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Villanueva back to New Orleans, Jose Lopez in second game lineup, Mujica hurt

    PHILADELPHIA -- Elih Villanueva's first day in the majors lasted for all of three innings. Now he's returning to Triple A New Orleans after being pulverized by the Phillies in his first major league debut. The Marlins selected the contract of infielder Jose Lopez and are starting him at SECOND base in the second game of the doubleheader, which starts at 7:05.

    And that's not the all of it. Reliever Edward Mujica was awaiting the results of X-rays on his right wrist, which he injured in a tumbling collision at first base with Wilson Valdez in the seventh inning. The initial diagnosis is a sprained wrist. Mujica said he was feeling a lot of pain. There's obviously a chance he goes on the disabled list and the Marlins call up Jose Ceda, who is already in Philadelphia. But no word yet on that.

     To make room for Lopez on the 40-man roster, the Marlins designated catcher Brad Davis for assignment.

      The Marlins signed Lopez a few days ago after he was released by the Colorado Rockies. Lopez spent seven seasons with Seattle, where he enjoyed his best season in 2009 when he hit 25 home runs and drove in 96. But he's tailed off at the plate the past two seasons. He hit just .208 for the Rockies before his release.

      "I look at this as an opportunity to play everyday," Lopez said. "(In Colorado) I didn't play everyday. I have to play everyday. This year I play one, off four, play another one, off five. I don't like that. I want to play."

     Manager Edwin Rodriguez didn't indicate how he intended to use Lopez, who also plays second.

     The Rockies are on the hook for all but the pro-rated minimum of Lopez's $3.6 million salary this season.

     As for Villanueva, it was a rough debut. He gave up eight runs in only three innings, during which he threw 92 pitches, only 52 of them for strikes.

     "Trying to be too fine," Villaneuva said of Wednesday's performance. "I wish things had turned out a little bit better, but the command was off."


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DC Marlin

I predict that Edwin will be fired upon their return from the road trip.

I have never seen a run of this many lopsided losses in a row in all of my years of watching baseball.

The season is pretty much over before the all-star break. Shut down JJ for the year. It's not worth taking the risk of bringing him back.

This team is in absolute shambles.

Samsons Boyfriend

This team is so Efff'ed Up they should probably keep Edwin and use him as a Punching Bag til the End of the Season....Not enough talent on this roster ,with no help in Minors and No Cards to play at the Bargaining Table to make a significant difference...Edwin and the Front Office can all take their turns Being the Dummy Bag...

Samsons Boyfriend

Clark..Believe Jose Lopez will start at second tonite with Dobbs at third against Righty Halladay...Might start at third against leftys,ending Helms career as a starting thirdbaseman with Marlins..


You are correct. Jose Lopez IS starting at second (and Dobbs at third), much to our surprise in the press box when the lineups were posted. The manager told us he would be starting at third when we spoke with him after the first game. Obviously, he changed his mind after we left.

Lou Vales

Am I a horrible person----Don't answer that---I can't help rooting against them NOW. I really believe the Marlins at this point can be compared to an addict.They must reach the absolute BOTTOM to have any hope.I understand that Loria is similiar to one of those blind squirrels who found a HUGE acorn but I really believe he has an IQ at least in double digits and he realizes he must improve this team before next year.There is no doubt that he will pull a Shiffel/Cunningham and sell this team at the right time but that can only be if they show a consistent ability to draw at new park.

Samson,good point about a new manager.Who would want to walk into this mess? You have a 63 year old guy in Greenville who has talked with enough baseball people to realize this is a porta potty in the making. There fore any baseball person who would be offered knows the same thing. AND there is always the lurking requirement in your job description that you must talk to David Samson. Can you imagine what Lombardi or Parcells would do to the son-in-law the first time either heard THAT voice??


FYI...The Marlins have signed outfielder Dewayne Wise to a minor-league deal and assigned him to New Orleans. He's starting in CF tonight for the Z's. As you'll probably recall, he spent most of spring training with the Marlins.

Samsons Boyfriend

Where was Left-Handed Hitting D. Wise hiding out until now...it took the Marlins this long,with their underachieving bench, to find him after having a decent Spring with them??


