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Edwin Rodriguez: There will be no crying on the Marlins

      PHILADELPHIA -- Manager Edwin Rodriguez said if he's fired, so be it. He said he's not as concerned about his job security as he is about the mood of the Marlins players as they prepare to take the field at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon, trying to avoid a four-game sweep to the Phillies.

      Lose today, and the Marlins will have lost 15 of their past 16 games, matching the club record for futiliy over a 16-game stretch. The 108-loss '98 team also lost 15 of 16 toward the end of that season. A Phillies win and Nationals lose would also give the Marlins sole possession of last place in the NL East.

      With Cliff Lee facing off against Javier Vazquez -- a mismatch on paper -- Rodriguez said he planned to call a clubhouse meeting before the game to tell to tell the players he doesn't want to see any of them moping. If he does, he said he would remove them out of the game.

      "I don't want anybody hanging their heads, feel like we're defeated," Rodriguez said. "Everybody is expecting us to go out there and just cry and feel defeated. I don't want to see that. i don't want anybody dragging out there. Everybody is expecting us to just give away this game, Cliff Lee on the mound, Philadelphia....just going through the motions. It''s not going to happen. I'm going to tell them I'm going to tell them I'm going to pull anybody I see that's going to be dragging."

      As for his own mood, Rodriguez said he's feeling no additional pressure because the team has been losing. He said he's started receiving text messages and emails from acquaintances expressing concern about his job.

        "I want to be here," Rodriguez said. "Of course, it's a challenge for me. Of course I want to be here. I'm fine. I can't control that (his future as manager), to be honest. I'm grateful that they gave me a chance to e here. What they do after this -- whatever they want to do -- is fine."

       Shortstop Hanley Ramirez defended Rodriguez, saying he's the best manager he's ever had.

       "He's the best guy we ever had here," Ramirez said. "Everything's going bad right now, but he's there for you. He's a good guy, a good manager, and he's smart. When we do good, people are looking at us. It's like Ozzie (Guillen) says, when the team's winning, you guys give credit to the players. When we're losing, they want to fire me. It's not how it is. He (Rodriguez) is going to be here forever. I'm on his side. I've got his back."

       EDWARD MUJICA WRIST INJURY -- The reliever sprained his right wrist in Wednesday's first game and said he could barely brush his teeth this morning. "More pain today," Mujica said. X-rays were negative, but Mujica said he might have a MRI on Friday when the team gets to St. Petersburg. The injury is more problematic for Mujica. Not only is the injury to his pitching hand, but he relies on his split-finger, a pitch that places added torque on the wrist. "He relies on that split-finger, and the split-finger puts a lot of pressure on the wrist," Rodriguez said.

       Mujica isn't the only injured reliever. Leo Nunez took a line drive off his right ankle in Wednesday's ninth inning, remained on the mound, and gave up the go-ahead runs in an eventual 5-4 loss in 10 innings. Nunez said the ankle was feeling sore Thursday and Rodriguez said he's "questionable" for this afternoon's game.

      RANDY CHOATE AS OUTFIELDER? -- The odds of it happening are remote, but Rodriguez said he's given thought to having lefty specialist Randy Choate go from the mound to the outfield for one or two right-handed batters and then bringing him back to the mound to face a lefty. "He's willing to do it," Rodriguez said. "I even told him, make sure you take fly balls in the outfield. If we have a lefty, two righties and a lefty (coming up), I would put him in the outfield for two righties and bring him back in for the lefty."

     DH PLANS FOR TAMPA SERIES -- Rodriguez said that, with the addition of 3B/2B Jose Lopez, he'll likely use Greg Dobbs as his designated hitter in at least one game during the upcoming series with the Rays and 1B Gaby Sanchez in the other two. Rodriguez said Sanchez is tired from use and could probably use a breather. But he said Sanchez told him he wanted to play the entire Phillies series.

     LOPEZ'S GLOVES -- Did anyone notice that the glove Lopez used while playing second on Wednesday had a purple webbing to match Colorado's colors? Well, today, Lopez will be at third and use the glove he had with the Mariners, one with a bluish-green webbing that comes closer to matching the Marlins' colors.    


      Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio, ss; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 5. Jose Lopez, 3b; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. John Buck, c; 8. Chris Coghlan, cf; 9. Javier Vazquez, p.

