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Clay Hensley tabbed for Monday start in NY; Chris Coghlan nearing return

   Just finished a conference call with Larry Beinfest. Here are a few of the quick-hit highlights:

   -- With the July 31 trade deadline approaching, Beinfest said "I don't see major, major things happening at this point."

   -- Beinfest did not say whether the Marlins would be buyers or sellers, but team has a lot to do to make up for "unfortunate" June. "We're in digging out mode."

      "I never really consider ourselves sellers. You're always buying something. I guess the way we stand right now is we just need to continue to grind away and win some games. I think it's important to recognize our goal was to win this year and also, at the same time, build momentum into the new ballpark. Big picture view, there's a lot of pieces on this team we think will be parts of this team in years to come."

    -- There's still no timetable on Josh Johnson, or whether he'll even return this season. "We hope that he will pitch this year. We are not going to rush him back. We are going to make sure he's healthy and ready to go." Johnson has not picked up a baseball in more than two weeks.

   -- Clay Hensley is starting tonight for Double A Jacksonville, slated for 75 pitches, and -- assuming all goes well -- will start for the Marlins on Monday at Citi Field in New York against the Mets.

   -- Chris Coghlan has been transferred to Double A Jax and is expected to play at least two to four games in center before a decision is made on when to activate him from the DL.


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Dr Charles Virgin

Clark,Do you have any explanation for how JJ missing 2 starts gradually turned into a situation where he might miss the entire year.Now I have no problem with shutting him down and getting him healthy but I do find it strange that the original optimistic prognosis turned into THIS.Don't you?

Ed Snate

These are the same guys that said Baker had a sore forearm and he missed most of 2010 and all of 2011. It turned into Tommy John surgery! Do you trust their medical staff? I hope their caution works out better for JJ.


Man, things are just not good with JJ. I agree with Dr Charles, definitely think there is something else going on here.

At least Hensley is pitching against the Mutts. Good team to get your starting pitching warmed up against.


I'm not immodest enough to keep a record of my previous posts, but I do remember commenting the day the story of JJ's injury broke that I hoped it wasn't one of those things where the news kept getting worse each day and soon half the season would be gone. Right now, for JJ to miss just half the season would be good news. His last start before he went on the DL, his fast ball was hovering around 91-92 instead of 95-96 and there was an ominous feeling about the whole thing, even though JJ and the staff kept saying there was no serious problem. With pitchers, the news never gets better, it always gets worse. And unfortunately, with JJ it may get even worse yet. Part of the problem is that players, particularly pitchers, are so dumb and so eager to get back out there that they aren't honest with their doctors, and that makes it hard for the doctors to make a sound diagnosis and prognosis. That was the problem with Baker and probably with Johnson as well.


The more this strings out....the more it looks like a Mark Prior deal....a "flash in the pan"

Stan M

I'm sort of writing off JJ for the rest of this year and am more worried about the Nolasco rumors. Trading him would be a disaster. Nunez...fine. but not Ricky!

In my life I've probably seen 30-40 All Star Games, though in recent years I only watch patches. This was absolutely the first time that there were actually players that I never even heard of. Granted this is the first year in many that I didn't get involved in fantasy baseball, but still, who are these guys. All Stars? Probably has a lot to do with including middle inning nobodies, but the whole idea stinks. In fact, the whole darn game is now a farce.

The idea that the Marlins will open a new ballpark and NOT have the All Star Game there might show the respect that the powers that be hold for Loria & Co.

Adam Smith

Imagine you are 50 and have a very high profile of respectability and morality with the people you have done business with over the years. Imagine you are also a very important entity among those you know.Imagine you have spent excessively over the years. Imagine you have run up enormous debt. Now you have come around and realized you must curtail your spending.You and other members of family agree on that. You realizeyou have engaged in destructive behavior.Do you believe that as part of your new avowed austerity that you should start by not paying your existing obligations? You will not pay existing debt you have incurred but rather just say "I'm lowering my spending and And I'm not paying you" Does anyone believe that is the moral thing to do?Besides the moral implications how do you believe all those from whom you have borrowed money from will feel about you not paying them.It should be mentioned that you have always been well respected by those you have borrowed from and with whom you have conducted business.The idea to not repay your obligations has come from some of your children who do not understand repurcussions of being perceived as a "Welcher.'

I was just turning over in my grave and I decided to get your opinions. Back to sports. I was dead by the time Karl Marx said "Religion is the opiate of the masses." Actually he was wrong about that, along with other things,he should have said that SPORTS are the opiate of the masses.


Gee, I wonder who Adam Smith is? Are there any of our guys out there who DON'T know?
I knew I wasn't going to watch the All-Star Game last night, so I got out my copy of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle (a great novel) and settled in for a nice night of freedom from baseball. Then I flipped on the game just for a peek — and ended up watching the whole damn thing.
Stan M,
I also spotted a couple of guys I'd never even heard of, but I would have been embarrassed to admit it if you hadn't.

