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U2 haunting the Marlins from South Florida to Oakland

   OAKLAND -- Wednesday's U2 concert at Sun Life Stadium is the reason why the Marlins had to move three home games to Seattle. Now, the mega rock outfit could be creating more havoc with the Marlins' plans.

Bono    A steady, day-long rain here has cast some doubt on whether tonight's game at the Oakland Coliseum will be played. Rain isn't the only issue, though. The outfield was recently re-sodded following a U2 concert here on June 7, and there are concerns about the playing surface due to the soggy conditions.

   "U2 is making our life harder," said backup Marlins infielder Wes Helms.

   Said catcher John Buck: "U2 hates us."

   Reliever Brian Sanches said he knows one way for U2 to make it up to the Marlins: have the band's frontman, Bono, offer backstage passes to all Marlins players whenever the group plays in any of their hometowns during the offseason.

   One other side note: Sun Life Stadium (Dolphins/Marlins) and the Oakland Coliseum (Raiders/A's) are the only remaining NFL/MLB dual facilities. 


   Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio, lf; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 4. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 5. Mike Stanton, rf; 6. Jose Lopez, 3b; 7. Logan Morrison, DH; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Dewayne Wise, cf. (PItching: Javier Vazquez)

   A's: 1. Jemile Weeks, 2b; 2. Cliff Pennington, ss; 3. Coco Crisp, cf; 4. Hideki Matsui, DH; 5. Conor Jackson, 1b; 6. Ryan Sweeney, lf; 7. Kurt Suzuki, c; 8. David DeJesus, rf; 9. Scott Sizemore, 3b. (Pitching: Gio Gonzalez)

   Umpires: HP -- Phil Cuzzi; 1B -- Bill Miller; 2B -- Chris Conroy; 3B -- Tom Hallion.


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What do you expect from a guy named Bono.

Lou Vales

I should not use this choice of words in South carolina but if I watch this crap someone should shoot me. jack Kevorkian could have just used Marlins highlights and not got in trouble.

Right NOW!!! At This EXACT moment, one of the WORST organizations of last 25 years when you factor in owner, President(LOL), Front office, farm system, fan support(????), TV and radio deals, broadcasters, color man on TV and 25 man roster.

Name another that is worse.

Samsons Boyfriend

Down goes Hanley...3-23 in June

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou...you left out Billy the Marlin...He's Insulted...


Look on the bright side. They got a hit.

Samsons Boyfriend

lb...your right ..Hank Goldberg is a nice guy , but he cant pick his nose...

Robert Lawrence

A. If the Marlins are so angry at U2, why on earth would they want backstage concert passes? Makes no sense!

B. The Marlins do NOT own Sun Life Stadium. So their whining has no merit whatsoever. U2 has just as much right to rent the stadium as the Marlins do. And since U2 is likely to draw as many people in just 1 night, as it would take the Marlins to do in about 20 games, it's not hard to figure out why U2 gets priority. And rightfully so.

Samsons Boyfriend

A. Where does it say in Clarks story that the Marlins are "so angry" at U2? B. Sounds like you,Robert Lawrence,are the one thats "so angry" and also a "Whiner" here. C. You must be a Giants fan. D.Hope your Giants lovin whining AZZZ gets SOAKED at the U2 Concert today. E. Watch the Lightning.

Lou Vales

Billy the Marlin--who is a fictional character ala Donald Duck--is the ONLY entertaining aspect of the franchise.

Flav C

Lou, how was the radio gig last night?

Lou Vales

Can anyone think of another owner in baseball who would not have had the courtesy to address the fans of his/her team after a run of this magnitude? Something public would have been offered by anyone with a modicum of intelligence/decency.

I keep hearing Marlins players and staff say this is "inexplicable", actually it's totally explainable IF you take tghe time to understand the fragile under pinnings of this organization. In the latest rankings they are now dead last in the rankings of the farm systems.When there is absolutely NO talent available to make changes for people no longer producing that is a recipe the 62 Mets and 2003 Tigers rode to two of the worst teams of all time. This team could be in severe trouble for at least 3 years and it will only be restricted to 3 years IF the PROJECTED players produce and system improves. Don't bet the barn.

Samsons Boyfriend

But Lou...According to Samson,nobody buying tickets at the new stadium is INTERESTED whether the team WINS or not...After all, Samson says he is selling the Stadium Experience...Heard Andy Warhol and his following are the target clients of Loria..That and the Corporate write-off crowd.....Listened to the beginning of your radio show yesterday,the part concerning the Abuse of pitchers at all levels of amateur Baseball with no-count pitch-counts...Good Stuff..Good Show...