      Phillies: 1. Jimmy Rollins, ss; 2. Shane Victorino, cf; 3. Placido Polanco, 3b; 4. Ryan Howard, 1b; 5. Raul Ibanez, lf; 6. Carlos Ruiz, c; 7. Domonic Brown, rf; 8. Michael Martinez, 2b; 9. Cliff Lee, p.


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I like Edwin. I think he's better than Fredi, but after losing yesterday's game, something has to change. Heads will roll. When you lost 14 of your last 15 and you're only one out away from your second win this month, it's just inexcusable that you would lose that game being one out from victory. Edwin should've taken Nunez out when he got his foot hit. Nunez needs 100% confidence to pitch well, and the slightest doubt will make him ineffective.

How quickly the Fish turned from buyers to sellers. If they had "bought" a couple of good players two weeks ago, they might still be in it today.


I don't think teams sell one week into June but I agree. You can't have a closer that has an ERA over 3 regardless of how many saves he has.


Nunez is not a major league closer. At the most he is a set up guy. The Marlins have been trying to turn him into a closer for the past couple of years. The fans know this...when is Beinfest going to see it????


All things considered, Rodriguez has done the best he can with this team. His best position player and best pitcher are injured, he doesn't have a 3rd baseman, he's got a utility player at 2nd base, he's forced to play people out of position, and he doesn't have a closer. The person who should be fired, if it were possible, is the weasel owner who is constantly under the impression that he is entitled to everything for nothing, like his revenue sharing checks and the stadium given to him by the weasel county government.


They are just playing a really tough Philly team right now. They will bounce back.


Ummmm who plays 1B for us when Sanchez sits? Dobbs?


Man does Stanton have the softest hand out there right? NOT!!!


Dowens I can appreciate your optimism but they haven't been playing the Phils for three weeks straight. They lost to a pretty good Arizona team, the first place Brewers and the Braves all teams that are expected to be in contention at the end of the year. If they can't beat those teams there is no way the fish are going anywhere nor is there any reason to believe that they will or can turn it around. Sorry to burst your bubble but its time to be a realist not a fanatic, as Lou would say.


Well maybe no one expected Arizona to contend but they were hot at the time.

L, Rubinowitz

As an ex-season ticket holder,I'm enjoying the Marlins collapse and hope it continues throughout the season.After watching the actions of Loria and Samson up close for several years,this could'nt happen to a more deserving group of con men..The next Marlins collapse I'd like to see is that of their new stadium,during a Category 5 Hurricane,hopefully with them in it...

L, Rubinowitz

P.S- All Marlins Fans should go to Yahoo Sports.com and read today's story by Jeff Passan...his story is just the tip of the iceberg...

Lou Vales

I'm very serious in this. I want them to lose out this month. I really want the entire organization to be humiliated. It's nothing against the players, coaches and especially the manager. Edwin has more guts, courage and integrity in his right index finger than enire ownership and front office have in entire bodies.

I really believe Edwin should say "_Fill in your own verb) this garbage. You assembled it. I'm through dealing with it." i really don't think people in baseball would hold it against him because it appears that NOBODY in baseball likes these clowns.

Am really working on getting a spoof of the Marlins on the Colbert Show. We have also written production departtments of Leno and Letterman to make sure they are aware of the situation.

Would be great if they have 13,000 on Opening Day next year.

The Heat

The Dolphins

The Panthers

The Marlins

The Urinal

Depressed Housing Market

Hurricane Season

French Canadiens In Thongs(Men)

New Yorkers Telling You --"that's not the way we did it in New YaWk."

Early Bird Specials

Ouzis In Parking Lots

Limbaugh Drug Buys At Publix

Tailgaiting at 90MPH

REALLY Crooked politicians

Gang Wars

Increasing Insurance Costs

That's off the top of my head.

Get the Hell out of there UNLESS you are pretty affluent and can escape the riffraff and get away 3 or 4 times a year.

Edwin--We Luv Ya!!!! It ain't your fault!!

Flav C

Gee....can't stand those obnoxious SFGiants fans anymore. Keep trolling around every Marlins blog just to talk about the "Posey curse" or "Karma". Really wish they go all the way until the end of the season tied with the D-Backs for 1st place and lose their last game, and stay out of the playoffs.

