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LoMo's agent looking into possible grievance issue over demotion


     The agent for Logan Morrison says he intends put a call in to the players' union on Monday to see if the Marlins committed a violation when they demoted the outfielder to the minors.

      "It's in Logan's best interest to make sure that his rights are protected," said Fred Wray, who represents Morrison. "Everything I know at this point doesn't add up. People feel this wasn't right. We're going to turn over some rocks."

      Morrison was optioned to Triple A New Orleans on Saturday, the same day he didn't show up for a meet-and-greet with season-ticket holders. That same night, veteran utility infielder Wes Helms was released. Wray said Helms -- the Marlins' union representative -- informed Morrison that he didn't have to attend the function.

      The Marlins said Morrison was demoted and Helms was released due to performance. Morrison is hitting .249 (only .200 during the second half), but his 17 home runs rank second on the club and his 60 RBI puts him third on the team. Helms was hitting just .191.

       But the timing of the two moves has raised eyebrows, as did comments by Larry Beinfest, president of baseball operations. Beinfest, in explaining the moves on Sunday, said that "(Morrison) will be a good player for a long time. The talent is there. He just needs to work on all aspects of being a major leaguer."

       Some have interpreted that statement as one directed at Morrison's off-field activities. He's been not only one of the most outspoken Marlins, but operates an extremely popular Twitter account in which he often expresses his opinions.

        But Wray wonders if the demotion all stems from a chain of events over the past few days. Morrison's charity bowling event scheduled for Thursday was postponed, Wray said, when the Marlins' Community Foundation "dropped the ball" when it sold only eight of the 34 lanes that had been reserved.

     "If it had gone off, it would have been a subpar event, which Logan was not happy with," Wray said.

     Wray said Morrison was asked to participate in two events on Saturday, a signing with several other players that ran over its time allotment by 30 minutes, and the meet-and-greet with season-ticket holders. Wray said Morrison participated in the first event, but not the second, after discussing it with Helms.

          "He was a little disgruntled," Wray said of Morrison. "He sat down and spoke with (Helms), who said, 'I wouldn't do it if I were you. No team functions are mandatory. So Logan chose not to attend. He felt he was owed an apology from the community foundation, which he has not received."

          Wray said Morrison met privately with Marlins general manager Mike HIll before Saturday's game to discuss the situation.

          Following Saturday's game, Morrison was demoted and Helms was released. Wray thinks it smells fishy.

           "I think Logan has gone above and beyond to accommodate fans and attract fans to the ballpark," Wray said. "But these guys do a lot. They have a signing in the afternoon and a meet-and-greet before the game -- two in one day prior to a baseball game in which you're facing Tim Lincecum, who has been absolutely on fire. It's just ironic to me. They want to point to Logan's Twitter (as a) distraction. Everyone wants to point to Logan's Twitter as being the powder keg. But are there other distractions from the front office here?"

         Wray intends to investigate the matter with the union.

         "We plan to explore this with the union, get their take on it," he said.


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With all these details coming out, it looks more and more suspicious. So after LoMo has this conversation with Helms and Helms tells him he doesn't have to do stuff for his team after his team hung him out to dry on basebowl, both of them are removed from the team. I don't usually side with the union, but this is one instance when I want them to help LoMo and all of us LoMo fans get to the bottom of this.

Office Depot Foul Pencil

Next time, don't call out the most talented player on the team and then see your own batting average dip by 60 points. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


On June 3 Logan was batting .303, today he’s a .249. That means he was in a protracted slump. So, during those past 2 months he had to be batting sub .200 for his ave to drop so much. Secondly if you watch him hit, he hits with very poor plate discipline. He’ll take a pitch down the middle and strike (80 in about 340 ab’s) out on a pitch in the dirt. The bowling event was a Marlin’s Foundation event that benefits the underprivileged, it is also a charity that the FO is behind in a big way. As a player you you have other functions you should attend, not showing for a season ticket event is an event a player should never miss. And finally, if I were in a prolonged slump, and my boss asked me to reduce or curtail my twittering……..you know something I would…..without hesitation. Logan is a very likable kid, be he hasn’t asked like a professional, and he suffered the consequences. It just wasn’t one thing that made the FO send him down, it was an accumulation of things. I don't like a lot of things the FO does, but this is not one of them. LoMo needs to look in the mirror about this.


Forget the Marlins. Go to Tampa Bay.


