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J.J.: Wants to pitch again this season, even if it's only one game

    Josh Johnson is determined to pitch again this season, even if it's September and the Marlins are 50 games out of first.

     Asked if it would even be worth returning to the mound if his shoulder problems persist through July and August, Johnson replied: "It's always going to be worth it. If I can come back and throw one start, I'm going to try to come back and throw one start."

     Johnson obviously hopes to make more than one start before the end of the season. But after another setback curtailed his throwing program and knocked him back to square one, nobody knows for sure when he'll be able to pitch again.

     Johnson was examined last week by Dr. James Andrews, who didn't discover any structural damage to his injured right shoulder but gave him a cortisone injection and placed him on no-throw status until the soreness subsides.

      "It's sore from the shot still," Johnson said Monday.

      It was either during spring training or in April that Johnson said he began noticing symptoms with his right shoulder. He said he notified the training staff, which provided treatment, and he was able to pitch without any major issues. But, following his ninth start in mid-May, he went on the disabed list with shoulder inflammation and has remained there since.

    "(Andrews) said sometimes guys get this, it sticks around for a while, but then, all of a sudden, they never feel it again in their career, or seven years down the road they'll feel it," Johnson said. "It's just one of those things that just happens. You've just got to stay on top off it and keep strengthening."


        Mike Stanton continues to experience blurry vision in his right eye and will see an eye specialist on Wednesday.

        "I'm having trouble seeing still," Stanton said. "It feels like I'm kind of looking through something hazy."

       Stanton was treated recently for an eye infection that caused him to miss three games. But the problem persisted during a road trip in which he struck out in 17 of 36 at bats. He suffered through a pair of four-strikeout games during the trip.

       "I've gone in (strikeout) streaks like this before, but this is different," he said. "I wasn't 1-2-3 gone like I am now. The strikeouts were six-pitch strikeouts, five-pitch strikeouts. This is different. I'm trying not to make excuses for it. That's what I did for three weeks when it first happened."

       Stanton said the problem improved somewhat - but not entirely -- after receiving treatment the last time.

       "It worked significantly but it didn't knock it out," Stanton said. "It never went away. It just decreased. We'll look at it (Wednesday) and see if I'm crazy and it's still there."




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Mike had a pretty slim chance of getting to the derby, but with the blurry vision they definitely will not invite him. No one wants to see someone whiff all the balls only to get one god homer.

I hope JJ falls under the only happens once group. It would be nice for the Fish to have a chance three out of five games, instead of just two.

Stevie Wonder

Would someone please list the name of Stanton's opthamologist? Scary stuff.

Stan M

Yesterday I said, "How can it hurt?" Well after reading very reasonable arguments, I can see that I was wrong and it could hurt. And this eye infection is sort of the last straw. No, Stanton should get completely away from baseball for the 3 days.

Just want to say that this blog has given my blue symbol to others as well lately. A fellow named Alex and a ficticious name as well. It wasn't I and I do not, and will not, use names other than my own.

Samson or Clark, Can either of you get single tickets for my son and me (and any other bloggers who would like to join us) for the first game in the new ballpark? Any seats would do, even up in heaven. We would send the money as soon as requested and would be willing to spend up to $200 for each if necessay. Wouldn't care if they were scalped. That would be worth the trip from here in Flat Rock, NC. If you have any info let me know and I'll give you my address or e-mail address at that time. I would love to meet our fellow bloggers. Lou had expressed interest as well, I believe.

Samsons Boyfriend

Stantons opthamologist must be Dr.No..Tough loss, bad calls no excuse for 0 run support for Ricky..Marlins 14th in runs scored in NL is the problem......Pleasure to meet fellow Marlin blogger Flav C and family .enjoying the 4th at the game.....Jack should think about moving @Peteypipes to 2 hole to get some pitches to hit..with Petey's and Boni's speed they could jump start the offense...

Stan M

Agree about moving Peterson up to #22 in order. However, don't mind seeing him hit lower for a while or until he feels comfortable. New mgr. has done wonders for Bono. Don't know if he has stamina to play every day, but he sure deseves all the consideation he can get. I'm not crazy about him at SS. Is it I, or is he much better at other ppositions? Seems to me he doesn't have enough lateral range. Team is playing well. It's no disgrace to lose 1-0 to what might be the best team in baseball.

Stan M

Typo, I meant #2

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man..will keep you advised ,as to Opening day tickets... I Have Lou's #,talked to him earlier during game tonite...

Stan M

Sounds great!

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man..the symbol to right is not your DNA...the symbol varies according to what IP provider you use...mant Bloggerswith same IP provider..

Samsons Boyfriend

Stan the Man...see what I mean ...many Bloggers use the same IP provider..

Samsons Boyfriend

Dont really want Jack to wait for Petey to get his feet wet..the time is Now and I believe Petey,based on his hot streak he was on before recall and the fact that its the second time around this season is ready Now...what color is to the right now???

Samsons Boyfriend

Color Now??

Samsons Boyfriend

Lots of Phillies fans tonite on third base side,but there were plenty of Marlins fans there tonite too..


Thanks for the info about the symbols. I also thought they could be used to determine the identity of a sender, and I was poring over them trying to find out who does Debbie (outside of Dallas). Then suddenly other bloggers started showing up with the same symbol as mine and I was dismayed, to say the least. I don't want to be held accountable for someone else's stupid opinions. I have enough stupid opinions of my own.