Lou Vales

That is a GREAT article by Passan at Yahoo Sports. I'm telling you there is absolutely NOBODY in baseball who likes this ownership.More and more stuff will start to slip out in the coming days.

Clark, This job could get real exciting.

Another 3 game sweep by Tampa Bay, a 3 game sweep by the Angels, a defeated team going into Seattle across country and they could be in a 1-24 by June 27. At that point I would think that people would rather eat their deposits rather than make rest of the payments and surely a big firm could get a class action thing going with the premise being a "reputable" team would be fielded.

Stan M

We all loved this team just 3 weeks ago. It was supposed to be a transition year and we were suddenly right among the big boys. Well now we must face reality and go back to the transitional mode. Who should go and what can we get for him. What I hate to see is stop gap measures with journeyman like this Lopez guy. If the season is lost, and it is, learn from it for the rest of the way. Bring up kids and try them out. Make a trade for someone who will help in the future but might have an injury now and is expendable. And cut the chaff right now. Nunez must go. Cousins is gone. I hate to say it, but if Dobbs would bring a return, off he goes. Infante isn't in our long range plans with his coming free agency. Either make sure you want him for next year or off he goes. Ozzie was sent down for more seasoning which was good. Do the same with Volstad. We did great with virtually nothing from Hanley. If he starts to click, off he goes.I would rather see Hands and any other minor leaguer up with the team learning, even if they get clobbered. We're getting clobbered anyway. If the upper minor leaguers are no good lets find out now when it no longer means anything. And as for the manager, send him home for a week, but keep the guy.

Andrew Macfarlane

Nunez is a failed experiment as closer, and if the manager gets fired he gets fired. You don't go from 10 over 500 to 5 under in 3 weeks without consequences.

And who cares what a defensively subpar, .204 hitting shortstop thinks about anything?


I don't see why all the doom and gloom. The Marlins picked themselves up a couple of real nice seeing-eye singles today and only got beat by three. Seems to me they may be climbing their way out of it.
Edwin's lucky because he's getting paid to watch the carnage. I'm the real schmuck in all of this, because I still can't tear myself away from the games. I feel like a guy who stops to gawk at every gory car crash even though he faints at the sight of blood. I'm feeling woozy just thinking about today's performance.
Couple more things: I agree with FLAV C that the giants fans are getting to be real arseholes. Because of Cody's role there, I latched onto the giants in last year's postseason and rooted for them through the World Series. Never again. (And just to show them I'm nobody to mess with, I'll never spell giants with a capital G again.)
Also, if Gaby moves to DH, does that mean Morrison moves to first? The way the Marlins' infield throws the ball around, a fielding downgrade at first is not a minor issue.


Just read the Yahoo story. Jeff Passan is my new hero.

Flav C

True. I am sending that story to hundreds of other people.

Stan M

I think that I've been the most optimistic poster on this blog for quite a few weeks. But now, even I'm fed up. At 74 years old and retired, watching the Marlins had become a big part of my day. Now I stopped 4 days ago.