Flav C

I think this sums up how bad the Marlins are playing. This is how the A's and Mariners are ranked in the MLB on some of the hitting stats:

SLG% - Mariners 30th , A's 29th
Battg avg - Mariners 28th, A's 30th
Runs - Mariners 30th, A's 29th
RBI - Mariners 27th, A's 26th
OBP - Mariners 30th, A's 27th

Even HRs...The Mariners are ranked 23rd and they mastered 2 HRs against the Marlins. The A's are ranked dead last in HRs, maybe they will have some luck against us.

Boy, and to think we went 1-3 against these 2 teams.

Lou Vales

Dear Samson, You were lucky to have heard ONLY the beginning. It became a "College Baseball Discussion", I was worried about you and all the other people I had told to listen and then it turns into ESPNU.

That station has a pretty good signal. It goes from near Asheville to about halfway to Atlanta. I can go in there and raise Hell whenever I want but I can't really talk about the Marlins like I would like because dials would be flipping off in a 3 state area.It's still a lot of fun.

I told my wife yesterday that on my Bucket List would be to have you, Matt(another great guy) and myself have 5 days on the radio in South Florida as co-hosts.How long before Muscle Head sends some real muscle to get us out of there?

Lou Vales

There is no shame in admitting this--How many of you actually believed the original timetable as far as Johnson's injury? It is probably because I'm the most pessimistic person in the Western Hemisphere but I never believed it. The guy must shut it down way too often to not believe there is something bad going on. I hope it's not his shoulder. As I said earlier the TJ Surgery would mean a year, the shoulder stuff can be Good Night, Irene.

We are so screwed. I've actually adopted the Pirates as my new underdog.

Did you notice that the Bobbysey Twins stole my "SloMo" designation from the Blog and used it on a chart.On one of my e-mails i asked Tommy "Since I'm watching this Jeffrey?Samson production of Crap and listening to you do color, does that make me the chief contender for the "Get A Life Award?" They did not read it.

Lou Vales

By the way, my 3 win prediction for June is looking pretty good. I looked at July's schedule and it significantly softens.The Marlins have 4 with the Astros and 3 with the Padres at home.Fortunately they also face the Rangers and Braves on the road andtrips to New York and Chicago.25 games in July and I'm predicting--CAN'T CHANGE after your pick--


Now I know that appears to be a ROSY prognosis but the schedule is too damn easy.This might preclude the Fish's march to immortality.

Let's NOT Go Fish

Samsons Boyfriend

Samson cant do Shite...I enjoyed listening to a few callers...Mountain Gamecock, I think and a few other guys...also enjoyed the local flavor on the commercials...Got the impression that its a whole different world up there than S.Fl...Grew up listening to sports talk radio in Miami,guys like Bob Martin and Bob Sheridan..dont listen anymore cause the guys on talk radio today in S.Fl are either ass-kissing ex Dolphins like Bucket Head Rose or wanna be Howard Stern types that dont know what they're talking about and only repeat what they've heard...they all Blow and are Full of themselves...If you know of a good Baseball guy on talk radio let me know..Ever since Eddie K..Ed Kaplan went off the air,there's nothing but morons that think they know MLB

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou..you need a sweep, I need a split and I believe laurelbowie needs the Marlins to take 2..Believe JJ is damaged goods...Heard the Slo-Mo and thought Where have I heard that before?..At this point Tommy is only interested in answering sweater-vest questions or questions about the color of the Toilet Paper in the new stadium..He's turned into a company Stooge..Will make July prediction on the morning of July 1st..

Flav C

Marlins will go 9-16 in July. The only series i can see them winning are against the Padres and Astros (2 of the 4 teams with worse record than the Marlins so far).

Flav C

The interesting task will be to predict August results, after the trade deadline. The Marlins will definitely be sellers during the trade days.


Hey, guys. I count 27 games in July, not 25, and I'm going 11-16.
You know, it's no fun criticizing the Marlins anymore. It's like kicking a cripple — or to be politically correct, a physically challenged cripple.

Flav C

Laurel, you're right: 27 games. I'm with you, 11-16.


Gee, Flav C. Does that mean we have to split the million dollars?

Flav C

Not a problem. Actually, let's wait and see if there are more "11-16ers" in this blog. We might need to split in more parts!


I guess we'll have to let Lou recalculate. Poor guy didn't have enough fingers, toes and whatever to get to 27. Hmmm.


Hey Marlins, keep choking like a mongrel dog on a chicken bone.