Well, at least management is looking through the scrap heap for players. They know Wise, but it doesn't really speak volumes to his ability if he couldn't break camp with this club. He made that one great catch for Chicago last year that saved that nohitter and that's it. Pretty much fits right in at this point though.

Samsons Boyfriend

Elliot..D Wise would have beaten out Cousins for roster spot in Spring Training,had he not gotten hurt with about 10 days to go,before breaking camp..D. Wise Spring Stats-52AB,2Hr,5DB's,10RBI's,7K's,.250BA,.766OBPS...,Cousins Spring Stats-61AB's,0HR's,4DB's,19K's .246BA,.592OBPS...Cousins breathed a sigh of relief when D.Wise got hurt and then refused minor-league assignment and asked for his release..

Samsons Boyfriend

Clark..Was the Marlin Brass breathing Fire after Game one..Heard a rumor that the Clubhouse was kept closed much longer than usual..Did they give you an Asbestos Suit to wear upon entering the Clubhouse after the first game???

Lou Vales

There are 3 people that Marlins fans wish would wear asbestos suits.

By the way, Choate IS going to be a very valuable piece of property come August. If he keeps this up, he will fetch a very good prospect. Choate could be THE difference maker in deciding who plays in the World Series.

Samsons Boyfriend

Padres release Jorge Cantu..Whats the Odds he finds his way back to Marlins...Cantu or Helms??

Samsons Boyfriend

Choate has 2 year contract with Marlins which would add to trade value...


Good point Samson, forgot that Wise was hurt in spring.

Lou Vales

Do not bemoan what just happened. They must reach the very bottom of the scrap heap before there can be hope. What would a win tonight really have proven? Would have been nice to solidify Anibel's place as the Ace but there is still NO way they make the Playoffs and that is why you play the game. a nice 29 out of 30 streak to make Loria, Samson, Beinfest and Hill all look like morons is just what we need. We do not need for the acne to be covered up with clearasil, we must use antibiotics to get to the source of the problem. I know these analogies are not the best but when I think of this play I'm reminded of a poor girl in high school who had terrible acne that actually had white heads sprouting out of every pustule. She would put some kind of salve on it to cover or treat it but she had it for 4 long years. It was really sad and so too are your 2011 Florida Marlins.

Lou Vales

Admit it. A couple of weeks ago the 4K night by Stanton with the futile AB with the runner in scoring position would have made you angry, but I bet now you are getting more and more steeled against this stuff. You realize that getting angry about The Marlins is like getting upset with what the Greeks are doing do the World economy---Well, actually the Greeks are more important---there is nothing you can do about it except to wince. And soon you will no longer wince. This team needs to lose about 10 more in a row to be 23 out of 24, maybe at that point Art Conisseur, The Son-In-Law and the Personnel Maven become such laughingstocks that they decide to fix it.

I would hope right now people are hiring lawyers to try to get stadium deposits back based upon inferior product being put in place.

Lou Vales

Clark, would you ask someone from Miami if Ibanez and Contreras fought at the Bay of Pigs? Contreras actually looks older than Metheusela's grandmother.

What does a team like this do after a game like this and especially after a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGday like this. Will they actually hang around the lounge for awhile. 5 Tangueray Martinis could not dull your senses enough to make you forget the last 3 weeks or so.
Might just as well go to the room and watch Conan.

Dandy Don Merideth

Turn Out The Lights...The Parties Over..,They Say That All...Good Things Must End......Bye-Bye 2011 Season...

Lou Vales

Well, now tied with the Nats. Could still garner the Number One pick in next year's draft but then Boras will be the agent and that takes care of that. Could go entire month and only win 1 game and that would be special. Could have the lowest batting average ever with runners in scoring position. Could have a color announcer get so disgusted that instead of going on a diatribe against an e-mailer who obviously knew of what he spoke, he could instead blast the ineptitude of the team he covers. Well, that ain't happening. Could have the construction crews at new stadium walk off the job in protest. Will SOON be the subject of jokes on Letterman and Leno. Could have Edwin get fired and have 12 guys turn down the job until they finally hand it to David Samson who Selig says can't be in a dual capacity and for a week they go without a manager.