Rather than talk any more about the Marlins for a while, I'd like to throw out some off the wall ideas about baseball in general and hope that some of you might respond. Here are a few things I would change or experiment with if I were commissioner:
1) All uniforms would be made and delivered with the pants leg only 6-8 inches lower than the knee. This would force all players to conform to wearing stockings and not looking as if they are playing in pajamas.
2) Players are becoming increasingly run down and injury prone. Virtually everyone complains about the travel. The 3 game stay was determined over 100 years ago. Why not 5 game series. That would lead to less travel over the season and more stability for a few days whereever a team is playing. Such a series MIGHT be more interesting, for a team could make a drastic change in the standings with a sweep or even a 4-1 record.
3) The pitching mound was determined to be 60'6" a little over 100 years ago as well. Pitchers were smaller, less well trained, and darn sure didn't throw as fast as today's pitchers. I suggest that either in a minor league or in spring trainig, the mound be moved back 3 inches each year for 3-4 years if initially successful. Overall, this would lead to more balls in play and less strikeouts.
4) In my opinion, flying bat fragments and not home plate collisions are the greatest danger to injury. Are they going to wait until a player is staring at a spear protruding from his chest before addressing this so obvious problem. Moving the mound (see above) might mean the players could start to increase rather than decrease bat weight. But why not do some experimenting. Send each team some bottle bats as used by Henie Grof (sic) years ago. Perhaps weight distribution could lead to thicker handles. Also let teams experiment with a Jackie Robinson model bat. His handle was almost as thick as the nob. By choking up on this heavier bat, the barrel could be thicker and have more weight. It's probably anathama but Bonds choked up. The question is whether or not this would decrease bat speed. Players would be dead set against it, but by putting such a bat in their hands, it might prove fruitful. I doubt it, except for the punch hitters, but it's worth a try.
5) This new realignment sounds like a good idea, but I would take it a step further. At the end of each year, the top team in each division switches to the nearest geographical division for the following year. That way the same team cannot dominate year after year and the lower teams might have a better chance to rise.
6) Put a stop watch on arguments when a manager comes out to gripe on certain calls. And compare that to the time it takes for the umpires to review a taped replay. I'd almost bet that the times are very close to equal and taped replay of some close calls wouldn't add more time. So institute it
7) The whole idea of retaliation and umpire judgement of a pitcher's intent stinks. There must be some way to punish a pitcher who hits a guy w/o throwing him out. If the only ppenatly is an extra stike, maybe pitchers would start to pitch inside more. How about the next batter gets an extra strike. Lastly, no body armour except for 30 days after an elbow injury.


read the yahoo story by jeff passan the man is a genius!!!! i agree with laurelbowie hes my hero also :)


I just sent Passan an email telling him how much I appreciate his story and begging him to keep pressuring the Marlins slimy, corrupt ownership. It would be great if he could hear from lots of us.

Flav C

Stan, there are some good ideas there. Baseball is one of the few sports where the players/umpire are not pressed by time. I agree that not everything should be "clocked" but there are some instances where i would definitely put a stop watch. One of them is pointed out in your #6. I would also put a stop watch on pitching time. If a pitcher takes longer than, lets say, 10 seconds (it could be less) to pitch, its an "automatic ball". I also like what they have in soccer leagues around the world. The bottom 2 performers of the league moves to a minor league on the next year, and the top 2 of the minor league move up to the major league. I know it sounds crazy to do it in baseball, but it creates an extra incentive for teams to perform better. In soccer, it is common to see crowded arenas where teams in the bottom of the league are playing for survival, and their fans are cheering them up, so they are not "downgraded".


Zing!!! I don't know who this guy is but I will be sending him my praises.

Flav C

laurie/glags - i just sent an email to him as well. hopefully there's more to come and , who knows, Stern can take some actions against this ownership. I know i'm being too optmistic here but it doesn't hurt.

Boycott Marlins New Stadium

Samson was on the radio this afternoon..He said"It doesn't matter what the teams record is,what we're selling is the product,which is the new stadium" if that doesn't prove what these thieving con man are all about,I don't know what will...

Stan M

Just read Yahoo article. Wow! Sent him e-mail about how I heard that TV announcers were forbidden to praise Gerardi anymore after his tiff with Loria. Maybe he can research it for I only saw it once, but if true, it confirms even further what a worm Loria is. And Samson, I can't help but wonder if he has actual right to throw someone out of game unless certain abuses of the public good are in evidence. Is there a declaimer of rights on the back of the ticket? If not, then Lou, let's go down and start a "Loria Must Go" chant and sue the bast..d if he chases us. Just dreaming I guess.


Stan M.,
I'm flabbergasted that MLB hasn't done something about the danger of the splintered bats already. They might as well let the hitter take a gun to the plate and fire off a few rounds. I'd have thought the spearing of Tyler Colvin during a Marlins game and the other near fatalities would have spurred someone into action. Our friend Passan also tackled this issue, suggesting that the problem lies in the use of maple rather than ash bats. See http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news?slug=jp-maplebats050808
It's just a question of who's going to get killed first, a player or a fan. If it turns out to be a fan, then MLB will act because hey, bumping off your customers could cut into the profit margin.


Stan M.,
I agree that arguments eat up as much time as instant replay would, but the arguments are a hell of a lot more entertaining and that's what we're there for. That said, I am in favor of expanding instant replay on crucial calls. I'm old and ugly, but I'm not a dinosaur.

