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Take away June........plus, Coghlan suffers another injury (elbow)

    ATLANTA -- Every team in the majors can play this game of 'what if,' but just think where the Marlins would be now if June had never happened. Remove that 5-23 atrocity and the Marlins are 47-30 overall. Or let's pretend it this way. Let's say the Marlins had merely gone 14-14 in June (remember all those one-run losses?). If that had been the case, they would be 61-44 -- a half-game in front of the Braves in the NL Wild Card race.

     Heading into their month-ending series against the Braves, the Marlins own the best July record in the National League (16-8).


      If the Marlins don't play "Let's Make a Deal" before Sunday's non-waiver trade deadline -- and every indication is that they're sitting chilly -- it'll mark the first time since 2007 that they didn't complete a July trade.

      Here's a look at their July moves the past three seasons:

      2010 -- July 31 -- Traded Rick Vandenhurk to the Orioles for Will Ohman.

                  July 30 -- Traded Jorge Cantu to the Rangers for Evan Reed and Omar Poveda

      2009 --  July 1  -- Traded Aaron Thompson to Washington for Nick Johnson.

      2008 -- July 31 -- Traded Gaby Hernandez to Seattle for Arthur Rhodes.

      -- The Marlins have received calls on about 10 players, with lefty relief specialist Randy Choate drawing most of the outside attention. But Choate is under contract for $1.5 million next season, and the Marlins don't think there's anything they could receive in return for Choate that would be more worth than that modest sum.

      -- Not surprisingly, the Brewers contacted the Marlins about Omar Infante following the injury to Rickie Weeks, but the Marlins aren't interested in trading their second baseman, either.


      Chris Coghlan has suffered yet another injury. This time it's his right elbow, which he hyper-extended on Wednesday in a rehab game for Single A Jupiter. The Marlins have recalled him from his rehab assignment, but word is there was considerable swelling and bruising to the elbow.

      Coghlan has battled knee and shoulder injuries this season, as well.

      -- Right-handed reliever Ryan Webb (DL -- right shoulder) completed his first side throwing session off a bullpen mound on Friday. Best-case scenario: he returns to the Marlins in a couple of weeks.

      -- Josh Johnson (DL -- right shoulder) remains on no-throw status.


      Shortstop Hanley Ramirez tweeted the following late Thursday night in which he addressed the situation with Jeff Conine.....

      "I'm sorry that Mr. Conine feels that way and I admire him for all that he accomplished in his career. :Proud to leave my skin on the field and the sweat on my uniform every night for my team, as we pursue our winning goals. End of story. We have games to win!"



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Well let's look @ it this way.....57 games left. We need to win 38 of 'em & loose 19. That would give us 90 wins. Not impossible...but almost.

Flav C

38-19 (90 wins) would put the Fish with 48% chances of making the playoffs as wild card. One more win (91) and they would jump to 67% probability of making it.


if johnson was to return there would be reason for optimism but we don;t have the starting bulls to make a run.

Flash in the Pan

Heard Cogs hurt his elbow in a pie throwing contest at a kids birthday party...What a Clown..See ya Later Rev. Cogs..

Flav C

Back in the spring training season i was already doing my research to build my fantasy team. I always check info regarding injuries, physical condition of players, etc..at the time i ran into an interesting article on espn.com about JJ. It was written by an certified orthopedic doctor, specialist in strenght and conditioning. Since it was written for fantasy baseball lunatics right me, i dont think the article had any attention put into it. I invite you to read it having in my mind it was written WAY BEFORE JJ's current injury. After the reading, we all understand the risk we are dealing with right now. The link is: http://sports.espn.go.com/fantasy/baseball/flb/story?page=mlbdk2k1130qmarlins

Stan M

Thanks Flav, very interesting. Until this year, I also played fantasy.

I Know the Marlins

Volstad shuts out the Iowa Cubs on a 4 hitter and wins 1-O in a 7 inning game tonite...threw 93 pitches,56 for strikes...

Samson's A Turd

HaHaHaHa Hey Loria and Samsom Whayt do you think of Uggs and Fredi now??????


How do the Braves do it? A few years ago they traded Neftali Feliz, Elvis Andrus and Jarrod Saltalamachia amongst others to Texas for a 2 month rental on Mark Teixeira.

The only holdover from their glory years is a well past his prime Chipper Jones and yet they seem light years ahead of the Marlins.

They have the following guys 25 or younger: Jurrjens, Beachy, Kimbrel, Hanson, Hayward and Freeman. Venters is 26.

Holy hecht the Fish will be trailing these guys for the next 10 years.

Stan M

Agree with you about the Braves. In two years the Phillie players will start to need walkers to get around. Their fans will go bananas if Rollins is let go, and how can they give a declining former star any kind of big money or lengthy contract from a purely baseball sense? Their speedy CF will have reached an age when the speed leaves. Their 3rd baseman is already old. Even the great Utley will be in his middle 30s and now very injury prone. Halliday, Lee, and Oswalt will all be in their mid 30s where adjustments are often necessary. But those darn Braves. Those you named will be in their prime and all of those blue chip pitching prospects will be arriving as well. Our future will lie in the Wild Card.

Stan M

Sometimes it's interesting to hear what rival telecasters have to say about the Marlins. With the blackout in NC on Direct TV, the Brave announcers mentioned two things I hadn't heard before. One was that Stanton has more HRs than any other NL player since he reached the majors with the exception of Albert Pujols. The other was that Hanley was known to conjure up minor injuries on day games after night games to beg off playing, but that our 80 YO manager was having none of it.

Did anyone besides yours truly get a "and you know who gets killed moment" when Hendley went out to start the 7th inning? He had reached the same pitch count where he lost it in his last start. But wasn't he ever great for the first 6?

I Know the Marlins

Jack made the mistake last nite of leaving Hensley in too long, and he hung a marshmellow to Uggla that a high school player could've hit out...First Maybin,now Uggla beat the Marlins..Have heard alot of ex-Marlins hate Samson and go x-tra hard at their former team, motivated by the hatred of the ownership...


Dont get to watch too many Marlins games (i am in NY ) but watched last night
1) 6th inning with 2 man on and no outs , scoreless game , why not have Cameron bunt ??? Come on Jack easy decision there buddy . Instead he hits into double play .

2)Danny Boy Uglla got lucky on that HR , the pitch caught little too much of the plate and Uglla was falling down when he hit it . At first it looked like a routine flyout but i guess that ball carried . BY the way Uglla is hopeless on any pitch thrown on the outer part of the plate , so easy to get him out , dead pull hitter

Marlins Suck

HHAHAHAHA Uggla gets lucky again HAHAHAHA EFFF U Loria and Samson...

Mel Cohen

Loria,Samson and Beinfest have put together a bunch a second rate ballplayers that cant compete with the like of the Phillies and the Braves...good luck selling tickets to their WhiTe Elephant in Miami...


Hanley the Mutt shows what he's made of. Strikes out 4 pitches with bases loaded. Looks at 2 strikes and throws the bat at the 3rd. Mr. Marlin my ass. Hall of Fame? More like the Hall of Shame.Hey ,Loria,what do you think of your boy Hanley now???






Why wait till next year? Boycott the Marlins NOW !!!!!!

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I hope Chris is better now. He seems to be quite the accident prone this season.

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I think that he's already fine, right?

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