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Giants claimed Cody Ross one year ago today

    Just a gentle reminder that the Marlins lost outfielder Cody Ross to the Giants on a waiver claim one year ago today. Ross was extremely popular as a Marlin. He became a baseball folk hero for the Giants.

    Check out Tom Krasovic's retrospective piece on the Ross claim at his blog, insidethepadres.


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I Miss CODY CODY CODY chants

Flav C

even my daughters who are Phillies fans loved the guy and chanted CODY CODY in the stadium.


one of the stupid moves by the stupid front office of the marlins. not only did they allow one of the most popular fan favorites get away, FOR NOTHING, but they left the team with a second baseman playing center field and a first baseman playing left field, and a 20 year old rookie playing right field. and for these owners the city built a new ballpark

George W

Note to Marlins mgt & owner: Dumb, cash saving moves have once again prevented the fish from contending. Do you honestly expect good crowds in the new ballpark after the novelty wears off? My loyalties have worn out. I used to plan dinners around broadcasts and going to games. NO MORE!

Samsons Boyfriend

Loria Samson & Beinfest figure they will make some moves with the roster via trades and/or free agency in the off-season and all will be forgiven,the fans will have short memories and come flocking with their cash to the new stadium. They all think,despite what they say publicly,that Fans are idiots who dont know anything. Samson has been quoted as saying "If we paid any attention to the fans,we'd be sitting in the stands with them". Most sophisticated MLB fans will remember to not believe a word they say, as they have proven,all the way back to Montreal,they are liars and con men. Not worth the financial support of honest,hard working folks.That ,you can take to the Bank.




Hope you mean David Samson and not Samsons Boyfriend. Samsons BF is our buddy.

Stan M

Yesterday we discussed Stanton and pitch selection. I posted the following a year or so ago so forgive me if it's old news.

When Duke Snider came up right after the war, he had no plate disclipline either. Branch Ricky devised a type of workout during Spring Training whereby the Duke just stood in the batters box and live pitchers threw to him. He was not allowed to swing at all. Rather he had to call each pitch as a ball or strike and an umpire behind the plate would then make his call. It certainly worked with him. With modern eloctronics, an umpire isn't eve needed any more. It would be a simple task to set up such a program next Spring for Stanton ...and others. I wonder if the modern ballplayers would stand for the monotony. A contest could be made of it to spur interest. I'll write a letter to Beinfest.

We have talked about a change in the coaching staff. It is revealing to note the drastic change in Maybin and even what Miller has done with Boston. That trade (which can be understood considering what we now know about Carbera) will look even worse if both of the players that the Marlins gave up on turn out to be what they were expected to become in Miami. That will really hurt and be a double negative reflection on both the FO and coaching personnel. Ouch!


I went to go see Cody & the Marlins play the Astros that Saturday night last August...as I drove back to Sarasota on Sunday, I learned that he had been claimed on waviers..... it was sad to see him go.


Stan M,
Interesting story about the Duke, and it's certainly right on point with Stanton. America's been playing this game for more than a century now, and during that time, coaches must of devised a number of ways to teach young hitters to recognize pitches. Seems somebody ought to be able to come up with one that will help Mike Stanton. And I wouldn't wait till spring to start on it. I'd give him a month off and then get him right back out there. If he's the kind of kid everybody says he is, I don't think he'd need a contest to spur his interest in anything that will make him a better hitter. Most of these guys play some kind of winter ball anyway, so I think he'd jump at the chance to get some special coaching.
The bug in the margarita is that the Marlins would have to pay somebody extra to tutor him, and skinflint Jeff might balk at that. You think Tony Perez or Niner would be up to the task? I don't know, but it will be terrible mistake if the Marlins don't find somebody.
It'd be a shame if Stanton has to wait until the Fish ship him off somewhere — and we all know that day is coming — before he realizes his full potential.
Hell, yes, write a letter to Beinfest. Probably won't do any good, but it sure can't hurt.

Samsons Boyfriend

Actually the Marlins FO incompetence greatly benefitted 2 fan favorites. Cody got a WS ring and his buddy Uggs will be going to the playoffs for the first time,who knows what will happen after that.They both got more money and national recognition from the mistakes made by the three headed fools,Loria Samson &Beinfest. Fredi and Girardi must be laughing at these idiots,and thinking it was worth the crap they had to put up with to get where they are now.Good for all of them including the futures of Miller and Maybin.


