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Slumping Uggla on Slumping Ramirez: "Looks Like We Need Each Other"

       Former double play partners and one-time clubhouse adversaries Dan Uggla and Hanley Ramirez own the two lowest batting averages in the National League at .172 and .210, respectively. But Uggla said he's not expecting the hitting slumps to continue for either one of them.

       "It looks like we need each other," Uggla said, joking. "He's going to come out of his thing just fine. I'm going to come out of mine."

       Here and see what else Uggla had to say about his slump and Ramirez:


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Fed Up With Losing

Hanloaf's gonna Hanloaf.

Flav C

Do you know what we could get if we were to merge both players together, into one single player, considering their current stats? We would have a monster batting .189, with a HR at every 36 at-bats, with a 58% SB percentage and .973 fielding percentage. Oh, before i forget, we would pay 12 million USD/year for this monster.

Lou Vales

Morrison was just given the Hit Sign on 3-0 against a struggling pitchert.I've documented--and more importantly MLB sites have documented--Morrison does not hit on 3-1, 2-0 and now he is 0 for 3 on 3-0.Is this telling us something?

Lou Vales

Logan Morrison a 3-1 pitch in bottom of 6th, a short fly out.did yiu have to attend an academically challenged JUCO in Missouri to figure out you can't hit 3-1?

Lou Vales

Call me Mr.Masochist, i watched that craponce again.

GREAT effort by Hand, I was kinda hoping that if they were going to lose that they would have indignity of losing a 1 hitter.

So many bad swings at balls to recount so i've decided to call out the STUPID play of the game.

The bottom of the 7th, trailing 1-0, Buck a leadoff single, now you have Boanfacio who won't ground into a double play so you can hope he MIGHT generate something but NO!!! That makes too much sense.You have Bobafacio bunt Buck to 2nd so that you can bring Pujols off the bench to try and tie the game.What's that? Pujols isn't on the bench? You bunted helms to 2nd base so that you can pinch hit the Mahatma gandhi of the Marlins, Wesley Helms? You bunted Buck to 2b so you can bat a guy who is so bad that he isn't even considered as an afterthought anymore against a left handed starter?? Edwin, yesterday I had your back because I know--and you probably know--that you will be run out of here.I have your back and then you do one of the dumbest things I've seen pulled off this year. Edwin, you know what, I don't care anymore. You're screwed, your players are screwed and anyone still taking you guys seriously are screwed. Consider me no longer screwed.

Lou Vales

Nice to see SlowMo take 3-0 and 3-1 pitches in the 8th against Venters who he had no chance of getting a hit of. it was unfortunate that he then chooses to swing at a pitch out of the zone that would have been ball 4. Sanchez takes 2 balls , fouls ball3 off and then swings at ball 4 to make an out, dobbs singles to left and then watches stanton swing at 2 balls that bounce in the dirt. It hurts to be a Marlins fan.

Matt, Sorry i watched it.i know you disapprove--CORRECTLY--i just wanted to see Hand pitch.We now have rookie Doublea pitchers combining with 2 other guys tolose a 2 hitter!!

Lou Vales

Will be going to Nashville for 4 days maybe the Sounds will be home.Too bad L don't get a chance to see them play New Orleans.A few of their players may be as old as I am.

Boy!!! I have nothing but contempt for the ownership and front office of this team.All that money from MLB from the big spending clubs and whast they did with it is not readily apparent.

I would advise true FANaticS to watch the progress of some hitters on Greensboro. It's Low A but you can tell they have talent.

Stan M

Put this on an older blog.

Well, we lost, But if there is such a thing, it was a "good" loss. No one blew the game, a new pitcher was terrific, and the bullpen was again excellent. It's not like these other losses of late. Only bad thing is Stanton. He's taking strikes and swinging at balls. Shades of Hermida; that's what finally sent him packing.

Samson's Boyfriend

Well Gang...the Good,the Bad and the Uggla..Young Mr Hand was impressive after he settled down after throwing 25 pitches in the first inning with the Braves fouling off alot of deep in the count pitches...Kinda reminds me of a lefty that started for the 03 WS team ..Mark Redman..not overpowering but hit the corners and made a pitch when he had to..Had a contingent of over 20 friends and family from Minnesota seating by me ,very nice folks and a guy told me Hand was the best hitter in town in case we need a LHPH off the bench..Made one mistake to Gonzo and gave up 1 hit thru six and lost his first start..Marlins are paying the price for having young inexperienced hitters in the middle of order..can anybody hit with RISP..not in the past week..Uggla looks the same except he must be getting his hair-cut at Seminole Village by Chief Osceola..Uggla had his usual 0for3 with a K he looked stupid on and hit into a nice Stanton assisted DP his first time up..other than that I heard Edwin is going to Hialeah tonite with the team Bats to get a Santeria Priest to take the curse off the hitting with RISP..

