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Scott Cousins reacts to Giants GM's comments

Marlins outfielder Scott Cousins issued the following statement through Matt Sosnick, his San Francisco-based agent, regarding Giants general manager Brian Sabean’s comments about his collision with Buster Posey at the plate:

“I hope and believe that Mr. Sabean’s comments were made in the heat of the moment and are based more on his fondness for Buster Posey than on any animosity towards me. This situation is still an open wound for many, including myself.  As I have stated previously, nobody outside of Buster feels worse about his injury than I do. I have reached out to Buster to let him know how badly I feel about his being injured during our collision at home plate.

“I do believe, however, that the play was clean and totally within the rules of the game.  Explaining over and over that I would never intentionally hurt another player for any reason won’t change the minds of those who doubt my sincerity or intent.  I have a responsibility to myself, my teammates, and my organization to play the game hard. This is what has gotten me to the big leagues, and hopefully this is what will keep me here.” 

Cousins, who was in tears the day after the collision when he met with reporters, added that he would not have any further comments on the matter. Sonsick said Cousins, who lives in Bay Area during the off-season, has received death threats since the collision.

ESPN reported that Joe Torre, MLB’s head disciplinarian, intends to call Sabean about his comments.

The Marlins (31-23) open a four-game series against the Brewers (30-26) at Sun Life Stadium tonight.

> Marlins lineup: 1. Chris Coghlan CF, 2. Omar Infante 2B, 3. Logan Morrison LF, 4. Gaby Sanchez 1B, 5. Mike Stanton RF, 6. John Buck C, 7. Wes Helms 3B, 8. Emilio Bonifacio SS, 9. Ricky Nolasco P


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giants series in august just got a little more interesting.....


Wes helms is the Brian cardinal of the marlins. Logging some real important minutes tonight. Maybe we should start calling him "the custodian" too.

SF Fan

Posey was not blocking the plate and Cousins had a lane. He changed direction to go after Posey. Please, don't tell me that is part of the game. Cousins went back to home plate to touch it because he was not sure if he had or not. He had one intention and that was to run over Posey. I get that. If Pose was blocking the plate, then yes you go through him. He WAS NOT blocking the plate!!! Understand he was up the 1st base line. I guess Cousin's is the only one who knows for sure...I dont doubt he is sorry but that will pass. I hope the Giants take care of it with a couple fastballs to the ribs...Note I did not say head and dont agree with death threats! Baseball has a way of policing itself internally and he will get what is due.


Posey had bad position at the plate... catchers are taught to point their foot down the 3rd base line so if there is a collision your leg simply slides straight back and you don't get hurt... anyone who has ever played the position knows the dangers of it... it is a freak accident... doesn't anyone remember J.T. Snow from the same San Fran Giants plowing into Pudge during the playoffs? Cousins did nothing wrong...it was an unfortunate accident... let it go people... and Sabien sounds like a little girl who never laced them up in his life...I am sure if Posey would have caught the ball in the first place he may have been able to get better position instead of going down to his knee to get it... take a closer look at the video and I bet even he would admit that


Over 85% of the country believed it was a clean play when ESPN did a survey. If you've ever played a game of baseball in your life, you'd UNDERSTAND that it was a clean play. The fact that it was Buster Posey is what has everybody in San Francisco in an uproar. If the roles were reversed and Cousins got injured, diehard SF fans would say it was a clean play.

I can understand where Scott Cousins is coming from. He's a runner on 3rd base in a close game, he's NOT a starter, and has a chance to score the winning run for his team. He knew the play was going to be close and knew Posey would try and block the plate. It appeared as if Posey was going to field the ball cleanly and apply the tag, so his mind was immediately set on crashing and attempting to pop the ball out.

Honestly, it's easy for you to sit on your chair at home and analyze the slow motion replay over and over, but keep in mind that all of this takes place in a matter of seconds and decisions needs to be made quickly.

Now...as a catcher, you need to make up your mind when it comes down to a close play - either block the plate properly or try for the sweep. You know the risks every time you put on the gear and Posey knew the risks. He just positioned himself poorly and it's unfortunate that his ankle turned the way that it did.

SF Fan

Great now I have arm chair LJZ telling Posey how to catch and how his feet need to be positioned. Are you serious. Yes, I remember 2003 when Snow went thru Pudge. Pudge was in front of the plate...read what I wrote..if you block the plate you deserved to get run over. I have looked at the video...played college baseball and know what is clean and not clean!

SF Fan

eddie it is not 85% ....u r in the majority at 65%... do ur homework


SF Fan

i don't think posey or sabean were crying the day after...hhhhmmm it was Cousin's!


Tackling a catcher who is TWO feet in front of the home plate isn't a clean play. In fact I nor you have ever seen a runner go so far out of his way to make a tackle. Luckily for everyone Posey made a split second decision to face Cousin when he was hit. If he didn't Cousin would have tackled him anyways, and we would most likely be talking about a broken neck or spine, not a broken leg

SF Fan

eddie....i did play baseball. i got as far as college baseball. don't try to discredit me. i am sure you are a legend out at the men's softball fields and that does not count for playing the game. there is a difference between baseball and beer league softball!


I'll say this if Nomar Garciaparra, Joe Torre, Mike Lowell, Mike Scocia (?) and countless others say it was a baseball play that's good enough for me. Sabean is wrong regardless of what PTS he's enduring.


And no I didn't play professional baseball. My opinion does not matter and neither does yours.


Who else has a resume that they would like to share with us all?

David, you are so off base with your comments (pun intended) it's not even funny. If you want to talk about 'tackling' go over to the Dolphins blog. That's where discussions related to broken necks or spines occurs.

Old school baseball play, plain and simple. Legal play within the guidelines of the game. Unfortunate injury to a player that is in a vulnerable position. In this case, Posey wasn't necessarily in the best position to receive the throw and incur any potential contact. Informed people, regardless of whether you've played that position or the game itself before, should agree.

Truth be told, he's a very young catcher and would probably want to be in a more safe and secure crouch/stance if he could do it all over again, without changing the actual outcome of the play in any way.

Cousins' actions from the end of the play until now have been nothing but remorseful. Not for the outcome of the play, just that a young star was lost for the year during the course of it. I'd feel differently if Cousins was all pumped up after he scored and looking to celebrate, but other than reaching to touch home again, which happens every single time a play at the plate occurs, he was immediately concerned for Posey not that he potentially had just won the game.

Agree to disagree is probably the best way to define the discourse on this issue between each side.

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