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Chris Coghlan takes himself out of game after abominable showing in CF

    Just when you think it couldn't get much worse for Chris Coghlan, it did. Much worse. Coghlan had the game from heck for Triple A New Orleans. Check out this story from the New Orleans Times Picayune:

By Nick Stillman, Contributing Writer

In a game they knew wouldn’t be easy, the New Orleans Zephyrs lost 14-1 to first-place Omaha, which sent its ace Luis Mendoza to the mound.

Mendoza is 11-5 and leads the Pacific Coast League in earned-run average, entering the game with a 1.45 ERA since the All-Star break. A porous defense was the last thing the Zephyrs needed.

But former National League Rookie of the Year Chris Coghlan, trying to recover his lost batting stroke in the minors, looked lost in center field, missing four balls that either bounced off his glove or fell just out his reach.

After an especially rough fifth inning in which Coghlan couldn’t haul in two difficult but catchable fly balls, he removed himself from the game.

“He took himself out,” Zephyrs Manager Greg Norton said. “He said his knee was a little sore from when he was hit by a pitch two nights ago, and he took himself out of the game.”

The Rookie of the Year for the Marlins in 2009 after beginning the season in New Orleans, Coghlan has been hampered recently with knee and elbow injuries and has struggled offensively this season.

He has been a key member of the Marlins outfield since his rookie season, though always considered more of an asset on offensive than defense. Coghlan originally was a second baseman, but he converted to the outfield in the minor leagues.

In reference to Coghlan’s tough night in center field, Norton said, “Are they tough plays? Yes. Can Cogs make those plays? Yes. How much is his knee is bothering him? We’ll find out. If he says his knee is bothering him or he’s not able to play the way he’s accustomed to, there’s no point in running him out there. We’ll be cautious and see how it feels tomorrow.”

Coghlan wasn’t charged with any errors, but he appeared to make plays on long fly balls more difficult by taking winding routes. He constantly seemed to be flat on his stomach in center field with the ball rolling away from him.

Routine plays were in short supply all night for the Zephyrs, with Omaha’s offense knocking balls all over the field. Starter Darin Downs surrendered seven runs on 12 hits over five innings.

Matt Dominguez’s second-inning home run accounted for the Zephyrs’ only run.

“I really like how he’s getting those great hands through the zone,” Norton said. Dominguez is hitting .500 in his last eight games.

After that, Mendoza cruised and the Omaha offense went to work. The Storm Chasers scored three runs in the fifth and extended its lead with five runs in the sixth inning, then tacked on three more in the seventh. Pitcher Zach Simons’ line was even uglier than Downs’: six runs in just two innings.

Every batter in Omaha’s starting lineup had at least one hit, and seven Storm Chasers had multiple hits.

Scattering six hits over seven innings, Mendoza held the Zephyrs hitless in seven at-bats with runners in scoring position.

“He has that ball that runs and that cutter, and he gets it off guys barrels in hitters’ counts,” Norton said.

Omaha is most likely leaded for the playoffs, and Mendoza is the pitcher they will lean on.


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Not good news. Sounds like Cogs is having a Saltalamacchia-like breakdown.

Stan M

Does anyone besides my son and I believe that Pujols is 3-4 years older than he says? I can't understand why someone doesn't get his HS yearbook and see if it sheds any information. Giving him 8-10 years could destroy a franchise if he's really in his mid 30s.
If anyone is interested, on ESPN site, they appear to be offering a 30 day free trial for their Insider. I didn't read the fine print. I enjoy the blogs there. It might be worth it just to get Buster Olney's links to stories throughout the majors. The ex GM, Jim Bowden, now has a blog and it is usually excellent.


Stan M,
People have been speculating that Pujols is older than he claims ever since he broke into the league 10 years ago. It's hard to believe that somebody hasn't investigated the matter pretty thoroughly by now. He sure looks older than 31, but any business that invests the amount of money old Alberto is going to command without thoroughly vetting him deserves to go belly up.
I'm no lawyer (praise God), but I would think that signing a contract under false pretenses would be considered fraud and could find him sharing a cell with the likes of Bernie Madoff.


Oh man, what a shame. I really liked Chris Coglan, but with LoMo and Stanton having a full year, Bonifacio having a breakout year (with the 3rd base situation and Hanley always injuring himself keeping him from CF), and all the people the Marlins kept putting in CF (and not giving Petey Pipes the chance to start daily), I have to admit I forgot all about Cogs. I'm pulling for him to come back, but he really has to prove himself now that there are a lot of people that can take his spot with no problems.

Who would've thought that an innocent on-field celebration could cause so many problems for Cogs.

Also, wtf guys, why do you hijack this with a Pujols discussion?