SB....ex Marlins usually excell when they leave. Just think...with all of the great players Loria has given/traded away....we might of had a dynasty.


Excellent point about leaving a 20 year old in RF, Richie. So stupid!!

Samsons Boyfriend

If you get an answer from writing a letter to Beinfest,dont be surprised if the response is wriiten in Crayons.

Samsons Boyfriend

Marlins will play double-header tomorrow starting at 4;10 instead of playing Thursday because of storm..

Stan M

Letters do have some effect. I have received answers from the Marlin FO in the past. Did I tell the story on this blog about possibly having an effect on how the save rule was devised about 50 years ago? Ask if you want to hear.
Yea, Sam, it's good to see them doing well, especially Cody and the Owl. Until the past couple of days, and I think LB lit the fuse, I really hadn't thought about the coaching staff. It was enough that the FO was manned by potential felons. Now the more I think about it and reflect on the many unfulfilled promises, it's getting pretty obvious that there is a major problem there. Not only Maybin and Miller, but how many other high draft choices, in the pitching area particularly, have not lived up to expectations. Then there is de Asa and that Dutch kid they gave up for nothing.

Loria might be a rascal, but he didn't get rich without being either intelligent or shrewed. In the past he did sign I Rod and Del Gado, so let us hope that he sees the need for drastic action. We half kidded about a Prince Fielder signing yesterday, but something of that magnitude is needed to stir up this fan base or there will be echoes in that new ballpark.

Everyone, I am not usually enamoured with stuff on the Marlin Maniac site, not because he's not a nice and intelligent kid, but because I don't think he ever looks beyond a stat sheet to make his evaluations. Just sometimes human judgement can help. Anyway there was an excellent analysis of LoMo and a Marlin minor leaguer named Jenson posted and here it is. I'd love to see some of your comments.



Stan M,
I agree that a well-placed, well-worded letter can have an impact. I've been known to dash off a letter or email to some pretty unlikely recipients, occasionally with surprising results. I only meant that Beinfest doesn't strike me as a guy who pays attention to anybody else's suggestions unless the man doing the suggesting also writes the checks.
Hope you're not going to tell us that you're the one who suggested that a pitcher make millions of dollars and gain entry to the HOF if he can come in fresh and manage to hold the opposing team to fewer than three runs in an inning. I, for one, would be interested in your story about the save rule.
Thanks for the tip about the rescheduling. Probably doesn't really matter because no one is going to be there anyway, unless they happen to be a Reds fan.

Stan M

Sometime around 1960, "The Sporting News" decided to institute a new award. I think it was to be called "The Fireman of the Year Award" or some such. They determined that the award would go to the relief pitcher with the most wins and saves combined. I immediately wrote to J.G. Taylor Spink and said that the formula was flawed. What would happen if a pitcher has 10 wins and 10 saves along with 10 losses; but another pitcher had 10 wins plus only nine saves and no losses? I said that the criteria should be: wins+saves-losses.
Mr. Spink sent me a letter in his own hand agreeing with me and said that he would forward my letter to Jerome Holtzman who was then the head of the rules committee. Mr. Holtzman also sent me a letter saying that he, too, agreed and would present my idea to the rules committee when they next met.
Well the award became official the following year; it was called "The Rolaids Relief Award" or something to that effect. The formula adopted was wins+saves-1/2 losses. So, did my letters have any effect? Who knows? But just maybe and I like to thik so. I still have those two letters somewhere.


Stan M,
Sounds like a victory to me. When they take the time to respond to your ideas, you know you've got their ear. They still give the Rolaids Relief Award every year (a little fireman's helmet serves as a trophy) but you never hear anything about it for some reason. You'd think Rolaids would be plugging the hell out of it. I think Heath Bell won for the National League last year.
Read the story about Kyle Jensen and LoMo. Sounds like everyone is convinced Morrison won't be a Marlin for long. I hope if they do trade him, they'll send him to the American League so he can't come back and bite us in the butt like others we could all name.
As for Jensen, it's hard to get excited about a guy who's striking out at that rate and has sucked on defense even in A ball.

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