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McKeon: Realignment would help teams like Marlins

   ATLANTA -- Count Marlins manager Jack McKeon among those who would support a realignment proposal that would add another wild card team to the playoff mix.

   "If I was voting for that, I'd vote for it," McKeon said.

   With the Phillies trading for Hunter Pence and the Braves obtaining Michael Bourn, the disparity between the haves and the have nots in the National League is becoming even more pronounced than it was before, McKeon said.

    "They needed a leadoff hitter and a center fielder," McKeon said of the Braves. "They got their guy, which will make them tougher, and it makes it tougher on clubs like the Mets, the Marlins and the Nationals to catch up down the road -- not now, but even in the future."

    Adding an additional wild card team, like one that has been proposed, "would help," McKeon said.

    "That's definitely going to help clubs like us and Washington and the Mets, and some of the other clubs in the Central.....because these clubs are just taking off, and they don't let you up," McKeon said. "Now you're seeing the Giants do it in the West. They're not letting up, either. They got (Carlos) Beltran and (Orlando) Cabrera. The Cardinals aren't letting up."

    The Marlins began the day Sunday 10 1/2 games in back of the Braves in the NL Wild Card race. If an additional wild card team was in place this season, the Diamondbacks (58-49) would occupy that spot at the moment, with the Marlins six games behind them.

     DAY OFF FOR LOGAN MORRISON -- Logan Morrison, who has been struggling at the plate, is getting a breather today. McKeon said he decided to give Morrison "a mental break," replacing him in left with Emilio Bonifacio, after spotting signals that Morrison is pressing.

     "I saw him yesterday in the dugout with a towel over his head," McKeon said. "He just needs a break. Give him a mental break."


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Get Rid of Dead Wood

Give Schlo-Mo a week off and play Petersen in center..Marlins are going nowhere fast, Whats the point of having guys like Cameron and Helms on the roster at this point,when its obvious the Marlins cant play with the Big Boys...

Force Loria To Spend Millions

If there is another Wild -Card proposal, cut back on the revenue sharing for owners like Loria,who just line their pockets instead of spending it on players.

Stan M

Just read that Hanley piece a second time to try to determine why I didn't like it. The writer, outside of thinking himself Red Smith or Grantland Rice with that poetic nonsense, started with a damning critique of Hanley. But as one reads on, there are hints that it is caused by immaturity, poverty, his foreign upbringing, and then the 'ol race card. It is implied that he is simply being his own man and were he to simply show some false hustle, all would be well. Then there are the comparisons to Uggla and Werth, both White players and intimation that they are treated far less stringently. Really? Furthermore, if he were less than exemplary, wouldn't other Latins criticize him? And what in the heck the ex Brave shortstop has to do with Hanley's exploits totally escapes me. In summation, I felt the piece was a three page semi-critique from a very liberal point of view.

Here is a one sentence opinion from a more conservative point of view: the guy is a mutt and a cancer on his team and he should be traded as soon as possible.

Flav C

And we close July with a 17-10 record. Anybody got it right?


I predicted 18 -9....close, but that only counts in horseshoes.


I think whoever gets it closest wins, so take a bow! If you need any help writing an acceptance speech, let me know. I got a rousing ovation for mine.


Thx lb....let me first thank all of the Fish Bytes bloggers....without them....winning this honor would have been impossible. Secondly...our mighty Marlins....without their fierce hard play...winning 17 games...they really should have won 18.....this honor would not have been attainable.

Clark...if ya still wana give out the tix for being close...Giants/Marlins would be nice.....

Flav C

clark, sb deserves those tix!


Congrats SB. The Hanley article was great.

Al Sharpton

The Hanley article was written by the Race Baiting Lebatard,who makes these type of excuse stories for non-white atheletes..He never calls a spade a spade and writes the truth..hanleys a lazy stiff period...