Nobody is hijacking anything. Sorry if we've offended your sense of protocol, but it's not like this blog is so busy that folks can't get on here to discuss whatever is on their mind. And it's not like we were discussing the debt ceiling or something. You can see above that I also expressed my dismay over the Coghlan situation.

Chris Coghlan

Why has the Lord forsaken me???????


If the poster above is making fun of Coghlan's faith in God, then he is the one who needs help — not Chris Coghlan.

Cogs the Clown

A little Song , a little Dance, a Shaving Cream Pie, Down Your Pants.

Not a LoMo Fan Anymore

I know it's off topic, but here's one of LoMo's tweets from earlier today:

LoMoMarlins: Get a burner and a chain sawRT @MLBPaulFTW @LoMoMarlins this girl, shes killin me bro, advice?

WOW--what disrespect for a woman...I am appalled and definitely not a LoMo fan anymore.

Stan III

Six degrees of seperation. José Alberto Pujols Alcántara and LoMo went to the same Community College near Kansas City MO. Any post can be related to the Marlins. Jose (Albert) went there after tearing up the High School ranks at Fort Osage High School in Independence, Missouri. I'm sure the math works out from the year books that he is indeed the 31 he claims, father. The real isssue is what age did he come into this country. He could have claimed to be 16, and been 20. It's well documented he went to that school, I've met people who taught him. Some say no way that kid was a teen, and others say nonsense, he was a 17 year old sweet heart. I personally do not believe he is the same age as say...Matt Holiday. Both born in 1980. Either way, I'll take his career. He also married a woman with a special needs kid, he's a real family man. As I'm typing this, I see Josh Hamilton on screen, I look up his age...(29 on a guess...) nope, 30....He looks that age to me....whatever that means.


The Loria Clan made a total mess out of this Coughlan kid, moving him all over the place because of their lack of spending money to get proper players. They have run every one and their grandmothers to play center field and now they got a 40 year old guy they got for free and he is taking playing time from the young kids that need playing time ... and this in an abysmal year when the team is going to end up 35 games out of first place.

Where is the genius that Beinfest was supposed to be??? And why is he always getting a free pass on the freaking Sancocho mess he has made out of the roster... and year after year they just never spend money to have Major League pitchers in the bullpen.

Ahhh but they have Dan LeBatard making apologies and being the No.1 journalist lackey for his giggling buddy Dave Samson, Loria's barking chihuahua. Anyway, Coughlan was never and will never be a Major League centerfielder and that is plain to see for anyone that understands and played the game. He has a Juan Pierre type of arm without the speed and fielding ability and he should have been put back at 2nd base when strike out whiff king Ugla was sent packing to greener pastures (anywhere is greener than at Loria land) and Infante could have played 3rd base easily. And the idea that Bonifacio can play anywhere where they have not spent money to have replacements is destroying this team. Now they brought Amezaga back so that they would not have to spend $$$.

Imagine Amezaga and Cameron taking all the playing time from the young players and Bonifacio playing any position any night. By the way, Dobbs at 3rd and Bonifacio at Shorstop is the worst left side of the infield in the Majors and Minors. BEINFEST IS A GENIUS NO DOUBT!

Jorge in Hialeah

Heard from friends in Miami that Pujols mother was very hairy and he started shaving in the 3rd grade.


Stan M and Stan 111,
Just noticed — it looks like we have two generations of Stans posting now. That's great!

Mr. B

It's amazing how the Braves keep coming up with prospects who are productive in the majors, while the Fish wallow in the mud. It's because the Braves find good players at a yound age and pay them good signing bonuses. The Fish spend their time trying to find diamonds in the rough.

Joe the Plumber

the best turds in the shitepile...

Stan M

I just noticed his post as well. Incidently, there's a Stan IV who sometimes watches games with us as well. We all are Marlin fans and terribly disappointed about this year.
Stan III used to live in KC and he is the one who clued me in about Buck's foibles.

Any way that one approaches it, the team that gives Pujols an 8-10 year contract will probably have a few years of great production, then a few years of league average production at a cost that stifles flexibility. And that's if he is really only 31. If he's 34-35 now, it could ruin a team before very long. Great player, very good human being, but if it were my choice, I'd pass on him and sign Fielder.

I would bet the house that the person (just above) who always denegrates, and often using scatological terms, is the same person who used to use a lot of caps and dots for spacers. Whomever it is, it's kind of tragic.


I'd choose to spend available funds on three really good players over one superstar any day. The superstar might fill more seats but but a trio of really good ones will win you more games.

Stan M

Exactly. There is a stat that points out that no team has ever won a pennant when one player has a certain percentage of the payroll. I don't know the number, but I think it's between 25 and 35. Any idea?

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