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McKeon on trade deadline; Conine on Hanley

With a little less than a week remaining before the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline, rumors are swirling around baseball about potential deals. But manager Jack McKeon said Friday he expects it to be a quiet 10 days for the Marlins.

“As I look at it, I don’t see anybody being traded,” McKeon said. “You’ll see clubs like ours that are down in the standings, they’re going to be scouted a little more heavily because they figure maybe they’ll unload some of those players. … Something could happen, but I don’t see it.”

McKeon had other interesting thoughts about the trade deadline. Here's what he said:

"You guys love that rumor stuff. You see a scout from the Yankees is in here and he happens to be looking at one of our pitchers. Immediately someone thinks, ‘Hey, the Yankees are interested in this guy.’ Well those guys, No. 1, that’s their club to cover, or they’re thinking a lot of times, they’re thinking about possible free agents at the end of the year. It doesn’t necessarily mean someone is in at this particular time. And, also, you’ll see clubs like ours that are down in the standings, they’re going to be scouted a little more heavily because they figure maybe they’ll unload some of those players. So you’ll see a lot of guys in there looking at that particular time at the trading deadline. And a lot of people might slip a word to the media. Like [Mets outfielder Carlos] Beltran, he’s traded to everybody every day. ... A lot of times the rumors — A lot of times the blockbusters are the ones that no one knows about. Like Randy Johnson going to Houston. Everybody had him going to the Yankees and the Dodgers. Then all the sudden, it surprised me. Nobody let that one out."


Jeff Conine, a special assistant to Marlins president David Samson, raised some eyebrows earlier Friday afternoon with comments he made on The Dan LeBatard Show on 790 The Ticket. Here's the transcript from the interview with Conine...

Dan LeBatard Show: Does Jeff Conine get frustrated by Hanley Ramirez?

Conine: On a nightly basis.

Dan LeBatard Show: Because?

Conine: I don’t know. I just, I don’t know. I think that obviously Hanley is a phenomenal talent. But as a guy that — I’m probably jealous too, because I didn’t have that kind of talent, but I had to work extremely hard on a nightly basis to put my talent on the field. I think there are some nights where he doesn’t try as hard as he should.

Dan LeBatard Show: Does he care enough?

Conine: I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe that’s part of the problem. He is no doubt one of the top five talents in baseball, and you hope that at some point he would get it and become a leader in the clubhouse like he can be on the field.

Dan LeBatard Show: You don’t think he respects the game?

Conine: I would say if you define that as not going out there and putting 100 percent on the field every day, yeah, I would say no he doesn’t.

Dan LeBatard Show: Would you trade him, if it were up to you?

Conine: If it were up to me, probably.

Dan LeBatard Show: You see a guy who’s not being as good as his talent…

Conine: When you’ve got a guy that’s as good as he is and has had the success that he has — He’s not the only one. I think there are players like that, of that caliber, that kind of get complacent with their work ethic and say, ‘You know what, this game is pretty easy for me.’ And for me, it is much easier than it is for many other guys. As you get older and stop working as hard as you once did, your talent starts to degrade a little bit. So often they were able to flip that switch and dominate a game. Well, as your career progresses and you’re not working as hard as you used to, you can’t flip that switch any more and dominate a game. You’ve got to keep on working.



Marlins: 1. Emilio Bonifacio, 3b; 2. Omar Infante, 2b; 3. Logan Morrison, lf; 4. Hanley Ramirez, ss; 5. Gaby Sanchez, 1b; 6. Mike Stanton, rf; 7. Bryan Petersen; 8. John Buck, c; 9. Chris Volstad, p.

Mets: 1. Jose Reyes, ss; 2. Justin Turner, 2b; 3. Carlos Beltran rf; 4. David Wright, 3b; 5. Daniel Murphy, 1b; 6. Angel Pagan, cf; 7. Lucas Duda, lf; 8. Ronny Paulino, c; 9. Mike Pelfrey, p

-- Matt Forman


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Niner is a smart man.


Great to see clarity, & honesty from someone within. Thanks Niner.

David S.

Give Conine credit for having the cajones to say what most people are thinking. Unfortunatly ,it will fall on deaf ears.

Chris Volstad Likes Sheep

Conine will be fired and his number unretired by Monday. Screw this disorganization.

Marlin Perkins

Not True abot Volstad liking Sheep...Sheep to Short...Vostad likes Donkeys...