Samsons Boyfriend

News flash...Beinfest just said on 790am that Stanton does NOT have an Eye Problem...Really??Marlins 25th in MLB scoring runs, thats the Problem...

Nails On a Blackboard

Samson certainly has a voice problem. Waswatching the game and my wife and daughter both came in from other room and literally screamed "Would you mute that guy! Who in the heck is that?"

Human Rights

Here I thought I was the only person who hated his voice. A recording of him could be pumped into Guantanamo Bay and they would not have had any issues with violations of the Geneva Convention as it pertains to physical abuse.Of course the mental abuse of exposing Samson's voice to prisoners would have been condemned around the World.Of course anyone would want to escape the "voice" so they would have given up info quickly.

Abdul al Alziah..al-Queda

Would rather be water-boarded twice a day than have to listen to 10 minutes of Samson...

Samsons Boyfriend

Memo to Jack: Omar's OBP thtu 85 games .295...Petey's OBP thru 67 games only .434...not a typo...might want to look at Petey in 2 hole,at least against rightys..DuH..

Samsons Boyfriend

Down on the farm..Matt D's BA down .282 to .241 past 2 weeks..,Jupiter breaks 13 game losing streak in win over Charlotte..1st rd. pick Chad James goes tonite for 1st win after going 0-11 so far this season..Good ERA and K's though....Any Suggestions for 5th starter??Pray for Rain???

Flav C

What a pleasure to meet Samsons BF at the game last night. As he could see i was surrounded by Phillies fans, starting with my own family. I could almost sense the smell of philly cheesesteak close by but then I realized it was Hanley trying to think too much why would he chase up a 3-0 pitch very high on the strike zone, which end up being a fly out to short center field. I dont want to take anything from Worley, he pitched really well and kept the batters off balance, but as McKeon said after the game, "It seems some of our hitters dont like bases-on-ball", they chase any crap they are offered. What hurts most is to see their run coming from an unprobable candidate for hitting RBIs, that Martinez guy. And Stanton, oh boy...that guy really swings at anything. Better luck tonight! Samson, i'll call you so we can arrange something for the upcoming games, it was a real pleasure to meet you! Beer is on me next time!

Stan M

Flav, thank God, both of my sons (and they live with me) are also Marlin fans. Politics are bad enough, but argue baseball from two viewpoints? Ugh! I do disagree with one thing you say above and it is presented with tongue in cheek. About Stanton swinging at anything...he doesn't swing at the first pitch which is usually called strike one!!! He frequently then swings at the second pitch which is a low and away ball; and he's in the hole 0 and 2. The major league average for a batter after an 0-2 count is down around the Mendoza line. I wish the mgr. would insist that he swing at the first pitch until the pitchers make an adjustment.
SB, thank you for clearing up about the right hand symbol. I was doing the same as LB and trying to be a detective. Anyway, my point was that if I can't put my name on something, then I won't post it. Just my opinion.
Over the weekend I was watching an author on C-SpanII, on his book on WWII. He said that for every American killed in that war, 90 Russians were killed. And for every 5 Russian soldiers killed on the ground during fighting, one was killed on the Western front and 4 were killed by the Russians on the Eastern front. I knew the Russians did the majority of fighting, but had no idea that the balance was so one sided. Not baseball, but something you folks might also find worth knowing!

Flav C

Stan, you're right. Most of the 1st pitches thrown to Stanton are Fast Balls in the heart of the plate. On the Russians topic: My wife's relatives (grandpa/grandma) fled Russia during WWI. I know that the context of the first WW was completely different from the 2nd, but on the 1st one alone, studies show that up to 2,5 million might have died, up to 5 million wounded and 4 million POW. Not mentioning they were economically devastated with an unprecedented debt.

Stan M

My grandfather left Poland before WWI to avoid being conscripted into the Russian army as cannon fodder! Don't know the exact year. If Stanton doesn't have an eye infection, he surely needs mucho help in pitch identification. When Duke Snider came up to the Brooklyn Dodgers right after WWII, he had the same problem. Branch Rickey made him stand at home plate and call live pitches (by just standing in the batters box) during Spring Training without ever swinging. An umpire stood behind him to correct his judgement if wrong. It worked!
Just wonder if Marlins could admit a mistake and bring back Malee as batting coach next year. A shame they just fired a long time employee and loyal company man without giving him a different position within the organization.

Down on the Farm--Watch Where You Step--It's All Bad

Anyone want to be frightened go to Baseball America or some of these other sights and see what they are saying about Marlins' farm clubs. Also noted on MLB that the Flatulent Fish have only signed 2 of Top Ten picks with the Rookie Leagues having already started.

Mrs. D. Samson

Samson pondering voice transplant...thinking of Darth Vader..will take suggestions at dsamson@flmarlins.com all suggestions become property of d samson and fl marlins..


Wouldn't mind seeing Petersen batting second, but not tonight against a tough lefty. Put him there when he has the best chance to get off to a good start.

Stan M

My son just showed me where I made a mistake above about WWII deaths. It should have read "for every German soldier killed", not "for every Russian soldier killed". Please forgive an old man for his obvious feebleness!

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