There are a whole bunch of things that could happen. I've just scratched the surface.

Tommy, I get my sound repaired on DirecTV tomorrow. How about a shout out to the guy in Greenville who nailed this fiasco. Almost as if I was preescient--look it up.You went to Southern Cal.

Lou Vales

DearDandy, This goes way beyond the 2011 season. This organization is fundamentally flawed and is soon to become a nationwide joke.
The Marlins could remove these Weiner jokes from the late night comedy shows. A buddy of mine grew up with Colbert in Charleston, I just called him and he promised to give Stephen a ring. This is the kind of story that has legs. Another loss to Phillies tomorrow, weekend in Tampa, the Angels for 3. If they could go 20 out of 21 and then go to Seattle where they will actually be the "home Team", this has all the aspects of comic opera.

Let's not stop now.There are milestones ahead.

Would be GREAT if Edwin just said--"Hey, this is your mess.You will not sully my name with it. I quit.'


Nunez, you "F"ing bum. BS stands for pure Bull Sh*t


And unfortunately if I'm Marlins FO, Anibal is going, going, gone! Hmm, wonder what the Red Sox will trade to the Fish for sending Sanchez and Ramirez back to them. Lou, please go ahead and correct me if I'm wrong about Anibal being apart of that trade for Beckett and Lowell.

Father Flanagan

Will be contacting "The Exorcist" immediately to schedule first exorcism available for Brother Nunez and the Marlins..

Lenny Dykstra

Are you even a fan of baseball Lou? at this point, I'm beginning to wonder.

Bernard Madoff

Lenny D...Do you have any Stock picks for me..I can guarentee you a 15% return on any funds entrusted to my company Rikers Island Trust...We heard you might be joining us here at the "Firm"...We have a Bunk,ahem,Suite, here at the Hotel for you...See you soon..


What I would love to know is how and the heck does Larry Beinfest survive this? We can complain about Loria, Sampson, Edwin and the rest of our amateur staff but doesn't Larry Beinfest have to shoulder much of the blame? He basically asembles this team for the owner and sells him on their chances of at least being a contender right? Sure the injuries suck but Utley was out until recent and Dan Uggla is having a horrible year with Hayward out too but you don't see a collapse like this. Edwin needs to get tossed at the least tomorrow. He had a chance tonight whe there was Hanleys check swing that was called a strike and Hanley argued it. I know you can't argue balls and strikes and Hanley walked but he needs to vent some of the frustration for this team. Even having Vasquez drill someone is fine too as we all know just about every Phillies player hovers over the plate and doesn't fear any of our pitchers. I do agree with you Lou that the sense is that Loria is just going to wait it out until the new stadium but the fact remains that all these "young, talented players" might not be that good after all. He risks losing what's left of his fan base after all the hoopla is over with the new stadium. I watch every game from Flagstaff AZ on Apple TV but won't be renewing monthly subscription because it just isn't worth it any longer. Love the Fish but this is like watching the John Boles era only worse. Where's Todd Dunwoddy when you need him? Yikes it's getting uglier every day.

Samsons Boyfriend

Beinfest the Blowfish and Mike HAAAAVARD YARD Hill have contracts thru the 2015 season...Get used to their over-rated repuation and propaganda,you'll be hearing it till then...Loria will blame this collapse on injuries to his two long term million dollar stars, JJ and Hanley...He got what he wanted the past 5 yrs...a new stadium..and he'll spiel alot of BS along with Samson the Mouthpiece to try to smooth things over..when they talk you,gotta bring a shovel,it sure gets Deep...


Hey Lenny, why'd you try to steal a car? Things can't be that bad can they?


Beinfest needs to be accountable for the bad trades he's made. That's why there's nothing in the minors to help the big club. It may be a money issue with Samson and JEFFREY, but it's a return on talent from Beinfest. He has drafted very badly. He likes tall soft throwing pitchers a la West and Volstad. We aren't fielding a basketball team.