Thomas Jefferson

What scalawags possessing a sound moral compass would incur a debt, decide subsequently they had been extravagant and then decide it was time to stop being reckless with expenditures but also decide it was acceptable to not pay for original obligations. Sir, who are you describing? Certainly no one from my time or societal strata.

Robert Morris

Dear Tom, at least we can be grateful no reputable country would engage in these kinds of shenanagan. I could see some lesser provinces from a region without the means to raise money engaging in this kind of skullduggery to escape responsibility but fortunately our Noble Experiment would never counteance this type of behavior.

Just Walk Away

I suggest you 3 learned gentlemen confine your dissertations to the nether. This type of talk is now couched under the heading of "politics." I'm sure you would consider this dialogue to fall under the classification of ethics and morality but things have changed in last 235 years or so and such topics as responsibility have now been placed in an area of which people dare not talk if it goes against an ascending viewpoint. What was moral and obvious yesterday or 50 years ago now becomes contentious if enough people see a benefit to be gained by going against doctrine that has guided us since your time.

Gentlemen, You would find it troubling that many among the masses in our great land could not tell you the first 3 words of the brialliant work that has guided us since 1776. Asking what the designation is for the first Ten Amendments would provoke a glazed look in the eyes of many.It is a different time and a different place.Your wonderful documents can actually still provide strong direction even though you knew nothing of intercontinental ballistic missiles or microwave surveillance.

We are still proud of you.


Which of you four learned gentlemen can recite the first three words of the Ten Commandments without looking them up? Now does anyone want to talk about baseball?

Aggie 67

I guess if you do not know your baseball, you just run your mouth about a distracting topic. Sounds like a Democrat or Lew.

Stan M

As stated before, I always put my own name on each of my posts. Thank you all for not scaring me off...as has happened to another. Really hard to determine who would again denegrate this blog into personal, political proselytizing.

Samsons Boyfriend

Whats with all the B.S on here????

I Like Ike

It has now become "political" to suggest an entity pays its debts?? The Wall Street Journal---a liberal rag????---has suggested "we" better get this done.I doubt if many "liberals" side with the Wall Street Journal. You will hear and see many corporate scions who in the next few days will issue warnings about not paying off your obligations. Imagine if Standard and Poors rates our offerings as "Junk". This is not politics. This is LIFE. I don't desire to be recognized in the same breathe with Greece.

Read the Journal tomorrow and Friday and any other day leading up to August 3. Come back and tell me the Journal is LIBERAL. The head of the United States Chamber of Commerce--another bunch of liberal whackos, Right??---also issued a dire warning. The TRUE Conservatives realize this is the United States of America and not some third world country who borrows money and doesn't pay it back. I'm sure we all agree that we would want members of our own family to have the integrity to pay back money they had borrowed.Right?? It really does not matter if the members of our family had behaved like drunken sailors on a spending binge, it would still be their responsibility to pay the money they owe.

Really sad that a call to repay debts incurred is called "politics.Sounds like basic decency.

"Thou shalt not" STEAL.

I'm actually growing to really like a man who raised taxes 11 times in 8 years and also had no trouble signing off on raising the debt ceiling. Of course Ronald Wilson Reagan would probably now be seen as a Progressive and Dwight David Eisenhower with his 90% tax rates would probably be impeached. Richard Milhous Nixon is starting to look like a moderate Democrat. I'd take the Republican candidate, Jon Huntsman, right now as President. Of course the man is highly intelligent, speaks Chinese and is probably fluent in every aspect of diplomacy which means he can't win based on those traits.


Shut up Ike, you dork.


Dude, I've heard of drunk dialing and drunk texting but this is ridiculous. It's obvious who it is, please stop. Or maybe I'm playing into your hand by even acknowledging the comments. Can we get back to baseball now?

The Banker

This beats discussing the Marlins. Some of you must have some money you don't want going away with a 3,000 drop in the Dow over a week's span.

Will in Westin

I agree with the Banker. I'm much more interested in what happens if we default than who the Marlins 5th starter will be.Are you guys a bunch of adolescents? If the Dow goes from 12,500 to 5,000 because a bunch of morons cause a default and a worldwide recession that means more than Chris Coghlin. Unless you have no money to begin with.

