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Hanley Ramirez returns to Miami with shoulder discomfort

      The rest of Hanley Ramirez's season was cast in doubt on Tuesday when he left his rehab game with Single A Jupiter complaining of discomfort in his injured left shoulder. Marlins team official said he would return to Miami to have the shoulder re-examined.

       The Marlins were hoping to add Ramirez to the lineup, most likely on Friday when they open a homestand against the Phillies. But Ramirez left tonight's game in Port Charlotte. Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said not much is known about the extent of the injury at this point. But, as Beinfest pointed out, "it's not good."

       The Marlins have gone 10-35 in games that Ramirez has not started for them this season.


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At this point in the season they should just sit his rear down anyway. JJ should officially be shut down as well. Here's to next year.

Upstream swim for the Fighting Fish

Dead From the Neck Up

Hanley and JJ both damaged goods for the future,and the fish will be stuck with two stiff contracts.


I know this is negative view but I think there is a big possibility that his highness hanley doesn't want to be closely associated with the team that is in last place and he will do whatever to stay on the DL. As for JJ, I think he might be permanently damaged goods but because the team is still trying to sell tickets for next year in new ballpark, they are not saying anything. JJ still not throwing from a mound last I heard


BET'CHAAAAAA, if the doctor tell Hanley
about another surgery, all of sudden he will get better.


JJ future is as a closer


Loria the Goniff got stuck paying long term big money for damaged goods. The insurance policies will pay the contracts ,but that doesnt change the fact that the two futures of the franchise, JJ and Hanley,both will be injury busts. Good luck with the new stadium.



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