Good management does not abuse employees except for the ones they want to get rid of. I hope the Marlin management does not think they will have a productive player after this abuse. They might as well trade him now, they have ruined him as a Marlin.


What is this Payton Place, "MY GOD"
Who are this people????
Nothing to do with baseball


a good organization would have handled this privately.


"As the World Turns".....the Marlins are becoming a soap opera....this is becoming a pretty good reality TV show. What will happen next???? Stay tune....


I wonder who else hanley wants to get rid of before his shoulder heals.
Loria,Samson,this is baseball, what do you think it will happend next year with the new ballpark, if you guy keep on messing with your main product'

Lomo BloMe

Efff Lomo U arrogant PUNK...

Take A Hike Lomo

If Lomos agent Fay Wrey digs further she'll find out Lomo isnt as liked as perceived...People in the restaurant business around town say Lomo's a cheapskate with a holier than thou attitude and a crappy tipper. They are all happy the Marlins beatch slapped this Snot-Nose Cheapskate.

Stan M

I just read all of the above comments and there is much substance there. Much of what Michael says is true but my sentiments lean more toward Bob's evaluation. However, there is one very brief post that sums up this entire controversy. It merely says, "A good organization would have handled this privately." Yes, LoMo probably needs a more mature approach to his off the field activities. However, the kid is 23 years old and just lost any advice a father could have provided. Think of when you were 23 or look at an acquaintence or relative of that age. Then weigh in his on the field demeanor which has been exemplary. This very young man needed guidance, not punishment.

I don't know about any of you fellow posters, but I've had it. What in the world were these bumbling misfits thinking when they made this egregious miscalculation? I'm not going to punish myself by not following baseball anymore, but my loyalty to the Marlins has taken a serious hit. There's a lot of thinking to be done, and I don't know how I'll feel in a week or two. For now it's time to root for the Braves for a while and watch a team that is run effieiently.


Stan...good post.

I'm not sure what the union could do even if some type of violation is proved. It's quite obvious that the Marlins FO has it's issues with LoMo & his days are numbered. They need to build him up & get the best trade they can get......nothing less than a stud starting pitcher.

Take A Hike Lomo

What about Lomo offering free tickets for his twitter followers during the last home stand. Over 300 people got free tickets that Lomo didnt pay for. Heard the team paid for them and warned Lomo,never again and next time it come out of his pocket..This kid thinks he's entitled and he's just another punk rookie.

Don't Let The Door...

Time to grow up a little bit @LoMo. Your feel good story last year has worn off. In reality, you're a decent player with options, not a great one. Work on your game and show them they were wrong ON the field. The rest of the stuff? JSTFU. You're not helping anyone especially yourself. You are obviously replaceable.


Twitter is for little girls. Grow up kid


Once again, we have the same guy commenting over and over again under different names, trying to make it sound like everybody agrees with him that LoMo is some kind of brat. It's so obvious and it gets really tiresome because our perpetrator (yeah, him) is insinuating that we are all too stoopid to figure out what he's doing. Come on, now. Talk about time to grow up!
Hope I'm able to get this in while he's trying to think up yet another cutesy name.

Just Another Julio

wrong again, Smarty Jones


Stan M,
I agree with spitballer that your post was a good one. And I think spit's comments were right on the money as well. I'm glad we still have a few people on here who are willing to post under their own name time after time and give some relevant comment on what has become a tough situation for Marlins fans. The guy or guys (probably singular) who crawl out to spew insults and then run for cover are just clogging things up for those who actually have something to say and want to see what others are thinking.


My compliments on Smarty Jones.


what is your own name laurelbowie..maybe Ill use ur name next time..opinions are like azzholes, everbodies got one..


My name is Larry Sizemore and I live in Port St. Lucie.


whats the name of the main crossroad in pt st lucie,granpa?


times up gramps,go have a drink ,then hit the early bird


Don't understand the question. Port St. Lucie Blvd and Prima Vista are the two main east-west thoroughfares. My mother's maiden name was Swift and my favorite first-grade teacher was Mrs. Hawthorne. Now I'm actually helping you clog things up for everyone else, so I quit.


That was Nathanial Hawthorne's wife, right?