Reagan Sure Liked To Raise Taxes--Look It Up

Go to "Yahoo! Finance" and read the article about "Moody's Downgrade", after reading it i would hope anyone who does not have 100.00 tucked under a pillow would communicate to the children who represent us in Congress to FIX this before August 3. I'm all for cutting expenditures--ALL EXPENDITURES--and if all those people making less than 50,000 a year don't want billionaires taxed, that is fine with me as well.This country has always been predicated on people voting against their vested self interests. Mark Twain said it best--I'll paraphrase--Poor people don't believe they are poor.They believe they are temporarily misplaced rich people. and that is how the whole system works. I have stop orders put on my investments.i don't even know if that helps if this goes totally global. We have been worried about a contagion flowing out of Greece, Portugal, Ireland and now pressure on Italy, let's hope the coup de grace is not an American default. now is a good time to have nothing to start with because there is nothing to worry about.


Looks like the debt-ceiling drunk drove everybody away from this blog.


Looks like the Rocket is going to beat the rap....
The Rocket should be tried. He lied under oath. IMO...he comitted fraud by doing roids. All of these players, Bonds, A Rod, etc...comitted fraud by doing roids. All of them have inflated baseball salaries. Just think, they would never would have received these million dollar contracts if they weren't on roids. It's like lying on a resume to get a job that you are not deserving.

Laughing at Laffer

Read a newspaper, Jackass. Read what all those CEO's, CFO's and Presidents of companies on Wall Street are saying. I know that Jamie Dimon never played in the Bigs, but he might be worth reading. I don't want to insult anyone on this Blog as I have talked with at least 3 of the people and I know they each have a vested self interest in the financial stake of this country.The others may not have a commode to relieve themselves in and if that is the case there is no reason to worry,however, once we default and the cost of borrowing money goes even higher therefore increasing the debt you will have an epic financial catastrophy that will make Sanabia's elbow pale into insignificance.

Gentlemen, wake up.Listen to the Wall Street Journal, Chamber of Commerece, former cabinet heads under both Bushes and Reagan and see what they have to say about a group of clowns bringing the United States of America to the brink of default. These entities and individuals have no use for Obama but they are patriotic enough to value the greatness of this land over a concerted effort to Beat the man and take down the country while doing it. DON'T read anything you consider to be liberal or progressive rather read the conservative publications and see what they have to say. I don't watch Keith and Maddow because they are clowns who say the same thing over and over and over. I hope you realize the same thing holds for Hannity. Watch the financial networks.Hear what they are saying. This is not the time to worry about what lisping fools have to say about "fixing" people's sexuality.We have more important fish to fry than worrying about social issues that will be dwarfed when the financial system begins to break down.

Tina Turner

Let's talk some baseball.

Tina Turner

Having said that my husband is converting all assets into gold and cash.The reason I want to talk baseball is I'm a CPA on vacation for two weeks and I love the Marlins.The scary thing is everything this person has said so far is true.I researched it about a week ago and the debt ceiling has been raised at least 70 times without a word of protest.All Presidents have done it. the opposotion always voices disapproval but they always pass it because there is no choice. this is a dangerous time.i'm imagining a lot of people who have been voicing oppition will be pretty rattled when their IRA drops 15% the first day.

Conservative, But Not a Nut About It

This guy is a pedantic pain in the butt but everything he says is true.I'm a retired economist and have been asked back by my former institution to give a speech on this topic. To put it in easy to understand language, Be afraid, be very afraid.

Tech 73

I NEVER have commented on this Blog.Maybe because the comments are so boring. It's not boring now.I too am scared by what is going on and my brother in law who works on Wall Street hates these silly clowns.Calls them "red necks", I don't know about rednecks because Cantor does not look like a red neck. The entire "street" wonders how these idiots can not grasp the repurcussions.

Will McIntyre

I hope you're satisfied.I have lost all interest in the Marlins-Cubs. Probably time I woke up anyhow. is cash safe? Where do you put the cash? Are the insurance provisions still in place?Are these people really this crazy?

Marlins Fans

Get Lost,all you phucking Douche-bags...Especially You, Lou Vales...everybody knows your rants.. do the World a Favor and Blow your Brains Out...


This is one nut job patting himself on the back over and over again under different names. There is only ONE PERSON on here writing about the debt ceiling and we all know who he is. Will McIntyre, Tech 73, Conservative, But Not a Nut About It, Tina Turner, Laughing at Laffer are all the same person and to suggest differently is insulting the intelligence of everyone on here.


Oh, and by the way, there is nothing pedantic about him.

Stan M

Just scanned the blogs above; it would be a sin to actually read them. Thought of the quote that goes something like, "There used to be a ballpark here." Couldn't help changing it to, "There used to be a baseball blog here."


Rupert Murdock

This person should be bugged and hounded until he is stopped.

Stan M

What a wonderful ballgame. Even when we were winning early, they were all nail biters. Anyway, it is starting to be a pleasure to watch the Marlins again. And the schedule looks good for yhe next couple of weeks in that we see enough of the Mets to switch places with them. Now maybe we can talk some baseball and not have some egoist turn egotist and try to show how smart he/she is.

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