of health and/or something strange occuring--Johnson and Ramirez

8 guys in ENTIRE organization who anyone else would offer GOOD talent for. Is that scary??

there are guys at Greensboro--Yelich, Ozuna, Canha however, they may be too far away.

We stink!! Well,not us bloggers, but the Marlins.

Lou Vales

Our best chance is to have the entire roster mysteriously disappear in that scary hotel. Of course nothing would really have happened but Loria could have just flown them all to Europe and told them to hide out for about 8 years. If that was to occur, the Major League Restocking Plan would occur. This plan is not often discussed because it is only for devastation purposes but it has been leaked that the team arising from this plan would probably win the World Series due to liberal nature of who other 29 teams would be allowed to protect. It might only be 8 guys on the 40 man roster.

Lou Vales

Samson, Do me a favor and post something in your inimitable style on the AJC about Uggla.


Was glancing at those 1998 Marlins and noticed that when they were losing 15 of 16 in Aug./Sept. of that season, their infield included Derrek Lee, Luis Castillo and Alex Gonzalez -- all very young and unsuspecting at the time. They ended up hitting .233,.203, and .151, respectively. I can't imagine that too many people back then envisioned those three infielders celebrating a World Series title at Yankee Stadium five years later

Can you see that happening with any three players on this Marlins team? Which three?

Lou Vales

Clark, That team had never demonstrated any signs of being good that year. This year it's a different story and the haunting aspect is the apparent way in which they have demonstrated no guts and have actually quit in the face of losing a Number 1 Starter and struggling SS.It is also the miserable job of personnel management by those in charge that have put together one of the "worst minor league systems of last 20 years."

These Marlins are just Special and probably soon to be historic

Clark, You will be there and I will probably see your face on ESPN IF you play your cards right. National media will ask people who cover the team how it feels to be witnessing this debacle.Make sure you tell them as humorously as possible. I think you need an agent.

Lou Vales

The manager of this team is now contemplating tearing June off the calendar to make players think it is July.how about putting "Ruth" "Gehrig" "Musial" and "Williams" on the back of jerseys. That might help.

It would be a riot to hear Guillen's comments if he was the manager.Beinfest would need to move to Ankara to escape the heat.


Rays announcers commented last night that Hanley appeared completely off balance at the plate and was bailing out so badly that he couldn't even reach pitches on the outside corner. Wonder how long it will take our new hitting coach to pick up on that.

Samsons Boyfriend

Clark..have wracked the brain and can't come up with any good adjectives for you that can be printed here..will keep on trying..Three players fomr this team similar to 98 that could blossom like 03'...Gaby..LoMo Stanton..Lou ...Did post a good one last month on AJC and it was deleted...it went something like...The real problem with Uggs is that he's Cursed and doesn't know it..After he turned down Lorias'generous 4yr 48mill offer and signed with Atlanta, some stadium employees got made and went to his old locker in the Clubhouse in the stadium...they found a strand of his hair and took it to a Haitian Voo-Doo Priest in Miami..the Priest said some mumbo-jumbo and put the Caribbean Curse on poor Uggs...Fredi,being a Cubano from Miami,knows about this curse and knows what he has to do to reverse it...Braves fans should beg Fredi to take Uggs to a Haitian Voo-Doo Priest,when they come to Miami, and the curse will be reversed.....why do you think they deleted this post in the AJC???

Stan M

I don't think he can notice from the position that he's in. Remember, he's bent over placing a form of affection on the derriere of one of those who hired him, after wieghing his qualifications.
If I could return to our discussion about the dangers of broken bats, etc. My feeling is that the Maple bats are a result of the problem as are the super thin handles. It seems to me that bats have progressively become lighter as pitches progressively became faster. We now have a virtual unknown entering the USA and throwing a baseball about 4-5 miles faster than what had been considered the fastest up to that point. With a plethora of overweight (it seems to be a requirement) middle relievers now commonly throwing 95+ mph fastballs, is there any reason not to expect that 105 will become the norm in another generation? Then what will the bats look like? Broomsticks? That's why I think that there must be a very gradual lengthening of the standard 60'6" distance between the rubber and the plate. Also consider how much taller the average pitcher is from when that distance was first instituted. I'll bet that their stride is 6 inches to a foot longer than 100 years ago and that, of course, significantly shortens the distance even further. I would welcome assents or disagreements about this. Anything to change the tenor of the blog for even a few moments.
Pessimissism does have its limits before interest begins to turn elsewhere.


Stan M,
I agree that the safety of the players comes first, but for whatever reason,I can't stomach the idea of moving the pitching mound just because pitchers are getting bigger and stronger. I said in an earlier post that I'm not a dinosaur, but maybe I am. I really don't have a satisfactory solution, but my first inclination is just to force hitters to use bats that won't splinter into kindling and f**k 'em. If the game breaks down because nobody can hit over .215, then move the mound back. But let's save that as a last resort.

