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J.J.: Wants to pitch again this season, even if it's only one game

    Josh Johnson is determined to pitch again this season, even if it's September and the Marlins are 50 games out of first.

     Asked if it would even be worth returning to the mound if his shoulder problems persist through July and August, Johnson replied: "It's always going to be worth it. If I can come back and throw one start, I'm going to try to come back and throw one start."

     Johnson obviously hopes to make more than one start before the end of the season. But after another setback curtailed his throwing program and knocked him back to square one, nobody knows for sure when he'll be able to pitch again.

     Johnson was examined last week by Dr. James Andrews, who didn't discover any structural damage to his injured right shoulder but gave him a cortisone injection and placed him on no-throw status until the soreness subsides.

      "It's sore from the shot still," Johnson said Monday.

      It was either during spring training or in April that Johnson said he began noticing symptoms with his right shoulder. He said he notified the training staff, which provided treatment, and he was able to pitch without any major issues. But, following his ninth start in mid-May, he went on the disabed list with shoulder inflammation and has remained there since.

    "(Andrews) said sometimes guys get this, it sticks around for a while, but then, all of a sudden, they never feel it again in their career, or seven years down the road they'll feel it," Johnson said. "It's just one of those things that just happens. You've just got to stay on top off it and keep strengthening."


        Mike Stanton continues to experience blurry vision in his right eye and will see an eye specialist on Wednesday.

        "I'm having trouble seeing still," Stanton said. "It feels like I'm kind of looking through something hazy."

       Stanton was treated recently for an eye infection that caused him to miss three games. But the problem persisted during a road trip in which he struck out in 17 of 36 at bats. He suffered through a pair of four-strikeout games during the trip.

       "I've gone in (strikeout) streaks like this before, but this is different," he said. "I wasn't 1-2-3 gone like I am now. The strikeouts were six-pitch strikeouts, five-pitch strikeouts. This is different. I'm trying not to make excuses for it. That's what I did for three weeks when it first happened."

       Stanton said the problem improved somewhat - but not entirely -- after receiving treatment the last time.

       "It worked significantly but it didn't knock it out," Stanton said. "It never went away. It just decreased. We'll look at it (Wednesday) and see if I'm crazy and it's still there."