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Hanley calls Jeff Conine a "chicken," predicts he'll be the next "Mr. Marlin"

    WASHINGTON -- One week after Marlins special assistant Jeff Conine made uncomplimentary remarks about Hanley Ramirez, the shortstop shot back with sharp words of his own, calling Conine a "chicken" and saying his goal now is to supplant the former player as "Mr. Marlin."

     "I think he wants to be Mr. Marlin forever," Ramirez said of Conine, who was given that moniker during his eight seasons with the team. "It won't happen. I'm coming, baby. I think I'm going to be Mr. Marlin. That's my goal now. I wasn't thinking about that (before Conine's comments)."

   Newhanley   While being interviewed on The Dan LeBatard Show on 790-The Ticket last week, Conine said that, if it was up to him, he would trade Ramirez and gets frustrated with the shortstop "on a nightly basis."

     "I think there are some nights where he doesn't try as hard as he should," Conine said, adding that he doesn't think Ramirez respects the game enough.

     Ramirez said Wednesday that Conine should have spoken to him privately instead of airing his opinions of him on the radio.

     "If he's got a problem, just come over and talk to me like a man," Ramirez said. "Don't be a chicken, talking on the (radio), because whatever you say is going to stay out there."

     Asked if gets along with Conine, who is a special assistant to Marlins president David Samson, Ramirez replied: "I used to, yeah."

     Ramirez said he was surprised at the timing of Conine's comments, and that he feels he is being unfairly labeled as someone who doesn't care or try hard enough.

     "Why now?" Ramirez said. "There are a lot of worse guys than me out there. But nobody knows because nobody pays attention. When I'm on the field, I'm just being me. I'm playing my game. It's how I've got to play. Nobody's going to change me. What I get paid for is to win, respect each other, respect the organization. That's what I do."Newconine

     Ramirez is aiming higher than becoming known as the next Mr. Marlin. He said wants to remain with the team for the rest of his career, have his number retired, and go into the Hall of Fame as a Marlin.

      "I'm going to make it to the Hall of Fame being in a Marlins uniform," Ramirez said. "This number (No. 2), nobody's going to wear it."

      As for Conine, Ramirez said: "I'm still playing. I'm in the game. Where is he? I'm just happy to be in the game. I don't care what other people say."


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Aggie 67

Hanley is just running his big mouth. Uggla and LOMO called him out. He's a loser.


New book coming out. It's called, How Not To Win Friends and Influence People by Hanley Ramirez with a Forward by Casey Anthony.


You can't blame Hanley. Jeff instigated all of this.


who wouldve thought hanley would want to stay a marlin just to spite jeff conine


Conine should keep his mouth shut. he works for Sampson. The thing he helped with his comments is talk radio. His comments did not help Hanley's trade value, so hence, did not help the Marlins!I'm sure the Marlins told him not to do that again.

Hanley Blows

The only thing Hanley will be remembered for is the most hated,despised Marlin...He's a Hot Dog Piece of Sheet...Just ask his Teamates,present and former...

El Presidente

Too Bad Hanley cant swim back to the cesspool he came from...


Oh man, it's getting real now.

Hanley can talk all he want, but his record speaks for itself. If he tried 100% of the time, he would be leading the batting race right now and his average would be above .330.

Oh, "no one is going to change me"? News flash, Hanley, if you want to be the next Mr Marlin, you will have to change. Play like an MVP instead of a rich, spoiled brat. You either play like Mr Marlin, or people will talk about "Hanley being Hanley" (like your friend Manny). It's your choice.


Hanley is trash. The man has all the talent and potential in the world except he knows it and allows it to inflate his ego and self-worth. News flash: Hanley ain't getting any younger and he's easily replaceable and there are a handful of guys with as much or if not MORE talent then him. He can run his mouth when he bats more than his weight. If he continues to pull this stuff, they'll toss him out on his hind-end. Conine is an analyst and a well-respected and much loved former-Marlin. He is entitled to have an opinion. Hanley and his ginormous ego need to learn how to take constructive criticism. All he is going to do is make himself look bad and turn the Marlins fans against him. He shows real maturity by talking trash to the media, why doesn't he go out, take charge and lead by example like all those REAL MLB superstars out there like Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter.


I love hanley even more now. Good for him putting conine in his place. He is right, conine as an employee should not have said it oublicly and the timing was off since hanley is playing better lately. Now marlins fan, think about, if we trade him, are we getting equal value? Are we guarantee another rising superstar? No and no. Hanley is more like Manny, redsox rode him for two WS. If they marlins are smart, and they are, they should do the same, go Hanley and go Marlins.


Dear Hanley, don't you know that if you want to be considered a much loved organizational figure like Jeff Conine that people have to actually like you? Yeah, that notion is an epic FAIL Mr. Ramirez.


