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McKeon: Realignment would help teams like Marlins

   ATLANTA -- Count Marlins manager Jack McKeon among those who would support a realignment proposal that would add another wild card team to the playoff mix.

   "If I was voting for that, I'd vote for it," McKeon said.

   With the Phillies trading for Hunter Pence and the Braves obtaining Michael Bourn, the disparity between the haves and the have nots in the National League is becoming even more pronounced than it was before, McKeon said.

    "They needed a leadoff hitter and a center fielder," McKeon said of the Braves. "They got their guy, which will make them tougher, and it makes it tougher on clubs like the Mets, the Marlins and the Nationals to catch up down the road -- not now, but even in the future."

    Adding an additional wild card team, like one that has been proposed, "would help," McKeon said.

    "That's definitely going to help clubs like us and Washington and the Mets, and some of the other clubs in the Central.....because these clubs are just taking off, and they don't let you up," McKeon said. "Now you're seeing the Giants do it in the West. They're not letting up, either. They got (Carlos) Beltran and (Orlando) Cabrera. The Cardinals aren't letting up."

    The Marlins began the day Sunday 10 1/2 games in back of the Braves in the NL Wild Card race. If an additional wild card team was in place this season, the Diamondbacks (58-49) would occupy that spot at the moment, with the Marlins six games behind them.

     DAY OFF FOR LOGAN MORRISON -- Logan Morrison, who has been struggling at the plate, is getting a breather today. McKeon said he decided to give Morrison "a mental break," replacing him in left with Emilio Bonifacio, after spotting signals that Morrison is pressing.

     "I saw him yesterday in the dugout with a towel over his head," McKeon said. "He just needs a break. Give him a mental break."