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Source: "Nothing Close Right Now" with Omar Infante

   ATLANTA -- "Many" teams have spoken to the Marlins about second baseman Omar Infante in advance of today's 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline, but there is "nothing close" in the way of a deal, a source said.

   Infante is projected to be a Type B free agent after the season, meaning the Marlins would receive a supplemental draft pick if he doesn't finish the season with them. With Emilio Bonifacio blossoming into form, the Marlins also feel they have insurance at second base for next season.

   The Braves and Brewers are two teams known to have contacted the Marlins about Infante. Lefty relief specialist Randy Choate has also drawn interest from other clubs.

    But most indications are, barring an overwhelming offer, the Marlins intend to sit tight through the deadline.


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Tessa Marquetti

I heard rumor Cubs want to trade Zambrano, why not go after him, Chicago wants to eat chunk trade Volly or Leocoaster to them and we get a good starter with JJ out and Clay Hensley goes to closer role where he belongs.


II know 2011 was suppose to be a lost season, just a bridge to 2012 but how in the world can Marlins expect to compete with Braves who have exceptional rotation, bullpen, and now got a speedster in Mike Bourn from Astros and of course Phillies who have Lee, Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Worley and got Hunter Pence (from Astros) to go with that good offense? I'm sorry but the front office is going to have to SPEND MONEY, stop being frugal cause the division we are in is no JOKE.

This is not including Nationals to get Strasburg next season along with maybe them signing a guy like Prince Fielder and the Mets who are only getting better, we have Johan and Ike Davis next season.

HEY LORIA, i'll say it again in different language. Vas a tener que gastar dinero en el otoño, y para conseguir algunos jugadores de verdad, no quiero ver la temporada Volstad y Vázquez siguiente, horrible en esta temporada. Mi consejo ir después de que Mark Buerhle, él es un zurdo que hará la diferencia.


that stadium is going to be empty by this time next season, i agree with person above me, stadium only has its charm before team starts to sink, 2012 is suppose to be the year, flat out, unless there is a second wild card team next season, Marlins will not make it. I want anyone to prove me wrong, our prognosis is not good.


The concept of 2011 being a bridge to 2012 was a sell job that most of us bought. Which goes to show the kind of people that are running this organization. They're con men. They'll do just enough to give you a glimmer of hope but not enough when compared to the top teams in the division; minimum necessary. Anyways I'm not going to any more or less games just because of the new stadium (around 20 or so). Once you see it and all the amenities there isn't much else to do then watch the ballgame.

The FO has been advertising the "fan experience" to those that aren't already going to ball games. The commercials and ads aren't geared towards me or the others on this blog that already go to games. They're trying to get new customers.

Been There,Done That

Once the Marlins get their new customers, after the Newness wears off,they will lose them ,just like they have in the past..Most of the Marlins past season tickets holders have the same credo as "The Who"..."We Wont Be Fooled Again" This ownership has proven one thing for sure..It Cannot Be Trusted...


Nothing should be blamed on MLB owners and their management for small market teams. This is what they have to deal with until MLB wakes up and creates a salary cap. It took MLB forever to figure out about Steroids.

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