Lou Vales

Samson, Nice talking to you today.

That game again in the words of Jim Mandich had the inevitable stench of horse manure, It has reached the point where you expect them to NEVER get a hit with a guy in scoring positions.i know of a couple of old time owners who would have fired edwin after the game for that Bonafacio stunt. You can't give up an out to get a runner into scoring position for Wes Helms--and it does not matter how attractive his wife is. That may have been one of the dumbest things i've ever seen a Big League manager do and I go back to 56. Why would he do that? has he not been watching the games.how many times id he going to let SlowMo hit 3-0.My God,how many times are you going tolet SlowMo hit 3-1. it has transcended bizarre. Who in the game's history has not been able to hit "cripple pitches" assuming he is a good hitter to begin with.

Hand was very impressive but I really don't think his stuff projects into a stellar Big League career.I hope with all my heart that he goes on to become Tommy Glavine/Warren Spahn

The back of the Braves'pen is really good and you better be ahead after 7.

Uggla may actually be done.I'm beginning to think some strange things. I'll run them by you tomorrow but not on a blog.

Samson's Boyfriend

Good talking to you Lou...Sorry cant talk during the game ,it's to noisy,even with small crowd..Hand has got to be pinpoint,working the corners kinda like Glavine..you saw what happens when he doen't hit his spot..a guy like Gonzo hits a blue-seater because Hand missed inside...Marlins young hitters Cogs,Lomo.Gaby,Stanton,Boni look like they have no clue right now...Growing Pains at this level..Helms,who should know better,got himself out on the first pitch he saw,Edwin still has blind faith in Helms plus who else does he have right now..the whole thing tonite was like watching a remake of the previous 5 bad movies you've alreadt watched this week..Talk to you soon...

Lou Vales

Clark, I ain't letting this one go.You have a responsibility to discuss that strategy. You know it was wrong and everybody in that press box knew it was wrong. the players on the field knew it was nuts. Hell, I bet Wes Helms knew it was crazy. Who in his right mind would give up an out to get a runner in scoring position for Wes Helms> It was a nearly irresponsible move.

This team is about to quit. You can see it in their eyes. This team needs to be shown that ownership cares enough to go get some help. They could easily be 12 games out by July 1 and then Jeffrey can take all that cheap publicity for himself and go--fill in the phrase(11 letters).

I have the contact numbers now for the people I like and respect on this board so i don't care what I say.i would think you would feel the same way. The TRUTH is a short cut to the Boston Globe or some other REALpaper. Clark,you can do it/

Lou Vales

Just read the Hand story.Edwin said "breaks aren't going our way" Edwin, you are giving up an out to bring Wes Helms to the plate. Think that is going to help create breaks? Was there ONE ball hit hard when you had a runner in scoring position? Was Infante able to move runner over in the 1st? Does SlowMo continue to treat 3-0, 3-1and 2-0 pitches like 0-2 pitches facing Bob Gibson? Is Mike swinging at pitches that a cricket wicket would not reach? What do any of those things have to do with BREAKS?Losers talk about not getting the breaks.

Now it's inevitable that this ownership will shaft you for a bigger name.you know that.Now the key is to have such a good resume that the heinous move is seen as repugnant by the rest of baseball and you quickly get another job.Giving up an out to get a guy in scoring position for the Clubhouse Deacon is no way to pad that resume.



I'm not in any great rush to go to Boston, but I'll give you this much: Considering the hitter, I have no problem with the sac bunt. Bonifacio is slumping big time. Since May 4 -- a full month's worth of play -- he has 12 hits with 23 strikeouts in 75 at bats. In other words, based on his offense of late, he was TWICE as likely to whiff as he was to produce a hit. So the bunt there doesn't bother me.

The questionable part for me is that he didn't send in Hayes to run for Buck. If you're playing for one run, as the sac bunt clearly signaled, why not improve your scoring chances with a faster runner at second?

-- Clark

Samson's Boyfriend

Lou..regarding you post at 10:54..Guess you didn't get the house warming from Loria...He bought a new house in the Hamptons last year for just under 30mill...talk to you tomorrow..

