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Baby on the way for Bonifacio, Hatcher on the way for Marlins

    After living up to his prediction of a three-hit game, Emilio Bonifacio scurried off to the hospital to be with his wife, who is scheduled to deliver their first child -- a boy -- on Friday. As a result, Bonifacio said he would not be in uniform for Friday's game.

     Bonifacio extended his hitting streak to a career-high 10 games with Thursday's performance. His on-base percentage in the leadoff spot is .365, good for sixth overall among the 24 NL players who have had at least 100 plate appearances this season in the leadoff spot. At .301, Chris Coghlan ranks 22nd.

    Because he knew his wife was due to deliver, Bonifacio said he told reliever Edward Mujica before the game against the Astros that he would produce three hits in honor of the child. He lived up to that promise.

    Meanwhile, after rookie Brad Hand posted his first major league win in the Marlins' 5-0 victory over the Astros, he was optioned to Double A Jacksonville. The Marlins are calling up catcher-turned-pitcher Chris Hatcher from Jacksonville to take his roster spot.


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That was a rare good game for the Marlins. Let's keep it this way, Fish!


Hey tell Boni to keep those babies coming if he's gonna keep hitting like this.

Flav C

Congrats to the Bonifacio family! On a second note, it is interesting to notice that since Jack came onboard, Dobbs played just a couple of games as 3rd base (last one was June 26 vs. Seattle) and since then, either as DH against A's and Rangers, or pinch-hitting in a coupla of games. Jack used Lopez, Helms, and now Boni as 3rd base but never put Dobbs back as a position player. Not sure if anybody else noticed that.


Good grief, Charlie Brown, they let my last comment appear for about 60 seconds, then wiped it out. Guess I should have said that DeWayne Wise is useless as "teats" on a boar. Whatever happened to freedom of expression?
Anyway, what I was trying to say is that I think Jack likes having Dobbs in that lefty pinch hitter role, which is where he's best suited. He started out the season like gangbusters but seemed to wear down when playing every day. And that leads me back to Wise. He can't be long for this world, especially with Cameron on board.

Samsons Boyfriend

Tonite is Fiesta Friday, which means bring your ear plugs if you're sitting around Home plate...Also the Manatees appear on Friday Nites with their latest Dance? Routine..Gag..They should have the Manatees race each other from the 330 sign on the left field line to home plate...Winner gets a Large Pizza w/everything on it..Talk about whipping the crowd into a frenzy..They'd go Nuts and the Manatees might be motivated to Drop a few Tons...


The Manatees might be motivated to keel over with a heart attack.

Samsons Boyfriend

@lb Thats the idea...like watching NASCAR,hoping for a Bad Accident...the Manatees think they are doing the Village People...what they're really doing is the Fat Slob Village Idiots...They have some guy named Tiny,no kidding..the only thing tiny about him is his pin-head on a 600lb body..He looks like a shrunken head on top of a big barrel..Ya gotta see this circus freak sideshow act to believe it...


I watch these guys and all a can think is, "Which one is going to die first?" It's inevitable that one them is going to collapse in mid-dance and ruin the game for everybody.

Samsons Boyfriend

They have paramedics with forklifts standing by..gave my tickets away for tonite and tomorrow to friends..gonna pass on Fiesta Friday, and David Cassidy and the Cirque crowd Sat nite...plus its the stros'...havent listened to Rich and Tommy all week,looking forward to their spin on things..

Samsons Boyfriend

Whats with the Three Stooges High Sign that Hanley just gave on his Home-run Trot???WooWooWooWooWooWooWoo,Moe,Larry,Cheese... Is Hanley imitating Curly,Now??? Hanleys a victim of coicumstance...


Hanley's been joking around with somebody out there, either in the stands or in the dugout, after each of his hits. There are more people in the dugout than in the stands, so I'll play the odds and guess he's got some kind of tomfoolery going on with a teammate. He's three for three, so yuk, yuk, yuk, baby, keep it up.


I guess the Stooges were actually n'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk.

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