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Source: McKeon is Loria's first choice

    Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was "surprised" by manager Edwin Rodriguez's resignation on Sunday, according to a source, and would like for 80-year-old former skipper Jack McKeon to return to the Marlins dugout as interim manager through the end of this season.

    Loria was in Europe on business when informed of Rodriguez's decision.

   Mckeon   McKeon became the oldest manager to win a World Series when he guided the Marlins to the 2003 title but would not be the oldest manager in major league history if he returns to the Marlins. That title belongs to Connie Mack, who was 87 when he managed the Philadelphia Athletics in 1950.

    McKeon has maintained an advisory role with the Marlins since stepping down after the 2005 season, and is listed officially as "special assistant to the owner."

    When contacted by phone at his home in North Carolina earlier today, McKeon said he wasn't even aware of Rodriguez's resignation and had not yet been contacted by the Marlins, but said he thought he could do the job if asked. The source said that McKeon is Loria's first choice to manage the club the rest of the way, and an announcement could come Monday before the Marlins open a home series against the Angels.


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I guess we're trying to see if we can get lightning to strike twice, huh?

Samsons Boyfriend

Edwin Tells Beinfest...Take This Job and Shove It..I Aint Working Here No More....Edwin Realized It Was a No Win Situation For Him...Edwin Did IT To Them, Before THey Did It To Him...Edwin Gave Himself A Fathers Day Present...Shocked THe Sheet Out Of Beinfest...The Wheels On THe Bus Go Round and Round...Your Move , Beinfest...


Jack McKeon has been hanging around Loria's seat near the dugout for a week. What a class guy this Loria is! He keeps McKeon sitting next to him as a veiled threat that anything can happen when the doody hits the fan.
Not sure if McKeon knew he was being used, but Jack is certainly a good choice for interim manager.
This group of executives will never keep a good manager long because the welcome mat is always pulled out from under them.

Samsons Boyfriend

Saw Jack during the last Homestand...So Did Edwin,who not only saw Jack,he saw the Handwriting on the Wall...What About the level of talent Jack will BabySit now ..Nothing Close to the 2003 team,especially with the Pitching...Beinfest,this whole Mess Should Be Place at your Doorstep...Players Win Games and You Dont Have Enough..Your Move, Beinfest

Lou Vales

The ONLY good thing about having that OLD FART in the dugout is with Johnson on the DL the coot won't be able to mess up any good young arms because we DON'T HAVE any good young arms--Pardon Me, we do have one good young arm,Anibal,maybe the Old Goat can come in and have him run up 130 pitch counts like he did with Dontrelle at an early age.

Trader Jack should have a preposition added to his nickname.

Lou Vales

Hey David, Loria can only get people to sit next to him by paying them. I could go a little farther with the analogy but this is a special day for all the FATHERS and even some "mothers."

Samsons Boyfriend

Beinfest has a lit fire under his azzz right now...Who can you have here ready to manage for Mondays game against the Angels that knows the players and you can trust not to make a bad situation worse, until you can figure out what move you want to make next...Dont Forget ,Marlins have lost 9 in a row and are going to tie franchise record if they lose tomorrow nite...It aint Brandon Hyde...

Samsons Boyfriend

....10 in a row going for tie at 11 tomorrow

Lou Vales

Samson, I'm trying to figure out how situation could be any worse? We must get these guys in the Leno and Letterman monologues.

By the way, as I just told you Coghlan still has not reported.

Nelson rosenstock

If team does not upgrade talent, even with new ballpark next year. This team is doomed. Location is worse choice that could have been made,and browarf and palm beach fans will not venture down to see poor team play. Ownership of marlins are among the worse in pro sports. There are thousands of fans that dislike loria and Sampson because of their budget minded ways they run this team. I would not be shocked if team is sold and moved in 5 years.

Matt's Phone

As stated previously, I will keep everyone apprised of any conversations made through me, by Matt, involving the Marlins. Received a call from Lou earlier this afternoon. Topics discussed: The firing of Edwin; Potential return of McKeon; Lack of hitting and pitching as well as the hope that this season may become historical. Call ended with Lou informing Matt that he was going for a run. That is all.

Samsons Boyfriend

He might have taken a 3 day cruise before he joins Zephyrs...Cogs and Edwin might pass each other getting off/on the same cruise,although Edwins Cruise can be extended now...

Samsons Boyfriend

Was Matt's Phone on 790am taking Hard Ball with the Cro and Craig Mish a little while ago???