Lou Vales

Lenny, I do like baseball and that is why I can no linger tolerate watching the Marlins.I really believe we need to lose today, get swept by Tampa Bay and theAngels and then get swept as "home team" in Seattle, That would give us either 24 or 23 out of 25. If I still lived there it would be fun to organize about a 1,000 people with signs to sit in heckling range of Jeffrey.Poor John would have to hire additionalpersonnel to evict everyone laughing at Loria.I do believe there will be no more Gilbert Gottfried appearances in the broadcast booth.

Remember, this is tough love.They must totally crash and burn and be broken before they can rise up.They would be appear to be a cinch to win 55 but with gaping holes at catcher, second base, Shortstop, and centerfield, anything is possible.Even the two designated hitters in left and right are streaky, Dobbs will seek his level and Gabby may be hurting,One quality starter, a bullpen showing the effects of covering for Volstad, Vasquez and these minor leaguers. All this suggets a potential draft spot bonanza but Boras is lurking so we will draft a guy willing to sign for less than a million. Billy should resign his position and Samson's Biyfriend may be only person at the games.

new Marketing Idea---Good Sections Are Available

Would be hilarious If the construction crews just walked off the job while citing bad baseball.

Lou Vales

Lenny, I hope you have twice a year dental visits because that perpetual chaw in your has already triggerer the insidious effect and the mutations of your genetic structure probably means you are already a Dead Man Waking

Best of Luck!! It could aooear in your esophsagus, throat, mouth akmost anywhere. So Sad!!

Flav C

Hey Michael, gotta give to you. Jose Lopez in his first game did more than Helms in all those games. Hit a double and scored a run.


Helms had a big two run double down the first base line a few weeks ago prior to this fiasco that was a key play in that game. Michael, from what I recall, wanted us all to look at his stats from years gone by. If Lopez can play up to the 2006-2009 level then Michael has a point. Anything other than a double or run here or there isn't worth a squat and surely not creditworthy.

Samsons Boyfriend

Helms will have a cameo role with the Marlins the rest of season...for Helms,it'll be better to be heard and not seen...

Lou Vales

I want you to contemplate a scary thought.Now I have no reason to think this is fact but what IF Johnson was basically through? It appears this team can't function without Josh to hold it together. Also what IF hanley was in some type of irreversible decline?Once again i have no reason to think that is the case except for last year and 40%of this year.

I tried to come up with another team in last 5o years that would not only be hurt but rather FALL APART if it lost its Number 1 starter. Now all teams would suffer under that scenario but can you think of one team that would have just mailed it in. I can recall Steve Carlton's brilliant year with the Phillies when he won something like 27 of their 54 wins but the Phils were not considered a good team. The Marlins were considered pretty good.

Well, I just wanted to propose those situations.

If you know of anyone STILL contemplating buying season tickets for next year so they can see downtown Miami,i would suggest they go to downtown Miami and just look around.

There are numerous internet sources and publications that can be purchased for mere pennies. Seek a couple of these out in a couple of weeks and see what impartial observers have to say about this Marlins draft. Asthe late GREAT Jim Mandich would ask--"Does it make your toes tingle/" I bet the answer will be NO!!

Lou Vales

I have my sound back on DirecTV but will have to miss today's broadcast. I must say it's a lot easier watching games now with nothing at stake. I would say when they fall to 20 games out to bring up the youngsters but there are NO youngsters except for Dominguez. Hopefully someone on the national level will work on something about how this all fell apart. I don't really know if draft choices in the past were always taken for signability,and I don't just mean the 1st Pick, I mean 1-10. The draft that really killed them when it could have tyrned the tables was the AAron Thompson, Sean West, Chris Volstad, Jacob Marceaux and one other ugly piece all in the first80 or so picks. Would be interesting to go back and see who was available in those slots. Well,Allison is still pitching somewhere and Hermida is striking out somewhere and Cabrera is headed to the Hall of Fame.


agree with lou on that draft we had 5 first rd picks and none hit except for Volstad...and he only hit because he's pitching in the bigs, but lacks consistency. Brett Sinkbeil from Missouri St was the first of those horrible picks you mentioned. Still can't get over Beinfest trading Miggy away for Badenhop.

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