Hanley, you moron, so it takes a former player to get you to want to be Mr. Marlin now? I applaud Conine for putting it out there about trading Hanley. Hanley, obviously is admitting that he didnt have the desire to be the best Marlin he could be by saying that he wants to be Mr. Marlin now. As a pro should always want to be the BEST. Get a clue! He is such an idiot that he makes Niner's statement true and doesnt even know it. Trade his Tale for some minor leaguers and a Third Baseman with pop. I can find a .250 hitting with 10 shortstop anywhere...

The Great Kreskin

Hanley should take lessons from his girlfriend ,Miss Cleo,for his crappy predictions..Call Me Now,before I go to Jail..


If Hanley didnt play Baseball ,he be back on the island,opening Coconuts for the tourists.

Dave Lasseter

It shouldn't take comments from a former player to motivate a superstar. .245 avg? He's closer to Jupiter than he is to Cooperstown.

Joe Pesci

Hey Hanley...When you have 2 World Series Championship Rings with the Marlins,then you can flap your Lips..in the meantime , Go Get Your Shine Box...

Harry Belafonte

Back home,when Hanley was growing up, his neighborhood was lush with all kinds of trees..They called it Public Transportation.


The truth ******* hurts doesn't it? Hanley can talk a big game but the truth of the matter is you half @ssing it most nights isn't going to cut it. Best of luck to you in being the next Mr. Marlin, you have a long way to go before even sniffing his or Mike Lowell's jock in that department.

Aggie 67

Did someone use Marlins and World Series in the same sentence? Not with this bunch of losers with Hanley as the ringleader.

Stan M

Well, in what we can all hope is Nunez'last performnce as a Marlin, we are again shown the importance of the "save statistic." That baseball fans, was a save! Can you believe it!

My son and I discussed whom we thought would win if Hanley and Conine duked it out. Hanley is the bigger man by far, but Conine, a handball and triathelon (I think) performer would mop him up? Opinions anyone? We both agreed that we'd love to see it happen as well.

Bert Sugarman

Conine would hit Hanley so hard, Hanley's relatives back on the island would feel it..Hanley would go cryin to his Mama,after Conine was done with him...A No Brainer...Down goes Hanley,Down goes Hanley..a One Punch KO by Conine..Hanley would punch like he plays Baseball..Not Too Hard...


You know Hanley should just change his number to 6. Explain to me what it is he does less than anyone else the team? By the way Conine is Mr. Marlin by coincidence. He didnt carry this team on his back to take them to the promise land on either occasion. Shoot he wasn't even there for the whole season the second time around. Would he still be Mr. Marlin had he stayed in Baltimore. I don't want to poo poo Conine because he beloved after all (being sincere not sarcastic) but as I said before penis envy probably got the best of him.

I'd also like to ask what is Hanley supposed to say? He was defending himself.

Stan M

He damn sure wasn't supposed to say what he did.


Why not? What gives Conine the right to mouth off like he did yet Hanley is being killed for it? A man is going to be a man. If you call me out when I'm not around I'll ask you to say it in my face. If we have to throw down then we throw down but I'm not gonna let you off the hook that easy.


Don blam Hanley he no speekie Ingles bery goode y es stupido y loco en la cabeza...


I'm not saying they should come to blows but if they did you'd have to ask who was the instigator? If say anyone other than Conine well then your just witch hunting. Im not a Hanley sympathizer because everyone can't be wrong but I think that he gets viewed differently because if where he came from. If he was from the Midwest somewhere he'd be just another mediocre player that hasn't reached his ceiling yet.


Hanley made a few good points here, but of course he had to sprinkle them in with his usual immature comments


You see I knew this is where this conversation was headed. Julio you are ignorant.

Boo Hoo Hanley

Hanley gets viewed differently because of the way he dogs it at times on the field...he could be from anywhere USA and would still be disliked for his lack of hustle and lazy play at times...Dont try and play the race card as an excuse for so many fans disliking Him...


I'm going out on a limb here and assume that his criticism is solely based on his performance this year. If you recall the spat with Uggla occured when he was on his way to earning a batting title. He's always had that diva attitude yet no one complained when he was hitting .350. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve the criticism and I'm sure most of you are in the clubhouse and on the field to be able to make the assessments of Hanley "dogging" it but be consistent. Don't give that "winning fixes everything" bs because that is just a cop out for the fickle fans here. I guarantee that your tune will change if he has a come back year next year.


Honestly , Hanley is a Diva , but a man gotta defend himself . If i am Hanley i would have done the same thing .... and said the same thing

Lets Talk About NOW

Talkin about last year with Uggla? Talkin about if he has a comeback year next year? How about NOW???Sports is a what have you done for me lately business and lately,which is revelant, Hanley has been shittin the place UP!!!

Stan M

I respect you and nearly always agree with your positions. However, in this case, I have a conflicting opinion. First, in my opinion, not only does Conine have the reputation within the Marlin organization to express his opinions, but as such it is inconceivable that he would risk his very job as well as his legacy by uttering such statements without the knowledge and tacit approval of his superiors within the Front Office.