Samson's Boyfriend

Great point Clark...what's up with Baker's rehab status?


Baker is back in Jupiter. Looks like it's going to be a slow process.

-- Clark

Samson's Boyfriend

I figure Marlins prefer to use Baker as the LHPH off the bench and will keep 3 catchers with Cousins being on the bubble ,however if Baker does'nt come around by middle of July.they will have to go to another plan..Thanks for your prompt response..


I'm starting to loose interest. I'm not a fair weather fan by any means but it's getting harder to want to watch the games. The assumption now is that they will loose and hope to be pleasantly surprised if they win. At this point it's not a matter of getting help. One guy won't make a difference if the rest of the team doesn't step up. I'm very disappointed but that's my fault I suppose.

Lou Vales

So you guys really believe Baker's progress has been slow? I'm trying to think of ONE pitcher who had the same procedure and took this long to come back. The Marlins catchers through mostly no fault of their own don't throw out anybody anyhow so give Baker a first baseman's glove and he can be the left handed PH off the bench, can give Gaby a blow at first, and can be the DH in interleague play.Can he make the FEW throws a 1B must make in a game?I don't know the answer to that question OR if he can swing a bat.If he can't swing a bat then all this is moot--or "mute" as they would say in SC. I do know he is not helping much by writing a column for The Guardian, London Times, Yahooo or whatever.

Glags, Don't beat yourself up about not being a "good FANatic",you are under no obligation to tolerste foolishness.just think if you had a child who had sailed through high school,aced the SAT and had a full scholarship to Harvard,glides through Harvard, goes through medical school,residency and internship at Johns Hopkins, a position waiting at sloan Kettering and then she says she wants to go back to school to study anthropology.Do you still LOVE your daughter? OF COURSE!! Are you extremely pissed off? I hope so.Do you have a right to be? Yes, you do.Your daughter is of course the Marlins.Many people tolerate the athleticteams they follow with more patience than they do members of their own famlies. That is insane.You want to stop watching because they are not doing anything to get better--Do so in good conscience.

Dr. No

Have given up watching this nonsensical team trying to win with without the proper elements to even compete on a day to day basis...would rather become a Cubs fan..they suck and they know it...

Lou Vales

It's also time to consider the Matt Dominguez conundrum. The two scouts I know---you can choose to either believe or disbelieve I know 2 scouts, maybe I can post something only someone inside baseball would know that Clark could verify--don't believe Dominguez will EVER hit.They think it's possible he could hit around 220 with a ceiling of maybe 235. is that what you want from a 3B in 2012 going forward.I've been scathological enough in my comments about Skipworth.Let's just say I'm not along in my feelings about a guy chosen NUMBER 6 who struggled in the Sally League for 2 years and is now hitting around 180 in Double A at the age of 22. Remember he was chosen NUMBER 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Marlins brass has now sunk to the depths of saying he looks good taking BP.WONDERFUL!!

Dr Ruth

Heard a rumor that this Holy-Roller named Coghlan lost his batting stroke when he lost his virginity...

Flav C

Wow, that was a tough one. I swear that i thought the Marlins would give themselves a chance to score in the 1st inning, with Cougs hitting a 2B. My logic said, now Infante bunts him to 3rd and we can score off of a sac-fly, a groundout to 2nd base or SS, a passed-ball, a wild-pitch,a squeeze bunt or - God Forbid - a HIT! Statistically, a man in 3rd with one out has 45% more chances to score than staying in 2nd w/ one out. But looks like this team does not believe in logic nor statistics. It is easier to say "brakes aren't going our way" than giving yourself a chance to score. And Clark, i did too thought Hayes was going to run for Bucks. Apparently we are solely couch-coaches and know nothing about the game.

Lou Vales

Dear Clark, I know I "vent" a lot---to me it is normal discourse---but I wanted to tell you I appreciate the info you provide and truly do appreciate the fact that it is easier for someone who does not NEED access to shoot his mouth off as opposed to someone who must face these guys in the dugout.I would probably aspire to be Gregg Doyle if I was the writer for a team but then again Gregg would never follow one team.Just know I think you do a fine job.

Tell Dave O'Brien "Hello"and maybe vouch that I'm not a "megalomaniac"Sp. I insist in the AJC that Uggla is DONE and that is considered Obsessive Compulsive behavior because I post it about 5 times a day in response to people who continually chime in "He'll snap out of it." These people are "rational observers" and I am considered OCD.

Really David referred to me as a misanthrope--I really believe that is a faulty diagnosis.Now he is a "panderer"--is that a word??---but he sees that as part of job description.