Stan M

Personally, I don't believe Conine first went on a radio show and second voiced those opinions without appproval of the FO. He has always been a company man and true to baseball as well. Thus he was the spokesman for more people than just himself. It does not bode well for Hanley's future as a Marlin. In my opinion, the FO will use this to judge public response and use the data to determine if they can trade Hanley without a public outcry. We posters on this blog already know the answer to that. Goodby Hanley.

El Presidente

Hanley isnt going anywhere.


Fish on 4 game slide,6 under,much tougher schedule ahead...leave the Gun, take the Cannoli.


Sooooooooo, let me get this straight: the FO has a bad reputation for trading away it's all stars. They finally invest on a good player and now you want the FO to trade him? I would say it's laughable but I guess it's what one would expect from this fan base.

Explain to me who you would want in return for Hanley. Prospects? As depleted as the farm system is I don't think it would be a good idea for this organization to go into rebuilding mode. Not with a new stadium opening next year. They need to win and they need to win now. I don't see that happening without Hanley in the line up. The only scenario in which a Hanley trade is justifiable is an even exchange. We had previously discussed Hanley for King Felix. As good as that sounds you still need a shortstop. What do they do? Replace him with Boni? Is Ozzie Martinez even close to being ready?

Anyways, I'm starting to rant. I don't care much for Hanleys clubhouse issues but he's more of an asset than a liability.


As for Conine's comments, I respect the man but I think penis envy got the best of him.


I agree with Conine, there is something
going on between the players, the lack of concentration, from most of them from play to play, like they don;t care, I don;t think is
envy, is like a sickness.
and I don't think Jack have any idea how to handdle it, other tham to start trading people or sending them to the minors.

Leroy Paige

Marlins are a last place team,with over-rated players and crappy starting pitching...All the bullspit ,aint gonna change what they R...BAD .With No Help On the WAY...


Trading Hanley would only make sense of whats on the other end. Trading him for prospects would be a bad trade. Trading him for a grade A starting pitcher would be the right thing. I doubt any team would give up a good pitcher. Who's ever the next manager is going to be...he's going to have to ride Hanleys tail everyday.


This FO is so over rated. They haven't hot on a 1st rounder in ages, and the Cabrera trade what a fiasco. Then they trade Maybin, and what happens, he's on a 40 steal, 90 runs scored pace. Andrew Miller.......he may have turned things around in Boston. What do we have left in the Cabrera trade Badenhoff, that's it. Even with Uggla, whose batting .195, with 18 homers we didn't get equal value. It's time to take a look at Larry Bienfest and see how bad he's been in talent evaluation in the past 5 years.


the team is losing so alot of the comments here sound like sour grapes. I think the chemistry of the team has been badly effected over the past two years. Manager Fired, Fan and Clubhouse Favorites Cody Ross (let go for free) and Dan Uggla (made to look greedy...not true) gone, then the hitting coach that many of the young guys came up with, fired, Hanly Ramirez, the mental case is loved by Loria and Tinker Bell. It just doesn't add up to be a winning team. The ownership, daffodils that they appear to be, are more concerned with what kind of fish will be in the fish tanks in the new ballpark, and how great the view of downtown Miami will be from inside the new ballpark, then they are with putting a good solid team on the field. There are some great young kids on the team but you can't expect an outfield that came up as first and second basemen in the minors to be outstanding outfielders right from the start.

Pray for Major league Baseball to force a sale of the team to normal people that know about operating a baseball team


Once more, I have to agree with Stan M. The Marlins are running this thing up the flag pole to see how it flies, and I think it's going to fly like the Stars and Stripes in a hurricane. Yes, I know the Stars and Stripes aren't supposed to be left to the mercy of a hurricane. But the Marlins shouldn't be left to the mercy of one rotten apple, either.


Knew Volstad would probably get sent down, but really, is there anybody out there who can do any better? Marlins already have a reliever in the rotation, and even guys like Sanchez and No-Lasto are struggling, so the Fish are looking belly-up in the water.
Maybe Volstad comes back a superman like he did after last year's demotion.


I agree with you laurelbowie. It's like Jack just got pissed at Volstad and wanted him gone. Like him or hate him, we have no one in the minors that can pitch better than Volstad right now. Period. That's why we stretched Hensley out. This is totally stupid.


Hungry players, thats what we need, I dont care how good they are as long as they are hungry.
What is the use of having players with great potential, that think they are God give to humanaty.
Gunshion. people that are proud of what ever they do, and will give it all.

Stan M

Volstad did well when sent down last year so why not again. Can that young lefty, Hand, be any worse. His last start was excellent. It's now obvious that this is a learning year, so let's learn. However, we learn nothing with Dwanne Wise, Helms and Cameron. Come on FO, new faces, at this stage we have nothing to lose.

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