Stan M

How about some predictions on who will be sold/traded? My first choice is Nunez. Don't have any other choices. Dobbs will probably go and that would be a mistake. Next year, if back in his role as LH pinch hitter, he should be competent and most importantly...cheap! Read all of the comments above? Realists? With one exception, don't we actually like this team? They stink on hot ice but frankly I'm still sick of all the negativity. What our esteemed owner should do, after getting rid of Nunez for 3 box tops if necessary, is to sign someone of significance. We are at heart Marlin lovers and look at all this negative crap (that I agree with) and think what the more casual fan is thinking. Lou, I'm also getting fond of the Pirates...and KC...any other young underdogs on the rise. Loria must be a Commissioner favorite...how else did he ever get into the owner's fraternity. I hate the union, in fact all unions, with a passion, but give them credit for exposing our fraud. The only good that can ever come out of this catastrophe is Loria falling further from favor somewhere along this road to disaster. Sorry, everyone, I'm ranting.


Stan M,
I'm guessing there'll be a number of contending teams salivating for Dunn, Choate and Nunez. Hate to see the Marlins start dismantling their bullpen, but I'd be willing to part with any ONE of them, and it'd be interesting to see what's available in return. There are going to be suitors for Boni, too — but the Marlins need him as badly as they need anybody right now. Coghlan? Who knows. Just hope the Marlins don't panic and do something


The Marlins cannot afford to trade anyone away because they don't have the pieces to replace them. If you trade away Dobbs you no longer have that dependable PH off the bench (Wise is not his equal). You certainly don't want to dismantle the bullpen since it was a priority to upgrade it this season. You don't want to start from scratch again next year. Lastly the pieces that they can trade away (see above) are complimentary to the starting line up/rotation (e.g. Bullpen arms) and it isn't likely that they will bring in anything of real value or that can make an impact going into next season. For the record Anibal, while highly valuable, should not be traded regardless of what he brings. We are an injury away from having a rotation that included Sean West and Brad Hand. Not good.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins will trade Nunez,other than that,its anybodys guess because all the contracts are within their budget...Hope they keep Dobbs and Choate...Dunn will be a Marlin for at least 3 yrs, due to arb status....Marlins deserve all the criticism and abuse they get,whether you like them or not...I'll still go to every game,not because Im a Marlins fan, its to see MLB live,and the other 18 teams that come here every season..The only thing I want to see is a good Ballgame,usually doesnt matter to me who wins,unless I cant stand the fans of the opposing team{N.Y.Mutts}....

Lou Vales

Dear Glags,Nice post!!!

Dear Stan,You may have missed my analogy on the Marlins and a gutter lying drunk--Both entities must hit absolute rock bottom to come out of it. i don't want any 72 wins BS which would give these mongoloids hope.I want a 54-108 that will make Loria, Samson and Front Office a joke on the nationallevel. Nobody likes looking like an imbecile--except for Samson--and Jeffrey has SOME pride whereas Samson woke up on 3rd(married the boss's daughter) and thinks he hit a triple.

Sorry about the 25 games in July. I matriculated at Florida. I will change my prediction to 8-19. Someone bookmark this pick.

Lou Vales

Clark, Some don't believe it.would you please verify that the Marlins monitor the Blogs of the 3 major newspapers. In fact even Tommy reads it before he goes to bed for ideas.

Hey Tommy,Remember when you angrily commented on "lou from Greenville" and told me "how it wasn't easy to replace 2 starters in the minors going down with injuries", it may not be easy but even a "house organ" as yourself realizes this fiasco transcends West and Sanabia being hurt.

I really want 54-108. That would--Wake Up the Echoes>

Lou Vales

We really NEED these last 2 games to close out the month.

Nunez should be really close to being dispatched.I'm even calling up the Phillies if I'm the Marlins, of course IF I was the Marlins I would not be able to string together these cogent thoughts.

Anyone want to bet on Coghlin's return from DL. You do realize if he does not return he gets full salary and 1 more year of vesting and never gets to see Jackson Square, Cafe du Monde or Galatoire's


My pick stays @ 18 - 9. Send me the wining tickets!

Lou Vales

Clark, I could actually see the Coghlin knee injury going to some kind of arbitration. Obviously he is nolonger the hitter he was in 09,Marlins try to option him to New Orleans, how do you avoid going to New Orleans, you have an injury that precludes you being optioned, you stay with Big League club and continue to get paid and earning time towards vesting and pension.

This is a ZOO!!!!

Lou Vales

Chris appears quite intelligent for a guy who went to a school specializing in Mint Juleps and BEAUTIFUL woman. I don't know if baseball players are as popular in The Grove as football players but I imagine that it helps.


Lou, dude, don't hate on the broadcasters. Rich and Tommy are doing the best they can with what they got.

Dr Doolittle

Anybody see the resemblance of Bonifacio and an Amazonian Fruit Bat....It's remarkable..

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