Dr. Kevorkian

We will be at Sun Lifeless Stadium before game today, to assist all Marlins Fans that need professional help with their Marlins addiction...If you can't go through the withdrawal on your own,and are looking for eternal peace from this nightmare, go to the white trailer parked at gate A, next to the Braves team bus..We will start taking new patients after our first appointment with Mr Uggla...

Lou Vales

Do others believe that a guy who writes a blog should appeal to the specific intersts of those who he is addressing. Politicians,no matter the party, pander to those they are speaking to at a rally, town hall meeting or a convention. For the most part we don't respect people who will say what they know will earn them appreciation from those being addressed. That is why most sports blogs are written to generate acceptance by the blogees. You don't want to say that Uggla looks like there is something significantly wrong, rather you give stats showing how he has slumped in the past, you quote his "baseball card" and you parrot the manager but you never say--"This is really strange. Who goes 5 for 63 and stays in the lineup?"

Charles Nelson Reilly

Fredi's Fluffer...Oh,Towel Boy..

Lou Vales

Clark, Do you believe you must write things that appeal to the rudimentary intersts of those who define themselves as "FANaticS?" I believe "FANaticS have base interests that cause them not to think in a rationalmanner. Why would anyone want to encourage people to believe that somehow the Liberty Corp who is paying Dan Uggla is not being blanked out of a lot of money AND with the potential for the meltdown to continue for 4!!!!!!!!!!! additional years. Shouldn't there be encouragement to uggla to the effect why not say something along the lines of "Hey listen, I just want to apologize to the owners, front office, manager , teammates and fans of the Braves. I'm doing my best but i realize I have contributed nothing while being compensated tremendously." Wouldn't that be a nice thing to say.Not Required!!! BUT still damn nice. And the guy who publicly encouraged Uggla to say that might be seen as a hero in an economy where many people will probably be working until the day they die.

Dr. Frankenstein

B.O.L.O Alert...We are missing our creation that was delivered to our Jupiter Lab yesterday for his monthly electrode recharging.He last pitched for the Marlins on Sunday..We sold him to the Marlins in 05,along with 4 other creations and he was the only one to survive. If spotted, please call the man we deal with, a Mr.L Beinfest, at the phone number listed on Marlins web site.. There could be a mediocre Reward...

Dr. Frankenstein

Sorry, I have been misinformed..he last pitched for the Marlins Saturday Nite..No wonder we misplaced this creation, he was a day late being delivered to our Jupiter Lab and got mixed up with the new batch of creations we sold to Mr L. Beinfest over the past two days...If found he answers to the name Heir Volllschstad...Danca..

Lou Vales

Clark, What exactly is the deal with Baker/I trust you recall last year at time of injury it was seen as a week to week thing. Then slowly and insidiously it grew to tommy John Surgery.Then it became he would be ready after spring training and now things must be taken slowly.If they were taken any more slowly we would just now be approaching Madagascar. Is it possible you could expound on the disgust the club hasfor Sean West and his role in lack of conditioning that served as precursor for the physical problems he experienced.This stuff is out there and all you need is to know someone.you and i both know people but many who depend on you in particular know nobody.

i suggest we start an "Edwin Last Day Contest", the winner wins recognition of the entire Blog and special commendations from Clark. I will go first, and understand i believe this totally unjustified.i would fire my son-in-law before i fire poor Edwin.In fact maybe this could even be viewed as discrination against Puerto Rican managers. Anyway, he will be fired:


Flav C

since this post is about "slump", i was giving it a thought, and i came up with this:

One of the puzzles this team has to solve is big-Mike. having him in the #6 spot is unproductive for the team. By knowing that the #7 is Buck, it puts a lot more pressure on Mike since he knows that if he walks or hit a single, he will pretty much be stranded because of the lack of production by Buck. And the truth is we cannot expect Buck's production will improve much better. With the exception of last season, Buck is a .230 hitter, no more than that. What i would try is what was done in the beggining of the season during 6 games. Mike batted #4 with Gaby and Lomo sharing alternatively #5 and #6. Mike was batting his current avg (.250)with 3 RBIs , 4 Runs and 1 BB, and he didnt have as much pressure to hit hard since the combo Gaby/Lomo was hitting .340 during that streak of 5 games, with 9 RBIs, 9 Runs and 5 walks. The Marlins went 4-2 during that streak, against Braves/Phillies/Houston (2 times agains each team). The only adjustment i would make is putting Mike batting #3 and Gaby #4, Lomo #5, Dobbs #6. It would take the pressure off of Mike knowing he would have 3 good hitters right behind him. It proved productive when used, why not try it again?

