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Marlins' Beinfest loses frequent trading partner in Cubs' Jim Hendry

    SAN DIEGO -- I'll never forget sitting inside manager Jeff Torborg's spring training office at Space Coast Stadium in March of '02 and listening to Larry Beinfest announce his first major trade as the Marlins' new general manager: rhp Matt Clement and rhp Antonio Alfonseca to the Cubs for rhp Julian Tavarez, c Ryan Jorgensen, rhp Jose Cueto and a throw-in minor-league pitcher, lhp Dontrelle Willis.

     Torborg looked as if he wanted to pass out as he tried to digest details of the trade, one in which Beinfest first uttered the phrase "payroll flexibility" to describe what was, in fact, a salary dump. The trade turned out to be one of the best deals in Beinfests' stewardship. Willis, to the surprise of even the Marlins, blossomed into an unexpected star.

    Hendry   The man on the other end of that deal was Jim Hendry, who later took some crticism for what was one of his first defining moves as Cubs GM. The enigmatic Willis, after all, was instrumental for the Marlins in their '03 World Series run, one that included a NCLS victory over the Cubs.

       Beinfest and Hendry would hook up for more big deals over the years. There will be no more. The underperforming Cubs announced Hendry's dismissal on Friday.

       Take a look at the following four trades between the two men:

       March 27, 2002 -- Marlins trade Clement and Alfonseca to the Cubs for Tavarez, Jorgense, Cueto and Willis.

       Nov. 25, 2003 -- Marlins trade 1b Derrek Lee to the Cubs for 1b Hee Seop Choi and a player to be named later (rhp Mike Nannini).

       Dec. 7, 2005 -- Marlins trade of Juan Pierre to the Cubs for rhp Ricky Nolasco, rhp Sergio Mitre and lhp Renyel Pinto.

       Nov. 13, 2008 -- Marlins trade rhp Kevin Gregg to the Cubs for rhp Jose Ceda.

       Who were the winners and the losers in those Beinfest/Hendry deals?              


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Marlins won all those trades except for the Lee trade.


The only one they one is the D Lee trade.

Stan M

Although I have been in Beinfest's corner in the past, at this stage it might be a good idea for him to lose all trading partners via the only way that it could happen.


Only reason he's not next is because he hasn't cost Loria any money.


Beinfest has done well with the cubs....but the Tigers have picked his pockets.

Stan M

Other sources say Infante wants to stay with Marlins. Sign him...right now

Stan M

Went back to look further into those two minor leaguers I mentioned yesterdsy. For a comparison, Stanton's OBS (on base pecentage plus slugging percentage and now considered very meaningful) is .898 this year. In the second half of this season, Yelich's OBS is .968 and Ozuma is at .996. Shows how much they have progressed and Yelich will be 20 in December and Ozuma 21 in November. Gives us fans some hope...now for 1 or 2 pitchers!

relook at Yelich and Ozuma'


Damn that sucks, based on the good trade pattern, Marlins could have traded for Cubs this year, maybe Zambrano for practically nothing, maybe deal Volstad guys worse than Big Z.

As Derrick Lee deal, they got Delgado in 2005 and Lee was one they let go because they felt he wasn't worth the cost.

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