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Marlins brass meeting in NY on Wednesday

    NEW YORK -- The Marlins are calling in all the big guns for a Wednesday pow-wow, presumably to go over what went wrong this season and to discuss ways to make repairs before the team moves into new ballpark in 2012.

     Arriving for the summit, most likely at owner Jeffrey Loria's New York office: president David Samson, president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest, general manager Mike Hill, assistant g.m. Dan Jennings, vice president of player development and scouting Jim Fleming, and front office special assistants Andre Dawson, Tony Perez and Jeff Conine.

     These end-of-season meetings are not anything new, so nothing special should be read into it. But, considering the many failures of this year's club, they should have plenty to discuss, everything from the current on-field staff -- including manager Jack McKeon -- to the current roster makeup.

      If you could suggest one change -- and only one -- what would it be?


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Starting pitching and more athleticism up the middle (actually, just CF).

Coghlan will never be a CF'er.

John Gioscia

Jeffrey Loria sell the team PLEASE!


Marlins need to get a reliable ace. JJ is looking more like a Mark Prior....trade Hanley to Seattle for King Felix or someone as good or better. This team needs a reliable ace.


Trade Hanley for a good starter, or even two decent starters. One of them has to be a LEFTY. The Marlins have not had good left pitching in a long time, and they've been getting killed by the Phillies.

@Erick: They should give the CF spot to either Bonifacio or Petey Pipes.


Fire Beinfest for starters, he has failed.


Does anybody think Jeff Conine would be a good manager for the Fish next year? He's got no managerial experience, but he's got a ton of baseball experience and he's very familiar with the players who'll make up the core of the Marlins team in 2012. Think he also has the respect of the players, the FO and the fans — all except Hanley, of course. Just asking.


trade gaby sanchez for a SP, move morrison to 1B and sign carlos betran to play LF




I refuse to rewind the telecast to make sure, but I'm almost certain I heard Loria say while being interviewed during game 2 that he promises Marlins will be very pleased with the changes made to the team in the offseason. Did anybody else hear that or did I doze off?


Oops. I meant to say that he promises Marlins fans with be pleased.


Stan M,
In response to your question on a previous blog, Peter Gammons says no team has won a pennant since 1985 when one player eats up more than 15 percent of total payroll.

Flav C

Did Samson live up to his public promises? He had said back in June during one of those stupid programs in the LeBaturd show that by July they would announce the name of the stadium. Any word on that?


The starting pitching isn't really the main problem. It's the offense that has been shut out 10 times this year and scored 1 or 2 runs countless other times. We need a high average, power third baseman and an actual centerfielder that can hit for average.

As for Loria's comments, I believe he said the same thing about being pleased with the moves before this season started. How'd that turn out?

Manny Alveraz

Samson and Loria are liars .thieves ,conmen and total scumbags...anybody that believes them and pays to watch their last place team is an idiot and deserves what they get.


Can we stop with the rhetoric already?!!! We get it, this organization is run by unscrupulous bastards. However, I come to this blog to talk baseball. I'm a baseball fan first and a Marlins fan second. If you don't like this team or this organization stay the hell away. Do you really think you're "teaching them a lesson" by not going to games or watching on TV?! Give me a break already!!!!

Hello to all the regulars, with the kids back I school and my son back on the field I don't have much time to watch. I dont think I would watch anyways. It's been a rough couple weeks. I'm actually looking forward to the Dolphins' season, although they'll be another disappointment I'm sure.

Manny Alveraz

Hey Glags ..EFFFF U

Eddie S

When Hanley comes back, put Boni at 3rd. This way you have 4 players wih speed -Boni, Ramiez, Stanton and Cameron. I would platoon Cameron with Pet- this way you will always have speed in CF.Since the team has so much trouble scorong runs, with the speed they could play more hit and run asa well as steals.
The Marlins with runners on base should concentrate on advancing runners instead of trying to hit the homerun.


Calling in the big guns. Now thats funny, the Marlins havent had a big gun since "98".
Marlins needs;
2-middle infielders
4-center fielder, BJ Upton is available, doesnt hit for average, but will hit a HR and can catch anything hit into the outfield. Is not a good base runner, and is sometimes lazy.


Welcome back, Glags!
I agree that we all know by now who and what Loria and his henchmen are without repeating the same tired old stuff. But I admit I can't help throwing in a good adjective or two now and then.
Can't understand people like "Manny Alveraz" above who think it's cute to call the rest of us names. I think if my name were Alvarez and I didn't know how to spell it, I'd just keep my mouth shut.
Anyway, Glags, glad to see you posting again.


Package Hanley and Volstadt to get pitching or a proven RBI guy. Getting rid of Hanley will send the message that only "max effort" guys will make this team. Getting rid of hanley is the key move to turn around the attitude of this team.


Keep on working, great job!

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