Lou Vales

I have an abiding appreciation for Matt's phone. His phone neglected to relay some comments made about Hanley Ramirez and his self-administered exams to discover what we believe are growths of some sort. Since I'm a prostate cancer survivor i can tell area in which Hanley is examining is one where young men need to be concerned but he is better off seeking out a urologist to conduct exam. Remember Lance Armstrong's cancer at a young age. i would tell Hanley even IF he was conducting exam correctly that once a month would be plenty and 24 times a day is excessive and actually demonstrates some OCD.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lots of rumors on Hanley now...way to early to even call...Boston, La Dodgers,Seattle, hear the Yankees are worried because they're stuck with the Jeter situation...Rumors

Lou Vales

Joe Capozzi reporting in his Palm Beach Post Blog that one player spoke with "OUTRIGHT DISDAIN" for Hanley's refusal to face reporters and comment on Edwin's "resignation.

Hanley MAY already have been gone IF there were not GENUINE concerns about him around baseball. He literally is not tradeable at this point in time. By that I mean they could get "Something" for him but nowhere what a 2009 NL Batting Champion would garner. I have been given a subtle go ahead to mention there MAY be interest from the Detroit Tigers who think that Miggy could straighten him out.tigers would move Peralta to 3rd. Right now there is no way to discuss any package of players because just like Uggla both of these slumps are too "STRANGE" to not have people discussing them. I'm going to ask a nephew going to Tufts if he could run a program--I certainly couldn't--going back 75 years to see if any two players of prominent stature on one team in one year proceeded to have this precipitous of a drop off the next year? I'm sure that bad players have been demoted or fair players have had big drops BUT 2 players with a confirmed HISTORY to drop off the globe?? This is a different era with many forces coming into play, but you gotta admit that Hanley and Uggla under.200 is really strange!!!

Any ideas???

Lou Vales

I have IDEAS but I want you guys going first. After all I use my real name.

Jay Vie

Larry Bowa is available!


this week there was quite a strong article about MIAMI MARLINS on YAHOO SPORTS....!

a franchise operated by thieves ... YAHOO SPORTS SAYS


Lou Vales

C'mon!! You guys got ideas. Don't be afraid.


lou vales

Uggla was always a 200 hitter. It took him 4 years to move the needle from 200 to 230 or 240 ... and with no pressures at all because nothing was expected of this team. My concept of Freddie went down to the lowest level when he allowed his team to stick him with Uggla. He obviously thought that Uggla was something better than what we have all seen here. CAN'T THROW, CANT RUN, CANT FIELD, AND WILL NOT DO SITUATIONAL HITTING AND WILL STRIKE OUT more than Dave Kingman and Mike Stanton put together.

And Freddie allowed that big contract and hit him clean up, 3rd, 5th, FREDDIE IS AN INSANE MAN.

Hanley's fielding has been going down and he is fatter, slower and plays soccer with many a roller, kicks them and boots them and throws them into hialeah in every game.

Lou Vales

Okay. I'm going to go run on the elliptical for an hour.When I get home I want to see some thoughts in why 2 pro athletes drop a 100 points in batting average with no apparent injuries.

By the way, Trader Whack would keep that seat "warm" but do we want to know how?? IF he is the new "caretaker"I want the state laws of the state of Florida enforced when it comes to smoking. Just because of his genetic makeup Trader Whack is still around but how many has he affected with that carcinogenic spewing of second hand smoke?


how about second hand farts ...Who is Trader Whacks nap coach,ah,bench coach going to be???


"Loria was surprised" puhleeze!
Marlin fans should boycott this team until the owner is forced to sell.

Dr. Schmeckel

Off the Juice...Hanley lost his Balls...Why do you think he's always trying to feel for them when he's in the Batter's Box ???

Peter Gammons Dog

Tim K on Espn raio said the the Marlin players ,particularly the PITCHERS,werent doing their work,namely the running after throwing and Edwin got fed up with the players not responding to him and said to Beinfest, "Ive Had Enough"...

Dr Schmeckel

Uggla got off the juice and overdid the weight lifting and its affected his swing..A simple case of a Dumbell lifting too many Dumbells..


com'on Lou....I thought you were "old school"
who cares how much the pitch count is....let'em pitch till they're tired...that's Nolan Ryans philosophy. Trader Jack is the best & only choice right now.


Nolasco need to grow some balls and step up.

Lou Vales

I'm 63 but I can't stand old farts. Give me young people any time. And this guy is a REAL OLD FART!!!


Jack McKeon ???? Was Sparky Anderson not available ? Get a young guy with some fresh ideas ....I mean Jack aint gonna manage next years ..so whats the point ?

Lou Vales

Maybe Batman and Robbing have no choice. Maybe nobody else in baseball will take the job. What choice does McKeon have? Have you ever been to Elon? McKeon would probably rather stay in some nice hotels, have some good meals, hold court with young whippersnappers than hang around some rustic cafes talking about the weather.

Now Hanley and Trader Whack may really be an epic confrontation.I'm taking Hanley.He'll just block his butt out. Hey anybody who would not sign a cast for charity can block out Jackie.

