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Josh Johnson will attempt to restart throwing program this week

NEW YORK -- Josh Johnson isn't done yet -- at least not according to the Marlins.

General manager Mike Hill said Monday that the team is "hopeful that he'll start his throwing program this week" back home in South Florida.

Johnson, out since May 16 with right shoulder inflammation, will attempt to play catch in long-toss sessions this week. If all goes well, he'll move to the mound and throw at least three bullpen sessions before potentially participating in a simulated game and then two or three rehab starts in the minors. Barring a setback, Johnson could return to the Marlins by September.

The last time Johnson started a throwing program in June he was shut down because of discomfort.


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Laarry Beinfest is a joke! The guy should be run out of Miami. Nunez is HORRIBLE and we could have picked up a minor leaguer which is better than watching this jerkoff pitch and look he blew another one! Screw u Beinfest and your inability to dump some of these losers.


And the legend of Paul Bu.., I mean Mike Stanton grows.

Flav C

Leo Nunez; Thank you!! Deep inside i know the blown save was already in the plans. I know everything was set up so we could see Stanton's Grand Slam! I know you would never blow that save because of your inability to throw strikes when we most need you to. So, again... Thank you for giving us all, Marlins Fans, the opportunity to see Big Mike's 25th of the year!


From the stats-don't-mean-sh*t dept.: Vazquez pitches SEVEN innings and gives up ONE run. Nunez pitches ONE inning and coughs up a TWO-run lead — and Nunez gets the win. Perfect. And the things is, the minute Nunez walked to the mound with a two-run lead, every one of us KNEW he was going to cough it up. This has got to stop.

Flav C

lb, i got news for you: the other top closers they are as bad or just like Leo. Lots of men on base, no clean close, no 1-2-3 type of inning. Lots of saves with 2-3 runs lead. I think the stigma here is that a "closer" should be perfect. To start with, i'm completely opposed to closers. They are not position players, they are pitchers. Why not leave they guy who pitched the 8th inning very well to complete the job? things can be so much more simple...


Flav C,
I agree that the manager should be able to count on any pitcher in the bullpen to come in and pitch one scoreless inning — because that's what they're being paid to do. Sure, a guy is going to screw up once in a while. But why take the guy who seems to have most trouble pitching a clean inning and proclaim him your closer? People scoff at the idea of "closer by committee" but it makes sense to me.


Cardinals are in town this weekend and so is Hurricane Emily. That should be fun.


Sorry, but a closer is paid to close. K-Rod, what a $12 million/yr salary to close. That's why Nunez will be looking for $6-8 million in arbitration which is a total joke. If the expectation is they want the role and expect the huge paycheck then they need to be held accountable and expected to close instead of throwing up "BS"

The other disgusting part here is Nunez's stuff is flat out electric when its right but only seems to be right 25% of the time.

And there are automatic closers out there, probably 5 and then the rest, eh, its a crapshoot.


Nunez is not a closer...he's a set up guy....at the very least. Closing a tight game is too much presure on him. How many "blows" will it take Beinfest to beleive it.


inatead of Leo Nuñes his name should be change to BLOW SAFE GAMES

StayHome DrinkBeerLaughAtThem

The wosrt part about num-nuts Nunez is that he is the best the Marlins got...pathetic..

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