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Will Hanley's new theatrics rile opponents?

     Have you noticed the new swing and glide routine Hanley Ramirez has integrated into his swing? If you watched tonight's game, you saw the performance three times -- once for every one of his three hits -- and might have thought to yourself, 'Some pitcher is going to drill him if he doesn't stop.'

     That's been my thought anyway.

     Here's the deal: Ramirez has made a few adjustments to his swing, one of which -- on the advice of new hitting coach Eduardo Perez -- is to make sure he follows through. Well, Ramirez is definitely following through. Every time he delivers a hit -- be it a home run or a bouncer up the middle -- he now raises his bat as he completes his follow-through and keeps it raised as he heads down the line to first. When he's about halfway to the bag, he flips the bat aside and continues on his merry way.

    "I'm not trying to show up anybody," Ramirez said after tonight's three-act performance. "I don't want to offend anybody.

     Ramirez said he’s merely adding extra emphasis to the end of his swing to ensure that he’s adhering to Perez's advice. He even has a name for it: “Hanley Through It.” (If anybody has a better suggestion, which shouldn't be too difficult, let's hear it.) I've been told that some of his teammates are starting to tease him about it.

    “That’s one thing he told me, ‘You got to finish up,’” Ramirez said of Perez's instructions to him. “When you finish up, that means you’re through the ball. Stay through the whole time.”

   Ramirez said first baseman Ryan Howard commented on it to him during the Phillies series earlier in the week.

   “Ryan Howard told me the other day, ‘That’s good, because you’re not shortening your swing,’” Ramirez said.

   Whatever impression it might create, the swing is working wonders for Ramirez, who is hitting .400 since moving into the cleanup spot.

   But at what potential risk?

   Let's hear it. Like it or hate it? What do you think?