Hope Mr. Wray proves to be a good lawyer, who will pursue the LoMo case.
Luria & Co, and some baseball owners act as if rookies may be treated with aplomb and in disregard of personal rights as a player.They are mistaken.
This comes from the false notion that owners and union bosses may cut deals and thereby avoid anti-trust laws!! They are mistaken. The rookies have No union goon speaking for them; but they have rights as citizens and this includes free speech rights and the right to speak out about a team. Luria & Co. have no legal right to impose a speech restriction on Marlin players and forbid them from commenting on the financial and baseball disaster this "management" has sunken to.
I will stop here: as an attorney, Morrison should file a federal case---and get a judge to decree him to be a "free agent" because of Luria & Co. violations. What would the Yankees pay for Morrison: a stellar first baseman with a natural swing who could pop 60 home runs a year into the cheap "porch" in right field at Yankee Stadium. Morrison to New York==equals over $40,000,000.
File a suit, get free agency. Morrison is worth a fortune, and will produce for it, with baseball's competent managements. Here'e to LoMo: he's got spunk, brains, savvy, and talent. Go for it. Get away from the sinking ship called Florida ("Miami") Marlins.

Shakespeare-1st Kill All Lawyers

Hey Awareadams What's 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean called...A Good Start..go eff off U piece of sheet lawyer..go chase an ambulance or defend some OJ scumbag..

Stan M

I think it was unfortunate that a certain party had his e-mail read by the TV folks on the air. It caused a huge ego to explode into something that seems to have no end and just might be unhealthy.

I don't think Morrison has any legal case. However the reprecussions among us fans could have many unintended consequences. I don;t think this can be pushed under the rug...at least I hope not.

Stan M

Hey Folks,
What's all this about LoMo as a Yankee or anywhere else for that matter. He's our LoMo and don't we all want him to remain a Marlin? The entire FO should go before he goes. And I was serious on a prior post when I said the Commissioner should step into this mess. The FO office is probably within their rights, but the move was spiteful and is detrimental to both the player and the team. Where does this fall into ..."for the good of baseball"?

Bye-Bye Lomo

Deadspin.com says Wes Helms was Loria's secret mole.


Stan M,
I agree on most or all counts. I'm no lawyer but I'm fairly sure that MLB has carved itself a special niche in the law of the land that makes it exempt from most of the antitrust and employee rights regulations that govern the rest of us.
My biggest fear right now is that Loria will cut off his nose to spite his face and dump Morrison for some limp-armed pitcher and an over-the-hill infielder. Then, four years down the road, Morrison will be a star and Marlins FO will be picking their butts and making excuses, same as always.
As far as a certain party is concerned, I think I've got that out of my system. People can act as childishly and as rudely as they want, I guess — it just irks me that they think we're too dumb to see through their crap.

Stan M

Lame name (directly above,
Don't you think that being a mole for management and also team union rep. are two dichotomous and totally incongruous ideas?

More troubling to me is that it is reported that LoMo met with Hill from the FO before the game. Also, if true, there is no reason why the club should have had to pay for any free tickets that LoMo issued. That is the only derogatory thing I've read about LoMo in this entire episode....if true.

Helms just might have a better case than LoMo from a purely legal point of view. At least it seems that way to me as a layman.


Stan M,
I think our posts crossed paths, so some of what I said in response to your comments might not have made sense. But this is all getting more and more intriguing. I haven't been watching ESPN or reading other news sources, so I don't know how much national attention (if any) this story is getting. But the more light we can shine on Loria and his henchmen, the better, I say.

Sid Rosenberg's Show

Tommy Hutton will change his tune and side with Marlins in tonites broadcast,regarding the Lomo situation.

Stan M

I sent a plea to Keith Law, Jason Stark, and David Shoenfield (all of ESPN) via e-mail asking them to look into this whole mess and possiblly bringing it to national attention. Probably will go nowhere, but it's a try.

Can't you also get involved?


Stan M,
Good idea. I'll send my own email, just for the hell of it.


I like LoMo, as a player ! But just like any job, you can't be critical about your employer ! No matter what, you will be fired ! Or in this demoted ! That's just a part of life !
I have had bosses,I would like to knockout !
A good example was George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin !

Meyer Kahane

Bring this to National attention? Nobody gives a rat's ass about Lomo except U shmucks.

Your Mom

Oh poor baby had to paricipate in two team functions in one day. What a selfish jerk. Generally you strike out or roll a ground ball to second. Work on that and quit crying. You are suppose to be a pro!!!

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