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Marlins rained out again as Hurricane Irene leaves them twisting in the wind

      PHILADELPHIA -- Bad news for the Marlins: their game on Saturday against the Phillies was rained out. The good news? They won the series, albeit one that was trimmed down to just one game due to Hurricane Irene.

      "Feels like the All-Star break," manager Jack McKeon said of the Marlins, who will end up playing just one game in four days because of bad weather.

      There will be no game on Sunday due to the threat of the hurricane, and even Monday's doubleheader in New York is iffy depending on what damage the storm causes there.

      Saturday's game is expected to be made as part of a doubleheader here in Philly on Sept. 15.

      Everyone in the rotation is being pushed back another day, with Anibal Sanchez and Ricky Nolasco now scheduled to pitch in Monday's DH at Citi Field.

      The Marlins plan on remaining in Philadelphia tonight in order to ride out the storm before heading over to New York on Sunday night.

       "We'll see what Irene decides," said Marlins catcher John Buck. "Mother Nature is in charge right now."

       The Marlins defeated the Phillies, 6-5, on Friday in what turned out to be the only game of the series.

       "To be able to marinate in a win might be a good thing," Buck said, trying to put a positive spin on matters.


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It's hard to believe the a*sholes waited till after the scheduled start time to call the game when everybody in the free world knew it wasn't going to happen. They forced their loyal fans to drive to the ballpark in that crappy weather, park, trudge through the rain into the ballpark, hang around while Phillies management twiddled their thumbs, then drive home when they should have been home all the while preparing for a hurricane. The concessionaires probably sold the poor saps a million dollars worth of beer and hot dogs while they were waiting, so what did the fat-cats care? Makes you realize the Marlins FO isn't the only one who doesn't give a rat's caboose about their fans.




Yes, as Leadbelly — and possibly Ken Kesey — might say, "Goodnight Irene."

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