Anyone going to that game tomorrow i would appreciate if you could do an actual count of how many people are there. If there are more than 4,000, I will be surprised.I guarantee the Greenville Drive outdraws you guys.

Lou Vales

Goodnight Everybody(Excluding Batman andRobbing), and a special GOOD NIGHT to Edwin. Edwin, have a good night sleep.Anyone with an ounce of sense will not soil you by your association with an organization best suited for a time prior to King John signing off on the Magna Carta. I'm still hoping that Loria had passport difficulties in Europe.Love for him to spend about 5 years wandering around the Forum or Palatine Hill.

Dan Rowan

Say Goodnight Dick....Goodnight Dick...


There are a number of reasons to be "disdainful" of Hanley, but the fact he wouldn't comment after Edwin's resignation definitely isn't one of them. Hanley has already said he thinks Rodriguez is the best manager he's played under and at least publicly, he did what he could to save Edwin's job. If he wasn't in the mood to say it all again, who can blame him?


Wonder who's telling Tim K that Edwin was fed up because Marlins players weren't hustling. That's just the opposite of what Rodriguez said in his canned statement. I doubt the players or the FO is leaking the negative stuff, so who? I'll hang in there with these guys if they don't win another game all season as long as they're trying. But when they start mailing it in, I'll watch the Real Housewives of Asheville till football season starts.


By the way I forgot to mention this on Friday and Im not sure why I am remembering now. The Dan Lebatard show is on right before the Marlins' broadcast and he signed of the show by saying:"Marlins lose, next." I couldn't stop laughing. Which brings me to my point. This team, this organization, this soap opera is no longer funny or amusing.


I'm sorry for Edwin , but the real culprit is Beinfest . He should fire Hill and then quit. Why having two executives for the GM Job? You can't be competetive with a bunch of young prospects playing Out of position. They play bad defense and It affects their offense.


Hanley didn't respond because when under pressure,he can barely speak english,and did not want to sound like an illiterate,jibberish talking idiot, that he really is...

Commissioners Office

A strong-willed ,take no BS manager that has an established winning record,will never work for Loria because he wont put up with Lorias and Samsons constant interference and control issues..they have the worst rep in baseball for their annoying,meddlesome,ways..


I'd say Ryne Sandberg, but he has too much smarts to work for these classless clowns.

Samsons Boyfriend

Cogs will go on the DL to collect his ML salary,instead of going to Nawlins...Cogs sez he hurt his knee before being sent down...Nice move.but he still can't hit worth a crap when healthy...

Bye-Bye Cogs

Do you mean that Coglan thought it was Ok to Collect his pay,when he knew he was hurt,but wouldnt say something? Even though he hurt his teams chances with him in the line-up? Well PHCK Him. Hope he has a long rehab and an even longer stay in the minors...Lying Jeezus Freak.

Lou Vales

Once again the exprssions always have it. You could look at Coghlin's face and know something was going on.


Why anybody would pay to watch this never ending Soap Opera is beyond comprehension at this point.The Owners of this team are and should be,the Butts of Jokes on the National level.They are the Laughingstock of MLB ,but,unlike the 62 Mets,are not lovable,but despised and even hated for their scumbag ways.The P.T Barnum Rule applies to any fool that would pay to see the Florida/Miami Marlins play..."Theres A Sucker Born Every Minute"...

Lou Vales

Samson, Thanks. just read the story about Coghlin's knee injury.

For awhile I felt bad about turning on them--even though I thought being as bad as possible would coerce Badman and Robbing into upgrading the system and spending some money as investment on new stadium---BUT NOW!!!! with the Stanton BS of playing while not being able to see and Coghlan NOW saying he had an injury and all the other BS!!!!, they are all officially on my "Rhymes With Hit" List. I'm putting a Pfister Hotel type curse on the whole lot of them and I'm putting needles into every game on the schedule. This will be monumental and they deserve everything they get. You will see a level of play that will now be hilarious and not just bad.I put a 25 year curse on Wayne after he broke up the Marlins and look at how that is turning out. Fish, Say Good Night!!

Lou Vales

Another national story on Yahoo by Tim Brown about the Marlins. We still have not got that real NASTY, CUTTING EDGE, TELL ALL story by a S. Florida writer. I keep pounding the fact this would get someone national pub and besides that it would provide satisfaction in catharsis about delineating what you KNOW has been going on down here. What can Loria do about it? Cut off your access? Who wants access to a cesspool.

C'mon.Clark, Manny, Juan----Make Our Day!!

DickYoungNYDaily News

Forget It..The Marlins Beat writers are minor league,lack journalistic integrity, and are too chicken shite to write the truth...

Lou Vales

Dick, I thought you were dead. Loved your feud with Seaver. You became really acerbic towards the end. Did you like Jimmy Cannon?

DickYoungNYDaily News

Cannon was great but the SOB wouldn't share his good scotch with me...

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