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Analysis: Hanley has 62 percent chance of reaching Hall of Fame

    What are the chances that Hanley Ramirez reaches the Hall of Fame? Pretty darn good, according to an ESPN.com story.

     In his analysis looking at the Hall of Fame chances of players currently under the age of 28, Dan Symborski of Baseball Think Factory projects Ramirez's chances of getting to Cooperstown at 62 percent. In fact, Ramirez is one of only three under-28 players that Symborki rates as having a better than 50 percent chance of eventual enshrinement. The others: Seattle pitcher Felix Hernandez (80 percent) and Tampa Bay third baseman Evan Longoria.

     Symborski applies WAR (wins above replacement) and the ZiPS projection system to come up with his results, which are contained in his story for ESPN.com Insider subscribers only.

     Those in Symborski's second grouping of players on the "fence" (or those with a 25- to 50-percent chance of punching their Hall tickets one day: Dustin Pedroia, Troy Tulowitzki, Brian McCann, Ryan Bruan, Prince Fielder, Joey Votto, Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum and Zack Greinke.

      Having already traded away one young star on a Hall of Fame career path -- Miguel Cabrera -- and receiving little in return, what would justify trading Ramirez, as well?


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I Know the Marlins

All the Dreamers wake up...Hanley isnt going Anywhere...


Hey, smart-aleck. We all know Hanley's not going anywhere, so get off the mantra. We're playing and you're not smart enough to figure that out.

Stan M

In essence, for Carbera, the Marlins got the Hopper, Dunn, and Mujica. I think there's also a minor leaguer still with the team as well.


Didn't they get Mujica from the Padres?? He wasn't part of the Carbera trade.


I don't want to speak for Stan M, but I'm guessing he meant that the Marlins ended up the Hopper, plus Mujica and Ryan Webb, both of whom they got for Cameron Maybin. The Fish got Dustin Richardson for Andrew Miller, but I have no idea where he is now.

Boo Boo Ramirez

Keith Hernandez isn't a HOFer the way Hanley will never be. One was lazy physically the other mentally. As soon as Keith's natural ability left and it was time to work and train, he disappeared in a cloud of Indian smoke in Cleveland.

Hanley needs something like hypnosis or ADD pills. I'm telling you, the first time he really bangs up a leg on a play at second, he'll be gone for the rest of the season. Too bad his birthday is 12/23/83 or else we could end this conversation sooner.

Stan M

Exactly, LB. How in the world did we go from Keith H being a great TV analyist to being a potential HOFer. Of course he wasn't in that category. And yes, he could have trained more assiduously. But for several years, he was the standard as a defensive 1st baseman. And he literally ran that great Met team. For what he was, he was superb. And to say he was lazy simply says that the viewer neither understood him nor his role with the team. Screw Cleveland. Keith will always be a Met in my mind. LB, I believe they recently released Richardson.


As long as we're just throwing names out there living in Seattle, how does Orlando's Nick Franklin and Michael Pineda or Danny Hultzen for Ramirez sound?

Pineda a 22yr old all star P this year; big righty though the Fish could use the potential lefty ace and the Mariners definitely can make use out of Hanley's bat for their non-existent Offense. 16 straight losses

Hultzen a lefty, I believe is still unsigned.


Saw Hultzen at Virginia and he has the potential to be a very good MLB pitcher in as little as two years. Decent fastball, great changeup and slider. Could be another Cole Hamels.
If they decide to trade Hanley, it would be nice to send him to the Great Northwest, where he'd have fewer chances to come back and bite us in the butt like Maybin did.


Marlins are scouting the Angels or vice versa, it wasn't clear. Does anyone know what either team is looking for?


Marlins assistant gm is scouting the angles this week
Because the angles are potentially interested in nunez.
The marlins are also shopping choate, although I think that
Choate should stay because he offers more value to the team that
Whatever the marlins would get in the trade. But nunez needs to be
Traded because his value will only go down next year since next
Year is his last in arb. Plus, I'm kinda tired of him making every game he enters a dramatic one. Even if its not a save situation. Ramirez needs to man up and become what he is capable of, if not he should be traded. Maybe back to the red sox, the marlins could ask for Jose iglesias who is a top ss prospect, Anthony raunado and wil middlebrooks who is their thirdbaseman of the future. What do you guys think?


Iglesias might be a big hit in Little Havana but he's not going to be much of hitter at the plate — at least not right away. If the Marlins trade Hanley, they have to get at least one established guy who can hit Big League pitching right now or they'll be the most punchless team in the NL when their new park opens.

Flav C

funny..i thought those "DNA pics" were unique to each user. Guess i share the same one with J and rbleigh.

No Game For Old Men

When is McKeon gonna give up on his washed up pet Cameron and finally start Petersen everyday???????????????

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