Also let's consider Hanley's remarks in his defense. First and foremost he denegrated his teammates by saying, "There are a lot of worse guys than me out there." Really, Hanley? Who for instance? He cast negative dispursions on everyone by not specifying whom he was talking about. This team or baseball in general? Then to come right out and say, "I'm playing my game...no one's going to change me." Notice the complete emphasis on himself and no mention of his role within the team as a whole. And his argument that Conine should have comfronted him face to face is specious at best. After all, both Uggla and LoMo (and they are the only two that have been made public, there could be others) confronted him, and what good did that do? Lastly, there have been many implications from sportswriters, announcers, and I believe teammates that infer that he is far from popular in the dugout.

Yes, Glags, these were the ravings of a selfish, immature, unrealistic, and overly protected young man. Nonetheless, they are as revealing of his very essense as would be stamp on his forehead that said, "I'm an as..ole".

Flav C

This board was kind of silent until Hanley heated up things with his comments on Conine. Hanley is not a popular player among several blogspheres and probably in the dugout as well. My opinion is that every team MUST have a controversial player, so we fans have other things to talk about than "wins" and "losses". The day he leaves, this team will be so boring to talk about. All it will be left for us to criticize is Loria and Mini-Me.


Who is jeff Conine??????? a loser that had the luck of being a Marlin palyer he has any record with the club?????


Hanley, Niner is Mr. Marlin and you are just an overpaid malcontent who lacks motivation and desire, qualities that make Niner Mr. Marlin. You will never be Mr. Marlin and the team would do well to send your sorry butt packing and bring in someone who wants to fulfill his potential instead of loafing and whining.

Stan M

Where are you? I hope that you sare well. We need your comments.


My question is why doesn't Werth, Uggla and countless others that are under performing their contracts get the same criticism. I'm just asking for some consistency. My question remains unanswered. What is it that Hanley does less than anyone else on the team? Everyone says he's doggin it but no gives specifics. I don't see it on the field. Am I being naive? I don't mind a difference of opinion. Otherwise the conversations would be boring.

Stan M

Yes, you are being naive. I'm sorry to differ with you, but in my eyes, his attitude and selfishness are obvious. I never. read that as never, heard anyone criticise Uggla for lack of effort. I have no personal observations of Werth to add or subtract from your opinion. However, I have never read that Werth dogs it in any way. Have you? Criticism of Hanley transends our team. I have heard Keith Hernandez and Joe Simpson directly comment on Hanley's lack of effort. There have probably been others. Is the guy multi talented? Yes. Is the guy a mutt? Yes


No need to apologize. I still think we are better with him than without him. He just needs to redeem himself. Good discussion though.

On a more positive note I'm really glad for Boni.


I am a big fan of Jeff but he had no right in the first place to go criticize Hanley on that radio show. Now if he did that back when Hanley had jogged after that ball, I understand. But as of late I have been happy with what I'm seeing with Hanley. Sure the stats suck ass, but he's starting to turn it around. Just bad timing...

Now for Hanley, this is what gets to me. He should have ALREADY been striving to become the most beloved player. It shouldn't take some words from Conine to motivate him. Please. What Hanley basically said there proves Jeff right. He's not doing his best everyday, but now that Conine said something I'm going to do my best and take the name and the hall of fame and the retired jersey. Hopefully this ignites him. He is top 3 talent in the league in my book. One thing positive I got from all this is I'm glad Hanley wants to remain a Marlins, even if it's out of spite. I thought, and still think a little, that after this contract he'd leave, but we'll see. I would love for Hanley to have a Hall of Fame career and become Mr. Marlin.

London Dave

I love Conine, and Marlins for life, but I LOVE Hanley's comments. If he supplants Conine as Mr Marlin and retires here isn't that a good thing?? I'm happy with everything he said. Well played, sticking up for yourself and aiming high, I like it.


Good for Hanley sticking up for himself. He's right .......... if Conine (who I loved as a player) had something to say, he should have aired it in private. He's not a member of the media .... he works for the team. Not a very good job done here.


his #'s stink and he's going nowhere. the marlin's will get fed up and dump him !

jeffrey_ MIAMI LAKES

Hanley, Your Deterioration as an athlete has begun setting in.. DUE TO Lack of conditioning and effort. You act as if you're a Diva... but YOUR Attitude after your demonstration of TOTAL lack of effort ( 2010) Started you to open your mouth after being called out, for that display of childness, and again Now after being called out by Conine.
CONINE IS 100% ON THE mARK HERE... You, Hanley, "used" to be my Favorite Marlin Player until your Demonstration in 2010 of the total lack of effort, and your Diva display of attitude display after being called out on it...
HGowever... NOW, I've been drowning in happiness to see you failing...And to Hear your outburst to Conine being FRANK AND CALLING YOU OUT>>> i"m too hoping to see your departure


Hanley has the "Junior Felix Syndrome".

His changing of his batting stance earlier in the year caused him to "come apart" and he hurt the Team.

Why did Hanley change his batting stance? Because it "Looked" Cooler!


Jeff Conine: 2 World Series Rings
Hanley Ramirez: 0 World Series Rings

Mr. Marlin will be Conine, until someone tops that stat.

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