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Borrowed bat for Morrison. Borrowed time for Dobbs?

     WASHINGTON -- Because he's constantly breaking them into splintered pieces with his ferocious swings, Mike Stanton goes through bats more than most Marlins. But now that Logan Morrison is using them to swat home runs with, the team might have to start ordering even more.

      Morrison has clearly taken a liking to Stanton's lumber, what with home runs in each of the past three games using the borrowed equipment.

      It all started last season when Morrison decided to use one of Stanton's bats when the Marlins faced Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano in Milwaukee.

       "I used one of Mike's bats and I got a base hit off of him," Morrison said.

       When Capuano showed up on the mound for the Mets on Saturday, Morrison decided to try it again.

        "I said, 'You know what Mike, i'm going to borrow a bat,' and i got a base hit and a home run with it," Morrison said. "I stuck with it."

        Morrison homered again on Sunday using Stanton's model,  which is two ounces heavier and a half-inch shorter than his own, and did it again last night against Nationals starter Jordan Zimmerman.


       With Sunday's non-waiver trade deadling fast approaching, Greg Dobbs knows his days with the Marlins could be numbered. Teams interested in a low-cost lefty bat for their bench might find Dobbs appealing, especailly after watching him go off last night.

       Dobbs drove in a career-high five runs with three hits, including  a home run, in the Marlins' 11-2 victory over the Nationals.

       "It's crossed my mind a couple of times, but it's something I can't control," Dobbs said of potentially being traded. "If it happens, it happens. I love these guys like brothers. It's been up and down, but it's been a lot of fun also to be around these guys and to friend all of them. Who knows what the future is going to hold."

       With the arrival of Mike Cameron and Jack McKeon's insistence on employing Emilio Bonifacio at the top of the order after taking over as manager, Greg Dobbs' playing time has diminished greatly over the past month. He hasn't started regularly since June 26. Last night was only his fourth start this month, and it came about only because Gaby Sanchez was a late lineup scratch due to a tight left hamstring.

      "i knew that was going to be my role coming in at the beginning of the year," Dobbs said of his bench role. "That left-handed hitter off the bench, pinch-hitting guy. spot start, give some guy some breaks....I ended up playing a little bit more than I think anybody expectetd, which was great. Now, because of the new additions, i was back to my role as it was before. But nothing changes. i've done htis job for a while so i know what i need to do to get ready."