Flav C

The reason i mentioned this is, in my opinion, because of the fact Mike knows the next hitter is Buck, he tends to chase every pitch, doesnt matter how bad it is. He feels pressured to hit hard and ends up chasing all types of garbage. By knowing better hitters are next, he tends to be more selective, and allows himself to get some BBs too. In the end, its a question of these guys getting out of this funk and start hitting, but sometimes it helps to go back to a formula that was working well for the team.


Hand pitched well. That was great to see. Hopefully it continues.

I'm not worried about the lineup. They'll start hitting, sooner rather than later. Everyone knows our hitters are better than this.

Flav C

Lou, Edwin's last day will be by the end of this season. Cheap Loria will not spend money this season on a big-name coach. Ok, since i want to win the contest, i will say July 3rd right after the 6-1 loss to the Rangers at home.


Edwin's done some shuffling...Here's tonight's lineup: Coghlan, cf; infante, 2b; dobbs, 3b; sanchez, 1b; morrison, lf; buck, c; bonifacio, ss; cousins, rf, nolasco p.

-- Clark


The only problem is that other than infante and buck Edwin rarely messes with the line up. He should take a page out of Joe Maddon's book and try anything and see if it works. Shoot Maddon put Longoria in the lead off spot to try and break him out of his slump and he had a couple of hits that day. I mean Coghlan hasn't been producing, why not let Hanley lead off?! It isn't 2009 anymore. Sure Cogs has shown flashes of ROY but not consistently enough to keep at the top of the order. If it doesn't work then you can't fault the manager and you go back to the drawing board. Reminds me of Fredi keeping Cantu at clean up even though he couldn't buy a hit.

The Great Karnak

Senor Edwin will be sheet-canned on July 27th which,coincedently, is a celebrated National Holiday in Puerto Rico..Puerto Ricans on the island celebrate the birthday of Dr Jose Celso Barbosa,an advocate for P.R. statehood and the founder of the Republican Party in Puerto Rico...Tough sheet for Senor Edwin..also right before trading deadline....

The Amazing Randi

The Great Karnak is a fraud,and charlatan..Mr Edwin will be fired a year to the day he was hired ...June 23...Marlins fans can stop by my office in Ft.Laud for free initial consultation..call ahead for appt....

Lou Vales

TREMENDOUS posts and thanks for the cooperation in the prognostications of Edwin's E-Day.

I really feel pretty foolish for having invested so much into this good start. I was REALLY into it and agonizing about every pitch. Now a great baseball saying is you are never as good as you appear to be when winning nor as bad when you are losing, however, the thing with the Marlins is inability to make changes when slumping. You just CAN'T sit anyone bevause there is no alternative off the bench nor in that system I keep mentioning ad nauseum. I can tell some of you really follow the game, can any of you name a Major League bench that has ever been this weak. I'm not comparing it to just the benches of today--which you can all easily do---but going back in time has there ever been anything to approach:





What is Edwin suppose to do as far as changing anything when those are his choices. This lineup right now is so tired looking, so futile and so dysfunctional as to resemble the Miami Dolphin QB situation going back to Marino's retirement. As Gertrude Stein said about Oakland--"There is no there there." Well,Gertrude could be describing what we are witnessing right now. Unless these kids decide to start looking for good pitches early in the count, to be selective when ahead in the count, realizing that NONE of them are capable of hitting the fastball above the letters and actually changing approach as situation warrants--Well, we are toast.

I'm torn right now about watching tonight. I really don't care about who is in what slot. I only care about each individual being able to rise up to best of his ability. I'm not mad at Helms, Martines, Cousins, Murphy or any other current minor leaguer they might run up here. They can't play. It is not their fault.It is the fault of the people who have made them the sole alternatives when help is needed.

I'm really getting good reports on just how good this Greensboro team is with the bat. I saw signs in Greenville but you can't tell much(anything!!!) with 5 games, but now the talk is percolating and 3 of these kids may be fast forwarded and none of this takes into account Ozuna who was seen as the crown jewel until recent struggles.I'm 63 so I only have about 27 years left. I can't wait forever.

Lou Vales

Forgot to ask.How did "E-mail Tuesday" go.I am of course blocked out from Marlins announcers when they are playing the Braves. I chose to listen to placido Domingo during the game last night. Were there any penetrating querys from the e-mailers??

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