Dont Make Me Laugh

Hanley,the 70 million dollar mutt had a great series against Atlanta..1 for 10 2BB 1R 2K's 6LOB 1SB 1CS..Must be because of what Lebatard writes. Poor Black Spanish Speaking Immature Uneducated Immigrant..Right, Lebatard...


Maybe Hanley is just a mental midget


Are we judging Hanleys effort on stats alone? Just wondering. I know there's the body language thing but I'm not a baseball psychologist (or any type of psychologist for that matter) so it's not that obvious to me.

Brandon Marshall

Hanley should check into a hospital like I did...He might be a victim of the dreaded Borderline Personality Disorder...

Stan M

Well, the trading deadline is past, and now what? How is Coghlan faring? One evaluator said he is a bad ballplayer. Is he next year's CF? Then what about Pererson? Why not play him now? The team's realistic upper limit is 3rd place so this should be a learning time. What about 2B? Infante should either be traded or signed for next year. And what does that Sampson guy have to do to get a tryout. He's 7-0 in AAA but has poor hit and strikeout ratios per innings pitched. Yet at 7-0 , let's find out. Hensley is working out just fine in the rotation, so if JJ comes back next year, we need a #5 starter. So let's have some tryouts. We always have Volstad to fall back on. With Bono progressing from a part time fill in to a terrific leadoff man, it's as if the team traded for a regular without giving anything up but a reserve. Tommy Glavin was very complimentary of the Marlin's bevy of fine young players on yesterday's broadcast. But this is no time to tread water. What did strike me about the deadline trading was how cheaply Bedard was acquired by the Red Sox. There was a good guy to gamble on. Tremendous upside is he stays healthy. That's my opinion anyway.

MLB Insider

Marlins are desperate for wins in the last 2 months of the season ,as full season tickets sales in the new stadium are weak thus far. McKeon will stick with Cameron in CF,not interested in seeing who can play for next year at this point. Marlins were projected to finish 3rd with JJ and want to finish 3rd without him ,then use his injury as an excuse to their fans as to why they didnt finish higher.Coghlan is an afterthought at this point and will be lucky to be recalled in Sept if healthy.Volstad has had 1 good outing so far,a few more and he'll be recalled for his spot in rotation.


It's way too early to write off Coghlan as a lost cause. He looked pretty darn good during his rookie year and I don't think that was by accident. He's been plagued by injuries — the big one caused by his own stupidity, of course — ever since. But look at Jason Heyward. He was an all-star his rookie year and is barely above the Mendoza line this year. Still, you'd have to be a fool to write him off. The big question with Cogs is his attitude. I admired his "confidence" his rookie year, but maybe what I thought was confidence was self-destructive cockiness. The qualities we love in a player when he is going well are usually the same ones we hate or mistrust when he is scuffling. But if the Fish give up on Coghlan now and trade him away, they could look very, very stupid three or four years down the road. Maybe leave him in the minors this year, let him finish his season early with the rest of the bush-leaguers and get some rest over the summer, then see what he's made of next year.
I, too, can't understand why McKeon is playing Cameron when he should be taking a good, long look at Petersen.

Stan M

You speak with the wisdom of the Delphi. Neither do I want to write off Coghlan. In some ways, he was my favoite Marlin. But attitude could have to do with refusing creative instruction as well. I like Cameron, but he should be the Helms of 2 years ago. My last point again is we should run tryouts for starting pitchers.

MLB Insider,
Check back and I think that the majority of pognosticators picked the Marlins for 4th, not 3rd. One even picked them for last and he was looking awfully good a couple of weeks ago.


You guys know what happened to Cousins??? Seems like he has totally disappeared…… With the Giants coming to town, it seems that they would be asking about him.


I was wondering the same thing this morning, and for the same reason. Maybe Clark or Manny can fill us in. BTW, any word from Clark on where you'll be sitting for the SF series?


No word yet.... :-(

Flav C

Cousins is on a 15 DL since mid-June. I guess they don't know what to do with him.

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