Stan M

I don't want to stop the arguments, just prove that an argument is just as long lasting as a replay. I abhor the change wherein a manager must make his decision on removing a pitcher before reaching the mound. Those discussions were often fun to watch. The same goes for not being able to argue balls and strikes. Have you noticed how the powers that be continue to find ways to speed up the game itself, YET at the same time the continue to add commercial time to the between innings gap? Then complain that the games are getting longer.

Samsons Boyfriend

The article written by Jeff Passan while being 100% accurate, is old news to alot of people like myself, who have been around the Marlins since the beggining...Fans forget that MLB is a big business first, and they figure that they will always have their die hard fans,sorta like Junkies,who need their Marlin fix, no matter what happens..The only way to show your disappointment with the Marlins,is to do to them what you would do to any other type of business that you thought screwed you and cheated you...Don't Go There anymore,at least dont give them your hard earned dollars.The Pocketbook and the Bottom Line are the only things that Loria and Samson understand..When You Can Hurt Them There,Then They Pay ATTENTION..other than that they could care less about what anyone says or thinks about them...So if you Want to Send a Message..Keep your Money in Your Pocket and Dont Go To Marlins Games At The New Stadium... Stay the Hell Away...Period...

Lou Vales

I think the Blog Brigade should sneak into a Marlins game under cover and then spread out throughout the stadium and unveil signs in a timed manner. We also bring in people to record the action live as we are evicted. Hell, it worked in Egypt.Maybe we can get MLB to rid the league of these--fill in your own adjectives--owners.I suggest we buy the tickets at the stadium. I don't think I get them using my real name

Lou Vales

Stan M, I believe the guy who heads up security for the Marlins is John Anderson. John is a VERY GOOD man who really has executed the American Dream.I think it's amazing how he has attained the stature he possesses. About 15 years ago there was a great story written about him in the Palm Beach Post.

Whoever now heads up security can't be happy with having people evicted because they are voicing displeasure.At least Jeffrey does not have tanks at his disposal. Not enough people attend games to compare it with Tenneman Square but I would not stand in front of a tank if Jeffrey did not like my comments.

Lou Vales

Clark,You really should cite that Pasan story in your column.Trust me,I know it isn't easy to do this kind of stuff but I think you can only help yourself.If he messes with you, the Herald should just pull coverage of the team until he apologizes.

I'm serious about this Colbert Show stuff,imagine Stephen showing pictures of the empty stadium, some nice pictures of people being ejected for non-profane comments.This story has potential.I think 1 win in June has a lot of potential. That would be a staggering number. If you get a chance ask the USC kid if he thinks the "problem is Sanabia and West getting hurt", in the words of Uncle Neil--What a douche.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou didnt you get questioned by Lenny Dykstra yesterday nite on this Blog??? He must have been contacting you from the L.A County Jail,where he's being held on a 500K Bond..Dykstra faces 25 State counts for possesion of cocaine,Xs-tacy and synthetic HGH and Grand Theft Auto If convicted ,he faces 12yrs in State Prison. Dykstra also faces Federal Bankrupt Fraud Charges...Know anybody that'll put up 500K for Dykstra Bond??? Neither does he...

Oscar lanzas

Get rid of vazquez!!! I'm sick of saying that ...

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins were 24-16 on May 16th..today on June 16th they're 32-37..that's 8-21 for last month..Starting tommorrow thru All-Star Break until July 17th,Marlins play 16 on road with 10 at home...By then the Fish will not only be fried , but also blackened to a crisp...

Lou Vales

I Got it!! I Got It!!!

A Jeffrey Loria and David Samson Dual Headed Bobblehead Doll Night.

Now even though most of the bobblehead dolls would either be crunched under foot at the stadium or taken home and given to the resident pit bull it would still draw many into the stadium.How many people would want a doll that looked like Samson and Loria!! And in fact you could have an individual david Samson Bobblehead who speak in that ridiculous twangy voice and say ridiculous things. This is an unbelievable marketing opportunity.You could even sell these things and give them to a mother-in-law who you despise.

Clark,remember early in the day I said more things would begin to come out. Have you begun to consider the thought that one of your devoted bloggers might actually know quite a few people. I'm even setting myself up for abuse if we don't get these clowns mentioned in a Colbert segment. Just remember if it does come down, remember where you heard it first.