Samsons Boyfriend

laurelbowie....Mr Hanley does what he wants.He figures he knows whats best for him..Now,if it was Manny or Big Popi giving him some advice ,he might let it go in one ear and out the other...Stan the Man...your right about maple bats...MLb wont do anything until somebody gets Killed..I'm srongly against changing dimensions of game..it's perfect how it is..Dont care what size or shape the pitcher is..the Human arm can only do so much...As far as the Marlins current situation,I take this with a grain of salt and treat it lightly,as good comedy fodder..Am still going to all the games ,cant wait till Monday..might wear a special shirt this homestand so you can all look for me on T.V

Stan M

Sounds good. How about some fish costume. One that's preys on Marlins, and if none exist, than one that preys on owners. I am quite definitely a traditionalist about baseball and I guess about life. But 3 inches at a time would hopefully seem insignificant. I also wondered if it were possible to somehow put some sort on shrink wrap between the hands and the barrel so when they shatter, there is sort of a safety glass about them much like windshields.
Another item for potential debate. THe new ballpark is to have 11 foot walls. That is going to all but eliminate one of the most exciting plays in baseball when an outfielder catches a potential HR from over the wall. Tommy and Rich took this question on e-mail and Tommy glossed over it saying that it wouldn't stop Stanton. My complete question was, as it is now impossible to lower the stands in place, couldn't they very gradually increase the level of the outfield by about a foot so that the wall was a more accessible 10 feet. Tommy ignored the fact that 8 foot walls now seem to be a mystery to Stanton and his rubber glove; never mind 11 feet.

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man..have tried 3 inches at a time but in the end,came up short..Shrink Wrap,God No..You guys should hammer Rich and Tommy on Tuesdays E-Mail "Lou from Greenville Night"..I will be at the Game but will catch taped replay..Really Hold their feet to the fire ...I want to see Steam coming from their Booth on Tues Nite..

Stan M

LB, As we are both dinosaurs/traditionalists, shouldn't we be appalled at the number of strikeouts that current circumstances have caused? Wouldn't gradually reducing this action depleating trend and seeing more balls in play, whether hits or outs, make for a better game ...and one that conforms more with what baseball was meant to be and was for several generations?


If these guys really had the stones to stir things up, they'd send Hanley down to get his swing worked out. Cogs was actually hitting 20-30 points better than Manny...er, Hanley. I'd love to see the reaction from all corners if Mr. Big had to face the consequences of his ineptitude like we ordinary mortals do.

Stan M

Sam, So far they have used our e-mails 4 times, but that was when they were winning so the posts were not at all negative. We are Stan and Stan from Asheville.


I'm going to the game tonight. The loosing ends today....section 121.

Samsons Boyfriend

Be positive,in a sarcastic way..Rich has a good sense of humor..you've got to phrase your question in a way to get Rich to read it to Tommy..remember,Tommy has a players mentality,and immediatly turns his nose up to something ,at first whiff to him ,is a knock on the FO or the players..You gotta make it FUN and something that will make them think,and laugh and go "yeah,that's right"..

Samsons Boyfriend

spitballer..you mean at the Trop??


yup...I'll be there

Lou Vales

I got something funny for Tommy.His career stats in the Majors.

I really appreciate you guys.You have brought a lot to the blog.Too bad we don't all live in S. Florida.I'm sure our shenanigans would be picked up by ESPN.Of course there is still the spectre of being bodily removed from the stadium.Hell,we would be treated like card counters in Vegas. We would not even get into the parking lot.

Still have not heard your picks for wins this month.i said 3 but am hoping for 1.You must admit that it is far better to be historically bad than just mediocre.

I think I'll root for the Pirates rest of the year.Must find a small market team to pull for.

You do know that S.Florida has become Cleveland:

The (u)rinal.

Well,they are probably tied with Cleveland,however, they got more satisfaction from the Heat than did those in Florida.

How are the radio guys for the marlins doing? I wonder if Cookie is having any "good shows?"


Stan M,
I really do see your point about the mound. It's not just chicks who love the long ball.
Pitching is dominant right now, but to me, it's not so dominant that it's sucking all the excitement out of a day at the ball park. Baseball is a game of adjustments (I know that's trite), so let's give the hitters a chance to adjust before we start rejiggering the shape of the field. I hate the idea of more frigging asterisks in the record book.

Samsons Boyfriend

Will make my pick on Marlins wins for June,tommorrow morning before game..that leaves 10 games left in month...have to consult the Mahatma,a Tarot Card Reader and use a Ouija{Wee-Gee}Board..

Flav C

I hear 790am here in Miami frequently and i can tell you Dave Van Horn tries his best to contain his disgust with the way the team is playing, but every now and then he vents his frustrations. A memorable one was the last blown save by Nunez. Van Horn got extremely irritated.

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