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Choate steamed but bites tongue after McKeon lifts him mid-count

      Jack McKeon had already lifted Randy Choate once before when the lefty relief specialist went to 2-0 on a batter. That time it didn't surprise Choate because the batter was a right-hander. But when the manager took him out in the ninth inning on Monday when the count went to 2-0 on Lucas Duda, a left-handed hitter for the Mets, Choate said he was "surprised."

      Actually, it appeared he was more than a little surprised, reacting angrily in the dugout after being removed with one out in the ninth.

      "I was personally surprised this time, not so much last time," Choate said, who bit his tongue when reporters asked him about it following the Marlins' 4-1 victory over the Mets. "When he did it to me the first time, I wasn't as surprised, right-handed hitter. I was a little bit surprised tonight with the lefty. I guess I'll try to start getting them out."

     Choate is one of the best in the business at retiring lefties and takes pride in his specialty. Entering Monday, left-handers had gone 5 for 54 with a walk and 23 strikeouts against Choate. But Choate gave up a single to Willie Harris to start the ninth. One out later, he walked Nick Evans before going to 2-0 on Duda.

     Asked if he was angry, Choate replied: "He's the manager. I'm the player."

     Choate isn't the first pitcher McKeon has removed in mid-count this season. McKeon has made it a habit in his previous years as a manager, too. He once removed Billy Koch from a game in Philadelphia when, with the bases loaded, the the count went to 3-0.

      "I didn't think he was sharp," McKeon said of Choate. "Choate did a good job. He's been doing outstanding. But I thought it was time for a change. Done it before. Probably do it again. The name of the game is winning. We're not worried about hurting anybody's feeling. I would think everyone on this club would be interested in winning, and that's the way it's going to be. If someone doesn't like it, it's just too bad. I'm hoping everybody is on the same page as being unselfish and being happy with the W."


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Choate should have been steamed at himself for not getting the job done. He's been spectacular this year, but tonight he was teetering and seemed on the brink of giving it all away. McKeon makes mistakes like everyone else, but I like the fact that he doesn't diddle while Rome burns.


Ok so here's a question. What do the Fish do next year saying Trader Jack finishes strong with this team? I know the popular choice is Ozzie but do you ask Jack to give it a shot in the new stadium with this core plus a big name or two? Just something to think about.

Key West Frank

give it to JACK, marlins living legend and not interested in EGO's on winning, I Love IT! Fat fredi and Edwin i haven't slept in 4 months fell in love with Leo Nunez and Wes Hels and it probably cost us 6 games this year! I truly believe that if Mckeon would have been there since April there would have never been a June Swoon.


I don't want to be morbid about this, but you can't plan the future of your franchise with an 80-year-old man playing a pivotal role. Even if Jack would want the job, which I doubt, there is no way you can count on his being alive and healthy enough to manage a year from now. Obviously, anybody you choose could keel over from a heart attack, but a year is a long time when you're 80.
On the other hand, I don't really get the fascination with Ozzie, either. The guy is a lunatic and I'd rather have a manager I can understand. Maybe I feel differently when I sober up.


I meant maybe I WILL feel differently.


If Jack thinks he could do a full season...let'em have it.

illiterate Julio

Loria will pander to the spanish population in Miami ,on his managerial decision for 12'...

Flav C

i dont remember who mentioned it before here in this post, but whoever it was, credit to you (i'm not sure if it was laurel or stan): WHat was mentioned here was that Stanton should start swinging to the first pitch, which 8 out of 10 times was a pitch right over the plate. He did just that last night and got that 2 runs double. Great job by our "Fish Bytes" scouts!

Stan M

Thank you Flav. By golly, it's fun again.

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Thanks for the comments it'll be interesting to see what Loria does with the manager. Cheers

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