Just to reiterate--people in baseball can't stand these clowns. I have been told some in baseball are still infuriated by the son in law's comments last year that "Nobody wants to deal with the Marlins."Hey GENIUS, Detroit will deal with you. how about Morrison and Stanton for Brandon Inge, Brad Penny and 3 prospects.

You IDIOT!!!!

Lou Vales

Clark, Tell Tommy next week we might set up a "Lou from Greenville" night with messages coming in from all over. Of course they won't be forwarded by his CrackeD Staff as I doubt any of them will pertain to naming rights depth of the aquarium, cost of a medianoche or some similiar question of import.

Matt's Phone

Received a call from Lou a short time ago. While Matt does still follow the blog, he was not aware of the Nobel worthy Yahoo article written earlier today. My other technologically advanced internet sources, such as Twitter and Facebook, have advised me that the article was a thing of beauty.

From what Matt said through my mouthpiece, he was greatful that Lou apprised him of this. I also heard him say that he's not surprised of the current predicament the Marlins find themselves in and that he, like Lou, is hoping for a historically bad June and subsequent continual meltdown going forward. Several issues were bandied about between them, but my connection was cut short due to a beeping sound coming from Lou's phone. I believe Matt felt that the conversation was productive, but I can't be totally sure. I know Matt was the most highly respected poster on this blog and that his presence is extremely missed. Thus, the reason why I felt the need to apprise everyone that Matt is doing fine. I will keep you all updated on any further Marlins discussions, involving Matt, through me.

I need to recharge. Good night.

Samsons Boyfriend

Great to hear from Matt's Phone...something tells me the Sheet will hit the Fan by the end of the month and Matt's Phone should keep in touch....

Lenny Dykstra

Hey guys, sorry I've been a no show for the past few. Been kinda, uh, busy...Misplaced some stuff, sold some stuff on craiglsist. But anyway, sorry about your team. I'm trying to hook up some VC money to buy the Marlins. Can't miss deal. I've run the numbers, I can make this thing WORK. Been thinking about coming out of retirement, manage, play, own, never been done before. Well, just saying hi, I'm working on a new magazine called the ex players club, iron bar hotel edition. I hear they have chew at the comissary, so no worries. All I need now is a "mule' for the HGH. Thanks all. Look for San Quentin to have one hell of a soft ball team in 9 months. Don't call me by my new nickname "nailed" either. It's still NAILS....! Ok, dudes.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins fans will be treated this weekend to dulcet tones of the Tampa Broadcast Team...No Rich and Tommy until Homestand on Monday against Angels...Then get ready for E-Mail Tuesday or "Lou from Greenville Night"...That aughtta be Good..


Samson calls Press Conference that new Stadium is at 70% Completion Point...Beinfest the Blowfish in Hiding as Marlins Season is at 70% Destruction Point...


Trade rumors and MLB.com say the Rangers are looking for immediate bullpen help. Wasn't our bullpen depth (sadly enough) our forte coming into the season? Make a move, surely they have to have something we can use. They used to have a nifty speedy center fielder that played while Hamilton was hurt. I can't remember his name but by process of elimination I know he isn't on the active roster. So if he's in the minors he should be available. Give me something anything. Is anyone listening?!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Peter Gammons Dog

FoxSports reports Loria in Europe, and Marlins might make some move today.....


You thinking of Julio Borbon? Last I heard he was out with a hamstring.
Did anyone ever tell you that you have a name quite similar to that of the Marlins' president of baseball ops? The world just keeps getting weirder and weirder, don't it?


LB, that's the guy but if he's injured nevermind.

Lou Vales

Samson's Boyfriend is undoubedly glad he does not looklike the President of the Marlins.

Maybe Loria is looking to buy a team in the English Premiere League, Italian Seria or German Bundasleagia.Think they are ready for Jeffrey. Just keep himout of the Vatican Museum or the Louvre. Samson probably thinks that is a toilet.

Lou Vales

If I'm Jeffrey, I'm hiding out in Europe.Maybe he'll lose his Passport. Maybe he'll go to Turkey and piss off a government official and end up in one of those friendly Turkish jail cells.I could see Jeffrey in Morocco trying to find a $5.00 limit Blackjack Table.Maybe Samson could take his wife on a second honeymoon and have it last about 18 months. I can't even imagine Mrs Samson hearing that voice.

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