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Marlins don't expect Hanley Ramirez to be out long

NEW YORK -- Hanley Ramirez appeared to be in a lot of pain when he sprained his left shoulder Tuesday night diving after an Angel Pagan bloop single into left field in the sixth inning. 

But the Marlins, well at least manager Jack McKeon, don't believe Ramirez will be out long. 

"Two or three days," McKeon said when asked for his best guess on the clean-up hitters return. "Day-to-day. You know that old saying day-to-day, TBA. I doubt [he'll be back tomorrow], unless I take him to St. Patrick's and get it blessed, put a little holy water on his shoulder. We might do that."

Ramirez, who underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder in October 2007, said after Tuesday's come-from-behind win his shoulder popped out during the dive. He also said he felt sore.

"I just have to ice a couple more times and see how I feel tomorrow," Ramirez said. " I fell, it went out, came back in. It's something I haven't dealt with the last two years, after the surgery. Hopefully, it's nothing bad and I can come back quick."

The Marlins, who climbed back to .500 for the first time since they were 32-32 on June 12, went 2-12 the last time Ramirez went on the disabled list and was out with back pain for two weeks in June.

Since McKeon took over and put Ramirez in the cleanup spot June 21, he's hit .304 with six homers and 28 RBI. The Marlins, meanwhile, have gone 23-14 as a team — counting Tuesday’s win.


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Stan M

Encouraging that my 3 least favorite Marlins performed well last night. Nunez looked great. Buck saved the game by very smartly stopping in the basepath on Pererson's ground ball. Although he didn't catch the ball, Hanley really made an all out effort on that pop up to LF. That was very impressive for anyone, never mind Hanley.

This is terribly optimistic, but the team is only 7 1/2 games out in Wild Card. Not realistic, but not impossible either.


Buck did save the day. He's not a dumb player —he's just frustratingly inadequate sometimes.
The Baseball Tonight guys noticed the same thing I did, that Buck seemed to give the second baseman a little shot with his elbow on his way past. Not sure what that was all about unless the second baseman was simply in his path and Buck was just trying to muscle his way past.
Anyway, the Marlins got a gift and I hope they can keep the ball rolling. Problem is, they have to find some way to beat the Braves and the Phillies to have a shot at the wild card and that doesn't seem likely.

Baseball on the Radio

Anybody ever notice that Tommy Hutton laughs for no reason, and also laughs at his own jokes, during the whole game? Sometimes he sounds like a laughing hyena...


I know it's fashionable to pick apart Rich and Tommy, but I actually enjoy listening to them most of the time. What bugs me are these half-a*sed interviews that Craig Miniwienie does in the stands while the game is going on. Once in a while they're great — like the one with the war vet who showed up to surprise his wife at Shea a couple of nights ago — but most of the time they interrupt the flow of the game for the viewer and contribute absolutely nothing in return. Yeah, I know its not Shea anymore but who the hell would name a ballpark after a bank, anyway?

Stan M

I, too, enjoy our TV broadcasters and agree that the mid inning interviews as useless. However, I kind of like Craig M personally. Dated Jerry Cooney's (boxer) sister? Drinks a beer before going on camera before a game...my son saw him. Missed that elbow thing but read somewhere that 1B coach forewarned Buck that if grounder hit to 2B, he should stop running. Sometimes in April and May it seemed like the gods were watching over the Marlins. These last two games have left the same impression...destiny? We can only hope so.


Didn't know all that good stuff about Craig. A guy who drinks a beer before work can't be all bad. I've gotta admit, though, I'm more interested in what, when and where Allison Williams drinks. (Man, I'm really too old to still be thinking these things.)

Rex Reed

Allison Williams is a double Flat...Chest and Behind...Must Know Somebody...Drinks FLAT Beer.

Hey Hey Hey

Anybody know if Mike Hill was Fat Albert in the Cosby Cartoons???

Channel 6 Newsroom

Martha Sugalski used to call him Mini-Wienie.

Ocala Howie

Im watching Martha right now, She works up here in Orlando for the NBC affiliate now.

Samsons Glee Club

Uggla, the illegitimate in-bred mongoloid, who was conceived in a Kentucky outhouse, extends hitting streak to 25 games with a 3-run homer against Washington's Wang..very appropriate.

Weston Willie

Hey Ocala Howie...heard she smoked half the Kielbasi in Weston until poor Mini-Wienie found out...Philly girls do love their sausage.

Palm Beach Peter

Heard she was called Slutalski in WPBeach...

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